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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 9, 2019 12:30pm-12:46pm CEST

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turning back to the root issue government of. the shark family from somalia live around the world. don't need urgent assistance a. family starts october any on t.w. . british airways pilots go on strike for the 1st time in the airline's history almost all its flights are grounded thousands of passengers stranded at the carrier is standing its ground reportedly threatening to scrap climates. in germany exports surprise monthly growth looks strong with trade wars taking a toll how long will this last alaskan economist. at europe's comic is unveiled their plans for an electric future at the profit or a shut. in facility lester business british airways has
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canceled almost all its flights as pilots begin a 2 day strike it's the 1st time the company's pilots have taken part in such industrial action they're warning another walkout will follow soon if their demands on mitt this was the scene at london heathrow on monday morning dozens of british airways planes grounded as pilots walked off the job for the 1st time in the airline's history the action has left tens of thousands of passengers stranded prompting british airways to tweeze we understand the frustration we are extremely sorry it has come to this we remain ready and willing to return to talks with. the pilots' union called the action after refusing the offer of an 11.5 percent pay rise over 3 years the move sparked a furious reaction from c.e.o. alex cruz who says be
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a offers world class salaries this is by all means goal is punishing our customers 1st it is punishing our brand is punishing the 90 percent of colleagues that have already accepted this 11.5 percent deal and frankly it is punishing those pilots that want to come to work every day day in and day out but union representative say to me or pilots in particular who often start their careers in desk because of the high cost of training aren't getting a fair deal they say stuff deserve a bigger share of b.s. profits. well i don't know how much public support we have we get a rangers mix from a c.g. is what's more important is the pilots 100 percent solid 93 percent of british airways pilots voted to go on strike they're the ones i'm representing this dispute they're the ones i'm trying to broker a deal for the 2 day strike is likely to cost precious airways nearly $100000000.00 should no deal be reached
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a further walkout is set to take place on september 27th german exports rebounded unexpectedly in july europe's economic engine has been hit by the us china trade war and uncertainty of a break but these new figures show exports rose by point 7 percent by the monsoon by almost 4 percent compared with the same period last year imports fell further than expected is the state's office says that underlines concerns the economy has lost women to many economists expect germany to fall into recession later this year . as chief economist at bear bank and joins us from our frankfurt studios. where is the mighty german economy at right now losing steam last seen about to lose a lot of state. the german economy has lost a lot of steam german economy is probably at the moment stagnating the export data are very volatile in july was a good month but some of data can be somewhat unreliable the overall trend judging
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by business confidence and especially by export orders is still down a cable the figure is that we just got out now it's a very different picture as far as exports go when when we start seeing the figures get getting bad when we really start seeing the downturn in numbers i'm afraid in one of the next 2 months we will probably see a noticeable downturn in these data normally export order our lead indicator for what is actually exported off towards an export orders recently have been pretty weak and we have to see that exports to the u.k. that is to other european countries outside the euro of their own seem to be doing fairly badly and that is a trend that could unfortunately breck situated continue for a while there is this rating as we all know the german budget is it is in
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a good place right now the surplus is also why needing according to these latest figures how prepared would you say germany is for a recession. germany would be prepared for a bike recession once again and at the moment looks a bit more like stagnation with the export data not that bad but germany is prepared even for recession it has fiscal room and more importantly germany has mechanisms especially subsidizing underemployment on the drop it has mechanisms to prevent the export and especially the overall g.d.p. difficulties from spilling over very much into labor markets so germany maybe at the brink of recession hopefully not but consumers and workers will for fleet not feel all that much pain. economists hokus meeting their japan has posted weak it than expected growth the latest quarterly figures show the economy grew at an
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annual rate of 1.3 percent between april and june tensions with south korea as well as the trade conflict between the united states and china are the main factors weighing on the economy there are also fears of recession. the sun's chief executive is reportedly planning to step down its comes off the euro tools like admitted to being overpaid by as much as half a $1000000.00 the japanese carmaker is already struggling to deal with the fallout from a scandal involving former boss comes he faces a number of criminal charges including breach of trust. of 3 goods maker tong is cashing in on a surge in demand from china but it's not planning on moving manufacturing there to be closer to its customer or cut costs its chief executive says asian shop isn't interested in high end products made in that part of the world. this is probably not the fessing you'd associate with a multinational luxury brand but it here in
