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the above the but . this is d w news live from hong kong braces for now the weekend of pro-democracy demonstrations but after recent protests were mobbed by clashes with police activists singing democracy and so on the paragraph will talk you continue to hold back syrian refugees who want to cross to europe an upcoming summit to determine whether and chris sticks to the fragile 2060 migration deal it is agreed we didn't . and the ones 1st time that now produces not take us to you when conference on
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the certification tools to a close in india we look at the problems and possible solutions in the world why does it our daughter think. i'm going to home free you could join me. on call me is preparing for another weekend of pro-democracy demonstrations where some protests have seen violent clashes with police but on the day the chinese made orton festival when families traditionally gather to gaze at the moon and moon cakes activists all protesting peacefully they have taken to singing a new democracy out them called glory to hong kong and forming human chains in the hills. was. there still singing their protest anthem glory to hong kong and they didn't stop for one
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of the most important celebrations in the chinese calendar the mid autumn festival . activists are forming human chains they using the event as a way to keep their movement in the spotlight. was to some of them took to the hills of the city to shine laser pens released lanterns with code to slogans and to sing the anthem. but they also probation demonstrators trying to make their voices heard. was their version china keep going i want to show. like emotion and my loyalty to my country my mother country. tensions are running high between the 2 sides. so far only one of the 5 demands of the pro-democracy protesters has been met the government scrapped the controversial
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extradition law last week. but demonstrators are also demanding that hong kong's leader carry lamb steps down they want an inquiry into police brutality the more than $1300.00 arrests have to be released and greater democratic freedoms. well correspondent spreading it is following the protests for us and sent us this update from hong kong people are flying this lot in rock a small mountain in hong kong today. because it is mid autumn festival and traditionally people go out that day they have a lantern so people staged a light show the protesters are using every opportunity to protest any time today's atmosphere is quite joyful it's more like a scout outing compared to other occasions where we have seen violence in the streets 3 months after the beginning of this movement there is no sign of even slowing down protests slowing down people. and drawing the
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protests enjoying the solidarity but at the same time there is fear that if the protests would stop there would be a base of revenge by painting and by the hong kong government that is what the people have experienced 5 years ago when the umbrella movement in iran for universal suffrage when the scale of that paging tight grip on the city and the motivation for people to continue is not to let this happen make down. what has been here there in hong kong well let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world he's elance prime minister just in order and has introduced new legislation to further tighten the country's gun bills 51 people were killed in mass shootings at 2 mosques in christchurch 6 months ago about an all military style bicycles followed immediately these latest rules will increase penalties for violations and make it easier to
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track arms. activists at london fashion week doubts themselves in slime on friday in a protest against let the members of people for the ethical treatment of animals for pockets of black looms over themselves to highlight what they say is the cause or just waste of the other industry. in paris several subway regional train lines have been shut down after public transport workers walked off the job best striking over a planned pension reforms that would increase the age of retirement the strike by unions is expected to be the biggest in over a decade. while staying with the environment to come a protest is in washington d.c. we're joined by teenage activists go to tune back on friday now she is in the united states raising awareness ahead of a u.n. summit on climate change hundreds of mostly young people took part in the demonstration across the street from the white house demanding that no make us take
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action on global warming. an interview before the rally the swedish teenager contrasted attitudes in the u.s. where president trump questions climate science to those of her home country is this a lot a lot of differences and also in the way we we talk about the climate crisis of course here is more like it's more like something you buy the believe in or not believe in and. where i run from it's more like it's it's a fact. well d w washington correspondent on assad it was out the demonstration across from the white house. she might not have attracted good reports of protesters but gratitude work does get attention on her trip to the united states trying to raise awareness for climate change in
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a country where she says that some believe it but others still will get up to her wants to change exactly that and her biggest appearances still lie ahead of her with more protests an invitation to testify before congress and her participation at the climate action summit at the united nations. correspondent all of us on it well it is a phenomena that threatens how much for you to reach is your plate and also where you live land turning to desert is affecting more than 3000000000 people wild wide and estimates are that a land area hoff the size of the european union is degraded annually and the worst affected regions are in africa and asia one priest seeing looks at the fields in his village tears come to his eyes here and how young are they used to grow millet and make a good living from it today the land is bone dry in fact 30 percent of india's land is no longer usable why because of climate change and the leeching of fields by
