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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 8, 2019 1:00pm-1:15pm CEST

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this is d w news live from donald trump abruptly council's peace talks with the taliban and the us president says the move is in response to a taliban attack in kabul so is this the end of the peace process that's been looking to wrap up america's long campaign in afghanistan also coming up conditions are rapidly deteriorating for thousands of people displaced by hurricane dorian in the bahamas with their homes and their communities destroyed in need of food and water the storm is now lashing canada's nova scotia knocking out power to hundreds
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of thousands. and in tennis bianca andre ask who wins the u.s. open she beats 23 time ground slam champion serina williams to clinch 1st at the slot. a minute who has mackinnon thanks so much for joining us. it is a potential blow to ending u.s. engagement in afghanistan president donald trump says he's canceled peace talks with taliban leaders at camp david which was supposed to be taking place today and the tweets the president said that he had scrapped the secret meeting off of the taliban claimed responsibility for a car bomb in kabul that killed a dozen people including an american soldier the u.s. and the taliban have been meeting since last year in the hopes of ending the
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afghanistan conflict. the body of an american soldier returns home sergeant ellis but i thought piece age 34 was the 16th u.s. service member killed in afghanistan this year and one of a dozen people who died when a taliban car bomb exploded on thursday near the u.s. embassy in kabul on saturday evening president trump took to twitter to announce that he had canceled a secret meeting at camp david with taliban leaders after the insurgents claimed responsibility for the attack twitter users were angry when they heard of his plan to host members of the taliban on american soil so close to the anniversary of the september 11th attacks by al qaida it was those attacks 18 years ago that prompted the u.s. to invade afghanistan to go after the taliban who were harboring al qaeda leaders more than 2400 u.s. troops have been killed since the invasion. afghan leaders including president
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ashraf ghani have been increasingly critical of a draft deal reached between u.s. special envoy. and taliban representatives in doha this week while those talks were going on tell a ban fighters have launched a fresh offensive as tentatively to strengthen their negotiating position. trump has pledged to withdraw the remaining 14000 u.s. troops from afghanistan but the president has been under pressure from the afghan government and some u.s. lawmakers who mistrust the taliban and think it's too early to withdraw american forces. and for more on this i'm joined by a pit us man who's been covering the afghan conflict for us since 2001. president trump says he's called off the secret meeting with taliban leaders have we heard from the afghan government yet what's their reaction they pretty much agree to this whole calling off thing because the afghan government was very apprehensive of this
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emerging framework agreement between the good. i did states and the taliban simply because they were excluded right from the start like in doha we saw 9 rounds of talks exclusively between the americans and the taliban and not too many details did emerge for the f. government elected government you know to basically have their word who are to within these talks and that's what they really want they want an ethic and that an afghan owned peace process and that is what they reiterated today ok now this is quite a turnaround isn't it bearing in mind that. the u.s. of afghanistan and voice said recently that the trumpet ministration was on the threshold of an agreement with the taliban how close were they really by the sounds of it rather close if you ask the americans and also if you listen carefully to what the taliban spokesperson has been tweeting and putting up on the internet as they went along these to go she ations there were if you look at that he 1st said
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we have very close then he said we are on the threshold and then he even went as far as saying we have an agreement in principle that only needs to be nodded off by president trump that exactly hasn't happened now he himself if it comes to the president has kind of a 2nd shoe to turn around 1st before it was him basically at full kate in for direct talks with the taliban that happened on the history of ministration not obama not bush and now he seems to be the one to call things off completely or only temporarily that remains to be seen we simply don't know yet at this stage and ok so this appears to be a step backwards but president also has a campaign promise doesn't he to withdraw american troops from afghanistan as soon as possible so will he deliver i think he will certainly try to deliver maybe this calling office rather a tactical move to regain the initiative at the negotiating table maybe he was just looking for a reason to put things on hold for
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a while because an increasing. number of people including many foreign u.s. and best many of us and best of those who have served in kabul pointed out to him look this is going to be a bad deal and we need more condition based negotiations with the taliban you know we conscious pull out and then he things to whatever is going to happen on the battlefield because the war in afghanistan hasn't stopped during these negotiations in fact it remains one of the beloved iest wars in our lifetime under-paid spent thanks so much. now turkish and u.s. troops have conducted their 1st joint ground patrol in eastern syria it's part of a planned so called safe so in that neighboring turkey has been pressing for in the war torn region and corrupt hopes the buffer zone will keep the syrian kurdish fighters which it considers the threat away from turkey's border but the u.s.