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a remote french village that louis tang has chosen to sass up shop and this is why . the whole luxury trend depends on our designs when the artisans leave the artists follow what is taking place here is the convergence of artists of artisans in the same place shores the longevity of the luxury business and fronts france is number one in the world in luxury it's because of these leather workshops. in. this region and western france was once renowned for its leather industry some 400 factories once made shoes that were distributed across the entire country in the 1990 s. production moved to countries with lower wages only a museum remains to tell the story of a golden age he did worked in the industry for 44 years. even. if they'd foreseen the crisis
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a bit earlier we might have turned towards luxury goods because we had the expertise. and if we'd gone into luxury goods we could have charged higher prices i think if we had we could have maybe held our own for much longer i don't know the factory worked out didn't survive but now the tradition is espoused is being revived thanks to a global brand keen to maintain its image for quality and craftsmanship and the highly skilled work comes with a hefty price tag about like this will set you back well over 3000 euros business appears to be going well lou if we tolerance planning to take on another 1500 workers in france over the coming years he banned the import of used clothes the government said it to store national pride and boost the local textiles industry but it sparked a trade war with the united states and. out of the pacts that allowed african
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countries to export goods to the u.s. tree free still business think it's worth it. there are certainly enough for all materials to underpin a thriving textile industry and learned will and cotton are abundant so retailers and textile producers were quick to adapt to the new situation. now only domestically produced or imported new clothing is on sale in rwanda tailors in the capital kigali are working harder than it any time before i know when i've been a tailor for 7 years the import ban didn't affect me run into believing us they buy the cloth and we saw it and. they're willing to pay more for it as well. good for those working for the house of tyo label the fashion company was founded by designer matthew regard 8 years ago. i think that it was a very important step by you know with the government banning secondhand clothing
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because we need to grow our industries we need to create jobs we need to create new products because this grows a country in so many different ways. blending african and international designs has made sure matthieu regardless house of title label became well known abroad but in the main the rwandan textile industry has shown to be focused on domestic demand. in the tech sense industries must be encouraged but they must compete if they think that the stuff that comes are going to accept a pipe price in the name of these people to come from kenya or from another country i think that's all going to walk and nobody is where the instruments of protection . under global treaty jeans i increasingly no one lording so that means that they will not be protected we defeated long long you have a small window. the import ban on 2nd term clothes has boosted opportunities for the entire rwandan textile sector and they believe people here to build stable
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livelihoods again. car companies have been investing billions in developing electric vehicles to meet emissions restrictions but europe has been slow with surveys showing less than 2 percent to vehicles on european roads their electric meters at the international auto show right foot trying to change that. move over at tesla the competition is about to heat up several european carmakers are rolling out new electric vehicle models. is the year where we are probably saying so in the big orange so red he must knock electric cars you know volkswagen the id 3 porsche with the taking sports car and then you've also got kind of ran a new lease on the showing sold for that should products and concepts mass market means cheaper models like. 3 some more europeans will be able to afford the new electric vehicles until now the continent has lagged behind other regions last year
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just under 1000000 electric vehicles were sold in asia pacific the americas well bobbie behind but still in 2nd place and europe came in 3rd with fewer than 230000 electric vehicles sold. but that could change now with car makers showing the results of the billions of invested in electric vehicle technology at the i 80 and front foot. nice doing business or thing.
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soccer games favorite sport. it's no wonder stick tackler go. plenty of emotion. and. the best of game day. kick off w. . coach of
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a. sure link to news from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussions from the news as easy as i want with safety deputed comes much traffic on join us on facebook. for god. such. place this weekend world stories. mexico miss ingenues murdering women. yemen hospitals are on the brink mistime we start out in germany. is one of the few remaining holocaust survivors she passed through to concentration camps now she's been honored with a german national prize. she is one of the last holocaust survivors alive today
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i need telasco wolfish was deported to the auschwitz concentration camp in the 1943 by then the nazis had already motives her parents. their. waiting to be put in the gas chambers it was a situation that what it was in you know very difficult to describe to people nowadays who live more or less normal lives it was music that safe classical wolfish life a talented cello player she was chosen to play in the auschwitz women's orchestra lascaux wolfish has now been recognized for her relentless fight against anti-semitism with the german national price the award honors stosur have strengthened the bonds between germany and europe. not to cut us off with me when i left germany after the catastrophe i swore to myself that i would never stand on german soil again.


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