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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 11, 2019 6:45pm-7:01pm CEST

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persuaded. india promises to be a multi $1000000000.00 market but e-commerce soup thomasson gets ready to be part of the action to. come to the business and one of the towns will end the t.v. with us so the hong kong stock exchange has made a bid for one of its biggest european rivals the organization says it has offered more than $36000000000.00 for the london stock exchange group the proposal envisions a single exchange joining europe with asia the chief executive of the hong kong exchange charles lease says the deal would quote redefine global capital markets for decades to come. now our financial correspondent susan a standing by at a nother eggs change out of the frankfurt stock exchange conrad's interesting bit but given the current political tensions between hong kong and beijing and of course the brics it chaos here in europe what does all that mean. that means there
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are still a lot of question marks about whether or not this deal is really going to happen or not with beijing tightening its grip on hong kong more and more one really has to ask wouldn't such a deal mean that in the long run at least europe's most important market operator in london and one of the u.k.'s the united kingdom's most important strategic assets would be dominated at least indirectly by beijing the communist government there remember a few years ago frankfurt the stock market operator here tried to merge with the london stock exchange the deal finally did not happen because london refused to be dominated by the germans it's very very doubtful whether the proud people in the city of london would prefer to be dominated by the communist government in china instead for frankfurt the market operator here and also of course for euro next to the other big market operator on the european continent such a deal would mean
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a huge new competitor at especially in terms of i.p.o.'s you know initial public offerings so something that people here are not particularly looking forward to certainly would be a game changer but it's not yet written in stone it was new francs and thank you. and in another part of frankfurt the world's car industry is currently gathered at the frankfurt also show with german car makers show casing new electric models asian manufacturers however have a lower profile this year some big japanese names were actually known shows chinese automakers and supply is on the other hand have boosted their presence with 79 companies showing their whereas in france that they're pushing hard for supremacy in the electric market as european regulators get tough on pollution.
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and my colleague is the. show is so let's bring her in i'm sure you had a look around who from all those asian carmakers made it to frankfurt. and did the 1st of all well noted that there are a lot of missing names here in frying for ages biggest manufacturer toyota not here the japanese contingent of the renault mitsubishi nissan alliance also not here in fact of the japanese carmakers only honda is president of presenting its own honda an electric compact city car but yes. you've also noted as well that the chinese carmakers have really stepped up their game here in fact many of them are here for the 1st time like the likes of a honkey and over by 10 and it's interesting that they're coming here in full force at a time where even germany's homegrown car makers are scaling back their presence here at the frankfurt motor show you had b.m.w. flash about 75 percent of its investment into the show is here back as well the
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fight for relevant for the frankfurt motor show is such that if the chinese carmakers wanted to come back in a 2 year is that when the next frankfurt motor show is scheduled it's not even clear that they would be coming back to an event but still exists in the form that it now exists all right so while it still exists in the form that it does exist in how do those chinese those asian costs different from those that we see from europe . you know there's this longstanding close shave got european cars down for luxury and asian cars stand for affordability and it's a testament to how much the market is changing. the car industry the car makers they all seem to be pulling in the same direction electro ability of course as big a topic for chinese car makers and for their products as they are for european manufacturers especially because of those european. european environmental
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regulation set to come into force they're going to apply across the board to many of these manufacturers that want to make it onto that european market all right jenelle we have haas a minute left considering that many big names are missing you mentioned it what do those who are there hope to gain. both for the chinese maker of chinese car makers specifically it is a way of getting a foothold onto the european market especially as the u.s. china trade war continues to rage on there are looking for they're looking for more business here in europe as the u.s. trade war complicates relations between those 2 countries and to her perhaps somewhat ironically of for chinese consumers knowing that other chinese brands are getting more recognition abroad and sends a signal to them that it's also good enough for them to buy especially as the chinese brands within china still have to compete with the more established international brands operating within their country. their reporting from the
