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tv   The 77 Percent  Deutsche Welle  September 8, 2019 11:30am-12:01pm CEST

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little premiums. in 16. dollars. for students school in the. first clueless. generous grand moment arrives join the around your tank on the journey. you know we're going to return to our entering into and returns home. and welcome to both of them to 7 percent i want to show for you i wonder. how many up on today's program we are in germany of all it's a big if you can i mean yes we can go up because and opt for the germans in believe to talk about their experience in the part of the op because they asked for the.
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heads to at least added up when you get a chance to use our lives jessica leaves us through the streets of european capital . and we travel to the d.l. coldplay young delays and leading the fight against the news. today without our program in the german of course it is the hometown of thing up and drop on me for kinney she was there at a very young age and for a long time a kenyan born artist felt like a stranger an experience she now process in her music. to african to be german. to german to became. i can use you it was marked by a conflict between 2 very different cultures corrupt i was born in mombasa i grew up in the german city of. goma the feeling of
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moving i was always dismissed by all those a lot but as a child i didn't really understand why you do why though you always want to belong to just be part of the whole but you never would be for me is simply just accepted at some point that i didn't belong doesn't face the full her over her search for a feeling of security and acceptance inspires many of his songs and by his pseudonym. experiences a smile for german forth in german and. who's afraid of the black woman she defends in a song by thomas. kinney takes a stand against racism and put more self-confidence because this is something she didn't get to experience growing up. i didn't have any role models i don't really have them today either until now the
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light skinned woman has represented the ideal version of beauty is kind of the duck skin woman as a kid i was preoccupied with this idea because i never saw anyone like me anyway remarkable in cologne i kin you takes part in youth work she's become a role model for our young are full german guards. you know. if there are black women here but they're not well represented i don't see them as role models but also i would also say that layla is a role model about all she's taught me a lot whether it's dancing or fighting for things in life not giving up letting go of things that are necessary as a. cure for everything done since i'm a good daughter of awful beat. but having discussions are also important. i would like to give young people self confidence and self love that they can show
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in front of everyone. under ticker with the a few others. because i think that's the biggest. cause to get noticed that 28 year old has now overcome her own fears. first. lady. ringback is proud of her african roots but she's also found a 2nd home in cologne. but. one can somehow leave between these walls in the diaspora but i really don't understand these i personally believe that one can be both in germany and i can be both king and german why should i have to decide. * that's
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right why should we have to be able to identify with 2 different cultures if an amazing experience right. for our latest street debate we traveled to believe to meet with africans and germans we ask them about how they find everyday life in germany do they feel welcome or do they still have to deal with old fashioned racism when prejudices. the 77 percent is now in berlin i know it's strange for us to be in europe but we've been talking to a lot of young africans who are talking about the possibilities of living in the north and half and the question is is it worth the hype i'm going to be asking a couple of people here who actually live and work in germany and i'm going to find out what their diaspora experience specifically as africans has been and i want to
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start with a personal friend her name is maureen we know here as more she knows everyone but she's been here for quite a while so when you moved to germany what were your expectations and the reality you know how they have means what you expect so what was that like. well the idea was to come here study do some work and then go back home but then you realize have to spend so much time creating a foundation here you immediately want to be a part of representing the diaspora and the african experience here and now it's become a bit like rebranding the african continent because like so many ideas that just no longer belong still or really exist in whatever's happening right now so more his is just talking about the experience of being african and one of the biggest things for her is perceptions so i want to find out from you how was it like when you moved here people ask you if you have lions. i think there are 2 sides of people that actually are beginning to understand that africans. well educated and
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out of people that haven't actually had the experience to actually meet even an african so my experience was that the very 1st time much of it was in finland oh before coming to germany i met an old lady who. i wanted to touch my head because it was something so strange ok let me speak to somebody who's been here a while clear more clips of who is actually part of the c.d.u. which is the conservative christian party here in germany so you're sitting in parliament right now but 22 years you've had to build this reputation what was it like 22 years ago as an african just realized something the last lock in the society regarding the african community. being one of the 1st african to be nominated as a candidate in the state parliament in homburg it's a signal to society that we are not just sherman's from. but there are people from africa descent also who are living here who are working who can be also into politics these c.e.o.'s don't and just put
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a spotlight on the positive aspect. of the african community i just want to open up the question to the rest of the people here because i've heard people talking about racism and i'm also curious if the racism is pointed because you're african would it be different if you were african-american or if you will of indian descent i honestly think the racism is not messages pointed on that it is the small things that make it worse i'm sorry i don't want people to judgment sort of i'm sorry i don't people asking me if i go to school on a lie and if i don't know sit with a hyena and i have a joke with them or something that is not the case if you want to know about me come and approach me an open and honest manner and you can learn so we you know agreement that racism is part of the african diaspora experience particularly in germany and i want to hear personal examples what has happened to you that made you think that wasn't right and i want to hear from you i actually have a slightly different take i am to make and i feel as though bias is a part of the human experience and racism is just one of the ways that people
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express bias when i moved here i called my dad and i was like daddy i don't think i can stay because people keep on staring at me and he said assume they're looking because they like what they see and so. he has a sense of conduct always laughing so i want to find out what exactly was thinking about. why don't you think she is good to look out of court are you disagreeing with what she's saying that people don't necessarily look out of curiosity but rather because of a bias as she was explained in my experience for almost 20 years. to be kind of have not experienced racism. it's all depends on our mindset what you focus on you are truck country itself so i see the human being black white doesn't play in the road to me i see the person as you are on the way you are right the way you do when you approach all of us that's how you're going to be received don't you think that's a little bit naive though because i mean i could carry myself as
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a queen but if people see me as trash you should be you should have some confidence ok oh yeah i see. i actually got attacked by a whole group of people in finland a child lost my shoulder because of that just because the people thought i was a somalian who was just selling drugs and i tell you to work for nokia the police that came in 1st had a racial understanding that oh yes is this useless african who has triggered this whole conflict so the report was different he reported it and said it is a gang fight until nokia has responded and said this is our stuff he was actually on the work machine then the story changed because of course all this comes from one year and it also comes of ignorance ok so this conversation is not about racism so i just want to put a cap on that what happens when you have to prove yourself professionally when you decided that you wanted to become a politician that people take you seriously. i have to say.