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sees the kurds as allies in the fight against islamic states turkey also says some syrian refugees could be resettled in the. ok let's have a look at some of the other stories making news around the world today russians are heading to the polls for regional and municipal elections today with some observers saying that the vote is neither free nor fair demonstrations or sit in moscow in recent weeks off rejected several opposition figures as candidates the protest sparks a police crackdown with around 2000 people detained. china's trade has shrunk in august as the tariff war between beijing and washington worsens beijing's global exports fell by one percent from last year while imports were also down chinese trade with the u.s. was badly affected exports to washington sank 16 percent while imports of u.s. goods also took
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a severe hit. and hundreds of thousands have turned up in madagascar capital antananarivo to hear pope francis say mass previously on his visit the pontiff encouraged the country's newest not to lose hope despite financial difficulties francis visited mozambique earlier in the week and he's due to visit before ending his african tour. and in a further blow to the embattled british government another senior cabinet minister . has stepped down tensions over bricks that remain high in the u.k. london saw rival demonstrations on saturday. as pro bricks at munches clashed with police earlier this week parliament voted to block a no deal exit from the. now hearken dorian has been downgraded to a post tropical site plane but it is still packing dangerously strong winds off to making landfall along canada's atlantic coast heavy rainfall in nova scotia has
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knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people in the bahamas the storm left a trail of devastation the death toll is now at $43.00 but with many still unaccounted for it is expected to rise sharply. a cruise ship full of evacuees from the bahamas people on board have survived an apocalypse and for now they're the lucky ones. desperation is setting in for those left behind who've lost everything. until you know them break down you know the believe me nobody calls on the fire there will be order no cold you have nothing no you are no power of flow one of. i expect i everything we have the same thing is that me. as the scale of the destruction becomes clear international aid efforts are ramping up. but it's
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a complicated task the destruction is so widespread. we have 2 major islands in the bahamas grand bahama and abaco and oftentimes we forget about the many keys around the close in particular they themselves. we have to put the focus on those keys because we have residents living on those keys as well in the u.s. dorian made landfall as a category one storm hitting the coast of north carolina with battering waves storm surges and heavy rains caused extensive flooding powerful winds and a series of tornadoes ripped the roofs off houses and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people. to tennis now and to bianca andree a school that has beaten serena williams in straight sets to win the u.s. open in new york the 19 year old canadian had the strongest stops of the match
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taking the 1st set 63 she then storm to a 51 lead in the 2nd an upset and to win that williams fought back to tie the set at 5 all andreas to help enough that i won the sets. 1st ever grand slam title. and tell us more about the u.s. open final is a lima tuckey from sports. bianca andrus who is a name even the most avid tennis fan may not have hurdle of until now cole's tell us a bit more about it nobody should feel bad about not knowing her because you know up until last night there were many canadians what never heard of her i mean she wasn't even in the top 100 at the beginning of the year and i have to say 29000 has been a phenomenal year for canadian sports i mean 1st we have the toronto raptors that win the n.b.a. basketball championship the country still isn't isn't even over that that just
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happened in june and then comes along a 19 year old who clinches the country's 1st ever grand slam singles championships so the country's over the moon the reactions have been huge even prime minister justin trudeau has congratulated her as well as the likes of sidney crosby who is like the you know messi the one naldo of ice hockey in the n.h.l. zone i'm sure bianca is really trying to come to terms with this newfound fame ok so obviously a huge victory for her so where does it go from from here you know is this the beginning of a glittering korea look you have to be a bit careful because tennis has a way of creating a teenager millionaires of chewing them up and then spitting them out so let's not hype them up so early but with bianca i have to say this not just because i am canadian there is no bias but she does have something special she has a maturity at the age of 19 and mental game her ability to block out all the noise her ability to focus and we shot saw that yesterday it was
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a very pro serina crowd and she maintained her cool and beyond color so interesting is also have back on she's been doing meditation visualization she's actually visualized this moment at grand slam finals since she was 13 so. you know she would always write checks to herself us open checks and now of course that has become a reality because she gets to cash in $3700000.00 so whatever this girl puts the mind to tends to you know it it gets done in example to us all of course a really tough day for a story in a williams can she still win 2 more slams and claim the all time record now look with serena i always say i never want to she is just incredible but i have to say time is catching up to her i mean that window of opportunity is closing because she is turning 38 this month so you have to ask yourself it's now or never and she had a great chance last night it didn't happened and in fact she's blown the last 4
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grand slam finals that she has been in since giving birth so i think you know you i don't think it's going to get any easier for her because the pressure is there whether she likes that minute are not i think she is chasing that all time grand slam record but it is becoming increasingly difficult because we see this crop of young talent that i think will just make that record so difficult for serino volume's to achieve. from did only one thanks so much. now it is one of the most important awards in international cinema the golden lion from the venice film festival and this year's prize goes to joka a movie directed by the american todd phillips the film is the dog origin story of the batman villain sub starring joaquin phoenix in the title role as the 1st golden lion for phillips and might put him on the path to oscar glory the last 2 venice whenas roma and the shape of war went on to win the best picture academy award.
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it watching news live from berlin coming up next world stories this week's reports thanks so much for watching i will be back with more news at the top of the alice. live. from africa. we're going to exceptional stories discussion from all uses easy to our website you deputed comes to join us on facebook.


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