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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 13, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm CEST

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this is the w.'s line from hong kong passed for another week of pro-democracy demonstrations after recent protests were mobbed by clashes with police activists all singing democracy on the program. past presidential elections this weekend but with frustration over the economy counter that's a finding that cynical the public interest. for the content of. what they 1st have to prove their credentials. on saturday.
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i'm fairly welcome to the program. is preparing for another weekend of pro-democracy demonstrations recent protests have seen violent clashes with police the day of the chinese mid-autumn festival when families traditionally gather to gaze at the moon the moon cakes activists are protesting peacefully of taking singing a new democracy out of the cold glory to hong kong of forming human chains in the hills. ah. ah ah. ah they're still singing their protest anthem glory to hong kong and they didn't stop for one of the most important celebrations in the chinese calendar the mid autumn festival . activists are forming human chains they using the event as
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a way to keep their movement in the spotlight. some of them took to the hills of the city to shine laser pens release lanterns with protest slogans and just sing the anthem. of the but they're also probation demonstrators trying to make their voices heard was their version trying to keep going i want to show. like emotion and my loyalty to my country my my country. tensions are running high between the 2 sides. so far only one of the 5 demands of the pro-democracy protesters has been met the government scrapped the controversial extradition law last week. but demonstrators are also demanding that hong kong's leader carry lamb steps down they want an inquiry into police brutality the more
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than $1300.00 arrests have to be released and greater democratic freedoms. top story of the 40 the 15th week i think it is of protest in hong kong will go to the 10 chinese target and join not correspondent. welcome it is the original piece of legislation that brought processes on to the streets is now dead so why are they still protesting. while a lot of things i have to meet 3 months especially the reaction of the police have angered people you know it's already been a few weeks that i think and often pension was ubiquitous no one who was drawn to the sense no offense he was off the law i mean but the police and people are demanding an investigation in to. the police and there's a lot so at home and some people discovered this solidarity that has come out that
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they are maybe this also fears that the protests then like if backlash a crackdown on the democracy movement so this is why people continue to feel they have gone to t.v. enough to stop now and these protests are happening on a major challenge day of a major chinese celebration explain to us the significance of the celebration and what's today's light show is about. yeah mid autumn festival is one of the biggest celebrations in the little calendar it's a tradition holiday where people go out with. lanterns and. have seized the opportunity to to climb one of the city's not you of the city's mountains with their torches and stage a light show to emphasize to you my sense it's been basically any of kaizen in the
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city is now being seized by the protesters to make their case. again is a rather joyful day of protest and people are walking through the woods. and the atmosphere of the outing although a lot more people are not making jokes then imitating. as you might have just heard by. and they're feeding this like show to. make the case. also rallies and also being held by pro child. how much support do those pro-choice rallies have. yeah that have been several some of the big island have drawn several 1000 people it's still considerably less than disco did not repeat the demonstration that many of the
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minor demonstrations are not really noticeable in this city plant isn't showing that the majority oftener than your height but if you might was the pro-democracy protesters on the 4th street though it would have gone on more violence to have people clashing support with the pro-democracy protesters to. fill the air and the majority still is on the. case of bowling in hong kong thank you. at the disappearance of the final resting place of zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe appears to have been resolved a spokesman for his family says they have agreed to allow him to be buried at the monument the national heroes in a robbery family and government have been at odds with the family papers they say and want to bury him and he's finished basement gabby's currently lying in state at the farm football stadium in harare. the dummy of correspondence privilege emotion
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hey is that and sent us this update. controversy surrounding the final resting place of the former leader. has finally been resolved that he will now be buried at the national shrine in harare on sunday is better our arrangements with a center of discussion in the past a few days where the family insisted that they wanted a private ceremony in his rural home while the government wanted him to be buried at the national heroes where most of the founding leaders of independent zimbabwe are buried hundreds of mourners continue to throw their 2 federal stadium inherited to pay their last respects at this place it is iconic in the sense that this is the place where robert mugabe was sworn in as the 1st black prime minister of independent zimbabwe in $1080.00 he lives