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at the beginning it was difficult you have to prove yourself with a time and let people know that you are not just here as if you go bad you have something to offer to the society when we came here in this country myself included at the beginning we were thinking ok i'm going to spend 5 years 10 years almost make money go back to africa and duties and that we are still here unfortunately there are some people who didn't take the language seriously we discussed racism we are discussing our existence in this society but you can contact someone only if you speak his language so i think through that we can a little bit fight and make things work better for us at the beginning of this conversation i asked is it worth the height so do you think that you will ever go back to ghana is it an option for you i tried it once and guess what i returned and
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i'm now of course in germany because here is home for me what we see is definitely one fear takes charge people become buyers and so for me what is important is that for us to take away that fear we need to prove we need to also integrate and we need to make sure that people feel comfortable with us i want to close this debate to the press and i opened it with maureen what are some of the things that she would like young people to experience when they visit not just europe but the general north and hemisphere. well that would be great to be. to get to a place where we are unapologetic about who we are to get to a place where we can continue to contribute to the well being of society it would be great to have more allies to have these conversations with because africans are not the ones to have these conversations on the web so it would be great to to graduate from this level of conversation that we're still having most are prone to go back to yeah well at the beginning we asked what is the african diaspora experience in germany the answers have been complicated non-binary exhausting.
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time's refreshing and it's a conversation that needs to keep happening thank you to my panelists who joined me here today place i call a 2nd home and from berlin we say shoes. thank you. for speaking so openly to us if you would like to watch the longer version of that debate it can check out our you tube channel now it's time for our next big topic for today's show fake news to give you an idea of the magnitude of the problem in the final stages of the train to 16 u.s. election the top 20 fake news reports had more cleped and coalmines than the top 20 reports from a reputable news outlets so what do we do when the truth keeps getting lost somewhere among so-called a tentative. a team of young journalists in day our call will have fed out to
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expose fake news and topic from spreading. when something moved funny catches up with his friends to talk about news fake news india free time these freelance journalists come the internet for misinformation. to find the. cause we have decided to fight against fake news and also verify the accuracy of statements given by authorities false information is sometimes used to manipulate the public so we decided that someone needs to fight back against it. and if they can't. get some removed when he and his team founded the network checking 218 and some specious information the fine is published on their website as well as their treat on youtube accounts. african audience he cell phone exposed to fake
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news on habits right according to studies from the university of cape town unused than up to 50 percent of media consume us in kenya nigeria and south africa's c.v.a. exposed to fake news on a regular bases this situation isn't any different will is difficult to know what to believe. even for journalism students. i'm lost when i use the internet i don't know what's true and what's false in a movie is so well known and it's really dangerous because it always looks like real information whatever. the history that we kill in the mccains he teaches them how to cross-check information but if even journalism students find it difficult to detect fic news how hot easy for everyone else. comic book on easy course in the past we said if something is written in a book then it's true today everyone is convinced that if something is on the internet then it's true when an intellectual in
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a village says information even if this information comes from a dubious us the fact that it is shared on what's up makes people believe it is true of both scores of vaso more like. checks work became even more important after it broke out in east india. business than rumors claiming that it would or doesn't exist or that it's being used as part of money making scheme has led to public mistrust and a wave of violent attacks several bullet treatment centers have been attacked. feibel no response coordinator doctor are not a big deal it's an unbearable situation for us or for the muscle fitness can sometimes circulate with impressive speed compared with the right information in which we ask people to respect as a measure. for example if some are 1st year after from us and a dead person must not be toast but this is hard for people to accept help with us at this. summit and his team identify fake news about it borne out almost every day
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on social media usually on what's up on facebook. you know. it works alongside africa check an african wide initiative aiming to attack a fake news. summary and his colleagues receive training and technical assistance from the pan african counterparts but these 3 walk along truly as a group receives no funding. because this is a challenge we often have to make several phone calls and send emails so we have expenses working without any financial backing is difficult 16 journalists that cross the country work with congress check their dream is to make a living from the i walk. we've already seen how the spread of fake news can have theories consequences and it has nothing to do with food i'm of expression which brings us to our next topic. their right to freedom of expression
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unfortunately isn't upheld everywhere in africa in mozambique zambia or come or when for example people risk high prison sentences or what us if they speak up against the government but what is it like in other countries we asked our correspondent. zimbabwe still is good amount of loans that criminalizes free expression recently the government introduced a tax on social media saying the emergence of democracy through your support governments have been expressing doubt used without looking over their sources. zimbabwe still as good a moment of laws that criminalize is free expression particularly if one sees something that is assumed is an insult to the state and the president and number of individuals and civic rights activists have been charged under these laws the
