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it's about 2 quick find goals time the game on its head in the 2nd half and those 20 coups equalised from the penalty spot the germany the netherlands the last law face school twice in the last 10 minutes made it around the damning school line for your he knows team. and watching the news coming up next in this week in reporting while stories from beacon was find the latest headlines on a website d.w. dot com i'm headed home for it in berlin thanks for watching d.c. . small consumer big changes. people making it possible eco africa. fantastic right joining them as they set out to
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safe environments. to learn from one another. and work together for a church. in south. africa w. 2 curious. yourself work. there you know max you know. don't miss out. this weekend world stories. mexico misandry new year's murdering women. yemen hospitals are on the brink mistime we start out in germany honey telescope version. she is one of the few remaining holocaust survivors she passed through 2
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concentration camps now she's been honored with a german national prize. she is one of the last holocaust survivors alive today i need to alaska wolfish was deported to the auschwitz concentration camp in the 1943 by then the nazis had already murdered her parents. there waiting to be put in the gas chambers it was a situation that what it was in you know very difficult to describe to people nowadays who live more or less normal lives it was music that safe classical wolfish life a talented cello player she was chosen to play in the auschwitz women's orchestra lascaux wolfish has now been recognized for her relentless fight against anti-semitism with the german national price the award honor stows have strengthened the bonds between germany and europe. to cut us off with me when i
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left germany after the catastrophe i swore to myself that i would never stand on german soil again that i would never buy things from germany to kill my children can confirm that german was a synonym for murder and manslaughter for robbery and everything negative that you could imagine. after the war glasgow wafa i mean graded to england where she became a successful chalo player it was decades before she was able to step foot on german soil again glasgow wolfish sees it as her responsibility as a survivor to warn about the current political shift through the riots in many parts of the world like here during the holocaust comma moderation in the german parliament i think everybody is going completely mad you know we had 7 years 70 years of peace nobody remembers what it was like not to have peace. yeah but i mean
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this is saying what goes around comes around i mean it is very very depressing and i think you have to be very very careful lascaux rother says she has little optimism for the future and her view what matters most now is trying to mag young people understand the danger that's in the air. the last mexico on the u.s. border is a stronghold of drug cartels but it's also the world capital of murders of women now juarez has launched a special task force to stop. any any particle is a policewoman in the mexican border city of juarez. she's part of a special task force designed to eliminate domestic abuse. we respond to imagine she calls we get at least a dozen of them in a single shift that's. the 1st order of the day is interviewing witnesses
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what is has a 1000000 residents and the highest rates of violence against women in all of mexico over 100 women were murdered here last year alone and yet he suffered domestic violence at the hands of her ex-boyfriend so she has a special sensibility toward other abuse survivors such as this 15 year old girl whose partner is 17. with this gift of every level of argued about his behavior he's very aggressive suddenly he started beating me up pulling my hair and strangling me. by the time and yelling and her colleagues arrive he's long gone the officers can't arrest the offender but they take time to talk with the survivors making sure their children are safe and explaining the women's legal rights. laws that i suppose i would have to make it clear. the women that they've just experienced
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a crime that they are victims of a cycle of violence in their families and that they need psychological attention to help them get out of the situation. it's our job to empower than. those employed outlook besides identifying suspects and he advises women who want to report their husbands to the police every day. women understanding what is can also turn to a leader. who founded a shelter for those fleeing domestic abuse. 11 women are currently living here with their children. to be the bull's eye for the women here are simply exercising their legal rights by seeking prosecution. of him by with us but some investigations can take up to 6 years that means offenders are free to commit violence against women in that time. i want to move it meanwhile and go is preparing for her next
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shift as a policewoman she always hopes to prevent the worst but she can't always do that somewhere in juarez a woman is murdered every other day. but. the war in yemen has hit the country's hospitals especially are almost everything is in short supply dr 40 raro does what she can to save her patients under often intolerable conditions. things can change in seconds at this intensive care unit in aden this is john not she's 18 months old and has been diagnosed with malaria and malnutrition she's hoping between life and death that a 3rd of what either of those did you request oxygen there is nothing the oxygen bottle in the room doesn't work in which. the doctor fatima must improvise its. not the 1st time she has felt helpless steam inhalations
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is the only option available for at the moment. it's like she's now paralytic concrete see her breathing is still flat so she needs our signal right away fatima's shift is just beginning the oxygen bottle is delivered after all john arthur will make it many children do not for fatuma the fact that oxygen cannot always be provided on time is depressing when she began her medical studies before the war shortages were unheard off i was feeling optimistic i was really looking forward to graduate but it's just so difficult for delivering even for doctors considered you know the higher ups here in the country. happiness comes in small doses here this father is relieved his daughter is gaining some weight for now they're not enough doctors and most of those here must work unpaid.