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a complex legacy where some view him is upon african east india liberator we liberated zimbabwe from the shit cause of colonialism while others take him as a dictator who presided over the decay of zimbabwe an economy and also bed a human rights record but out mutely he remains one of the founding fathers of independent zimbabwe. probably germiston here in harare not sure some of the other stories making news around the world new zealand's prime minister center has introduced a new legislation to further tighten the country's gun laws 51 people were killed in mass shootings at 2 mosques in christchurch 6 months ago a ban on military style rifles followed immediately the new laws will increase penalties for violations and make it easier to track file. check state attorneys for dropped criminal investigations into prime minister under
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a babbage he's been accused of a multibillion dollar of fraud related to european union subsidies accusation. the biggest challenge about bush's political career has always denied any wrongdoing. a 3rd person has died after another they have to in southeastern spain hundreds of people have been evacuated from the regions of the land and mercia on transport networks have seen significant disruptions some municipalities have reported record rainfall. across southeastern spain streets have become rivers. and many of the rivers have broken their banks. some municipalities have reported the heaviest rainfall on record. we're. in the last 24 hours almost 200 liters of rain have fallen but importantly in the last 6 hours alone there have been 120
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years according to experts this will not be repeated in 100 years. price range continues to soak the region's military units have been dispatched to assist. but there's only so much they can do against the forces of nature. landscapes are underwater the flooding has closed schools and airports roads are the danger zones. 2 people died when their car was washed away by floodwaters another man died trying to drive his car through a flooded tunnel. this man almost met a similar fate but was saved from the sub merged road. you know that he was holding on to a traffic light he wasn't responding to and so the officer and i jumped down to pull him out. with water still raging much of spain southeast remains on
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high alert. authorities are urging people to avoid driving and to use common sense. now turkey is preparing to host a summit with russia and iran next week to discuss syria's ongoing civil war and turkey has taken in millions of syrian refugees and he's seeking to prevent any new hostilities that might drive even more people across the border european countries are also concerned they fear that ankara will pull out of a deal with the e.u. and allow migrants to cross the sea to greece again. turkish troops by warning shots in tear gas at the border with syria. they're trying to prevent syrian protesters from storming across the front here. the demonstrators are demanding protection from an offensive by the syrian government
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on the last rebel stronghold of. that if nothing is done to help them we are coming to turkey and europe a lump of. this is added once fear that the destruction and the death in a glib will send tens of thousands more syrian refugees towards his country joining the nearly $4000000.00 who've already fled the carnage he says it will have to matter consequences not just for turkey but for europe to. look up a large budget and we will be forced to open the gates. of the outer world will we will be forced to open the gates of this beef you're going to provide support then provide support if you're not sorry everyone sees this area in northern syria as one solution to any new refugee crisis. turkish and american troops are already patrolling here ahead of the establishment of what's being called a safe zone for the resettlement of up to 1000000 syrian refugees but everyone says
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the international community and europe in particular are not offering enough support for the plan. he also accuses the e.u. of failing to honor its commitments in a landmark 2016 refugee with turkey. a you offered ankara 6000000000 euros to stop the flow of migrants into europe in 2015 but added one says he's received barely half of the money europe says it's willing to have a discussion with added one but greece which takes in most of the new arrivals says he must 1st change his tone. the migration issue is a european matter it is not a bilateral issue and mr edwin must understand that he cannot threaten greece and europe in an attempt to secure more resources to handle the refugio issue lover getting it will be. dealt with more migrants reaching greek shows in august 2900
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minutes any other time in the last 3 years athens also knows the dissolution needs to be found in italy. let's talk about solutions and the how big a problem this is with get out can oust sees that director of the european stability initiative is one of the architects of the migration deal between turkey and europe the welcome to d.w. how seriously should the e.u. take mr out of one's threats when on the one hand we've seen turkey issues such statements regularly for more than 3 yes we must remember this agreement is based on a turkish proposal the turks made this offer to the german chancellor and the e.u. in march 2016 and it is in turkey interest that it works but at the same time we have seen growing pressure domestic debate in turkey that are too many syrians and the numbers seem increasing so i think it's mr sending a message to the e.u. to keep helping him to his public that he sees their concerns and when he says that
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the e.u. is not a holding its end of the deal is that should. when what the e.u. is offered is 6000000000 euros which is the largest amount of help the us ever given to a 3rd country to deal with refugees and yet turkey is hosting the largest number of refugees in the world 3600000 syrians alone and in the last year this number has increased 520-0000 of which more than 100000 would have children of syrian refugees born in turkey so that the pressure in turkey is increasing the number is increasing and it's clear that you needs to in its own interest keep helping but when when mr says the money has not arrived no that's not true that's not true and in fact this is the one aspect of the deal that has worked what hasn't worked is not what the us done in turkey but what the e.u. and greece have promised to do in the greek islands but it conditions are terrible
