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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 11, 2019 8:30am-8:45am CEST

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but this is due to. return to the roots should get them into the. ocean watch family from somalia live around the world i'm going to need to urgent assistance of. the family starts october any d w. or sign the growth is slowing in china as the economy worse than beijing is letting on we'll look at the newest numbers. also on the show apple's newest product launch makes a splash but not just because of the i phone we'll give you the details. and your young at living in the city you really need to own a car our reporter goes one of the auto industry's biggest events to find an answer to. this is your business report i'm stephen beard it's good to have you with us
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chinese factory set prices dropped in august at the quickest pace in 3 years its latest sign that beijing's economic woes have continued into late summer businesses have slashed prices to cope with flagging commands amid a global slowdown and the trade dispute with the united states new numbers prompted investors to sell off riskier technology stocks breaking a week long winning streak on the beijing exchange. south korea is launching an official complaint to the world trade organization over japan's decision to limit exports of chemicals necessary to make high tech equipment addressing the media earlier on wednesday south korea's trade minister described the restrictions as float politically motivated the 2 countries have been locked in a dispute about compensating victims of forced labor during world war 2 many of south korea's high tech companies including samsung rely heavily on those japanese exports. and i'm joined now by our correspondent taipei william young
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william good to see you let's start with china more bad numbers from asian power and growing concern that the economy is worse than beijing is actually letting on is that worry justified. yeah stephen so the new exploiter has fallen to its lowest this year which shows that foreign demand it's really slowing y.-o. the u.s. china trade war continues and also experts believe that despite some signs of short term recovery the long term wall will still be the downward pressure on the chinese economy and they warned that the measures that china has been using to support its economy now is not going to be able to stay off the problems in the long run and but they think they will have to continue to roll out the policy easing measures in the coming months and of course as we saw they reduced the reserve requirements of me but banks recently will want to ask you about another big story the shaping
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asian markets and that is filing a w t o complaint against japan we just talked about it what does that mean for that trade dispute which all eyes have been on recently yeah so the fact that the accused japan all of launching all of these export restrictions based on the political reason is the fact that we can see this has really become a political matter rather than just a trade dispute and there have been fears i'm on the south korea matthew electronic manufacturers off this. explore restriction because this industry is the most important to south korea's export and it has also forced to announce a 6500000000 dollar bill to really try to help reduce the reliance of these manufacturers on japanese technology materials william young there for us in
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taipei thank you. apple held its big annual show once again one with shrinking focus on fresh gadgets however the tech giant did unveiled a new as i phone model one with features that rival products mostly already possess more importantly however apple made clear that it's very willing to take on new competitors in the streaming area heavyweights light like netflix and disney. is going beyond tech into entertainment the i phone maker is launching its own streaming service that will compete with the likes of netflix and disney plus apple t.v. plus deb use in the vampyr and will cost nearly 5 dollars a month it will be free for a year for anyone who buys a mac. an i pad or 9 film. today we're excited to tell you that the 1st shows will be available on november 1st. and will be thank you and we'll be
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adding more apple originals every month and it plus will be available in over a 100 countries a lot. of course there's also the new i phones they levon and the 11 pro for several cameras and night mode to take pictures in low light the apple watch now has an o.e. is on display no need to tap it to see the time but that's nothing groundbreaking competitors offer that feature but i phones one get 5 g. until next year no surprise sales are down overall the i phone still accounts for half of apple's revenues the tech giant has to evolve so it's moving beyond hardware and software so it wants a streaming and gaming platform to help bring in more money. and over to europe where incoming e.q. commission chief on the line has named former italian prime minister paolo gentle loney as her economy commissioner that makes him responsible for monitoring the
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block stability and growth pact and those fiscal rules are exactly what rome wants to reform to promote growth a current italian prime minister just half a continent plans to increase the police budget deficit to 2.3 percent of gross domestic product that as italy groans under a debt pile of 132 percent of g.d.p. that is the 2nd highest rate in the eurozone after greece. and for more on this let's go now to our financial correspondent in frankfurt conrad who is in conrad could see you as always so an italian at the head of the e used most important economy position on the face of it this might seem to me like a bad idea but let's talk about gentle loney himself what kind of stance is he holds towards economic policy in the e.u. especially we should ask towards germany's tendency to want a balanced budget and not take on more debt something is the news right now.
