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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 8, 2019 11:00am-11:15am CEST

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arm. the at. the at . this is g.w. news live from bali donald trump abruptly cancels peace talks with is the town of on the us president says that the move is in response to a taliban attack in kabul could this be the end of the peace process that seeks to brushoff the u.s. is a long afghan campaign also coming up conditions are rapidly deteriorating thousands of people displaced by hurricane dorian in the bahamas with their homes and communities destroyed and in need of food and water the storm is now lashing
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canada's nova scotian knocking out power to hundreds of thousands. and doing tennis yeah i can but yes cool when the u.s. open she beats 23 time grand slam champion serena williams to kick shot 1st as the slam. was. the x. . i'm helena humphrey glad you could join me it is a potential blow to ending u.s. engagement in afghanistan u.s. president donald trump says that he is calling off peace talks with taliban leaders from tweeted that he also scraps a secret meeting planned with the taliban camp david on sunday are the taliban took credit for an earlier attack in kabul early in this this week or the attack killed a dozen people including an american soldier the u.s. and the taliban have been. since last year in the hopes of ending the afghanistan
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conflict. case we're joined now by journalist annie le t.v. in kabul good to have you with us allie so president trump says that he has called off a secret meeting with taliban leaders have we heard from the afghan government yet what's their reaction we have heard from the on government just in the last hour or so and their reaction is basically pretty standard you know they're saying that they want a legitimate peace that can only come when there is a proper ceasefire when the taliban stop attacking out on civilians and when the taliban are willing to sit face to face on government which is something that has not happened in 9 rounds of talks with the toggle between the taliban and the americans in doha so this is something that they've been saying for a long time now and they also refer back to the upcoming presidential elections in september 28th saying that those must carry forward and that you know having
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a legitimate aleck to democratic government is the only way to have a proper discussion between the 2 sides having a legitimate government that's been real like or elected in terms of a democratically held presidential election is very important and we've also seen that the on about to start and saying that you know the group and don't have business at your present all of one group and that there are other new taleban groups that are not being represented by the whims and all but i mean this is quite a turnaround bearing in mind that is that the u.s. afghanistan envoy you said recently trump administration with actually on the threshold of an agreement with the taliban so how close were they really are. i mean according to salazar they were very close they were just waiting for trump's agreement and actually he had given copies of the 3 men to the president a 70 and his chief executive up
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a lot of people are of course president and he asked for more clarification on the terms of that agreement so there definitely was some form of an agreement exactly what was in it it's hard to tell because that was never made public and that there's a lot of rumors about it but for sure there was definitely some sort of an agreement that was it on its way to being basically and it was waiting for trump's signature of course now in that time trump himself has come under heavy criticism both in the republican and democratic political bases for what they say was a rush to agreement that you know actually left a lot of questions and might have given way too much leeway to the taleban so it could have been that you know it's not as if u.s. soldiers hadn't been targeted through out these 9 rounds of trikes it might have been this was finally you know the event that he could use to back out under the pressure i mean overall this does appear to be quite a step backwards i mean we've also got to bear in mind a president trump has that campaign promise of with touring american troops from
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afghanistan as soon as possible well he deliver on that day thank you. this is this is the question another thing we have to keep in mind is that trump has changed his mind about negotiating of all on in the us in early 2018 after a series of attacks and possible in other cities he said he refuses to speak to the call obama saying that they are essentially the means of bloodshed on the streets including all of these innocent people and then only a couple months later you know the dispatch that my colleagues got to start these 9 rounds of negotiations so i was you know trump has the tendency to keep changing this weekend. in afghanistan is one of those areas where he definitely seems to change his mind and say things that don't necessarily always fit in with the u.s. political satirist including his own cabinet jenna's to any that he in kabul thanks so much. you. and let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the walt russians are
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heading to the polls for regional and municipal elections today with some observers saying the vote is neither free nor fair demonstrations erupted in moscow in recent weeks off to authorities rejected several opposition figures as candidates the protest sparked a police crackdown with around 2000 people detained. china's trade has shrunk in august as the tariff war between beijing and washington worsens beijing's global exports fell by one percent from last year while imports were also down chinese trade with the u.s. was badly affected with exports to washington sinking 16 percent while imports of u.s. goods also took a severe hate. hundreds of thousands have turned up in madagascar capital and turn to revert to hear pope francis deliver mess previously on his visit the pontiff encouraged the country's youth not to lose hope despite financial difficulties
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france has visited mozambique earlier in the week is to to visit more ships before ending his african tour. hurricane dorian has been downgraded to a post tropical site came but it is still packing dangerously strong winds after making landfall along canada's atlantic coast heavy rainfall in nova scotia has knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of people in the bahamas the storm has left a trail of devastation the death toll is now at 43 but with many still unaccounted for it is expected to rise sharply. cruise ship full of evacuees from the bahamas the people on board have survived an apocalypse and for now they're the lucky ones. desperation is setting in for those left behind who've lost everything. until the bridge in the middle of nobody had no clothes on they thought there will be no have no cold you have nothing no love no power of clothes
