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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  September 11, 2019 2:02am-2:30am CEST

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and mordor along the cold war's fault line crumbled as people rose up demanding freedom and berlin is an inspiring story but does it translate beyond europe's borders well this young man says it already has the activist joshua was his is the face of protests against the heavy hand of chinese rule tonight he is here in the german capital and he tells me why hong kong is now the new berlin i'm worried. this is the day. bush gets the meetings where there's one minister of germany i express a must for germany confirmation to send a clear message to president sheet with me it's room for german media and politicians to grab attention to by staging a political show and the chinese separatists disrespects china and its interference
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in china's intent on the fans just like hala no one could predict imagine the pretty what will fall a soviet union will collapse from decades ago we have to let the dream come true and continue our fights guilt words deeds and plots that foreign support to split the country will fail. also coming up u.s. president trump wanted to negotiate with the taliban at camp david his national security advisor john bolton did not bolton is now history what about those taliban talks. that debt that debt for us i'm concerned that debt they thought that that it killed people it ought to put themselves in a little better to go shedding position can't do that with me so that debt is where it's up it's. on to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the man from hong kong who refuses to accept
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a future made in china 22 year old joshua wong has become the face of hong kong's resistance against what many see as the creeping authoritarian reach of beijing he is leading a fight against what some say is the inevitable that one day hong kong special status within china will be no more or wang insists that hong kong is have a right to determine their own destiny but in the eyes of beijing this is a dangerous dance with the notion of regime change it has already gotten him arrested earlier this week when he tried to board a plane to fly to berlin police detained him for 24 hours today i spoke with joshua walking about his hopes for his home and why those hopes have brought him here to berlin. just one you're here in berlin and you've said that hong kong is the new berlin what do you mean by that under the rule off press and erode on hong kong's
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people autonomy and freedom we strongly experience the crackdown off human rights with protests brutality which similar as was experienced by people in burning in the last century also on the offer of power around room that's the reason we have people in germany can stand with hong kong standing with hong kong means what are you here and asking for immigration policy to be changed for hong kong or is coming to germany how do veiled occur in weezer mechanism to. welcome hong kong people to under fret that will be a good move and it could direction but more important is we hope people in germany and the chancellor castro a strong stand to support hong kong as democratization to ultimate and fundamental goal for us is to elect our own government the leader of hong kong which means chief executive should be a vote by us is that off hand picked by beijing and let's see if that happens what
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happens after that. hong kong people can finally be the master of their own house we can determine our own field and that's 20 instead of dominated by beijing but what happened is just after the 50 years are over even in 1907 there was this agreement made you know the 2 systems one state and that ends in 2047 which which are in game beijing claim that they allow hong kong people and drove one country to system after transfer of sovereignty on 1907 but now is not only result in one and the hof system is in the collapse of one country 2 system after the 50 year unchanged policy and i'll to make go is allowing hong kong people to determine their political and economic status by our will is that off dominated all controlled by beijing but by then you're asking china then none to have sovereignty over its own territory and china has every right to say what it wants to do with this territory we strongly aware hong kong is under their rule of beijing hong kong
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is part of china but is dozens means that the study of hong kong people need to be manipulated and controlled by beijing hong kong being recognized as the global city we are the one willing and continue to fight for free election and that's our persistence and we hope to be the master off our own house i know this last off has a taishan and pressure and people might say that will we be too naive on not practical but just like no one could predict or imagined a berlin wall will fall all soviet union will collapse free decades ago we have to let the trim come true and continue our fight some people have said that hong kong has have more in common with new yorkers and londoners than they do with their own compatriots in china do you agree with them i strongly aware that we are not only is seeking specific a single individual country people to support us especially people in germany i believe they share difficulties and challenge under the hot line so. pression well
