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this is d. w. news coming to you line from berlin hong kong prepares for another weekend of pro-democracy demonstrations but there could be harsh consequences for those caught up in clashes with police we meet a young men do to go on trial he cases of daunting jail sentence for you found guilty also coming up i know what's broken i know how to fix it and i'm gonna lead the fight to get it the done the in the west's the leading democratic presidential hopeful share the same debate stage for the 1st time clashing on health care
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education and climate policy and once to 1st tile land that now produces nothing as the un's conference on to certification draws to a close an india we've looked at the problems and all civil solutions in a world were deserts are in been sick and uranian judo athlete one of the best in the world who may seek asylum here in germany pete defied uranium authorities by competing in the world championships they're worried you see up against in is really opponent has the interview fellow i've terry martin good to have you with us hong kong is preparing for another weekend of pro-democracy demonstrations human chains are planned as well as citizens at shopping malls over the best 3 months a protest scores of people have been arrested following clashes with police trials
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are due to begin soon end as but ts bowling a reports some of those charged face daunting prison sentences the shore new hong kong legislature has been a hot spot of the anti-government protests daniel chan has spent a lot of time here but that could change soon daniel not his real name was arrested and charged with rioting in july he faces up to 10 years behind bars now over that law it all halted the moment i was arrested i was very calm i was thinking about what i needed to do in a situation but when i was told what the charges were it felt like i was entering another world hong kong has some of the most draconian assembly laws in the world some of them have rarely been applied until now but since the protests began authorities have brought the full force of these laws to bear daniel denies having been involved in any violence. like too much of
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a coward to get into fighting i don't want to be beaten but i also don't want to stand there and do nothing so i went to the front line to help those who were tear gassed and i helped them wash their eyes out with saving solution $43.00 others were arrested the day daniel was detained or have been charged with writing the most severe offense on the books it is the most people facing such charges since hong kong was returned to china in 1997 the british government established the laws to quell anti-colonial unrest but they remained in place after the handover then a squawk a lawmaker who represents the legal professions in the legislature says charges are politically motivated. if one is to look at these cases. impartially i think i'm sure you'll find that a lot of these charges are not supported by evidence and they were made up charges and done to scare people hoping that they would be deterred from going out.
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in a statement to g.w. the department of justice denies political considerations it insists prosecutors would act fairly and impartially daniel chan is not convinced. about. it but i try not to think too much about the possibility that i might go to prison for the next decade or. so like i would rather focus on what i can do to support the movement. to worry about the sentence will just demoralize me. something i thought this trial is scheduled for the end of this month but whatever the outcome might be the government's strategy has already had an impact since july daniel hasn't taken part in any more protests. d.w. correspond about spelling or is standing by for us in hong kong material or would
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be protesters now thinking twice about taking to the streets knowing that they too could face serious charges like daniel chan. well the interesting thing is that all of these strategies off deterrence speed these charges these harsh charges against the protesters be it the threat to invade with the military police from china all these strategies of teachers have not worked in hong kong of course many hong kong others do not dare to go to these are an authorised protests for fear of being arrested or having trouble but there is still a huge number of people who go and who know that they face a lot of trouble but who still go so deterrence is definitely not a strategy to end these protests what are the prospects here is that daniel chan and others will actually have to stand trial and if they do can they expect
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a fair trial. well the courts in hong kong still the judges are still pretty independent the prosecution is under the department of justice so political abuse of the prosecution is much more likely then of the judges. whether they can be convicted of rioting stands at question here because they say the judge the courts or the prosecution would need to prove that they had an intention to use violence and this is something that many experts here think is not easy to prove and we might not see all of these people convicted however of course once the procedure is in court there is a risk of being convicted and this is obviously what was intended since the controversial extradition law was withdrawn the protesters have focused on their
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demands for democratic reforms. do they have any prospects of actually pushing those demands through against the will. of mainland china. the interesting thing is that almost no protests the things that they have a chance to push and the of their demands or maybe at least to push like political reform through this is something that is very unlikely and the reason why the protesters continue to protest is because there is a fear that once they stop there would be a revenge beijing would take its revenge more people would be charged so the protest basically is the protesters keep taking to the streets in order not to show weakness and to keep this going on hoping that there will not be a backlash but with little hope that they can through achieve their demands but yes thank you very much for filling us in the polling out there in hong kong. in the
