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around the world. needed urgent assistance for. the family starts october on. business detail here is why from thailand hong kong braces for another weekend of pro-democracy demonstrations after recent protests were mobbed by clashes with police tactics to stop singing democracy also on the program. the zimbabwean government public office family have resolved their differences over whether the former president will be back will be laid to rest up the heroes 800 national
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monument in the capital cairo. i'm from galle welcome to the program. preparing for the weekend of pro-democracy demonstrations recent protests have seen violent clashes with police but on the day of the chinese mid autumn festival when families traditionally gather to gaze at the moon and moon cakes activists are protesting peacefully they've taken to singing a new democracy anthem called glory to hong kong and forming human chains in the hills. ah. ha ha ha. ha they're still singing their protest anthem glory to hong kong and they didn't stop for one of the most important celebrations in the chinese calendar the mid autumn festival
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. activists are forming human chains they using the event as a way to keep their movement in the spotlight. some of them took to the hills of the city to shine laser pens release lanterns with go to slogans and just sing the anthem. of the but they also probation demonstrators trying to make their voices heard was the their version china keep going i want to show. like emotion and my loyalty to my country my money the country. tensions are running high between the 2 sides. so far only one of the 5 demands of the pro-democracy protesters has been met the government scrapped the controversial extradition law last week. but demonstrators are also demanding that hong kong's leader carry lamb steps down they want an inquiry into police brutality the more than $1300.00
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arrested to be released and greater democratic freedoms. now turkey is preparing to host a summit with russia and iran backs tweek to discuss syria's ongoing civil war so he's taken in millions of syrian refugees that he's seeking to prevent and have been nuked hostilities might drive even more people across the border european countries are also concerned very fair that acro will pull out of a deal with the a you allowed by kurds to cross the sea to grace. turkish troops fire warning shots and tear gas at the border with syria. they're trying to prevent syrian protesters from storming across the frontier. the demonstrators are demanding protection from an offensive by the syrian government on the last rebel stronghold of. this is a warning that if nothing is done to help them we are coming to turkey and europe
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a lump of. this is added once fear that the destruction and the death in a globe will send tens of thousands more syrian refugees towards his country joining the nearly $4000000.00 who've already fled the carnage he says this will have to matter consequences not just for turkey but for europe too. the couple that are struggling we will be forced to open the gates. of the large world building that we will be forced to open the gates you know there's if you're going to provide support then provide support if you're not sorry everyone sees this area in northern syria as one solution to any new refugee crisis turkish and american troops are already patrolling here ahead of the establishment of what's being called a safe zone for the resettlement of up to 1000000 syrian refugees but everyone says the international community and europe in particular i'm not offering enough
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support for the plan. he also accuses the e.u. of failing to honor its commitments in a landmark 2016 refugee deal with turkey the e.u. offered ankara 6000000000 euros to stop the flow of migrants into europe in 2015 but as one says he's received barely half of the money europe says it's willing to have a discussion without $1.00 but greece which takes in most of the new arrivals says he must 1st change his tone. the migration issue is a european matter it is not a bilateral issue and mr erdogan must understand that he cannot threaten greece and europe in an attempt to secure more resources to handle the refugee issue lover getting it will be. met with more migrants reaching greek shows in august 2900 minutes any other time in the last 3 years athens also knows the dissolution needs to be found. let's talk about solutions and the how big
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a problem this is with get out the canal sees that director of the european stability initiative is one of the architects of the migration deal between turkey and europe they're welcome to d.w. how seriously should the e.u. take mr out of one's threats when on the one hand we've seen turkey issues such statements regularly for more than 3 years we must remember this agreement is based on a turkish proposal the turks made this offer to the german chancellor and the e.u. in march 2016 and it is in turkey's interest that it works but at the same time we have seen growing pressure domestic debate in turkey that are too many syrians and the numbers then increasing so i think it's mr sending a message to the e.u. to keep helping him to his public that he sees their concerns and when he says that the e.u. is not up holding its end of the deal is that sure. when what the e.u.
