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point 0.00. this is do w. news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump says he has canceled secret peace talks with the taliban the announcement comes in response to a taliban attack and kabul could this be the end of the peace process seeking to wrap up the u.s. longest war also coming up. russia and ukraine complete scuse me. 10000000 teenager gondry yes who wins the u.s.
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open title she beats the 23 time grand slam champion the rino williams in new york to clinch her 1st ever slam. and a new museum dedicated to the bauhaus opens its doors today and the eastern german city of death so the inauguration marks a high point and event celebrating this fence nary a big influential school of art and with tens of designs that continues to inspire artists and architect to stick. on the go for it's good to have you with us u.s. president donald trump says he canceled peace talks with afghanistan's taliban leaders at camp david it he tweeted that he scrapped the secret meeting planned for sunday after the taliban took board credit for an attack in kabul that killed
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a dozen people including an american soldier the u.s. and the taliban have been meeting since last year in the hopes of ending the afghanistan conflict. our correspondent carla bleicher in washington has been following the story for us here's her assessment thirsts this car bomb attack in kabul that killed 12 people and that the taliban have admitted to was the last straw for president he has called off peace talks with the taliban even though a draft agreement was already on his says ready for him to sign that agreement is now of course avoided but it remains to be seen whether or not go she won't be picked up again being that there have been numerous round of peace talks between the u.s. government and the taliban over quite a long time now as for pulling troops out of afghanistan the draft agreement that the president is not signing now stated that $5000.00 soldiers would be pulled out
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of afghanistan the president has also made it clear recently that he wants to cut down the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan significantly by almost half and his advisors have said that trump plans to pull all troops out of afghanistan before the 2028 presidential elections. now to a long awaited exchange of prisoners between russia and ukraine the swap is being viewed as a step towards easing tensions between the neighboring countries and could also increase the chances of resolving the conflict in eastern ukraine 5 years of fighting between ukrainian troops and russian backed separatists have left over 13000 people dead. i their 1st steps of freedom back on home soil 35 former prisoners arriving in kiev. a handshake from the president is nothing compared to the embrace of
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a loved one. some had been separated for months others years never knowing was would come next. the knowledge that is kept on changing we heard that the prisoner swap was going to fall through. the end of august was a difficult time i couldn't sleep for 5 days. they only told us today at 4 in the morning that we should pack and someone would pick us up so the time before the flight just crawled. ukraine's president a lot of years olinsky looked on as his campaign promise became a reality. it's the 1st move he says towards ending the conflict with moscow. but all this is the 1st step to reopening dialogue the 1st stage to ending the war to getting all our soldiers and sailors back into reclaiming our territory not that
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woman that was the what you call the 1000 didn't do it. this man received special attention filmmaker sense of ukraine's most famous political prisoner he was captured in crimea in 2014 just as the territory was invaded and i nixed by russia . also released 24 sailors captured by russia last year in a name. the suits. at the same time another plane carrying prisoners released by ukraine learned in moscow among them journalist vision ski head of russian state media in ukraine who kiev had accused of treason. also transferred not only to see more of a separatist commander accused of involvement in the downing of flight m.h. 175 years ago ukraine released him despite pleas from the netherlands which lost citizens in the aircraft attack. but for russia and ukraine getting their prisoners
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back to priority international observers including the european union has urged the 2 warring countries to maintain the momentum towards peace. now to some of the other stories making news around the world are and says it can now enrich uranium beyond current levels to weapons grade material the country announced it's using advanced centrifuges prohibited by the 2015 nuclear accord with world powers iran also warned europe as little time to offer a new terms to salvage the deal. and another blow to the embattled british government work and pensions secretary ember rudd has stepped down tensions over bricks that remain high london's all rival demonstrations on saturday as progress that marchers clashed with police earlier this week parliament voted to block a no deal at the from the. hurricane dorian has been
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downgraded to a post tropical thigh cologne but still packing dangerously strong winds after making landfall along canada atlantic coast heavy rainfall in nova scotia could lead to flooding and heavy winds knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of people in the bahamas the storm left a trail of devastation thousands of people are scrambling to leave the islands and fleet dorian's catastrophic aftermath the death toll is now at 43 but many are still accounted for which is why this number is expected to rise sharply. a cruise ship full of evacuees from the bahamas the people on board have survived an apocalypse and for now they're the lucky ones. desperation is setting in for those left behind who've lost everything. to. leave me with
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nobody calls on the fire who will be on the cold who have nothing no are no power flows well i know. i it's 5 everything we're sleeping it's damage. is the scale of the destruction becomes clear international aid efforts are ramping up. but it's a complicated task the destruction is so widespread. we have 2 major islands in the bahamas grand bahama and abaco and oftentimes we forget about the many keys around the close in particular they themselves. we have to put tremendous focus on those he's because we have residents living in those he was well in the us dorian made landfall as a category one storm hitting the coast of north carolina. that was battering waves