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u.s. the leading democratic presidential candidates have clashed over health care in a devised a televised debate broadcast by a.b.c. news former vice president joe biden challenged progressive senators elizabeth warren and bernie sanders to explain how they would pay for a universal health care plan last night was the 1st time all the top $10.00 candidates were in front of the cameras together in a moment we'll have analysis for a washington correspondent 1st the highlights of the debate. the candidates began by laying out competing visions for the future of health care we all owe huge debt to president obama who fundamentally transformed health care in america and committed this country to health care every day. and now the question is how best can we improve on it and the i cannot question needing to bickering between moderate joe biden and leftwing benes on this you're forgetting that in the
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united states of america we are spending twice as much per capita on health care is the canadians or any other major country on earth this is america europe and america so want to pay twice as much as other countries and they guarantee health care to all people persons who lies on front runners biden julian castro went on the attack her. president barack obama's vision was not to leave 10000000 people on cover because he wanted every single person in this country covered my plan would do that your plan would i do not have to buy you. do not have to pry you just said that you just said that 2 minutes ago you just said 2 minutes ago that they would have to buy heritage you said they would have to write i had to buy it if i holler fire you for getting what you said is magically paid for it was you what you said just 2 minutes ago done control of safety should have been a person's well i will leave change on this issue because i have seen what the
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carnage creates in communities like mine and in odessa i met the mother of a 15 year old girl who was shot by an a r 15 and that mother watched her bleed to death over the course of an hour because so many other people were shot by that an ar 15 in odessa in midan there weren't enough ambulances to get to them in time hell yes we're going to take your a r 15 your a k 47. said they want to see the democrats agreed on their opposition to the president on trial and his audience watching. you know he is out of town a phenomenon was following the debate here's her assessment of the winners and the losers. for the 1st time in the 2020 race to top 10 democratic candidates shirt and single debate stage she and houston texas they got more time to answer and the answers were better what we saw here was a heated intense and sometimes vicious discussion on many issues health care
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quickly emerged as a contentious topic the candidates also tangled over whenever a mandatory or voluntary gun buyback program should be implemented following the latest mosque shooting as in previous debates the fragile front runner joe biden came on the fire from other candidates but he stayed on message this time and defended his records and all the candidates made sure that they didn't just squabble among each other but increasingly focused their attacks on the real number one target president donald trump. you know here's how things on a phenomena reporting there are some of the other stories making headlines around the world today c.e.o.'s from a 145 companies have signed a letter urging the u.s. senate to pass new gun laws they include twitter over air b.n. b.
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that it was drafted by gene's maker levi strauss although wal-mart did not sign the letter it said earlier it would restrict gun sales in the wake of the shooting at one of its stores in el paso this summer. the news foreign policy chief frederica maurine has announced an additional $30000000.00 euros in aid for colombia the funds are intended to help with that american country grapple with the influx of venezuelans migrants colombia has taken in more than 1400000 venezuelans fleeing economic and political strife. and the malaysian capital kuala lumpur is being blanketed by thick toxic smallgoods blamed on smoke drifting from forest fires in neighboring indonesia several schools across malaysia have been forced to close to the house reduce air pollution index read this. and southeast spain has been battered by severe rain and flash floods forecasters are predicting the most
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rainfall in a century and the lengthier region the torrential rain calls for major river to burst its banks and in the neighboring cuss t.l.m. muncher region an elderly couple died after floodwaters flipped over their car. in floods to deserts deserts are advancing across the world and the united nations conference on how to turn them back is just ended in the indian capital delhi more countries than ever attended to find out how to combat the loss of fertile land which is threatening food supplies in many parts of the world at a farm near delhi it was clear why the fields are drying. when preached seeing looks at the fields in his village tears come to his eyes here and how young they used to grow millet and make a good living from it today the land is bone dry in fact 30 percent of india's land is no longer usable why because of climate change and the leeching of fields by
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intensive agriculture. in years ago our soil was fertile but then there was less and less rain and we had to irrigate. now the ground water has too many minerals in the soil is salty that's why farmers can't grow anything here anymore. preet singh visits his cousin arrest his family in a rush was a farmer and had taken out a loan for seeds but the harvest never came the bank would no longer accept his dry farmland as collateral then last year in arrest committed suicide now his family doesn't know how to make ends meet. you you know that is money farmers have had to give up. thousands of hectares of land have become infertile many families have met the state not just now russia's all the farmers in the country are suffering but nobody cares. every year 10000000 hectares of arable land are lost worldwide