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is offered is 6000000000 euros which is the largest amount of help the us ever given to a 3rd country to deal with refugees and yet turkey is hosting the largest number of refugees in the world 3600000 syrians alone and in the last year this number has increased by 200 thousands of which more than 100000 were the children of syrian refugees born in turkey so that the pressure in turkey is increasing the number is increasing and it's clear that you need to in its own interest to keep helping but when when mr says the money has not arrived no that's not true that's not true and in fact this is the one aspect of the deal that has worked what hasn't worked is not what the u.s. done in turkey but what the e.u. and greece have promised to do in the greek islands for the conditions are terrible but this is not a failure of tech it is a failure of the e.u. so how could this be made better then how could the flow of refugees into europe
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better be controlled when you have 3 things that you should really do urgently i mean one each of give a clear signal to turkey that it's prepared to keep supporting that the syrians in turkey so to mean more money on top of the present deal or just saying well it means the 6000000000 have been meant to be spent by the end of 2020 it's clear that the number of syrians in turkey not only is not going to be small of a bigger ok so the e.u. has an interest in helping syrians in turkey with social support education health care in turkey but secondly it needs to work on the greek islands the greeks have promised this was part of the deal to process quickly the applications of anyone coming in to return those to turkey who are safe in turkey but the returns are at their lowest level in 3 is because the greek asylum system isn't able to process them this is not going to be helped by blaming greece germany france and other countries into. put together
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a credible plan send the resources and work with greece on dealing with this which brings our next for the rich which is that athens is frustrated by the lack of burden sharing but over the last 3 years all we have seen from brussels is some people saying we should all do more and some people say yeah you do do you do what you like we don't want them there is no consensus and the rules aren't working so when next well i think we need to be really realistic it's not going to be a solution for the whole of the european union we have some member states that have no refugees arriving but have built governments have built their political strategy on defending their countries of an alleged mess invasion which is not happening it's the countries that are really concerned by this germany the netherlands france sweden they need to get together they need to help greece they have the expertise they know how to process asylum claims because they've done it in the last few
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years they need to work with the new greek government which i think genuinely wants to have a solution and they need to prove and this is what's at stake here they need to prove that you can process the side and claims credibly within a few weeks returned those who don't need protection in the e.u. turkey is ready to take them and then find a solution for the others which does not leave greece alone cannot strome the european stability initiative and so much for joining us thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world new zealand's prime minister just in the house introduced new legislation to further tighten the country's gun laws 51 people were killed in mass shootings at 2 mosques in christ 6 months ago a ban on military style rifles followed immediately these latest models will increase penalties for violations and make it easier to track file. activists at london fashion week and thousands cells in slide on friday the protest against.
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members of people for the ethical treatment of animals for pockets of black grooves over themselves to highlight what they say is the house of this waste of the industry. the u.s. and brazil have pledged to recreate a fund to conserve biodiversity in the amazon rain forest secretary of state might . about. $700000000000.00 fund would be led by the private sector. rejected claims this country cannot for environmental challenges including dampen wildfires in the arms. staying with the environment the climate protestors in washington d.c. were joined by teenage activists got a totenberg on friday as she's in the united states raising awareness and head of a human summit on climate change hundreds of mostly young people took part in the demonstration across the street from the white house demanding that lawmakers take action on global warming interviewed before the rally the swedish teenager
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contrasted attitudes in the us where president drug questions climate science with those of her home country. if this is not a lot of differences and also in the way we. we talk about the climate crisis of course here it's more like it's more like some things you either believe in or not believe in. where i run from it's more like. it's a fact. thank you. thank you i'm sacked of his gratitude. to zimbabwe where they disputed over the final resting place of the country's former president robert mugabe appears to have been resolved a spokesman for his family says they have agreed to allow him to be buried up the monument to national heroes in harare family and government had been at odds over
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this previously say they wanted to bury him in his village. lying in state for a football stadium in harare. they don't privilege one here he is there and sent us this update. controversy surrounding the final resting place of the former leader of the. has finally been resolved and he will now be buried at the national shrine in harare on sunday is better our arrangements with a center discussion in the past a few days where the family insisted that they wanted a private ceremony in his rural home while the government wanted him to be buried at the national heroes where most of the founding leaders of independent zimbabwe are buried hundreds of mourners continue to throng there to follow stadium inherited to pay their last respects at this place it is iconic in the sense that
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this is the place where robert mugabe was sworn in as the 1st black prime minister of independent zimbabwe in 1080 he lives a complex legacy where some view him as a punk african east india liberator we liberated zimbabwe from the shit cause of colonialism while others take him as a dictator who presided over the decay of zimbabwean economy and also bad human rights record but out mutely he remains one of the founding fathers of independent zimbabwe a. privilege motion hearing. despite being called giant pandas the 2 cubs fan at bergen 22 weeks ago still look tiny zookeeper sorry for getting stronger by the day more than double in size celeborn still way the best and ha. yet to be named to you are starting to grow bite further developing typical dark
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circles around. well i joked with things that the business will have nothing to ask him as that she is up that i will have more of a top of the hour of the day. every journey begins with the 1st step and every language with the 1st word published in the book. rico is in germany to learn german why not come with him simple online on your mobile and free to set d w z e learning course nikos fake german meeting see.
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