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forestation irrigation intelligent land use the global community wants to reverse the earth's desert a fixation by 2030 but this will cost billions investing. that is throwing degraded land preventing further degradation from ecosystems stopping the bleeding and secondly healing the wounds and now preaching wants to started to certification project in his village he wants farmers to sow an old plant species that should at least be able to get the salt out of the soil and make the fields fertile again but it will take year us. the dispute over the burial site of zimbabwe's former leader robert mugabe appears to have been resolved a spokesman for mugabe's family says it has agreed to have him buried at a monument for national heroes in harare got his relatives in the government had been at odds over where he should be laid to rest the family had previously said it
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intended to bury him in his home village these remains are now lying in state in a stadium in the capital harare. correspondent in harare privilege was found here he reports from the stadium where mugabe is currently lying in state. controversy surrounding the final resting place of the former leader. has finally been resolved and he will now be buried at the national shrine in harare on sunday is better our arrangements with a center discussion in the past a few days where the family insisted that they wanted a private ceremony in these rural home while the government wanted him to be buried at the national heroes where most of the phoning leaders of independent zimbabwe are buried hundreds of mourners continue to throw their 2 federal stadium in hot rodded to pay their last respects at this place it is iconic in the sense that this
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is the place where robert mugabe was sworn in as the 1st black prime minister of independent zimbabwe in 1080 he lives a complex legacy where some view him is upon african east india liberate a liberated zimbabwe from the shackles of colonialism while others take him as a dictator who presided over the decay of zimbabwean economy and also bed the human rights record but out mutely he remains one of the phoning 5 does of independent zimbabwe the announcement of this year's annual official nobel prizes are still a month away but in the meantime some lucky winners are already clutching their ignoble wars which were handed out this week at harvard university the annual contest celebrates ridiculous science honoring achievements that 1st make people
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laugh and then make them think. prize for medicine went to evidence showing that pizza can protect against illness and death but only if the piece is made and eaten in italy and italian scientists came up with that one the prize for psychology went to a german researcher who debunked his own theory that holding a pen in your mouth makes you happier he's now prove that it does not and accepting the prize for economics a dutch team who looked at which nations banknotes are better at transmitting diseases if you're wondering it's romania's currency when asked about how to counter the problem they advised people to use their credit cards other winning projects included magnetize cockroaches and cube shaped wombat excrement from all of us thank you sights. and a reminder of the top stories we're following for you another weekend of pro-democracy protests has begun in hong kong with demonstrators forming human
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chains across the city they've also been signing a defiant anthem called it glory to hong kong this weekend's protests coincide with the chinese that made the autumn the festival. you're watching news from berlin coming up u.s. stocks finished the week cautiously optimistic thanks for watching. the natural riches of the precious resources boom boom boom time to remove morning investment from the farmland has been called the easy options gringotts the country has an abundance of. leases to international heard from china. the government center hypertext monitors and the corporations for high profit margins. but not everyone benefits from the booming business. tax regime.
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fundamental destruction of starvation. and selling out of the country donkey's future. starts september 18th on d w. it. will all be well that ends well a series of concessions this week and the ongoing us china trade war has given markets reasons to hope. also coming up eurozone finance ministers were in finland to consider how to finance the fight against climate change. as a price that nears all eyes are on the u.k. e.u. borders and ireland but there is a no. problematic president carter stains the for alter. the
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fight over flight activists take the fight against global warming and the companies say hold responsible to the skies. this is the adult way of business i'm going on in berlin welcome the dow jones has ended in positive territory after news that china is going to accept you as soybeans and pork from its next round of tariffs that follows an exchange of concessions earlier this week between the 2 countries china agreed to exclude products like cancer drugs and pesticides from the tariff for g.m. the u.s. in turn agreed to delay a planned terrify on october 1 by 15 days. yes court joins us now from wall street yes how big of a deal is it that the u.s. and china are exchanging some all of branches here and there well i mean at least we have those some guests and there is a certain possibility that to maybe those trade talks might leads to
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a deal at some point there was a lot of speculation of chile and washing of might be open for an interim deal and so that some of the tougher issues between the 2 countries might be pushed aside that there's no confirmation for that but there is some speculation and that actually did help put to drive the markets higher for the entire week. now on top of all of that the upcoming week will have plenty to occupy investors' minds can you give us an outlook. well i mean the biggest. issue is going to be monetary policy so when the federal reserve is going to meet on wednesday and the bets on another raid decrease actually stands at 100 percent so the only question seems to be if the federal reserve is going to cut rates by $25.00 or by 50 basis points and then also we had the dow jones industrial
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average up for 8 consecutive trading days so this is the longest winning streak in more than a year and we're shy only about one percent of new records so we could have. a new all time highs here on wall street next week and quite a there on wall street for us thank you very much. eurozone finance ministers have met in the finnish capital helsinki mostly to discuss ways as to how to improve public finances whether guards towards fighting climate change. turbines solar panels and hydro power to help fight climate change the european union has led the global shift towards renewable energy it's also set up the world's largest emissions trading system for major corporations to price carbon and reduce reliance on more polluting fuel however the block's rules on energy taxation have remained the same for more than 15 years e.u.