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helping you what's it going to look like immigration that i asked you about i mean did you hear from the the foreign minister today did you get a promise that it's going to be easier for hong kong or is to come to germany with yesterday meeting with their friend minister of germany i express the musts for germany kaufman to send a clear message to president xi sending troops adducing martial law in hong kong must not be the way out free in action is the only solution at the same time i also urge german government to stop the export license off those crowd control equipment including rubber bullets and tear gas to allow improve. become the life threatening force in hong kong i hope the german government after the shock me 10 yesterday with me with the foreign minister they realize that hong kong politico and economy freedom must be safe got not only by hong kong people but that's also their responsibility. how to maintain their unique status off hong kong international
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financial center ok when you say world leaders what about u.s. president donald trump if you're going to the u.s. leader this week are you expecting or are you hoping that donald trump is going to save hong kong from beijing safe hong kong from beijing to measure responsibility come from hong kong not anyone else but what leaders and also probably around the world must realize that hong kong is stand in the front line to be the frontier to confront oppression just like the g. 7 summit issue feel weeks ago to show their support on the hong kong government execute and recognize the existence of sin no protests john decoration to an international treaty emphasize hong kong people enjoy the right to have high degree of autonomy and hong kong people ruling hong kong i hope u.s. government and bipartisan support can show to hong kong people which which leader of which power would you consider to be most useful to your goals i hope shoot get
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. concretion often my whole trip and often next saturday especially i hope to schedule meeting with government official and also bipartisan congressman and senator at u s yeah i hope to let the people around the world to know that supporting hong kong stand with all call is not a matter of off left or right it's a matter of right or wrong and when i ask you you know you were arrested before you left hong kong to come here we know that the foreign ministry in beijing doesn't like what you have been saying here you're going back to hong kong next weekend are you afraid of what's going to happen when you arrive in hong kong do you think you're be arrested again president xi jinping is the one believe. we contacted wholly expect or pray that he all his government really react rationally that's why even facing a friend to be arrested again and in fact i need to face the trial on 8 off november because off the prosecution from hong kong government we will still continue our fights and of course i would have to fight back to hong kong and let
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hong kong people to know that we never walk alone so everyone thank you thank you well the bridges in hong kong are not reserved for young students like josh what young pensioners and young people sometimes find themselves standing shoulder to shoulder in front of a police barricade. crew just as college food keep up with the construction helmet gas mask and a pair of goggles ryan hates to street again and else into the sea of black. among hunk i'm precious to his he's known as a young mole a wonder if the braves the 19 year old lies to his parents every time he goes out to protest this time he took them his off to play football instead he said to barricade confronting the police. so of course it would be perfect if we didn't need to fight it would be most ideal to make the government concede with just peaceful rational and nonviolent actions but the hong kong
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government has made us understand that being moderate and peaceful is useless. as the sky turned stock the tension pros on the front lines in the protest is of those who most often get injured it when private police disperse the crowds. but they're not without their defenders this one from a whole different generation grandpa was. the 85 year old is using his body as a shield he margaret oh my god i don't beat up the children. please let them go home no no no no no. no me the one who did and he has someone there to lean on 73 year old grandpa chan. i got going when the police charge in the youngsters all citizens confiscate fast enough we have to stand between them and block the police's advance to give citizens time to
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get away with age i don't go on to believe that there's terms like yours often fall on deaf ears. tonight ryan got shot in just by my brother bullets but he says he won't retreat. brian is done for tonight but a struggle he's joined for the future of home calm appears far from over. all still to come on the day the story of a german teenager who ran away to join islamic state now her father wants his daughter to come home. doesn't quit just by the problem of war criminals but i want my child back if i have to stand trial for giving money to a terror organization i gladly go to jail on the to the main thing is you have got . my daughter back. will the man considered to be the biggest hawk inside the trump white house is no longer inside the white house in