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intensive agriculture yes i mean imagine trying to gain years ago our soil was fertile but then there was less and less rain and we had to irrigate. now the ground water has too many minerals in the soil is salty that's why farmers can't grow anything here anymore what are you up to me ok. preach sing visits his cousin arrest his family in a rush was a farmer and had taken out a loan for seeds but the harvest never came the bank would no longer accept his dry farmland as collateral then last year in a rush committed suicide now his family doesn't know how to make ends meet. you you know that is money bombers have had to give up. thousands of hectares of land have become infertile many families have met the state not just now russia's all the farmers in the country are suffering but nobody cares. every year 10000000 hectares of arable land are lost worldwide this is
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a global problem this year's un conference against desert occasion was attended by more countries than ever before india's prime minister narendra modi promised that by 2030 his country would make 26000000 hectares of land fertile again other countries want to follow suit. and experts say it's high time it is to him some countries can when read degrade our land it is actually our food that we are debating at the same time land is the best security the farmers have for many communities don't have assets other than land so any land to addition would mean poverty would mean reducing income for poor communities would mean the risks of irregular migration. reforestation irrigation intelligent land use the global community wants to reverse the earth's desert if occasion by 2030 but this will cost billions. investing on land means restoring degraded land preventing
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further degradation from ecosystems which we call stopping the bleeding and secondly healing the wounds and now preach sing wants to start a deserted for cation project in his village he wants farmers to sow an old plant species there should at least be able to get the salt out of the soil and make the fields fertile again but it will take years. so what are some of the strategies that cover of us this nominate well the w.'s india correspondent mr johns will put not question to dr barron joseph all the scientists for the un convention to combat does that occasion. the 14th conference off the u.n. 50 hoskin 2 added in india india has committed to restoring 26000000 hectares of land by 2030 an ambitious goal i have with me dr or delete scientists at the un c.c.d. dr or how exactly are countries planning to meet these ambitious goals so in the
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past when we had goals like this we focused entirely on restoration but this conference of the parties recognize that we have to look at the entire environment every aspect the economic side of this how do we link all of that restoration to the livelihoods of those people living in those areas the value chains the markets that are out there so it's a very innovative approach that looks at governance it looks at land tenure all of that was discussed at this conference of the parties and also there is an association be hearing between and droughts and migration patterns as well how is the conference planning to address this in a country like india so one of the interesting things is in the in traditionally we had drought separate from land and that's because we always think of drought in relation to rainfall and the releveled of our reservoirs but the reality is that if we change our land use and we plant thirsty crops or we have degradation and we
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lose the water holding capacity of our soils we can have severe water scarcity and not necessarily register it that's the big change here we're bringing the land and the drought communities together and we're ensuring a much more cohesive approach to build resilience in both communities and ecosystems. now 3rd person has died in another after another day off torrential rains in southeast in spain hundreds of people have been evacuated from the regions of the n.c.a.a. and mercia and transport networks have seen significant disruptions some municipalities have reported record rainfall. across southeastern spain streets have become rivers. and many of the rivers have broken their banks. some municipalities have reported the heaviest rainfall on record. we've got a war that was throughout the night in the last 24 hours almost 200 liters of
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rainfall are but importantly in the last 6 hours alone there have been 120 liters according to experts this will not be repeated in 100 years. present rain continues to soak the region's military units have been dispatched to assist. but there's only so much they can do against the forces of nature. landscapes are under water the flooding has closed schools and airports roads are the danger zones. 2 people died when their car was washed away by floodwaters another man died trying to drive his car through a flooded tunnel. this man almost met a similar fate but was saved from the sub merged road. in russia he was holding on
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to a traffic light he wasn't responding with around the line and so the officer and i jumped down to pull him out. with water is still raging much of spain southeast remains on high alert. authorities are urging people to avoid driving and to use common sense. now talk he's preparing to host a summit with russia and iran next week to discuss the serious ongoing civil war turkey has taken in millions of syrian refugees and seeking to prevent any renewed hostilities that might drive even more people across the border european countries are also concerned they fear that ankara will pull out of a deal with the e.u. and allow migrants to cross the sea to greece. turkish troops by warning shots and tear gas at the border with syria they're trying to prevent syrian protesters from storming across the frontier. the
