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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  September 14, 2019 9:15am-9:30am CEST

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and later democratic freedoms. and of course part of it is building it is following the protests for us and he sent us this update from hong kong people have climbed this line in rock a small mountain in hong kong today because it is mid autumn festival and traditionally people go out that day they have a lantern so people staged a light show the protesters offer using every opportunity to protest any time today's atmosphere is quite joyful it's more like a scout outing compared to other occasions where we have seen violence in the street 3 months after the beginning of this movement there is no sign of even slowing down protests slowing down people. enjoying the protests enjoying the solidarity but at the same time there is fear that if the protests would stop there would be a bank of revenge by painting and by the hong kong government that is what the
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people have experienced 5 years ago when the umbrella movement in iran for universal truths when this chaos after that beijing tightened its grip on the city and i'm occupation for people to continue is not to let this happen make down. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. a hospital fire in rio de janeiro has left at least 11 people dead firefighters rescue dozens of patients from smoke filled wards blazes thought to have been caused by a faulty generator but officials have not ruled out sabotage. in paris several subway and regional train lines were shut down friday after public transport workers walked off the job they're striking over plant pension reforms that would increase the age of retirement. a 5th person has died after another day of
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torrential rains in southeastern spain hundreds of people have been evacuated from the regions of the lynch and. transport networks have seen significant disruptions some municipalities have reported record rainfall. here and american actress felicity huffman has been sentenced to 2 weeks behind bars for paying bribes to get her daughter into university hofmann was one of dozens of people involved in a scam to help the children of the wealthy when places at top u.s. educational institutions she pled guilty in may. and staying in the u.s. where teenage environmental activist groups had to join the protesters in washington d.c. on friday. she's there to raise awareness head of a u.n. summit on climate change hundreds of mostly young people took part in the demonstration just across the street from the white house demanding that lawmakers
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take action on global warming interview before the rally this we've just teenager contrast to the attitudes in the u.s. where president donald trump questions climate science to those of her home country is this a lot of differences and also in the way we. we talk about the climate crisis of course here it's more like. it's more like some things you buy the believe mean or not believe in and. where i run from it's more like it's it's a fact. thank. the dispute over the burial site of zimbabwe's former leader robert mugabe appears to have been resolved a spokesman for mugabe's family says they've agreed to have him buried at a monument for national heroes in harare his relatives and the government had been
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at odds over where he should be laid to rest the family had previously said it intended to bury him in his home village. and africa correspondent privilege was found here e is in the capital and sent this report. controversy surrounding the final resting place of the former leader of zimbabwe. has finally been resolved he will now be buried at the national shrine in harare on sunday is burial arrangements with a center of discussion in the past a few days where the family insisted that they wanted a private ceremony in his rural home while the government wanted him to be buried at the national heroes eka where most of the founding leaders of independent zimbabwe are buried hundreds of mourners continue to throng there to federal stadium in harada to pay their last respects at this place it is iconic in the
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sense that this is the place where robert mugabe was sworn in as the 1st black prime minister of independent zimbabwe in 1800 he lives a complex legacy where some view him as a pan african east india liberator we liberated zimbabwe from the shackles of colonialism while others take him as a dictator who presided over the decay of zimbabwe in economy and also bed the human rights record but out mutely he remains one of the founding fathers of independent zimbabwe. people in the nisha are voting in a snap presidential election on sunday the poll was originally scheduled to take place in november but was brought forward after the death of incumbent. said see $26.00 candidates are taking part in the race including abdel fatah morrow of the is the most party. and incumbent prime minister used to head tunisia is known as
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the birthplace of the 2011 arab spring today it is held up as the only nation in the region to successfully manage the transition to democracy but it is still beset by problems such as high unemployment and poverty. it's election time in the rural village of minute by young politician bob is trying to convince people head to go out and vote but many farm has a skeptical politician comes out was that i was not a man i don't trust politicians are they all lied to us none of them told the truth cheated us the from a smaller than others and so far we haven't had a single government that kept it selective and promises. war if you post something i just said bob understands that frustration many changes eons are disappointed with politics now more than ever the economic crisis is causing problems for people and some blame democracy. several presidential candidates openly in favor of
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a return to authoritarian rule to news is the only country that introduced a parliamentary system off to the arab spring 9 years ago democracy is now at stake that's why how joe wants to fight for it and i want to buy an apple products what i'm going to talk to a lot of young people i'm not that old i enjoy it i tell them how much we used to dream about democracy i ask them what they dream of today and how we can make their dreams come true mr bob mazuma and one of the most people are probably dreaming of getting a good job about one. 3rd if young chin is ins or unemployed especially university graduates a most of them want to emigrate. in the inhuman edges of the 2 things are important in the presidential candidates must 1st recognize this problem and secondly actually solve it and if we can't meet the expectations of our young people soon it will be a serious threat to our country i knew what i had i was shocked to see instead of
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working toward strengthening the economy politicians only care about themselves says couto darcy for years she's been at the forefront of the youth movement and now she wants to boycott the election but said then if i found the ethics of the political class very frustrating it's all about internal power struggles and accusations that frightens me babo nearly 90 percent of teen is in surveyed say that dissatisfied with politics but not everyone has given up more and more people have registered to vote in the last few weeks perhaps this is also due to the chair initiative which was launched by the president where young activists advertise the parliamentary system to other young people. like him but he made a comment that was it then we asked people what they would do if they were charged then we tell them where the election is important people need to understand what the president does want to parliament does then politics you're no longer be a mystery to them and that i used to shop shame about my mission up shall i go pick
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up the wall. one topic that continues to puzzle is the outcome of the elections 26 candidates compete with very different profiles and goals.


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