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internet is not in free space either and the 2019. internet was shut down after protest interrupted again is fuel price increases. your good us constitution provides for freedom of speech but this freedom has limits recently the government introduced a tax on social media anyone who wants to use platforms like facebook twitter or what's up needs to pay a daily fee maybe see that they cannot afford this so use the numbers have reportedly dropped the president has been quoted saying that the reason need. 2 limits on might go see critics now do this starts as a restriction on freedom of speech. for 22 years governments were suppressed and denied the right to express that there was another
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former presidents governments for not speaking freely given about this is affecting their lives but everything chin up to the former president was forced out of office in 27 to know that guns are free to express their views on the streets and in media are just so sad and yeah i'm not homes without fear of an artist and the best thing about it the government in many instances listen to the people however there are some who argue that some governments ideas and up on the mental right by taking the law into their own hands and if nothing is done about it the country might be in chaos do you support the view that gandhi and pops featureless of other african countries being reckless with their freedom of speech let us know your thoughts on our facebook page d.w. africa and now we come to one of my favorite parts of the show what is it like to leave in the only country on the continent that hasn't own unique alpha bit a country that has the more than 7 years behind the gregorian calendar that most of
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the was using of you guessed the country yes well poppy all bags because we're joining in your opinion finish our legacy as he takes as our own he's 80. and joy. sprawling capital listen carefully there's more to the sound of this city than from so-called blue cops scene a sound like dan said i'm not coming to jazz musician is going to give us an inside look at his hometown. and you can just imagine a minimal acquittal what you see behind is tape to what it is the 1st modern what it took in history in this hotel in the lounge go just. people used to play jazz music 7 days a week i once was lucky enough to play they are there 5 of just in this house uplifted many artists in the country this place has had a huge impact on if they're going to just music i think i think to look at our
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guest from e.q. jazz has survived decades of political upheaval and more recently the burning down of its legendary headquarters that tied to the tail for yes local and international jazz aficionados mangled here to tunes made famous by jim jim lucius movie open flowers and played by a lot to us that's a 5 out of if you jazz percentage shall i guess it's an inspirational place. only god to members of our thoughts in a modern american cause my music i often get ideas from what i observe. you know what i see in the city is my inspiration straight menus. to the monk on your game i often wake up in the morning and observe things in the city when i'm walking my music is a collection of these observations i'm never going to budge and. there's certainly plenty to write about you know decent babba from the historical monuments
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to new i decisions like the light railway. to green skyscrapers and coffee houses of the off skilled ball of district get the city on and off and been logged in a team and yet many of its residents struggle to make ends meet in what is still one of africa's poorest countries. ahead of his jobs session tonight simitian needs to visit should all matter and of a quarter of the city it's the sharpest paradise full to bursting with traditional clothes on savannah's well this musician wants to look his best after all. how is it it's nice thank you for come back again here. ok thank you. his head into tonight's jazz concepts his new purchases perhaps being decked out in the colors of the you can flog green yellow
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and red bull give him some more last minute inspiration performing with well known ethiopian composers like a big guy and his renowned band members easy privilege on the bill tonight is the song called a decent bit about bit which translates these a bit about my home. tonight is doing what he laughs in the city he loves tomorrow he'll be on the hunt for more inspiration to style. how. i have visited the diff and i can tell you the people are woman and welcoming the food is delicious and don't worry you won't have any problems with immigration so if you can you should be. sadly we've reached the end of another
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if you have any suggestions or feedback for us please write to us at 7 to 7. now before you go away here's a sneak peek although next program in the next show we will be exploring zambia's problems with overcrowding. and we'll also be introducing a brand new segment called rock pop you know fast issue retro ray performs juvenile offenders in uganda and. thank you so much for tuning in but you know adriel before we go here is the big over music for your. credo don't call your name in germany here is nice. with the truck a push button a ticket. because
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. the link and some tunnel is the closest to. the to the 1st time for instance is a top flight. systems come from coming up. next to. 3 lives.
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and $39.00 s. on the. natural reaches of precious resources. and to remove warning investment. of foreign land has been called ethiopia is a great goal the country has an abundant supply of leases it to international giants. government is after high export revenues and the corporations high profit margin. but not everyone benefits from the business. expression environmental destruction starvation. the price for government and corporate greed.
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selling out of a. dead donkey sphere no hyenas. start september 18th on d w.
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