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this is a global problem this year's un conference against dessert occasion was attended by more countries than ever before india's prime minister narendra modi promised that by 2030 his country would make 26000000 hectares of land fertile again other countries want to follow suit. and experts say it's high time that some countries can when read the great outline and it is actually our food that we had to pay to disable land is the best security the promise for many communities don't have assets other than land so any land to addition would mean poverty would mean reducing income for for communities would mean the basics of the regular make a ration of. reforestation irrigation intelligent land use the global community wants to reverse the earth's desert a fixation by 2030 but this will cost billions. investing online means distorting
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degraded land preventing further degradation from ecosystems records stopping the bleeding and secondly healing the wounds and now preaching wants to started to certification project in his village he wants farmers to sow an old plant species that should at least be able to get the salt out of the soil and make the fields fertile again but it will take us. sure watching d.w. news still to come the body of zimbabwe's former leader robert mugabe has taken to lie in state at harare's stadium but where will he be laid to rest and with. now to the story of a former iranian judo world champion who says he fears for his safety and out of his family after he ignored orders to pull out of last month's world championships or indian authorities were concerned that saeed more might face an israeli opponent
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in the final israel is considered an arch enemy by the iranian leadership. is now here in germany considering whether to seek asylum w. spoke with him at an undisclosed location about his just left and political. saeed mulai arrived at the 2019 world judo championships in tokyo with nothing but glory on his mind but after he reached the semifinals in his weight division things turned sour. mulai claims his coach then received 2 calls from iranian or thirties instructing him to withdraw his fighter from the tournament to avoid meeting an israeli judoka in the final. however he did contest the semifinal and he says purposefully last showing disappointment at the time was now at
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a secret location in germany he told the w what happened that day but you see my sights what i what i mean the best of all my career i beat the olympic champion and the bronze medalist i beat many of the best but then came the semifinal in order to comply with the laws of my country i lost the fight and the much for bronze to add to what it will. mulai says his family was being threatened now he's being kept in a safe location but fears for his and his family's future should reach out new life i've begun could have consequences for me not just could he definitely will 100 percent i can't return to iran and. it's uncertain whether i'm alive he will be able to stay in germany or compete at becoming a lympics from now sport is not his priority. oliva tuckey
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from b.w. sports is here to tell us more about this story good morning alina so what does this case tell us about iran's approach to international sporting competition i think it gives us the i think it just basically tells us that sports in iran is still highly highly politicized and that iranian politics before everything else that that reign supreme but i use case is very typical of that of many other ukrainian athletes who have been told not to compete against the opposition and the main reason for that is of course because iran does not recognize the state of east for a while and sometimes they even offer an athlete money to say don't compete and in return we'll give you compensation but there's also a huge element of inequality in the rain in sports we see that with the ban on women in terms of when it comes to attending football matches and that was highlighted by the tragic event events earlier this week by the glue. who ended up
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dying after burning herself for protesting a prison sentence for attending a football match and of course iranian women as well they told to compete in the hit job and if they don't then they nor on the part of the national team and even something like the international marathon in toronto the men and women run separately it's segregated ok i want to get back to. the for a moment his particular case he says that his family are being threatened back in iran what sort of recriminations could they face so in the past other ukrainian athletes for example this is a threat stairs intimidation this harassment and we've seen that it's very similar to what often a hearing in political dissidents of political activists say so what sometimes they'll do is the iranian government will get the family to denounce the athlete on state media of course it's just and sometimes they also tell the family to put pressure on the app and tell us on the you. daughter to withdraw and of course in
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a worst case scenario we have to watch. can you tell us why mr morley in that match in tokyo apparently in the semifinal why he felt of bloodshed why it's apparently that is the standard in these cases for that why he felt obliged to lose the match against israeli opponent so we've found out that and as the report showed that he received instructions from iranian authorities to not compete and it's an edge that these iranian authorities that one of them was the iranian deputy sports minister and the other one was giving an m.p. a committee president that they told him that iranian security services are at your parents' house so they were putting pressure on the family that dad to get his son not so the i mean and if you have that kind intimidation what's your family of course you're going to give up a match of course you're going to lose it a withdraw ok finally just briefly is mr malaysia getting any support from the