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demonstrators are demanding protection from an offensive by the syrian government on the last rebel stronghold of. this is a warning that if nothing is done to help them we are coming to turkey and europe a lump of our visit. this is added once fear that the destruction and the death in a clip will send tens of thousands more syrian refugees towards his country joining the nearly $4000000.00 who've already fled the carnage. he say says will have to matter consequences not just for turkey but for europe too it was the couple there as well sure we will be forced to open the gates. of the natural building that we will be forced to open the gates you know this if you're going to provide support then provide support if you're not sorry. everyone sees this area in northern syria as one solution to any new refugee crisis. turkish and american troops are already patrolling here ahead of the establishment of what's being
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called a safe zone for the resettlement of up to 1000000 syrian refugees but everyone says the international community and europe in particular are not offering enough support for the plan. also accuses the e.u. of failing to honor its commitments in a landmark 2016 refugee with turkey. the e.u. offered ankara $6000000000.00 euros to stop the flow of migrants into europe in 2015 but added one says he's received barely half of the money europe says it's willing to have a discussion without $1.00 but greece which takes in most of the new arrivals says he must 1st change his tone. by the migration issue is a european matter it is not a bilateral issue and mr edwin must understand that he cannot threaten greece and europe in an attempt to secure more resources to handle the refugee issue be the love the getting of it all be. but with more migrants reaching greek sure as an
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august 29th teen than it's any other time in the last 3 years athens also knows the dissolution needs to be found urgently. china's ians vote in a snap presidential election on sunday originally scheduled to take place in november it was brought forward after the death all president beige a said c among the 26 candidates standing in the 1st round of voting on the 2 militant islamist party another in the current prime minister yousuf chai it known as the birthplace of the 20 level arab spring she has is often held up as the only country in the region to have successfully managed the transition to democracy but it's still a set by problems like poverty and high unemployment. it's election time in the rural village of money about a young politician who just shabab is trying to convince people head to go out and vote but many farmers a skeptical politician have come so was that i was up to
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a man they had that i don't trust politicians are they all lied to us none of them told the truth they cheated us the farmers more than others and if so far we haven't had a single government that kept it selective and promises little boy if you told them how i just understands their frustration many changes eons are disappointed with politics now more than ever the economic crisis is causing problems for people and some blame democracy. several presidential candidates are openly in favor of a return to a foreign tyrion rule to news is the only country that introduced a parliamentary system after the arab spring 9 years ago democracy is now at stake . that's why how joe wants to fight for it and if i want to buy an apple product what can i talk to a lot of young people and not that old i enjoy it when i tell them how much we used to dream about democracy when i ask them what they dream of today and how we can make their dreams come true when assad from using them had one of the most people
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are probably dreaming of getting a good joke about one 3rd of young chinese ins are unemployed especially university graduates a most of them want to emigrate. in the inhuman edges of the 2 things are important in the presidential candidates must 1st recognize this problem and secondly actually solve it and that if we can't meet the expectations of our young people soon it will be a serious threat to our country and you and i had i would say yes instead of working toward strengthening the economy politicians only care about themselves. for years she's been at the forefront of the youth movement and now she wants to boycott the election. said been if i found the ethics of the political class very frustrating and it's all about internal power struggles and accusations that frightens me. nearly 90 percent of genius in surveyed say that dissatisfied with politics but not everyone has given up more and more people have registered to vote
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in the last few weeks perhaps this is also due to the chair initiative which was launched by the president where young activists advertise the parliamentary system to other young people. like him but he made a comment that was then we asked people what they would do if they were in charge then we tell them where the election is important look at people need to understand what the president does want to parliament does politics you're no longer be a mystery to them and that i used to shop shame about my mission up someone will put against the wall. one topic that continues to puzzle is the outcome of the elections 26 candidates compete with very different profiles and goes according to polls no individua. the party can count on a majority to talk drink candidates probably have to say so or run off right. to turkey where this music video has caused quite a stir. while
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the 15 minute track features no fewer than 20 rappers and is titled a system of turkish for i can't stay silent and it's quickly shaping up to become the battle cry of the opposition to president red chip type at the ones to whom you can. and to tell us why i'm joined now by d w reporter nicole reese good to see you nicole i understand that this song has caused quite a stir in turkey it's been quite explosive tell us more about why well explosive is just the right word even if you look at the numbers this video has been uploaded only last week on you tube and it's already been 21000000 people who clicked it and it's probably because of these rappers are addressing social issues that have not been addressed publicly in turkey for some time now we're talking about violent against women corruption in politics the destruction of the planet but also injustice and the reason why these topics haven't been in the spotlight in turkey
