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to the good. the but . this is the w.'s live from by a long long braces for another weekend of pro-democracy demonstrations protestors are aiming for peaceful gatherings is the city celebrate a traditional chinese festival has some activists still facing state punishment but their involvement in an earlier protest get turned on also on the program. he continued to hold back syrian refugees who walked across to during an upcoming summit could determine whether and caressed sticks to the fragile 26 the migration deal it agreed with you.
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i'm going to hang for glad you could join me hong kong is preparing for another weekend of pro-democracy demonstrations a recent protest led to violent clashes with police this weekend's protests coincide with the chinese made into a festival with many families gathering outdoors activists are demonstrating peacefully protest is all still calling for hong kong need to carry in them to step down have also been counted demonstrations in support of mainland china. and here in the studio i'm joined by dan hunt bosh a senior expert at that is money institute a former china correspondent welcome to you great to have you with us now we understand well we know of course that that controversial extradition to with the spock's this movement it is off the table protest is one that but of course they are calling for greater democracy reforms so you think they can get them i don't
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think they can get them but in a way they're back in the game. we now see all these spectacular social media activities that they're doing the light show as you and that they composed and this whole shows that they're winning back the hearts not only in hong kong but internationally for them it's not anymore about just the extradition or it's a much longer. fight that they're in but at the same time we have to the knowledge the strength in this thing is really with beijing and they show that they want to use it now absolutely it's been a very tough fight so far i mean during these 3 months you see more than a 1000 people arrested trials are due to begin soon we understand that they could face some very tough punishments and day that's according to reports mit is putting on let's take a listen to his report now and then i'm going to come back to the shore and your
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hong kong legislature has been a hotspot of the anti-government protests daniel chan has spent a lot of time here but that could change soon daniel not his real name was arrested and charged with rioting in july he faces up to 10 years behind bars on lago khalid to the moment i was arrested i was very calm and i was thinking about what i needed to do in this situation but when i was told what the charges were it felt like i was entering another world. hong kong has some of the most draconian assembly laws in the world some of them have rarely been applied until now but since the protests began authorities have brought the full force of these laws to bear daniel denies having been involved in any violence. too much of a coward to get into fighting i don't want to be beaten i also don't want to stand there and do nothing so i went to the front line and to help those who were tear
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gassed and i helped them wash their eyes out with saving solution $43.00 others were arrested the day daniel was detained or have been charged with writing the most severe offense on the books it is the most people facing such charges since hong kong was returned to china in 1997 the british government established the laws to quell anti-colonial unrest but they remained in place after the handover then a squawk a lawmaker who represents the legal professions in the legislature says charges are politically motivated. if one is to look at these cases. impartially i think i'm sure you would find that a lot of these charges are not supported by evidence and they were made up charges and done to scare people hoping that they would be deterred from going up. in a statement to g.w. the department of justice denies political considerations it insists prosecutors
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would act fairly and impartially daniel chan is not convinced. that i try not to think too much about the possibility that i might go to prison for the next decade. and like i would rather focus on what i can do to support the movement. to worry about the sentence will just demoralize me. something that's hot. this trial is scheduled for the end of this month but whatever the outcome might be the government strategy has already had an impact since july daniel hasn't taken part in any more protests. about how you were a correspondent in china as well i mean from your experience how dire could the consequence is that the outcome for protests is like we just saw in that report daniel and many others speak i think very serious these 10 years that they threaten
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them with that they mean that they really will set up examples now to frighten off everybody else and i think the significant thing is of course there has been violent protests but we only see pressure on that diverse we haven't seen one case where they're bringing policemen to court and there's been a lot of police violence indeed i mean do you think that there are other measures up china's city for example that it could potentially use against the protesters as well as i think they're not only using the legal system putting pressure on them through their employers that basically slowly using all the methods that they use in china their strategy is not to have. a fight with them but they're making life hell for them one by one and did defy them they have all these means of finding out who they are and know they're just working their way through the masses and that tactic is really interesting do you think that's a pivot from what we've seen from china in the possible something due to the fact
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that he has opened up the international economy it just cannot afford to crack down in a more a vote way that it has done in the past yes i think if this was happening in mainland china that be much more open pressure because they could censor everything around to there wouldn't be pictures they know that in hong kong they need different tactics in the beginning they tried to lock this whole thing down very quickly. they know now this is going to drag on for a while but they'll make sure that they really discourage everybody from taking part by drag on for a while but at the same time we've seen for example potential punishments coming down while not protesting like daniel we just saw in the report is also a potentially you know displeasure with in hong kong itself i mean how long can protest escape this action up that's what i wonder too because they're taking high risks it's really impacting their lives i think they're very dedicated to keeping