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sporting world outside of iran so the international judo federation have publicly supported him they have even set that go try to make it make his dream come true of competing at the tokyo games perhaps under a neutral all of refugees flak would just have to see but his sporting dream might not be over yet alina thank you so much a limo talking from v.w. sports and you find out more about the former judo world champion and his standoff with terror on our web site that's at g.w. dot call. well fighting the heat and humidity at the olympic games in tokyo next summer could be a big challenge with sweltering temperatures expected but organizers have found a creative way to beat the heat at this i catch ing event to the japanese capital organizers experimented with artificial snow designed to keep spectators cool if successful snow machines will need to produce tons of the fake snow temperatures
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are expected to exceed 30 degrees celsius during the olympic months of july and august but will feel even warmer because of the high humidity. relatives of zimbabwe's former leader robert mugabe have snubbed a government plan to have him buried at a national monument called the hero's acres they want to give him a private burial instead the coral has even thrown into doubt the dates of mugabe's funeral currently it's to take place on saturday the. robert mugabe's party being carried into harare's rafah stadium to lie in state his black clad widow grace without a late husband signed his final johnny several people were injured when moments broke through the police called in around his coffin. thousands of come to pay their last respects here in harare many how do you must know words of tribute. everything that ended with this katie at home. i am deeply touched. one
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night that it has affected me and you feel it in the kind of a teaching i don't even know her to express a. second that had to use his cart and it was exceptional. and he he provided in the streets shouting and learned my lengthy sentence with the cruelly that i would see through him that if he had seen that would i tell him i see those fungus that. this is where the government of president. once mugabe had buried zimbabwe's national heroes a for many it would be a fitting resting place for the former colonial era guerrilla fighter. we wanted the old man to go to heroes acre where his other comrades are since he was our real founding father. so this is what we want for him to go to hero's acre.
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but analysts say there is still deep rancor between grace mugabe and amisom the man who 1st tried to sideline her and then seized power from a husband in 2017 the mugabe family has accused the government of trying to strong arm them into a state burial. to families the one that makes that decision in the government what the family wants to do. so there is no fuit between us and. the mccartney's insist that the former president will be laid to rest in a private family ceremony even in death robert mugabe is proving as divisive a thinker as he ever was in life. and a new generation news agency report now says that mugabe family has agreed with the government that the former president will be interred at hero's acre the national monument in harare we'll continue to keep you updated on that story. now to china
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and the ritual known as leon who in which the performers make walking through fire look easy as you can see behind me they walk barefoot across burning coals agitating the fire in order to ward off evil spirits the fire walking is part of the mid autumn festival that takes place in china and other countries in east and southeast asia today is believed to have the fullest moon of the. year and is celebrated with fireworks displays as well as lanterns and moon cakes. just a reminder of the top stories we're following for you here today on the news another weekend of pro-democracy protests has begun in hong kong with demonstrators singing a defiant anthem call to glory to hong kong similar demonstrations are expected that other shopping malls and there are plans to form human chains. and in the u.s. democratic presidential hopefuls have faced each other in the 3rd fiery debate the
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top 10 candidates share the stage clashing on health care education and gun control . you're watching to w. news up next our science magazine to morrow today explores one of the longest rivers in the world the orinoco in south america i'm sorry mark thanks for watching .
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alexander. one more in our series on tomorrow today we want to see what he saw to experience what drove the journey to latin america following in the footsteps of the great scientists the. last stop bjorn the faces and the river and tropical forests unique biodiversity. to our world today next on t.w. . doesn't make guys dominant aggressive
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self-centered. doesn't make them from the most sensible mediums and. testosterone but these other things it's a lot more complex than you would think at 1st i just think. he discovered. that making. welcome to the book is the game here for the. place to talk about to. let. us know. you want. to get. coach of it can.
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join linked to news from africa and the world or link to exceptional stories and discussion following news and visit our while with say d w the postman to come join us on facebook j w africa. welcome to your weekly dose of science on tomorrow today. our journey in the footsteps of aleksandr from humble continues to the orinoco river and south america. in the neighboring amazon basin huge fires are raging but not all blazes are necessarily bad for the environment.


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