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why no. i it's 5 everything be a separate thing it's found me. as the scale of the destruction becomes clear international aid efforts are ramping up. but it's a complicated task the destruction is so widespread. we have 2 major islands in the bahamas grand bahama and abaco and oftentimes we forget about the many keys around the close in particular they themselves. we have to put tremendous focus on those keys because we have residents living on those keys as well in the us dorian made landfall as a category one storm hitting the coast of north carolina with battering waves storm surges and heavy rains caused extensive flooding powerful winds and
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a series of tornadoes ripped the roofs off houses and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people. to tennis now web and the s.q. has beaten serena williams in straight sets to win the u.s. open in new york 1000 year old canadian to have the strongest not the much taking the 1st set 63 she then storm to a 51 made in the 2nd i'm look session to grab the wind for williams for back to tie the set of high 5 but andrea eskew held high enough to win the set and came her 1st . ever grand slam title. well joining us now for more on the u.s. open final is a lemo taki from v.w. sports great to see you alina and i think even the most avid tennis fans may not necessarily have heard the name bianca and the s.q. tell us more about her that i don't feel guilty about now i have a canadian only found out about jericho while ago she wasn't even in the top $100.00 at the start of one and i have to say 21000 has been
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a very kind year to canadian sports fans because for us we have the tron arap to win their 1st n.b.a. basketball championship and now we have a 19 year old making history andre eskew winning canada us press grandstand title and of course the reactions in the country have been huge prime minister just been trudeau has congratulated her as well as sidney crosby who is like the you know messi the nod off ice hockey in the n.h.l. the sky is the limit for bianca of course was not trying to come to terms with this newfound fame or so she's carrying the hopes of the maple leaf where does it go from here will that glittering career continue do you think we have to be really careful when it comes to hyping up young tennis talent because the tennis has a way of creating teenage millionaires and then chewing them up and spitting them out but i have to say and i don't just say this because she is canadian but what makes her stand out what makes us all special is that the mental game cheers an
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ability to block out all the noise and we saw that as well yesterday in a very pro serene a proud 0. and of course she's been using visualizations since the age of 13 she's even imagined writing checks u.s. open checks which now has become a reality because she's cashing in 3700000 as it is all of us just imagine you know any things you put so mind to definitely gets done but it certainly of course was a tough day for serena williams of course i mean does she still have it in her to win 2 more slabs of course and then you know then she became a. all time record for yourself right so that window of opportunity is closing she's turning 38 next month time is definitely catching up with her and she had a great chance last night but she's blown the last 4 grand slam finals that she's made since becoming a mother since giving birth and we know that a woman's body changes after giving birth so maybe she needs to adjust her game i don't know really what it is but she is putting a lot of pressure on yourself because in the back of the might she is chasing that
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record whether she likes to admit to it or not but it's difficult because we see that now you know there's a rise of young talent coming up and the unstoppable as we saw last night and he actually from the w. sports thank you. well the bauhaus school of art and design was small and its 7 year lifespan short by many stanzas but it had a huge impact on architecture and design that still resonates today and a new museum opening in death this weekend showcases a seminal collection of work by its teachers and students and marks a high point in events celebrating the 100 year anniversary of bow house some of the 20th century's most iconic designs by teachers and students at the bauhaus revolutionary at the time they are today familiar home and office staples but how were they made how did the school operate questions about house museum seeks to answer the about him all the challenge in presenting the output of
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a school is that it's not so much about the end product which has been the focus of so many exhibitions over the decades it's more about the path taken to get there. victor to. that path is illustrated in exhibits of the materials used or prototype drawings some were submitted by students for their admissions exams others are the work of their teachers visitors can compare the sketches with the physical products all reflect the key tenets of bauhaus philosophy that sought to unite art craft and industry from modular furniture to kitchen utensils form follows function founded environment the bought house all its heyday after moving to death in 1025 it left a lasting legacy the school and teachers houses are unesco world heritage sites but doesn't porton collection of objects never had a home until now this would have been we bridge the gap between the work created
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inside these buildings and the things we can exhibit here inside the museum is empty and. the new museum was just 4 years in the making the building isn't strictly bauhaus in style but its spanish architects feel they stay true to the house principles he would recite in this home it's strongly related to bauhaus ideals but in a more indirect way with a reduction as to approach that incorporates as few elements as possible. that has a lot in common with the modern me and efficiency of the bell house the museum hopes to become more than just a magnet for a powerhouse of his you know autos with a spacious twi a and performance space it's conceived as a dynamic meeting place and cultural venue for death itself. and here's a quick reminder now of the top story we're following for you u.s. president donald trump has canceled secret peace talks with afghanistan's taliban leaders a camp david the move came off the insurgent group claimed responsibility for an attack in kabul that killed 12 people including an american soldier on thursday.
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