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from the booming business. mix from. farming to destruction starving. the. government corporate greed. selling out. to fear know how you. start september 18th on d w. this is definitely was a show coming up from persecution to prostitution. what has become the only means of survival. in. these refugees out of options. as an eyewitness account plus. talk sick and it's all around. like it's been
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a truck i'm going to show off to forest fires but. in the future. i'm going to welcome to. it's good to have you with us they fed rape and torture. to sell their bodies just to survive a grim reality for many women and girls a group that escaped what's been called ethnic cleansing and genocide in myanmar. most ended up. in sprawling camps in cox's bazar in. camps which supply a sex trade that everyone knows about but doesn't talk about a team of reporters but doctors bizarre to uncover what is fast becoming a 2nd tragedy for a government. in the world's largest
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refugee camp in bangladesh life for women and children is particularly difficult. this woman fled from me and ma with her 3 children and husband after their village was burnt down 2 years ago. my husband left me and my children after we came here and it was difficult for me to make ends meet. i didn't have any other option and i want to live. any other option that is going to work as a prostitute now when she gets the call she travels to the neighboring towns outside of their fiji campus. on a qualified there's no other job i can do much about i can't do anything else if i remarry my new husband will take care of me but not my children. it's impossible to say how many reading the refugees end up in the sex trade here many are as young as
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14 according to local n.g.o.s thousands of women are trafficked across bangladesh and even abroad lured by false promises of jobs and marriage. we wanted to gauge how widespread the problem really is in the tourist town of cox bizarre roughly 40 kilometers from the camps we got in touch with a pimp who posted to have several rango women on call. hello. show you some girls and if you like them you can take them if not you can leave. oh ok see you in an hour. a bit later a reporter meets the man at a prearranged point and gets into an auto rickshaw with him while we follow behind a reporter secretly filming the entire encounter.
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the 1st stop is a hotel which serves as a brothel to begin with the manager seems suspicious and denies having any prostitutes then he shows us pictures of a few women on his phone none of them seem to be wrecking. around 10 pm the pimp sends a rectangle woman to our hotel she's too scared to talk to us when we reveal we're journalists because she's worried the hotel might tell the pimps but she confirms she is a 23 year old wrecking a refugee she says she's a victim of her circumstances. back at the camp the sex worker we met earlier tells us 3 are not allowed to work and there have been several police raids on hotels doubling as brothels she herself was recently released from jail. to the us and the now let me know if i can find any other way to make money
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i'll have to go back to this work if i do i might get arrested again. but she's likely to take that risk again because for now she doesn't have a choice. and faced with such a bleak future breaking the women remain easy prey for the pimps and traffickers. did every reporter. is with me in the studio you just saw them in their report. out of the report provides this rare insight into a problem that has only been hard. never seen in this fashion do these women have no the option of usually they don't have any other option because one of the government doesn't consider or doesn't recognize them as a defuses so that's why they don't get any kind of face it is there to defuse is usually get according to international law so for them they're not allowed to walk in my mother's they are not allowed to get education in one of this they're not
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allowed to move freely selfishly they're not allowed to go outside their damn unless there is a any kind of medical emergency so for that reason they're not allowed to walk at all but there are some projects by local n.g.o.s there they can work as fallen and then again they get very little amount of money which is you cannot compare it with the regular stuff and it often it's like that the government doesn't know eat or bed to eat in a secured way so what you're saying does that look like the bangladesh government is part of the problem and not part of the solution another government says that we are providing them relief we have provided them sheltered so they don't nickel work and they don't want to make it as if they had if you just because if the government acknowledges them as if it is then they will have many other rights that the government doesn't want to give them and why does the government more want to give them these rights that's
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a very good question because. but whether the government wants to gape rid of them in a way they want that myanmar takes them back so they are focusing more on. their want international community to walk on that direction that do something so that the myanmar it is to take them back last month that there was a christian act in bed it failed completely because say that they will return but they need some kind of issuance or guarantee that they will be offered citizen safe in myanmar they will be recognized as. in myanmar and also they want safety and security in iraq and the state so they haven't got any kind of insurance for these demands there is a very human aspect to your story i mean you're talking about women who till about 2 years back were ordinary mothers ordinary sisters ordinary daughters and now a lot of them are having to prostitute themselves out and they come from
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a very conservative background as well how are these women coping with this and how do they see the future that's a very difficult situation for them i would say i mean they don't know what their future looks like there is though it's complete uncertain they're living in an uncertain situation so they don't know what the future looks like and that's why i see there are some kind of despite this and so they are despite to get out of this situation if possible and like beams and human traffickers that they use this and they try to and of them to go out of the camp to find some other places for a bit of a life so it's very easy to manipulate them in a way and what about the local bottom of their shoes i mean ultimately these refugees live amongst the local don't know the issues are they getting any support from them or local bunch of issues perhaps viewing them as money making opportunities have a process that might sound when i was there 2 years. it started in august 2017 i
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was there after a few weeks and i saw people are welcoming them there was kind of they are muslims who are muslim so let's support them and they need our help this should not die a they should not be killed by me and my military but naish changing its saluting there is a growing conflict between local community and rowing us and there was a killing last month and after that like for 3 joining us where kind of killed in crossfire in bangladesh they call it crossfire but he went out organiser saved the way of killing ruling us or killing people by this it would force us and we don't know we cannot verify that but there are incidents like this and it's happening and you can see the tension between us and local community it's growing slowly over the last from him from his on the last i would be speaking about this thanks so much for coming in.
