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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 14, 2019 6:00pm-6:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin pro-democracy protests in hong kong violence again clashes break out at a mall when probate jean activists face off with the protesters it's the latest confrontation and months of frequently violent demonstrations also coming up. african leaders join tens of thousands of supporters for the state funeral. was longtime leader died last week at the age of 95 he was about was 1st president after white minority rule but also presided over a deep crisis in the economy and society.
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thanks for joining us a pro-democracy protest in hong kong has been disrupted by counter-demonstrators waving chinese flags sittin at a shopping mall turned violent when probe aging activists confronted the demonstrators as in its 4th month of pro-democracy demonstrations they were initially launched to oppose a controversial extradition bill but have since widened to demand free elections and the semi autonomous chinese territory. i'm breathless used the symbols of passive resistance in the democracy protests of 2014 turning into weapons here. hours before these scenes occurred some 200 pro beijing protesters gathered at a mall in the cow loon district. to show their support for the chinese government.
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but the situation escalated when pro-democracy protesters showed up. this woman is shouting hong kong belongs to china. police tried to end the fight but soon a larger presence was needed. democracy protesters accusing the police of taking sides clamping down hard on them and arresting more of their people. the day was also marked by a peaceful sit down protest by several 100 high school students. i am i shall see though you know they tell us i have known students who has been kicked out from home by the terrence more than twice due to different political views and their families i. find it a case of all that all they think are you i think we shouldn't cheer and celebrate now. we should continue to fight for our 5 to mung us. we need to fight for
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all of them not one less than 3 the whites you know my you see. pro-democracy protesters who are planning to stage larger protests on sunday. but incidents like this show how quickly even small gatherings can turn into something bigger. if you have your correspondent sherry chan joins us now from hong kong gerry you were also at that shopping mall where violence erupted what did you see that was the latest. so i'm usually in this city in protests in shopping malls they usually go free peacefully if people are just saying song says shout their protest locums but then today there is a group of chinese beijing supporters who also spawned these shopping mall and they were carrying chinese flags and they started singing the national anthem. and so
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choros broke out between the 2 sides then. the pro-democracy protesters have complained that police were treating them more harshly then the protests from the probate jink around what did it look like to you. so at least from what i've seen there were no probating supporters there were none of them being arrested but i've seen 2 pro-democracy protesters being arrested by the police even though both sides they are quite aggressive and foul and sometimes and so this claim is also justifiable from pro-democracy protesters and it's also actually heightened the tension between the protesters and the police because they think that the police really is really siding with probating group. tomorrow there is another major demonstration planned in hong kong tell us more.
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so tomorrow these protests actually banned by the police but then. in the past several days you can hear a lot of protests is already saying that they will go anyway and they are also calling for more people to come out and actually. who is trying to apply for the permit to go on to have this rally tomorrow and they were the organizer who organized the demonstrations with 1000000 people and 2000000 people will came out in the past month and so it's expected that. this rally would have a very big turned out but then of calls the fact that the police is meeting this rally would make them easier to make arrest as so as long as they see people gathered together they already have. to rest and people so. we can expect that some confrontation saying conflicts my. cherry chalk boards and
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thank you. to some of the other stories making headlines around the world today the white house says that comes up in love song or the laid all kind of leader osama bin laden has been killed in a u.s. counterterrorism operation in the afghanistan pakistan region 2 years ago the u.s. state department designated him a global terrorist often called for attacks on western capitals. yemen's who t.v. rebels have talked to a major oil processing facility yeah and an oil field in saudi arabia with drones the interior ministry says huge fires the 2 sides have now been brought under control is the most militants have targeted the processing plant in the. afghanistan the government says it will not consider making a legitimate of peace. deal with the taliban until after this month's election the presidential spokesman said nothing would impede the vote on the 28th of september
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and surgeon group has warned afghans not to vote and that polling stations will be targets. thieves have stolen the toilet from the birthplace of winston churchill maybe because it's made of solid gold the fully functioning work called america by talian conceptual art has. been installed 2 days earlier at london palace west of london previously it was shown at the going on museum in new york removal all significant flooding. in zimbabwe tens of thousands of people gathered in the capital harare for the state funeral of former leader robert mugabe well wishes saw his casket being paraded into the national sports stadium surrounded by a military by many current and former africa african leaders tend to now between the mugabe family and the government it has now been agreed that he will be buried
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in the national heroes a come on him and in about a month's time. ruled zimbabwe for 37 years he died in a singapore hospital last week at the age of 95. go live to our correspondents privileges from here is. a privilege tell us more about the funeral that took place today. more than 10 african leaders from. various countries including south africa kenya. in attendance to our bid farewell to the late president robert mugabe they spoke highly of him. saying that he was an icon and. a liberation hero who did not only fight for going to school isn't for zimbabwe but also for the african continent.