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storm surges and heavy rains caused extensive flooding powerful winds and a series of tornadoes ripped the roofs off houses and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people. to tennis now where bianca andre yes goo has beaten serena williams in straight sets to win the u.s. open final in new york the 19 year old at the stronger start to the match taking the 1st set 63 under yes to then storm to a 51 lead in the 2nd and looked certain to grab the win but williams gone back to tie the set at 5500 go held out to win the set and claim her 1st ever grand slam title. joining us for more on andreas goes u.s. open win is dave browning from d.w. sports they've beyond gondry ask you not a household name even to the most avid tennis fans what can you tell us about her
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yeah i mean it really feels like to kind of flew out of nowhere in this tournament she's just 19 years old she was ranked 15th and this is actually the only time she's been past the 2nd round of a grand slam so for all the tennis nerds out there i don't blame you for maybe not even knowing her but matched up against an icon in the game serina williams and she really showed what she was made of and just night team she wasn't even born when serino won her 1st u.s. open back in 1909 so it's really highlights the kind of gap between them who is well known and what they've achieved but she showed on the court that she really she could handle it she had a great tremendous match so what's next for andrea who is this the beginning of a glittering career yeah i mean based purely on tonight be hard to say no to that but of course it's hard to say and really i think especially with a player like williams getting older and venus her sister also getting older we've seen that there's kind of
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a. out of space opening up in the women's game and we've seen a lot of really exciting young players come in under us to use just one of them but she showed that she went toe to toe with serene power and serene as one of the most powerful players in the game but she also has a lot of versatility if she can mix things up a bit and she showed a lot of mental strength she was playing in front of 20000 people in new york who really wanted serino to win but that didn't seem to slow down too much she actually apologized to the home for winning which was a pretty canadian move of her but she did great yeah she gave serino williams a tough time do you think she still has that energy when 2 more slams and break the all time record yeah so a lot of the discussion around serina has been whether or not she'll be able to match or even beat margaret cortes record. and it's tough i mean so this was the 4th straight final that serino has lost since coming back from having a child in 2017 but just like think about that for
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a 2nd she's been to 4 finals since having a kid she'll be $38.00 at the end of this month so the fact that she's even in this discussion still is crazy and i think she's proved that you know anyone that that's against her or her doubts or. you'd be kind of crazy to do it so it's hard to see but i think she could pull it off. but thank you very much about how school of art and design with small and that's life and shorts but it had a huge impact on architecture and design that resonates to this day it was based on the german city of death so from 1925 until 932 where it spawned a generation of acclaimed alumni a new museum opening there today showcases a seminal collection of work by teachers and students at marks a high point in the celebrations of the 100 year anniversary of the bout.
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some of the 20th century's most iconic designs by teachers and students at the bauhaus revolutionary at the time they are today familiar home and office staples but how are they made how did the school operate questions about house museum seeks to answer this but i did about him off because the challenge in presenting the output of a school is that it's not so much about the end product which has been the focus of so many exhibitions of the decade it's more about the path taken to get that. started in that path as illustrated in exhibits of the materials used or prototype drawings some were submitted by students for their admissions exams others are the work of their teachers visitors can compare the sketches with the physical products all reflect the key tenets of bauhaus philosophy that sought to unite art craft and industry from modular furniture to kitchen utensils form follows function
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founded environ mar the bought house all its heyday after moving to death in 1025 it left a lasting legacy the school and teachers houses are unesco world heritage sites but doesn't porton collection of objects never had a home until now. this would have been we bridge the gap between the work created inside these buildings and the things we can exhibit here inside the museum is empty and. the new museum was just 4 years in the making the building isn't strictly bauhaus in style but its spanish architects feel they stay true to the house principles. he wouldn't talk in this column it's strongly related to bauhaus ideals but in a more interactive way with a reduction is to approach that incorporates as few elements as possible that has a lot in common with the modernity and efficiency of the powerhouse the museum hopes to become more than just a magnet for powerhouse of his you know autos with a spacious twi a and performance space it's conceived as
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a dynamic meeting place and cultural venue for itself. you're watching t w news next up it's ship living and digital age this time with a look at how your algorithm contributed to the radicalization of its users make sure to stay tuned for that the news will be back at the top of the hour on the fly for me and everybody here in the news remember len and for watching. earth the home or saving googling to us tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions like global warming to use the environment series of global 3000 on d w and online. very soon. when your
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