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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 9, 2019 7:15pm-7:31pm CEST

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i'm secure that the my work that hard and in the end is a me your not a lot of the here and more we was and you that. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers were alliance of the what's your story ready. i mean when i was a women especially are victims of violence. take part and send us your story we are trying in all with understand this new culture. another villa turn other years you want to become a citizen. in for migrants your platform for a while information.
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british airways pilots go on strike for the 1st time in the airline's history almost all its flights and grounded tens of thousands of passengers stranded on the carrier standing its ground reportedly threatening to scrap the pilots tax also coming up the political turmoil in hong kong is now eating into the tourist sector there a city post in massive slump in the city's. fasten your seatbelts jurist car makers unveiled their plans for an electric future and the fact that offshore. muni norge green a button is aimed at making consumers more aware about where what they wear comes from. welcome to. america jones in berlin good to have you with us
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and if you're planning on flying with british airways better check your flight status because british airways has canceled almost all its flights pilots after a 2 day strike it is the 1st time the company's pilots have taken part in industrial action but they're warning another walkout will follow soon if their demands aren't met this was the scene at london heathrow on monday morning dozens of british airways planes grounded as pilots walked off the job for the 1st time in the airline's history the action has left tens of thousands of passengers stranded prompting british airways to tweeze we understand the frustration we are extremely sorry it has come to this we remain ready and willing to return to talks with. the pilots' union called the action after refusing the offer of an 11.5 percent pay rise over 3 years the move sparked a furious reaction from c.e.o.
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alex cruz who says be a offers world class salaries this is by all means goal is punishing our customers 1st it is punishing our brand is punishing the 90 percent of colleagues that have already accepted this 11.5 percent deal and frankly it is punishing those pilots that want to come to work every day day in and day out but union representative say tune your pilots in particular who will soon start their careers in desk because of the high cost of training aren't getting a fair deal they say stuff deserve a bigger share of b.s. profits. well i don't know how much public support we have we get a range of mixed messages what's more important is the pilots of 100 percent. 93 percent of british airways pilots voted to go on strike they're the ones i'm right century in this dispute they're the ones i'm trying to broker a deal for the 2 day strike is likely to cost precious airways nearly $100000000.00
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should no deal be reached a further walkout is set to take place on september 27th. this almost as president he had altos a car while will step down on september 16th as a comic as board of directors says the announcement comes off the psycho what misfits of being overpaid by as much as half a $1000000.00 the news comes as the carmaker struggles to deal with the fallout from a scandal involving former boss comes go on faces a number of criminal charges nuisance profits and sales have tumbled over the past year. talking of tumbling the number of tourists visiting hong kong declined sharply in august for the months of protests over an extradition bill the fall is by far the deepest to hit hong kong's key tourism sector since the wave of demonstrations began adding to fears over the city's economy. this is not a scene likely to make tourists feel safe or welcome. for months mass protests have
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taken over the streets of hong kong over an extradition bell. the ensuing backlash from the hong kong government has been dramatic and at times brutal. last year hong kong was one of the world's most visited cities with tourist numbers of more than 30000000 as of july this year visitor numbers that only fallen by 5 percent but according to hong kong's financial secretary paul chan the fell by a massive 40 percent in august. authorities say that's thanks to the protests taking place the transport hubs including the airport where passengers have been subjected to increased checks delays and cancellations if there's a ring trend that destructive hours have extended to different transport hubs including the hong kong international airport. the airport is that key infrastructure that we always took pride in. some economists believe hong kong will
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be in recession before the end of the year given the impact the current situation has had on tourism and the wider economy. now here's a surprise german exports rebounded unexpectedly in july europe's economic powerhouse has been hit by the us china trade war and uncertainty over brics that but new figures show exports rose 5.7 percent month on month almost 4 percent compared with the same period last year imports however fell further than expected and the statistics office says that underlines concerns the economy has lost momentum and economists expect germany to fall into recession later this year. or more and that's let's bring in conrad who is now a man in france. and the good news 1st german expos rose in july but almost 4 percent compared to the same months last year why then are we still talking about a looming recession because monika most of the other data which has
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been released recently tells at least a story of stagnation you know export numbers like the one like the ones released today have a tendency to be unreliable they're quite volatile export orders factory orders for the exporting companies all of those numbers in recent months have been on the decline so it's quite fair to expect that the august numbers the september export numbers potentially also the october numbers all will fail to surprise us positively. and that's why you know the that positive data today has also not really ignited a lot of optimism on the trading floor say in frankfurt and how about the car industry germany's car industry certainly is the biggest export sector how are they holding up in all this. well you know the car companies have to manage 2 things at the same time at the moment they have to get prepared for the future
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a future that's dominated by electric driving by cars driven by anything but combustible engines but at the same time they have to deliver to their current markets which are overwhelmingly combustible engines that costs a lot of money and that's why i find it very very difficult to predict or to say which ones of which one of the shares of the car sector at the moment might be bargains. at least convinced that a visit to the payments is not on the top of the list all right come up was in there in frankfurt thank you so much and of course in frankfurt we also have the international auto show carmakers has been investing billions in developing electric vehicles to meet tighter emissions restrictions in europe and in asia and of course to remain competitive as the international auto show in frankfurt gets underway later this week we take a look at the industry's oncet it today some ability to. move over
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a tesla the competition is about to heat up several european carmakers are rolling out new electric vehicle models. is the year where we are probably saying so the big launch so mark electric cars you know volkswagen the idea 3 porsche with the taking sports car and then you've also got kind of rough.


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