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finance ministers think it's time for a change. if you want to hope that we will certainly discuss how to find different ways of pricing c o 2 we have a very successful european emissions trading system which refers to large industries. but we're currently in the process of finding out how we can cut c o 2 emissions in relation to mobility in relation to heating in relation to waste disposal agriculture and small businesses like you to name because. the finance ministers didn't reach formal conclusions in the helsinki meeting on friday but a need was recognised to find a common approach to defining sustainable economic activity. now at the same eating finish finance minister meek island had another key agenda point you said the european union should consider a boycott of brazilian agricultural products to got the government there are 2
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properly tackle the amazon fires into law said that his country he has asked the thora to used to this continued the import of beast from brazil he added that he was considering doing the same about soybeans with the aim of the vote increasing pressure to spur the government into auction now through some of the other business stories making news bancroft us company pacific gas and electric says it has settled for $11000000000.00 but insurance companies over the over last year's deadly california wildfires the fires killed the 86 people and destroyed 19000 holds be g.n.d. acknowledge it it's a cook but cause the disaster and filed for bankruptcy protection and january see owes of 145 companies including twitter for and air of the end be of signed a letter urging the u.s. senate to pass new gun laws it was drafted by genes maker me by stross wal-mart did not signed letter but says it will constrict a
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a gun sales after shooting out one of its al pos those stores the 1st parent sentence in the u.s. college admissions cheating scandal actor felicity huffman to has been jailed for 14 days she is pled guilty to paying $15000.00 to break her daughter's entrance exam prosecutors had recommended a sentence of one months behind bars independent south african grew or disto is complaining about the joint bryant aid be in bev s.a.v. no learn is unfairly using its market dominance a get retailers to remove advertising of bible beers south africa's competition tried benaud is investigating the allegations the future of the border in ireland has dominated regs that discourse for the last 2 years but there's another border at spain southern tip that could become extremely complicated for the region's workers whenever or if the u.k.
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finally leaves the european union. the present tranquility of the irish borderlands belies the turbulent role the frontier has played during the long braggs a process. but there's another border that matters 2500 kilometers away from here gibraltar just 6.7 square kilometers in size but half the world's seaborne trade still passes by the strip of land and its famous rock has been in british hands and 1713. every day thousands of spanish workers cross the tiny border here to go to their jobs and growth there is also significant for its transport of goods. but the recent leak of operation yellow hammer the u.k. government's worst case brags of planning assumptions made grim reading for those living or working here it anticipates for an hour plus to live at the border in case of a no deal bragg's it as well as disruption to the supply of goods and toting food and medicine. the document made clear the severe impact the scenario would have on
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gibraltar's economy. for workers used to making the short journey from la linea della concepcion on the spanish side such a scenario doesn't bear thinking about. nobody of the only ones being unable to go to work at what time are we going to have to go to work if we have to spend 4 hours lining up it's impossible and another 4 hours to get out that's what i don't understand the end of the could also we are the ones most affected by bricks it are the ones who come to work in these situations only annoy the most disadvantaged people that evil people mean the economy of the lenient son or on how to feed us is going to be very effect. there are a lot of people from tampa to have it out there county working here not just from la linea did a pull out of the way to put in the 2016 brags of vote gibralter voted by 96 percent to remain 3 years on the very opposite of that option remains firmly on the
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table. airlines are battling a growing backlash against the impact of their industry on the environment climate change protesters took their fight for the planet to the skies on friday they deployed drones to shut down europe's busiest travel hub heathrow airport in london hugh could call it fighting fire with fire valerie and linda are a part of a climate activist group that planned to use their own flying machines to tackle what they see as the scourge of air travel earlier this week they set out their plan to guide their drones into the exclusion zone of europe's busiest airport just before is opened we tell the authorities an hour before we take the action and then once we have flown the train we then call the police we've got a hotline we call the place we wait for to be case fully arrested basically with this footage posted online and the arrests of 2 men close to heathrow early friday
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morning suggest campaigners attempted to go through with the threat heathrow has been a particular target of activists iowa because of plans to expand the airport supporters say a 3rd runway will prevent business is being stifled by a lack of capacity and increased tourism the climate campaign is claiming to produce as much harmful carbon dioxide as the island of cyprus in terms of c o 2 air travel is the least environmentally friendly of the mainstream forms of transport the train carrying the average load of $150.00 passengers emits 14 grams of carbon per person per kilometer that compares with 42 grams per person for a car carrying 4 people or 68 grams per. suggest for the average bus but the average plane to watch them all emitting 285 grams of carbon per person per kilometer. 3 valerie and linda that leaves us with
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a clear choice we are the stop emitting cup in india oh we're going to die we have to accept that we have to make huge sacrifices bush will cause when you have control of some control over your future. british police say they won't tolerate so unlawful activity aimed at disrupting airlines and passengers including illegal train flights but activists say with the world as stake they have to take a stand. and that's it for me add that the w. business team here in berlin for more you can always go to. business. on thanks for watching and have a happy weekend.


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