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frankfurt also shows thank you so much. well then who needs to own a car that's a growing question in the cities where public transportation and right share apps are often widespread and younger people of course typically more concerned about their carbon footprint and we sent one such costs our own. to the fact that oscar show to see if he could be convinced to get behind the wheel. i'm almost 30 and i've never owned a car and why would i living in berlin means i can get anywhere pretty much any time by bus or train. and if i do need a car i can just rent one through a car sharing service i'm perfectly fine without my own car. i'm going along with this only one 3rd of young german city dwellers say a car is important to them and i'm wondering what is the car industry going to do about that. well what better place to find out than at
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a motor show at the i a in frankfurt a major car companies from all over the world a showcasing their latest models one of them is opal the brand my parents have driven since i was a kid trying to reach young urban customers with the course eat a new electrically powered version of an old classic. and what is now before when you see on show when i look at you i think that driving enjoyment is something that can get you excited electric cars are a lot of fun and if you go to the bakery or the butcher or wherever and you don't emit any c o 2 and that's very appealing but he sardines in there is endless understood. ok that does sound nice but not 30000 euro nice if you ask me on the even of so-called you can kloppers indorsing the car. but why are comical struggling to win over people like me i meet up with
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a market analyst and ask if. people tend not to have dry. anymore you know them i have an apartment in my i have a shared carriage you know but i think it's that that sort of idea of having the prada enjoy parts on your drive is becoming less appealing and less relevancy on people and that is a difficult conundrum for the car makers to to to work out. how makers are trying to adapt to what young people want smart which belongs to misstate is for example developed an app through which you can share your own car with friends and family but again that alone is not really going to sway me into spending 20000 euros on a car that i really don't need. the american does scar young women or just that young people when a car isn't available but once they've taken on certain obligations they start asking themselves which cars and could make sense for me if i could come to his auto condon's in my home for me. maybe i will get to that stage one day but for the
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moment i'll remain colace and maybe that is for the best. and now to some of the other business stories making news chinese factory said prices dropped in august at the quickest pace in 3 years businesses have slashed prices to cope with lacking demand amid a global slowdown and the trade disputes between the us are with the united states the new numbers prompted investors to sell off risky technology stocks breaking a week long winning streak on the beijing exchange. and south korea is launching an official complaint to the world trade organization of the japan's decision to limit exports of chemicals needed to make high tech equipment the 2 countries have been locked in a dispute about compensating victims of forced labor during world war 2. it's estimated the value of india's e-commerce market will reach into the hundreds of billions in the next few years an apparently online retailer amazon intends to secure a large chunk of that it's opened its biggest building worldwide in asia's 3rd largest economy. from the outside amazon's new building in hyderabad rises high
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above its neighbors from the inside it at times resembles a sports center with space for 15000 employees ferried around by 49 elevators the building is a statement of where amazon sees future opportunities the. industry itself is going to have around 1000000 jobs by 2022 this whole sector is predicted to have around 12000000 jobs in 2 to 3 years. the value of the indian e-commerce market is expected to reach $200000000000.00 by 2027 secure the biggest possible chunk of that amazon will have to keep in step with u.s. rivals walmart and asia's own reliance industries has set aside $5000000000.00 to help its compete. and other big challenge on the way is regulation new e-commerce rules in india prevent companies like amazon from selling products from firms in
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which they are a mistake and ban them from striking exclusive deals with retailers red tape is not quitting amazon's appetite for expansion in india where now employs more than 60000 people. who are us it is very very important to continue tapping this style and you know continue growing our workforce here because we've had really good experience in finding the kind of talent we. for india and as its bustling workforce continues to grow amazon's new hyderabad campus will also expand. and that was business as a show here on t w thanks for watching. welcome
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2 claim. this is from. afghanistan it's 18 years since afghanistan. killed nearly $3000.00 people in the united states the decision to increase operations in the country comes only days after u.s. president donald trump peace talks about.


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