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news. this is deja vu news live from berlin tunisia paris for a historic vote 1 that presidential elections that should see the 1st handover of power from one freely and fairly elected leader to the next in the country that sparked the arab spring. also coming up. the nation celebrates the life and legacy of one of the most controversial african leaders of our time and probably hold a state funeral for robert mugabe. and flash floods hit large parts of spain including popular vacation spots in the southeast thousands were evacuated from
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their homes some lost their livelihoods and their lives. i'm irish waiter thank you for joining us in tunisia people are getting ready for a snap presidential elections taking place on sunday ballot boxes and security personnel are being transported across the country ahead of the vote which was brought forward from november after the death of the last president a $17.00 to $26.00 candidates are taking part in tomorrow's paul including representatives from the is the mess and nothing party if everything goes well the poll could see the 1st peaceful transition of power from one elected reader to the next in tunisia and. these people may not look excited. but they were. sing something that had never before happened in tunisia. off for
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that matter in most parts of the arab world to hear the. candidates in the country's presidential election taking part in a televised debate. and events seen as a milestone on the road to democracy. well a hazard at how well it's something that makes you happy and we can feel and we've done something for democracy there's freedom of expression and we have the right to choose that because they wish that that to musea is often called the arab spring only success story but despite the progress made since the overthrow of the dictator added in ben ali 2011 the country is facing a raft of challenges chief among them the economy. and goes are upset on many occasions over unemployment and poverty riots in the central city of kasserine fled after a journalist committed suicide to protest against the lack of opportunity. his case
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recalled the death of the street vendor mohammad boy is easy now mortar lies in a mirror and his hometown who is easiest decision to set himself on fire to protest against economic conditions and repression was the spark that set off revolutions across the region in 2011. was the only country to undergo a lasting transformation but many here are frustrated with the slow pace of change and the weather being an amendment that we have to vote to get our country back on its feet we need things to get better at the beginning it was a disappointment and now the expectations of the population and the promises are important. but there are also reasons for optimism campaigning was peaceful the election will also be the 1st time since the end of the dictatorship the power will of passed from one free and fairly elected leader to the next a sign that. staying power.
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so. joining me now from the capital tunis is journalist sarah mair she's been living in the country since 2010 sara we heard in that report tunisia is often called there springs only success story but there are story ports about corruption and money laundering so how far has tunisia really common terms of democracy so there's been some considerable progress since 20 allowance as i mentioned in your report desk and your worst reactions have been fair and transparent which is already big and sounds. there's also been a new constitution that was adopted in trying to 14 does. the country of the past correct terms for the democratic transition however as you mentioned corruption along wondering because she is of this was also a top we get electoral campaign of many count on them to separate their priority is
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to fight against that's also the road a constitution has been adopted and not all the institutions to. put in place in the constitutions are actually already existing presenters no constitutional corner has been treated for years ago and also the economic situation is still very bad which means that. this is a big problem for a country and for instability to come. over that young tunisians the younger generation is especially unhappy with their government why is that. well a lot of them say that the country doesn't really provide any. and. the outline of right specially high among antony's it's not for academics not university to say good day don't hire my niece and working work and so there's been a lot of brain drain like highly qualified teachers going abroad to europe or to
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the gulf states especially doctors or engineers and i.t. specialist and they also feel under represented in political parties and political outfits to answer to shots on the other day a very active civil societies and as you know swore an important force in the democratic transition and the country. and there are 26 candidates running for office that's quite a few who are the front runners at this point. actually there's no clear candidate who will probably take over in the 1st round of elections everybody's directing a 2nd round of elections. and actions and beginning of october because they're at least half a dozen. chances to do to get a good result which makes it really difficult to ask and no polls that have been officially published since the end of june so everybody's been unclear just talking to a lot of tunisians who still even today don't really know who they will vote for to
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our journalist sara measure for us in tunis thank you so much. the say funeral for us and boys former president robert mugabe has been held today but his actual burial will take place in a month's time following a dispute between the family and zimbabwe's government several african heads of state travelled to the capital harare to honor the controversial strongman and our correspondent andrea traced reports. give us time to grieve our hero sing the supporters of robert mugabe in the national stage you must our hour there celebrating the life of zimbabwe's former president as nearby a helicopter lands carrying his casket i remember him. this is using a hero he's an icon of zimbabwe and he's the only praised in the now for bodies to stand against tony blair so he is the true president is what the qualities of