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but this is not a failure of to it is a failure of the e.u. so how could this be made better then how could the flow of refugees into europe better be controlled when you have 3 things that you should really do urgently i mean one it should give a clear signal to turkey that it's prepared to keep supporting that the syrians in turkey so does that mean more money on top of the present deal or just saying well it means the 6000000000 have been meant to be spent by the end of 2020 it's clear that the number of syrians in turkey not only is not going to be smaller but bigger ok so the e.u. has an interest in helping syrians in turkey with social support education health care in turkey but secondly it needs to work on the greek islands the greeks have promised this was part of the deal to process quickly deputations of anyone coming in to return those to turkey who are safe in turkey but the returns are at their lowest level in 3 years because the greek asylum system isn't able to process them
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this is not going to be helped by blaming greece germany france and other countries need to. put together a credible plan send the resources and work with greece on dealing with this which brings on that for the which which is that athens is frustrated by the lack of burden sharing but over the last 3 years all we have seen from brussels is some people saying we should older law and some people say yeah you do do you do what you like we don't want them there is no consensus and the rules aren't working so when next well i think we need to be really realistic it's not going to be a solution for the whole of the european union we have some member states that have no refugees arriving but have built governments of built step a little strategy on defending their countries of an alleged mess invasion which is not happening it's the countries that are really concerned by this germany the netherlands france sweden they need to get together they need to help greece they
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have the expertise they know how to process asylum claims because they've done it in the last few years they need to work with the new greek government which i think genuinely wants to have a solution and they need to prove and this is what's at stake here they need to prove that you can process aside and claims credibly within a few weeks return those who don't need protection the e.u. turkey is ready to take them and then find a solution for the others which does not leave greece alone can oust from the european stability initiative and so much for joining us thank you. news still to come in sport we'll check in with the leipsic that team the designs on the bundesliga title but 1st they have to prove their credentials as they host munich on saturday. achieve his hearings vote in a snap presidential election on sunday originally for november was brought forward
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after the death of president of betty a subsea amongst the 26 candidates standing in this 1st round of voting the abdel-fattah rule i think is the best party and the current prime minister had known as the birthplace of the 2011 arab spring tunis is often held up as the only country in the region successfully manage the transition to democracy but it's still beset by problems like poverty and high unemployment. it's election time in the rural village of money about a young politician jack shabab is trying to convince people head to go out and vote but many farmers a skeptical politician comes out was that i was not a man i don't trust politicians are they all lied to us none of them told the truth or they cheated us the farmers more than others and so far we haven't had a single government that kept it selected promises. broken how many i just above
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understands that frustration many changes ian's are disappointed with politics now more than ever the economic crisis is causing problems for people and some blame democracy. several presidential candidates are openly in favor of a return to authoritarian rule tunis is the only country that introduced a parliamentary system after the arab spring 9 years ago democracy is now at stake that's why how joe wants to fight for it and i want to go by you know what i talk to a lot of young people and not that old i enjoy it when i tell them how much we used to dream about democracy when i ask them what they dream of today and how we can make their dreams come true when assad from using them had one of some. most people are probably dreaming of getting a good job about one 3rd of young china's inns are unemployed especially university graduates a most of them want to emigrate. in the inhuman of the 2 things are important in the presidential candidates must 1st recognize this problem and
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secondly actually solve it and that if we can't meet the expectations of our young people soon it will be a serious threat to our country knew what i see instead of working toward strengthening the economy politicians only care about themselves. for years she's been at the forefront of the youth movement and now she wants to boycott the election. said been in the forefront of the ethics of the political class very. frustrating it's all about internal power struggles and accusations that frightens me. nearly 90 percent of chinese in surveyed say they're dissatisfied with politics but not everyone has given up more and more people have registered to vote in the last few weeks perhaps this is also due to the chair initiative which was launched by the president where young activists advertise the parliamentary system to other young people. like him but he made a comment and then we asked people what they would do if they were in charge then
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we tell them where the election is important look at people need to understand what the president does want to parliament does well then politics are no longer be a mystery to them and that i used to shop shama bhana michelle challenge all played against the wall. one topic that continues to puzzle is the outcome of the elections 26 candidates compete with very different profiles and goals according to polls no individual party can count on a majority the 2 top drink candidates will probably have to face a runoff fight. on term with germany's bond as leader is back after the international break topped table toppers abi leipsic host byron munich on saturday logic of making a push for the title this season while the defending champions i've enjoyed a stuttering start to the campaign by a coachmaker ko but says he's expecting a hot dance in leipsic. blemish free is one way to describe union august month start as. coach he's mine 3 from 3 league games