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it up for a long well we've been surprised that they took this up at all it is still there 3 months later so i think they're not going to stop anytime soon but the cost that they'll be here is. about how about senior expert about his money institute thank you so much for your insights thank you. as a look now at some of the other stories making news around the walls. american actress for misty hoffman has been sentenced to 2 weeks behind bars for paying bribes to get her dog to indy university aslan was one of dozens of people indicted in a scam to help the children of the elite school places in top u.s. educational institutions she pled guilty in may. seem to reach a hospital far in rio de janeiro has left at least 11 people dead high fives as rescue dozens of patients from smoke filled wards the blaze is thought to have been caused by a faulty generated but officials have not ruled out sabotage. in paris several subway and regional train lines have been shut down off the public
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transport workers walked off the job as striking of a planned pension reforms that increase the age of retirement the strike by unions is expected to be the biggest in over a decade. a 4th person has died off to another day off to wrench all reins in south east in spain hundreds of people have been evacuated from the regions of valencia and most year in child support networks have seen significant disruptions some municipalities have reported record rainfall. across southeastern spain streets have become rivers. and many of the rivers have broken their banks. some municipalities have reported the heaviest rainfall on record. we thought it would be that throughout the night in the last 24 hours almost 200 liters of rainfall
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a few of you but importantly in the last 6 hours alone there have been 120 liters according to experts this will not be repeated in 100 years. the price of rain continues to soar. the region's military units have been dispatched to assist . but there's only so much they can do against the forces of nature. landscapes are under water the flooding has closed schools and airports roads are the danger zones. 2 people died when their car was washed away by floodwaters another man died trying to drive his car through a flooded tunnel. this man almost met a similar fate but was saved from the submerged road. you know that he was holding on to a traffic light or he wasn't responding to the woman so the officer and i jumped
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down to pull him out. with water still raging much of spain southeast remains on high alert. authorities are urging people to avoid driving and to use common sense. well turkey is repairing to host a summit with russia and iran next week to discuss syria's ongoing civil war turkey 2nd in millions of syrian refugees in a seeking to prevent any renewed hostilities that might drive even more people across the border european countries are also concerned they fear anchor will pull out of a deal with the e.u. that will allow an allow migrants to cross the sea to greece. turkish troops by warning shots and tear gas at the border with syria. they're trying to prevent syrian protesters from storming across the frontier. the demonstrators are demanding protection from an offensive by the syrian government
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on the last rebel stronghold of. this is a warning that if nothing is done to help them we are coming to turkey and europe a lump of. this is added once fear that the destruction and the death in a glib will send tens of thousands more syrian refugees towards his country joining the nearly $4000000.00 who've already fled the carnage. he says this will have dramatic consequences not just for turkey but for europe too. the couple that are struggling we will be forced to open the gates. of the outer world will we will be forced to open the gates. if you're going to provide support then provide support if you're not sorry everyone sees this area in northern syria as one solution to any new refugee crisis. turkish and american troops are already patrolling here ahead of the establishment of what's being called
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a safe zone for the resettlement of up to 1000000 syrian refugees but everyone says the international community and europe in particular are not offering enough support for the plan. he also accuses the e.u. of failing to honor its commitments in a landmark 2016 refugee deal with turkey the e.u. offered ankara 6000000000 euros to stop the flow of migrants into europe in 2015 but added one says he's received barely half of the money europe says it's willing to have a discussion without $1.00 but greece which takes in most of the new arrivals says he must 1st change his tone. by global view the migration issue is a european matter it is not a bilateral issue and mr erdogan must understand that he cannot threaten greece and europe in an attempt to secure more resources to handle the refugee issue the lover getting it will be. but with more migrants reaching greek shows in august 29th seen
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minutes any other time in the last 3 years athens also knows the dissolution needs to be found urgently. and one does leader is back off the international break with just offshore and one always votes fug in the friday game kicking off match day for the source home fans were treated to an early go off to 60 minutes attained cross found its way to nico diesel man who finished the puppy to give the host the need a 1st win does make it go for the left back but prosper hit back striker route of a course with the equaliser around the half hour mark scale skillfully set out by yourself break off the school in a 2nd half the match finished one a pace coursework stay on b. to moving up to 2nd in the table. and despite being called giant pandas the 2 cubs aborn up but in 02 weeks ago still looked tiny they have more than doubled in size since they were born they still weigh less than half
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a kilogram yet to be named you are starting to grow a white fur in a developing typical dark circles around their eyes still it is pretty hard to believe that they will one day look like them. you're watching g.w. news or from a ballet and i'm one freaking c.c. . used to pull a nationalist group who could ever know for sure that it was i was the owner of. the mall in suppose. what's a big. deal and i just got a brand new w. finest.


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