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the susan of your home is from. the bombs coming. starch onto berlin going to talk enough. food food. food. food food. food. this is deja vu news live for lent pro-democracy protests in hong kong are marked by violence once again clashes break out at a mall where probation activists face off with the protesters it's just the latest suffocation after months of frequently violent demonstrations also coming up a nation celebrates the life and legacy of one of the most controversial actor
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leaders of our time and bought by hold the state funeral for robert mugabe. and 2 large oil facilities in saudi arabia are set of place and thrown are stacked with the rebels from yemen have claimed responsibility the saudis say the fires are now under control and oil exports are still continuing. i'm irish waiter thanks for joining us. a pro-democracy protests in hong kong has been disrupted by counter-demonstrators waving chinese flags the sit in at a national shopping mall turned violent when programming after this confronted the demonstrators hong kong is in its 4th month of pro-democracy demonstrations they initially started to oppose a controversial extradition bill that ascends widened to demand free elections in the semi autonomous chinese territory. umbrellas used as
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symbols of passive resistance in the democracy protests of 2014 by turning into weapons here i. have. hours before these scenes occurred some 200 pro beijing protesters gathered at a mall in the cow loon district to show their support for the chinese government. but the situation escalated when pro-democracy protesters showed up. this woman is shouting hong kong belongs to china. police tried to end the fight but soon a larger presence was needn't. democracy protesters i q's in the police of taking sides clamping down hard on them and arresting more of their people. the day was also marked by a peaceful sit down protest by several 100 high school students. oh it's also see
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that being a journalist i have known students who have been kicked out from home by their parents more than twice due to different political views and their families. face up all that although i think we shouldn't cheer and celebrate now. we should continue to fight for our 5 dumond's. we need to fight for all of them not one less the whites you know you see. pro-democracy protesters who are planning to stage larger protests on sunday. but incidents like this show how quickly even small gatherings can turn into something bigger. our correspondent is in hong kong covering the protests and she sent us this report today in a shopping mall there was a city in protest by pro-democracy protesters and disrupt by.
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beijing supporters and this group of. protesters they came with chinese national flag and they start to show slogans that support hong kong police and the 2 groups later broke into quarrels and fights and so for people got injured in the end for pro-democracy protesters also arrested and actually this is not the only instance that happened in hong kong today and so for the different districts there were also confrontations between the 2 groups and many pro-democracy protests say where actually the police are siding with these. protesters and they think that it's not fair how the police is treating the 2 sides. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world. the white house says homes of bin laden's of the late al qaeda leader osama has been killed in
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a u.s. counterterrorism operation near the border between afghanistan and pakistan 2 years ago the u.s. state department designated a global terrorist after he calls for a tax on western capitals. the afghan government says it will not consider making a legitimate peace deal with the taliban till after this month's elections the presidential spokesman said nothing would impede the vote on the 28th of september the insurgent group has warned afghans not to vote and that polling stations will be targets. thieves have stolen a toilet from the birthplace of winston churchill maybe because it's made of solid gold the fully functioning work is called america by italian conceptual artist. and had been installed 2 days earlier at blenheim palace previously it was shown at the guggenheim museum in new york the removal caused significant flooding.
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the state funeral for a zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe has been held today but his actual burial will take place in a month's time following a dispute between mugabe's family and zimbabwe's government several african heads of state travel to the capital harare to honor honor the controversial strongman our correspondent adam encrease reports. give us time to grieve our euro sing the supporters of robert mugabe and the national stage you move our way this celebrating the life of zimbabwe's former president is near by helicopter lands carrying his casket i did. use the reason i can assume i would use the only boys didn't you know to go to stand against tony blair so you go to prison is good. qualities of leadership is that who you present with influence in your heart all over the world and gaba fought for the independence of his country and against western imperialism but during mugabe's 37
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years in office zimbabwe was flanked into an economic crisis that has yet to recover from. hardly any of the a.t.m. since zimbabwe i walk in there is no stable currency hardly any jobs constant power cuts and every force has left the country also this is part of the legacy of robert mugabe and his party zanu p.f. that has been running the country since independence under the new president emerson non-god who benefited from the coup against the gaba the opposition remains under pressure even so some of mugabe's onetime opponents among the mourners have suffered quite a number of. pain. to a budget that he did to me. 64 times by him and to personally without a member my mother and my father. hazing i was diligent in good being destroyed
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cheating that period of you stop. my remember my house. names and medicine should bend down but you must be able to corner those people who are in agreement to see that does not fit here and under this one this with mugabe's support its many african states and their battles for independence that's why leaders from across africa have taken part in the state funeral in iraq it's a painful moment for many but also a chance was involved with to focus on the future. of our correspondent in krishna's in harare. so tell us about the state your role who was there and also who wasn't there. well i mean a lot of heads of states where there was a huge celebration would have seemed full for thousands of people there were not many people from the western world there just some ambassadors obviously that is a sign as well and another part of the truth is also that the stadium was rather