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a shocking announcement the u.s. president's national security adviser john bolton tweeted that he resigned this morning but that is not exactly how president trump is describing their parting of ways trump announced his decision on twitter tweeting i informed john bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the white house i disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions as did others in the administration and therefore i asked john for his resignation which was given to me dysmorphic i'll be naming a new national security advisor next week now here is how bolton said it happened i offered to resign last night and president trump said let's talk about it through tomorrow will trump and bolton have clashed many times over foreign policy including how to handle north korea iran syria and most recently afghanistan
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bolton was reportedly vehemently opposed to a planned meeting with the taliban at camp david which president trump called all 3 over the weekend. ad i think meeting is a great thing i think that meeting with you know you talking about war there are meetings with war otherwise wars would never end you'd have a go on forever. we had a meeting scheduled it was my idea and it was my idea to terminate it i didn't even i didn't discuss it with anybody else are there was the us president speaking earlier today i'm joined tonight by graham smith graham as written about and reported from the war in afghanistan extensively he has been an analyst for the united nations he's now a consultant for the international crisis group and he joins me from london graham welcome to the day i'd like to start if i could by getting your reaction to john bolton's departure do you see a connection between the resignation of the firing to that canceled meeting with
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the taliban yeah it looks as though john bolton is just another war just another casualty in the growing dustbowl in afghanistan in some ways you know. messages today from european capitals from doha where the taliban are from cool everybody is trying to figure out what this means for the afghan peace process and i think the consensus is that this probably puts the peace process on life support. you know president trump has said that this is dead this is finished. i've not yet convinced you know if senator john bolton is departing then may be those who are pushing for diplomacy still a chance in the white house well trump says that those talks with the taliban are
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dead because one u.s. soldier was killed in a recent attack by the taliban do you buy that. no i don't think anyone is buying that actually many u.s. soldiers have been killed during the long months of secret negotiations between the united states and the taliban. none of those deaths d. real diplomacy. and you know just the next day after trump canceled the camp david meeting u.s. secretary of state mike hunt peo went around the sunday talk shows claiming that u.s. forces killed a 1000 taliban in the last 10 days so it's very clear that the americans have maintained a very high level of military pressure against the taliban and the taliban have also been fighting back as well so no the death of one u.s. soldier is not a reasonable explanation for why the talks are structured. today the taliban said
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that washington will regret canceling the talks and it valved to continue its fight against u.s. forces but. the taliban did not say you know categorically there will be no more talks i mean it almost left a little window open there for peace talks do you see that as you know maybe something promising. definitely yeah i think you're right the target are relatively moderate so far in their response the statement that they put out on sunday was pretty much a sort of business as usual kind of a statement that some of the interlocutors that we have on the ground in afghanistan say they're sort of waiting to see what this actually means before reacting too strongly you've seen. a couple of major occasions on the streets of. number one is the anniversary of the death of ahmed shah masood
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sort of northern resistance leader when his followers come out on the under streets normally that's a real moment of vulnerability security wise and we didn't see any major taliban attacks on the streets reporting that some information and also. you know preparations are getting underway for a shura the shia holy days that's right and you know people are out on the streets of cool putting up flags you know and none of that has been attacked as the far either so the child and appear to be showing some restraint grip i want to ask you about something that you you said. back in 2011 you said that in the year 2001 america's best partner in the fight against terrorism would have been the taliban now that was an explosive statement that you made on the 10th anniversary of the 911 attacks do you still think that tonight on this eve of the 18th anniversary in do you think that donald trump was thinking along this line when he
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invited the taliban to come to camp david. yeah i mean the fact is that if you're really worried about international terrorists running around the mountains of afghanistan you probably want to be doing business with the people who control those mountains and you know militarily on the ground a lot of time that's the taliban at the moment. and yeah i've been saying this for a very long time i think it's about a decade now that i've been writing op eds and so forth saying that probably your best partner against international terrorism would be the taliban and tell them you know in practical terms that have been fighting some very bloody. in recent years against the local affiliate of the so-called islamic state in the eastern mountains of afghanistan you know hundreds and hundreds of battles between the taliban and the local isis affiliate and i think the americans have noticed that you know it gets their attention when people are out there with kalashnikovs killing isis and