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his team conceding just twice. but expect no grand master plan against by an anonymous man it's a simple matter of balance that it's illusions generally speaking a binary team that loves having the bull and a lot of position in most cases they have more position than the opponents would be so we have a defensive task ahead of us but we can't neglect our attack. if there's one team that knows a lot about attack it's by on they still on cloud 9 after the 6 month hammering off minds last match day despite that drought you could call that she's expecting big competition this season he says it's a 4 horse race for the but missing a title i. need and the foolishness besides like so you've got also have to mention dortmund this time late because they rule out their last year or less and i think this year so it will play
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out amongst the 4 of us and so we know what dante is always a hot dance against lifesaving like to. night sichuan need to push themselves like never before a win for not just months i will stretch state at the top of the table and strengthen a big press. corps seems very excited about this medal from the don't use forces here to get us fired up for the weekend welcome max so 1st versus 2nd in the bundesliga on saturday how significant would a leipzig with be they selling of the season well it's early days for i mean only matched a 4 but these types of games you can set an early marker and light sake have been near the top since getting promoted to the bundesliga but they've never really cracked into that title race really and they can basically show that they have title winning credentials by beating by and by and on the other hand still need to joe i think despite be seeing months 61 in the previous match day they had a lot of late transfer business so
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a lot of players still getting used to the system and i think in a match like this it could be dangerous for them we can look at like 6 managers. you leonardo's one's record against buying which isn't usually impressive so far although saying that he's previously done that with a hoffenheim team that is markedly less qualis is than than the team that is managing now light sake. and on the other hand they will not have all of their stars available because felipe could senior who's come in so much fanfare he's only come back from the usa on thursday having played for brazil that so how much of a difference has been made to leipsic when he said early on that he wanted to basically keep the culture but introduce a bit more possession into the mix what lights it have done in the past have been extremely attacking they play for 222 formation which essentially means for defenders to midfielders and then basically for front men for attackers who will into change and cause havoc for the opposition he's kept that formation but he's
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managed to get them to play a little bit more possession based less of the counter-attack in that they've been used to and the previous seasons and we saw that in some moments this season already but the key for them will be just to be consistent dortmund so brad and i came under fire after a defeat in the last match not a tough test against leverkusen on saturday can they get themselves back on track well i think a lot of people were very early to dismiss them after that last one young bellina promoted side too on a very dangerous side really i think that's a bit premature dortmund have shown in the 1st 2 matches of the season that they have a lot of talent they've added quite a lot of sound to the squad and also there is one man who has been on fire for them englishman jaden sancia only 19 years old he has scored or assisted in every game so far this season and since the beginning of last season he's actually the player across the 5 top leagues in europe whose assisted the most goals so he's ahead of
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the likes of leon messi in that category he's signed a new contract and i think live accused on the other hand. a very attacking side to have been put into that title makes 500 i think that's early because that defense is lacking they hell they were held with drawl last match day which was their 1st clean sheet since april so thought to sort that out before they took up the talk the next battle from the database for thank you.
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alma carney. and i'm just going with the brand new w from buying this book it's close and it's divisive it's about topics that affect us old folks want solutions to climate change and the turning. 6.
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shutout. natural riches. precious resources. and a rewarding investment. a foreign land has been called ethiopians a great goal to the country has an abundance of high places it took international trials the government is after high export revenues for corporations high profit margins but not everyone benefits from the booming business. would you want to when i saw the elders are clearing the land i was devastated you can give me god could they bulldoze the land without my permission and it was new it belonged to i mean a woman. expropriation environmental destruction starvation. crisis for government and corporate.
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the selling out of the country. dead donkey sphere know how you know it was. stored september 18th on d w. this is the that there is a shop coming up scare tactics all merely in forcing goals on punk police have charged at least 70 protesters with writing some could be looking at 10 years in prison but what are the government's real motivations for a correspondent in hong kong as a special report plus. it's affecting more than 3000000 people worldwide and the whilst it is yet to come we took it why do such a figure from is really everyone's problem. and writing the wall of death needs.


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