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well good morning stephen yes it's not very likely that the german insistence on a stricter implementation of the european union step rules will be in high esteem and mr powell gentil only when he was prime minister of italy for around about 18 months up until june 28th he and his government were permanently at odds with brussels about the amount of debt that italy was allowed to make one phrase he used at the time is europe must be about more than about austerity but you know the european union's commission is in charge of keeping the union together and the experience with the previous government in rome has shown that a collision course is not very helpful it only hardens the fronts it makes nationalist governments like the one of mr bean the only think about you know ideas
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like leaving the currency union maybe even leaving the european union us left on the line the new chief of the commission really wants to change that she seems to want to invite the national governments to work with her on europe on the european union such as alone as you said part of that call for a bit of a looser outlook towards austerity measures from germany be inching see how he fits into the larger scheme of what about the other candidates that are on the line has brought together for her commission team will will markets be happy with them will the financial financial vespers will they be happy with them. well at least from the parts of the financial markets which are pro e.u. friendly with the idea of a european union there are coming a lot of positive remarks are coming in after the nominations to make phil hogan an
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irish conservative the you trade commission seems a very clever idea he will be in charge to negotiate a new trade deal with the british after brecht's that he'll also be in charge of dealing with the us administration's trade policies also margaret vest. the woman in charge of competition she's very popular in europe. and not very popular in the u.s. perhaps where she's challenged big tech firms of course that will be interesting to see how that develops conrad who is in there for us in frankfurt thank you very much. who needs to own a car that's a growing question in big cities where public transportation and ride share apps are often widespread and younger people typically more concerned about their carbon footprint we sent one such car skeptic our own monsoreau a common to the frankfurt motor show to see if you could be convinced to get behind the wheel. i'm almost
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30 and i've never owned a car and why would i. living in berlin means i can get anywhere pretty much any time by bus or train. and if i do need a car i can just rent one through a car sharing service i'm perfectly fine without my own car. i'm going along with this only one 3rd of young german city dwellers say a car is important to them and i'm wondering what is the cost of the street going to do about that. well what better place to find out than at a motor show at the i a in frankfurt major car companies from all over the world a showcasing their latest models one of them is opal the brand my parents have driven since i was a kid trying to reach young urban customers with the course eat a new electrically powered version of an old classic. and. when i look at
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you i think that driving enjoyment is something that can get you excited electric cars are a lot of fun and if you go into the bakery or the butcher or wherever and you don't emit any c o 2 and that's very appealing to the sardines in this endless understood . ok that does sound nice but not 30000 euro nice if you ask me even a so-called you can kloppers and dossing the car. but why are comical struggling to win over people like me i meet up with a market analyst and ask if. people tend not to have drives anymore you know they might have an apartment in my have a shared carriage you know but i think it's that that sort of idea of having the pride enjoy parts on your drive is becoming less appealing and less relevancy on people and that is a difficult conundrum for the car makers to to to work out. how many cars are trying to adapt to what young people want smart which pretty. i'm
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a sadist for example developed an app through which you can share your own car with friends and family but again that alone is not really going to sway me into spending 20000 euros on a car that i really don't need. the american. young people want a car isn't available once i've taken on certain obligations they start asking themselves which cotton could make sense for me. in my home for me. maybe i will get to that stage one day but for the moment i'll remain colace and maybe that is for the best of. all to.
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to. discover. subscribed to the documentary to. either and welcome to arts and culture well it's being hailed as the literary event of the year 34 years after her landmark novel the handmaid's tale canada's margaret atwood has published a sequel the testaments all talk about it in just a moment and here's what else is coming up. at the crem delight crime of classical dance in germany the stop ballet and with their latest offering a triple bill of international choreographers conspires to take your breath away.
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and christopher gaining alias mr plant and graces the natural world in his arms like in this latest installation treehouse in in france. back when it was published in 1985 margaret atwood's novel the handmaid's tale was critically acclaimed but considered by many to be a bit farfetched the main character offered is one of a cast of scarlet clad handmaids forced to be breeding machines in the patriarchal dystopia of gilliatt will fast forward to 2017 and the novel had a veritable 2nd coming as a t.v. series but also as a symbol of resistance to my sergeant trompe and politics and that's one reason the long awaited sequel.


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