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for some time might just go back to july 2016 when president on got almost ousted by it could attempt and after that tens of thousands of people from the public sector were suspended from their work of it this is teachers that's also professors or doctors some even got fired so they lost their jobs in what human rights activists labeled as a witch hunt rooting out those people who might be critical of president early on and obviously we've also seen many journalists going to prison and with that the public square was basically wiped out people still could go to social media where they could share their opinions and now these rappers are taking this sort of soapbox and turning it into a ghetto blaster and what does get a boss to sounds like oh wait just have a quick listen. i want you to mind if you're going to earn a living. to get the job a lot of shit you will not do you but young companies should be able or must needs
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you to sell them on. you know to get from you to the guy. with the. idea to get out of egypt. so so so mom the title of the song icon stay silent i think a greedy reflects in the words of these lyrics as well so very powerful what about the rappers themselves have they said what that motivation was to release this has had exclusive access to several of them and they pointed out that what they're looking for with this video is not dividing the people even more from what they already are and not for people to pick sides but what they really want is that people come together to discuss these issues in a more open public dialogue maybe also to look at how they can shape a brighter future for turkey let's just listen to what they told us. i don't think we should mean so words we even feel guilty for not speaking out so far so we don't
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think we should be silent and we're not afraid of being investigated we actually think the underlying issue that created all these problems in the 1st place was fear. although we do really love the truth that if we have kids in the future we want them to grow up in a good world. that's why our message is to increase the consciousness of the youth not to limit their bright minds. to it no matter what whenever they see injustice they should talk about it and stand up against it because to do them with food. so these rappers might just be pushing for long overdue conversation in the public square which they are with this video reclaiming in a way that i imagine that president added one might not be that biggest fan but what do people in turkey think that message well it's really seems to have hit a nerve especially among young people who have seen this video but also others i mean the numbers speak for themselves 21000000 people at least have seen the video
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and they are also observers of turkish politics not just a call he's calling this a political earthquake and he also says quote an incendiary art the kind that holds a mirror up to society and then shatters it so as you can imagine this not only him but also many other people who are trying to analyze this clip it's 15 minutes long there's quite a lot to analyze and you also might expect that there is some blowback to this video we have the former mayor of ankara also a member of a k party if i am merely czech and he's claiming in a tweet that the video is trying to instigate rebellion he's tweeting watching this video music video you notice calls for rebellion innocent music encourages people to rebel it's a very professional method just watch so as you can see there is a vivid discussion already about this video maybe this open conversation that they are aiming to have and maybe this is also the moment where we might see
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a bigger movement developing just now and monitoring it for us is nicole respect you so much nicole. this is news these are all top stories another weekend of pro-democracy protests has the gun in hong kong with demonstrators singing a defiant anthem called glory to hong kong and also plans to full human chains this weekend's protests coincide with the chinese made it to festival. international activists crazy to join climate protesters in washington d.c. in a march outside the white house hundreds of mostly young people took part of the demonstration demanding action on climate change to bird has been in the u.s. raising awareness ahead of the u.n. summit. the family of zimbabwe's former leader robert mugabe has agreed to have him buried at the country's monument for national heroes is presently lying in state at a group photo football stadium in harare robert mugabe died
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a week ago h 95. heavy storms in southeastern spain have claimed another victim bringing the weather related death toll to 4 to wrench the reign of 5 movies that been sweeping away cars and deborah forcing the evacuation of hundreds of people. this is g.w. news from berlin. i'm going.
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to. go for a gun. their sons of law. or a crown cranes bring good fortune to the environment or by law get in train yet their numbers are sinking dramatically. now and volunteers are getting locals interested in protecting these majestic good luck charms. last to die.
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natural riches. precious resources. and our reporting investments in. foreign land as. call the ethiopians a gringo. the country has an abundance of. leases it to international giants the government is after high export revenues the british high profit margin. everyone benefits from the booming business. it didn't want to when i saw the losers you clearing the land i was devastated going to give the guy who could they bulldoze the land without my permission in the way i do it belongs i mean the womb of the place appropriate place for the mental destruction mother starvation. price government and corporate.
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selling out of our country. don't use fear no hyenas. start september 18th on d w. hello and welcome to a new edition of equal africa my name is the film volvo and i'm coming to you from johannesburg and south africa if you want to find out to watch a book or run terrorists have to do with climate crisis stay tuned and he is my lovely colleague in nigeria. oh there is the hello everybody yes i'm male inside me here are the faucets walk in lagos my.


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