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it looks like mist but is actually smoke smoke from forest fires that have ravaged jungles in indonesia and malaysia and that's prompted a dispute between the 2 neighboring nations or the who is to blame for this blanket of toxic cases thousands of firefighters are trying to douse the flames that have pushed air quality in the region to on healthy levels. this is not a children's hospital. it's a classroom but this is the last lesson for the day. concerned stuff worry it's too dangerous for the kids to remain here the air they're breathing has become toxic. several 1000 other schools have also closed down here in the real province where the air pollution index has hit the hazardous level. residents have been flocking to hospitals citing respiratory problems.
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feel. almost as a doctor said he experienced shortness of breath due to the small he also has a fever and a cough so basically it's caused by the fumes. after treatment see things easy again the doctors say there are many similar cases. but i was in our intensive care unit facility the average number of patients with their spirit create problems has increased by about 25 to 30 patients a day i was god's it's the suffering is connected to forest fires raging for over a month in asia has deployed $9000.00 personnel to combat the flames which were seen across to sumatra and borneo islands and also in neighboring malaysia.
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indonesian authorities say satellites have detected 3600 fires in the region such places often such deliberately to clear land for planting. and shared borders means shared air. in malaysia the drifting smoke has absolute kuala lumpur's skyline irritating the capital's residence. at my. view of the smoke is no good to look out. yeah it's a bit difficult to breathe because the air is so dirty. malaysia says it remains concerned about the persistent transponder haze and has offered indonesia help to extinguish to places. but indonesia says it's not alone and accuses malaysia of not being transparent about its fires but whoever's to blame both nations are bracing
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for more days of noxious air. more stories on our website www dot com forbes trust a shop that's at the very relieved you know with images of broken go women hundreds of thousands of while living as refugees from bangladesh i think that they're from . the us and it's as if they are you don't need to keep a little old for the older gretchen home the 4th time for the most recent medellin colombia that was the bottom of the fannies at the nasa dragon was word called the home. to the real books on.
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the middle and i'm just the brand new w from the bottom of the book it's personal it's device and it's about topics that affect us all pollution climate change and the turn. call in the 1st chapter. of the. could be a deal to connect east and west about the hong kong exchange is promising with a surprise bid to buy redundant stock exchange will tell you what a takeover could mean. also on the show you're young and live in the city do you really need your own com our reporter goes to the front foot on the show to see if
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he can beat persuaded. that india promises to be a multi $1000000000.00 market but e-commerce soup thomason gets ready to be part of the action to. come to the business into jones will end the t.v. with us so the hong kong stock exchange has made a bid for one of its biggest european rivals the organization says it has offered more than 36000000000 dollars for the london stock exchange group the proposal envisions a single exchange joining europe with asia the chief executive of the hong kong exchange charles lease says the deal would quote redefine global capital markets for decades to come. now our financial correspondent in a standing by at a nother eggs change out of the frankfurt stock exchange conrad's interesting bit but given the current political tensions between hong kong and beijing and of
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course the bricks of chaos here in europe what does all that mean. that means there are still a lot of.


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