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leadership is that he will present with influence in the whole of the world gaba fought for the independence of his country and against western imperialism but during mugabe's 57 years in office zimbabwe was blanked into an economic crisis that has yet to recover from. hardly any of the a.t.m. since zimbabwe i walk in there is no stable currency hardly any jobs constant power cuts and every force has left the country also this is part of the legacy off robert mugabe and his party zanu p.f. that has been running the country since independence under the new president emerson in one guy who benefited from the coup against the gaba the opposition remains under pressure even so some of mugabe's onetime opponents among the mourners have suffered quite a number of. pain. what to a bunch of stuff he did to me. said 64 times by him it appears now live without
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a member my mother and my father hazing i was in a drawer in a good big. destroyed cheating the period of your staff and. i remember my house then said medicine that i should bend down but you must be able to corner those people why and i do mean to see that despair and i think a number of this and this with mugabe's support it's many african states in their battles for independence that's why meters from across africa have taken part in the state funeral in iraq it's a painful moment for many but also a chance was about with to focus on the future. let's talk now to our correspondent under increases in harare so tell us about the state funeral who was there and also who wasn't there. well i mean a lot of heads of states where there was a huge celebration would have seen for thousands of people there were not many
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people from the western world there just some ambassadors obviously that is a sign as well and another part of the truth is also that the stadium was rather empty maximum 25 percent of the capacity a lot of people i talked to in the city center of howrah said well we're rather indifferent about it we just want to go about our lives and make our ends living. there there's been a dispute over exactly where robert mugabe's remains will be laid to rest has this also really been resolved. it looks like and now he was supposed to be buried tomorrow at the hero's acre here in howrah but the family did not want that so eventually he will be taken to his home village tomorrow and only be buried here in horror after 30 days but what this dispute shows is that how divided the ruling party of the zanu p.f. still is in the people who are supporting mugabe and on the other hand the people who support the current president emerson non-god we have to recall that 2 years
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ago there was this coup against mugabe he was kicked out of office basically by the military and the people who used to support him and this made him a quite bitter man after was that which his family member said he was of course not happy about it last year when we had elections here he even advice to supporters not to vote for the governing party and now this. this kind of fight you have now about his burial between the government and the family shows how strong this dispute still has become it was a very controversial figure to say the least what kind of legacy does he live. oh right i mean on the one hand you have mugabe the freedom fighter who liberated his country but then on the other hand in his 37 years in power he really ruined white parts of the country the economy is completely down the health system is struggling there's so many issues yet every 4th zimbabwean has left this country because he ran down the country and we also have to mention the massive human rights abuses that were committed under his watch as you increase for us and her
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out i thank you so much. and knowing you some of the stories making news around the world protesters have taken to the streets of france again to demonstrate against the government of president emanuel. hundreds faced off with police in the city of notes and black clad anarchists and allies local businesses across faces renewed anger over a long awaited reform that seeks to merge the country's 42 different pension systems. yemen's hooty rebels have carried out front attacks on a major oil processing facility and oil fields in the east of saudi arabia the interior ministry says huge fires at the 2 sites have been brought under control is the most militants have targeted the processing plant in the past. at least 6 people have died in heavy storms in southeastern spain since wednesday evening the storms hit the mainland after passing over the islands in the mediterranean sea on
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wednesday dumping record rainfall and causing widespread destruction all over the southeast of the country. a family cut off by floodwaters with the father lowering an infant to the waiting hands of emergency services workers. these children had to be carried to safety as the waters slowly begin to recede by saturday some 3 and a half 1000 people had been evacuated from towns across southern spain some of the heaviest rain. ever recorded has pounded the region since wednesday rivers have burst their banks leaving cities like l.a. county underwater flash floods swept away cars and swamped homes and fields in the regions of violence. and eastern and. it started raining at 4 in the morning and caused a flood here cars were floating it was incredible the hail fell with this size
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it was incredible i've never seen so much water. some people have lost everything. here the marks on the inside of an apartment showed just how high the floodwaters came and now the cleanup begins. acting spanish prime minister pedro sanchez inspected the devastation from the air and met with residents affected by flash floods he said he would do everything to ensure the region could return to normal as soon as possible. the government of spain will help we'll try to help people rebuild and recover emotionally as well as materially from the damages that have been caused by this storm.
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but the low pressure system which brought these storms is still active and several areas in the center and south of spain are still on high alert for dangerous weather. you're watching news from berlin stay tuned for world stories including an instructor still teaching kids to swim at the age of $102.00. thanks so much for joining us. closely. carefully. to get.


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