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so i think that may be part of why the american opinion of the taliban is beginning to change a little i've got to say it's not completely changed but it's beginning to change graeme smith joining us tonight from london with valuable insights. to the u.s. the taliban and the situation in afghanistan graham thank you. germany whites other western nations is still debating the repatriation of citizens who left to fight for so-called islamic state it's thought that more than a 1000 german nationals went to syria and iraq to join us half of them are still there the 1st orphans of all u.s. fighters have already been brought back to germany but there's still no plan for dealing with the adults a new documentary follows the story of leonore a would be honest and her father's fight to bring his daughter home. and
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mike messing ask himself why a 1000 times his daughter has been gone for 4 years. and this is your own child would rather be with terrorists than with you and she even thinks it's cool. in syria. he was seen as one of the highest ranking germans and the so-called islamic state she became his 3rd wife but she and the other 2 wives started fighting they are also witness the terror groups brutality and after a few weeks she wanted to go home desperate to help her father went to turkey and hired a people smuggler linked to the al qaeda terror organization my coordinated the life threatening mission by his phone and rocca several attempted meetings between leonora and the people smugglers fell through the family lived in fear for weeks.
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months to get to a point but. i had a real feeling of helplessness you're trying to distract yourself and not think about it too much because you can't do anything about it it's a thing as sneezed by. the rescue attempt failed that sense of helplessness lasted for weeks months and years when the last stronghold fell early in 2019 loon or ended up. the home prison camp and border in syria where she now lives with her 2 children born in iowa as territory german reporters were able to meet her and asked why did you join i as she tried to explain herself. islam muslims all kinds that islam was a trend a lot of people in germany converted face i got caught up in a facebook group that maybe it had something to do with my age and wanting to take part in a revolution i was interested in stupid things now i definitely want to go back to
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my family in a family of. germany's federal prosecutor is investigating the now 19 year old she suspected of spying for islamic states intelligence service and supporting the terror group plan or denies the allegations the german government will decide if and when she may come back home meanwhile her father mike messing can't wait. well amir is an iraqi journalist he worked on that documentary leonora how a father lost his daughter to states good to see you again i want to talk with you you met leonore for the 1st time in a kenya. and in northern syria you've interviewed other supporters of the so-called islamic state i mean is it really possible to have gone to these strongholds and you have had no involvement with and i ask ron it's difficult to say that because
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if they do not do something physically. they made already 100 percent something morally wrong just to draw in and is that mixtape joining that terror organization killing innocent people this is a moral question i think. innocent 100 percent that is no one join is that mixed standing state but none of it nevertheless the woman as onor 15 years old join is that mixtape i think just to put it in the context she is still as i met a year ago she lived as she said saw a lot of experience bomb being and terrell and everything she's in it. in the level of 880 years olds and women but she's state and the level of 15 years girl she's a knave like other girl that we met before i ever before in iraq and in syria.
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yeah naive but she she made the decision to go joint is one big state you talked with her father about this me how did you get versus how do you get him to open up to you but do you also ask him you know does he feel responsible for his daughter making a decision to do something like that exact these very transparent and he's very all pretty talk about his not like an innocent angel no he's talking about as a someone made a criminal. this is not we cannot see this reaction and all. persons of that jodi's. relationship between the girl and the father was or was very very perfect very nice told the day before she left him the question is she want to find
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a identity because the their parents divided and. divorce and she would like to find a solution for have problems but us just like any girl she has a channel she and mark think makeups and so on and suddenly she went to state and giant. husband yeah it's an it's an incredible story an excellent documentary and they're so it's always good to have you here at the big table thank you thank you much and if you want to find out more about leonore's story you can watch the full documentary on our you tube channel at youtube dot com slash d w documentary well the days almost done the conversation of course continues online to find us on twitter you can follow me at brant go off t.v. and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody.
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