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you you had or saw other leaders where it presenting china russia in cuba. you know just showing the geographical representation and those that we are allies to gabi with during his reign. been a dispute over where exactly robert mugabe's remains would be laid to rest what was that about how was it ultimately resolved. in the past few days is burial arrangements has been a center of controversy and also tensions between the government and the family the family wanted him to be buried at a private ceremony in these rural home whilst the government wanted you to be buried at the national heroes echo where. the leaders of the founding fathers of
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independent zimbabwe are buried but they came to reason lucian and now he's meant to be buried in the national heroes but each one of the hardly any in the next 30 days after they finish constructing. that he is meant to house his remains so that is what is going to be happening in the next 30 days so his body will be packed kept in a morgue is they prepared for the final resting place. privilege muslim hearing thank you. to ms ians will be voting in a snap presidential election on sunday the poll was originally scheduled for november what but was brought forward following the death of the incumbent it's an issue has been praised as a rest excess story for democratic transition the north african countries 2011 revolution spot the arab spring movement but now 8 years later there's widespread isn't used we went to
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a city in tunisia away from the tourist centers call jen duba to get a sense of the challenges ordinary people there are facing these women traveled for more than an hour just to reach this field by sunrise all day long they harvest onions with their bare hands for the equivalent of 3 euros the 2011 revolution has not improved their lives was it and i will not be voting this time what have politicians done for me nothing and i mean they come here 2 days before the election and promise us everything then they forget us. the women are frustrated and disappointed as are many and. the inland city is one of 2 new zeroes poorest there's little sign of change with no industry no big companies and no jobs especially not for the young 34 percent are unemployed. no one cares about us here so many of us have no jobs we just sit here in the cafe. and
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we've got our democracy and we're free. but economically our country is doing very badly about. the candidates in the presidential election foul to make things better businessmen not deal cut away for example promises to help the poor but he's in custody on charges of money laundering to his ears current prime minister use of shy had thousands to invest in poor regions as does is the misleader abdel fatah mood. but many tunis in this especially those in rural areas are skeptical and angry they simply don't trust politicians any more t.v. show and if people choose not to vote it will be to punish the political parties but why because political parties and the political system as a whole have not met their expectations. but this too is to news here
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an open air event in the capital tunis for the 1st time there's a televised debate between the candidates public interest is huge with many determined to have a say in the future of their country it's a new day for. the ideal candidate for me is the one who defends our democratic achievements has a clear program and doesn't populism. tunas here will soon choose a new leader but the workers engine duba have little hope whoever wins will have to overcome their disillusionment. well the announcement of the this year's official nobel prize is still a month away but in the meantime some lucky winners are already clutching their ignoble awards which were handed out this week at harvard university the annual contest celebrates ridiculous signs honoring quote achievements that 1st make people laugh and then make them think well let's have a look shall we the price of nets and went to evidence showing that pizza can
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protect against illness and death but only if the pizza is made and eaten in italy and what a surprise and italian side up that won the prize for psychology went to a german research showed the bank his own theory that holding a pen in your mouse makes you happy is not approved it doesn't except in the prize for economics a dutch team who looked at which nation's banks notes i'm best at transmitting diseases if you're wondering it's romania's currency when asked about how to come to the problem they advise people to use their credit cards when in projects and include it in magnetized cockroaches and cube shaped one but excrement all of us your daughter but thank you very much for sharing that sides and here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you pro-democracy protests in hong kong have been again renard by violence clashes broke out at
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a ball when pro beijing activists faced off with the protesters the latest taken in months sometimes violent protests. that's it from here to the news feed and now let's go to. the my room. and in the end this is a me you're not allowed to stay here and we will send you back. are you familiar with this. with the smugglers who are liars and.


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