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these children are new patients waiting in the hallway for admission. 14 i was not prepared for this level of stress after a 24 hour shift she finally find sanctuary at home photography helps her to unwind at the age of 26 she finds her job overwhelming it makes me feel that i am not still working and just forget it all we're going to own the hospital and stuff. for life but there she wants to continue her medical studies in germany her father a geologist used to live there in the 1980 s. puppet i think the war never and will end. a lot of time how long. this is nobody knows but we hope the war ends for children because the people are suffering and they are in bad shape there's no stability nothing nothing no salary
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no jobs the youth was lost. with a future so bleak fatima doesn't know how long she will stay in yemen working on paid she wants to continue working as a doctor to help people but she also wants better opportunities offer on if possible outside of yemen. our last stop was iraq biologist honduras or has always hoped against hope that the extremely rare persian leopard had survived the long years of war now she has proof the leopard is making a comeback. summer temperatures can exceed 40 degrees celsius and kind of in the kurdistan region of iraq. that's why biologist and her colleague koresh other like to get an early start. they're looking for traces of the biggest predator here. that's considered the spirits have
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kind of done. it deliberately to flagship species so it's very important it's on top predators always on top of the food chain. the persian line that is virtually invisible. people who live here in the mountains of qatar know of it but very few have ever seen it. even hunted who's been working and doing research here for years now has never encountered a leopard in the wild. that's why they use camera traps. so this the wild growth. and we get a lot of pictures of them on our camera trance which is an. indicator of their prey and a bit of an apology for the person heard this is one of the reasons why we can't a person actually. so this leopard is their 1st photographic record of the persian leopard for iraq that we had. and this through this we dissed
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rediscovered the persian leopard in 2011. this one is a new individual that we discovered in. in 2017 and this way we know for sure that we have 3 i don't love birds living and roam in these mountains. worldwide the population of its estimated at less than $1300.00 this graceful yet ferocious big cats is listed as endangered. for years now has been negotiating with iraq your sorties to establish a protected area and. i felt seem to have paid off $2300.00 hectares of mountainous terrain and to be designated and the. locals have to be convinced as well years of unrest forced people to leave so there aren't many left and the younger generation often look for jobs in the big cities. well
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loved for me the leopard is a kind of natural heritage i'd like to see more of them in these mountains on. the new nature as if it's also meant to attract tourists a much needed source of income. a tourist lodge is now being built with the support of the r.u. c n the international union for conservation of night. a lot of people wouldn't expect that this you know iraq is for vacation and for having fun but actually i can promise that this region is very safe. the isolation of the mountains in the kurdistan region of iraq is the best protection for the leopards. only if the area is left untouched says how does the spirits of canada have a chance.
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he uses gunpowder to make owning our. cars. and the floods sidewalks. norwegian artist do you know to make works with reactivity have. one of their supplies a gun store. you're right next to w. on the 77 percent we talk about the issues that. africa to be driven. to the germans to be africa. for the 2nd year the prisoners are treated. she sings in. and sets an example for
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others. in 60 minutes. which a visit. to link to newsgroups for comfort and the more sure links to exception stories and discussions from the news of these events and what i would say to debbie to come so much for joining us on facebook. for. wow talk about making us flash we get up close and personal with a cliff diving professional at the top of the show. hello and
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welcome to another exciting edition of euro max i'm your host meghan lee here's a look at what else we've got coming.


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