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empty maximum 25 percent of the capacity a lot of people i talked to in the city center of howrah said well we're rather indifferent about it we just want to go about our lives and make our living. now there's been a dispute over exactly where robert mugabe's remains will be laid to rest has this alternately been resolved. it looks like and now he was supposed to be buried tomorrow at the hero's acre here in harare but the family did not want that so eventually he will be taken to his home village tomorrow and only be buried here in horror after 30 days but what this dispute shows is that how divided the ruling party the zanu p.f. still is in the people who are supporting mugabe and on the other hand the people who support the current president emerson non-god we have to recall that 2 years ago there was this coup against mugabe he was kicked out of office basically by the military and the people who used to support him and this made him
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a quite bitter man after was that which his family members said he was of course not happy about it last year when we had elections here even some advice to supporters not to vote for the governing party and now this. this kind of fight you have now about his burial between the government and the family shows how strong this dispute still has become it was a very controversial figure to say the least what kind of legacy does he live. oh right i mean on the one hand you have mugabe the freedom fighter who liberated his country but then on the other hand in his 37 years in power he really ruined white parts of the country the economy is completely down the health system is struggling there's so many issues every 4th zimbabwean has left in this country because he ran down the country and we also have to mention the massive human rights abuses that were committed under his watch as are increased for us in herat i thank you so much. 2 major oil facilities in saudi
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arabia have been set on fire after being attacked by drones authorities say the fires have a sense been brought under control and investigation launched state television says oil exports are continuing one of the sites hit is the world's largest oil processing plant in a cake to the east of the capital riyadh blazes also broke out in the country's 2nd largest oil fields in court rice the sites belong to the saudi state owned oil producer aamco there was no word on any injuries. to me now in the studio as you have a reporter in the core research has been looking into the story for us surgical what do we know about this attack so far what we do know that these attacks happened in the early morning this saturday and who think rebels claim that they used to 10 unmanned drones to carry them out the extent of the damage is yet to be known and saudi or thor it is also very tightlipped they only have released little information little detail they say the planes on the control that they've launched an investigation and also the company itself around co hasn't issued
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a statement yet but we only have to see the smoke here on screen in the back of both this huge blaze this we're talking about and that certainly will be substantial damage on these plants right now the question is how much it is there are sources who say that actually oil production has been disrupted it's not been officially confirmed but if that's the case this could be a big. issue for saudi arabia because we're talking about key oil production plants i mean after which one of the one you just mentioned is one of the world's largest one it produces up to 7 percent of world all supplies so for the whole world it's really a huge it's a sensitive target and the attackers were certainly aware of this with the rebels claimed responsibility alice after the attacks they say it's in retaliation to saudi led rebels attacking them on the ground in yemen they issued a statement let's just have a quick listen to one of the spokesman. let's look at all of us should we promise
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the saudi regime that are coming operations will only grow wider and will be more painful than before so long as their aggression and blockade continues we assure them that our target list is growing day by day and that the only solution is for them to stop the aggression and blockade against our country with the saudis or other but if you know so you see it world's full of tension and also this tension might very well reflect on the conflict that we have on the ground in yemen between saudi led a rebel groups and also the fifty's and fighting each other since 2015 so this is not the 1st time as you mentioned since 2015 that the who does have targeted oil supplies that we've seen a lot of recent months with attacks on pipelines on another oil fields are causing some fires why are we seeing this what is it about saudi arabian oil fields that's a viking these attacks are to speak well that oil fields are weak spot they are one of the world's biggest oil producer in the top 3 after the united states and before
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russia and actually oil and the oil and gas count for 50 percent of the g.d.p. and 70 percent of this our exports so it's quite a huge factor for the economy that's why it's really a target for attacks or also instead police stations to speak and i think these numbers coming from opec they really pretty much speak for themselves and it's a lifeline oil is a lifeline for saudi arabia very aware of this as well because they're working on some reforms of the economy they want to diversify and they want to support small and middle sized businesses and integrate women into the market but they only in the process so any kind of disruption whether it be a tax or oil price dropping puts their economy to jeopardy and is then also a target to be reporter nicole reese following the story for us thank you so much. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you pro-democracy protests in hong
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kong have been marred by the violence clashes broke out at a mall when probation activists faced off with the protesters it's the latest confrontation and months of sometimes violent demonstrations. you're watching news from berlin stay tuned for porter this week for tracking the dog mafia and there's more on our web site t w dot com and twitter at u.w. news i'm irish waiter in berlin thank you so much for joining us. with a. good link to screw africa and the world tour link to exceptional stories and discussions from the use of easy town where i would say deep down in the columns much because joining us on facebook g.w. for. welcome to the book is the good here or do you believe
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the trying to talk about. this song.


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