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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 14, 2019 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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when the last protest movement happened and and many of them have told me that this is something they have regretted not being able to perceive this participate that time so now they are being active they are being they're showing up in groups with their own flags and they want to be noticed says some very very young protesters they're met here these protests are now in their 14th week mainland china has agreed to withdraw the controversial extradition bill so why are these protests still continuing. if carried more mainland china is behind the decision had agreed to withdraw this bill in the very beginning after the 1st march that drew hundreds of thousands possibly a 1000000 to the streets everything would have ended at that point but since then many things have happened and hong kong is extremely angry at how this crisis has been handled the non-response by the government the violence by the police one of
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the most important in monson now is that police violence will be investigated but people have also realized that in this system where beijing controls the shots they have little to say and demands for universal suffrage that was the main demand 5 years ago being called up on again and people really feel that they have to continue in order to preserve what freedoms they have they have the fear that if they stop protesting everything will be turned back and begging would crack down on this city and this is what keeps the protests going at this moment. that rally at the middle school is one of the protests taking place what else is planned by protesters for this weekend. we are seeing a few small actions today the hof being cause for. destructive measures that would
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block the city's transport system but this has not been happening so far it looks like people are preparing for tomorrow tomorrow another mosque rallies scheduled a big one being bound by the police that is always about sign because when the police bounds a rally there a reason to interfere at a quite an early stage and all these rallies that have been found so far have angered and violent clashes right mathias by the guy in hong kong we appreciate your reporting. let's get you up to speed now and some of the other stories making news around the world. saudi arabia's interior ministry says a major oil processing facility and an oil field in the country's east have been targeted in drone attacks it says huge fires at the 2 sites have been brought under control islamist militants have targeted the processing plant in the past. to
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rental rains in southeastern spain have left at least 5 people dead hundreds of others have been evacuated from the regions of valencia and mercia and transport that works have seen significant disruptions something this the palaces have reported record rainfall. germany's finance minister has called for drastic steps to counter climate change all of shaw's made be appeal at a meeting with e.u. officials in helsinki to discuss energy taxation he says an international approach is needed to help reach climate targets. to the united states now where teenage environmental activists gretta to unburden joint protesters in washington d.c. and friday she's there raising awareness ahead of a u.n. summit on climate change hundreds of mostly young people took part in a demonstration across the street from the white house demanding that lawmakers take action on global warming. interviewed before the rally the swedish teenager
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compared attitudes towards climate change in the u.s. where president trump questions climate science to those in her home country is this is a lot of differences and also in the way we we took a boat the climate crisis of course here is more like it's more like something you buy the believe in or not believe in and. where i run from it's more like it's it's a fact it's. in zimbabwe tens of thousands of people are expected to pay their respects later today at the form at the state funeral of former leader robert mugabe coffin arrived friday at the national sports stadium in the capital harare for public viewing the arena can seat up 260000 people a ruled zimbabwe for 37 years after becoming the country's 1st leader following
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white minority rule he was ousted by his own military in 2017 and died in a singapore hospital last week at the age of 95. on the w.'s africa correspondent privilege mishandled every in the capital and sent us this update. controversy surrounding the final resting place of the former leader of. it has finally been resolved that he will now be buried at the national shrine in harare on sunday is burial arrangements with a center discussion in the past few days where the family insisted that they wanted a private ceremony in his rural home while the government wanted him to be buried at the national heroes eka where most of the founding leaders of independent zimbabwe are buried hundreds of mourners continue to throng their final stadium in
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harada to pay their last respects at this place it is iconic in the sense that this is the place where robert mugabe was sworn in as the 1st black prime minister of independent zimbabwe in 1080 he lives a complex legacy where some view him as a pan african east india liberator we liberated zimbabwe from the shackles of colonialism while others take him as a dictator who presided over the decay of zimbabwe and economy and also bad human rights record but out mutely he remains one of the founding fathers of independent zimbabwe. now people in tunisia are voting in a snap a presidential election on sunday the poll was originally scheduled to take place in november bond was brought forward after the death of the incumbent basic aida sebi 26 candidates are taking part in the race including abdel fatah time rule of
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the islamist party and author and incumbent prime minister use of childhood tunisia's known as the birthplace of the 2011 arab spring today it is held up as the only nation in the region to have successfully manage the transition to democracy but it's still beset by problems including high unemployment and poverty . it's election time in the rural village of money about a young politician who just shabab is trying to convince people head to go out and vote but many farmers a skeptical politician. that i was not a man to have that i don't trust politicians are they all lied to us none of them told the truth or they cheated us the farmers more than others and if so far we haven't had a single government that kept such promises as you get awarded for the perfect house i just above understands the frustration of many changes ian's disappointed with politics now more than ever the economic crisis is causing problems for people
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and some blame democracy. several presidential candidates openly in favor of a return to authoritarian rule 2 news is the only country that introduced a parliamentary system off to the arab spring 9 years ago democracy is now a state that's why how joe wants to fight for it and i want to buy one of our products i talk to a lot of young people i'm not that old i enjoy it i tell them how much we used to dream about democracy when i ask them what they dream of today and how we can make their dreams come true when assad from using them and one of the most people are probably dreaming of getting a good joke about why. 3rd if young is in their unemployed especially university graduates a most of them want to emigrate. to things are important the presidential candidates must 1st recognize this problem and secondly actually solve
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it and if we can't meet the expectations of our young people soon it will be a serious threat to our country i knew what i hear now that. instead of working toward strengthening the economy politicians only care about themselves. for years she's been at the for.


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