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tv   Euromaxx  Deutsche Welle  September 15, 2019 12:30am-1:01am CEST

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much of it. surely is from africa. your link to exceptional stories and discussion from our use of these events and what with safety deputed comes to pick up join us on facebook. for. the flame. of. amazing natural landscapes in iceland this is where i spent my latest perfect weekend for euro max. find out more about that later on in the show hello and welcome to another exciting edition of your own max i'm your host
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meghalaya here's a look at what else we've got coming up. classic car to want to interview with electric motor. and hat's off to a small region in italy that is big on track making. the 1st way to bring attention to climate change well perhaps by transforming a studio or a soccer stadium into a forest around 300 trees were brought in from nursery not here of course and planted in a stadium in austria in a bid to make a statement against global warming and deforestation well the artist of this installation believes that if change doesn't happen now in the future we will only be able to see forests in like environment. anyone expecting to see penalties the vatos the stadium captain floats will be
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unplugged bit of a surprise there's not much soccer going on in this forest. for his project the swiss artist klaus lichtman was inspired by a drawing by the austrian artist. called the an ending attraction. basically what i'm doing here is trying to produce a quite radical picture and i'm dealing with an underlying theme that max planck now also have both of us independently of each other and that's perception. how do we deal with our perceived nature we go to. visitors are not allowed to touch or enter the forest only look out. man wanted to create a warning monument about the climate crisis it took him 6 years to realise the 4 forest project. he worked together
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with the swiss landscape architect and so in the. lives of. these are the difference being sees here. those there are the black pines . who seem they've been replanted 16 tiles is. 299 trees were planted between the goal posts creating a mixed forest which has become quite rare in europe these days the trees were located in various german french and italian nurseries some of them were 50 years old all the trees had been transplanted several times so they could cope before being transported the roots were pruned and bound together into a ball then they were fixed into the ground thus the trees will survive without damage to the roots. the focal sorts of things and so it was very difficult for me
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to find the proportion to the stadium because at 1st i couldn't imagine how it would be. coming on so then i imagined footballers playing there about 1.8 meters tall on average and then i imagine them passing balls to each other long shots high shots. and the stadium boasts $30000.00 seats and just as many ways of seeing the forest visitors to the forest can either sit or wander around the rows of. months whose artworks also feature in new york's museum of modern art is the visionary who imagined a stadium forest over 40 years ago. but his was not a wild mixed forest. but if you see a story 1st of all the great that the forest is different from mine on my way over here i was really scared that they had managed to capture my forest but now. i'm
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really glad that they didn't explain the photos seem nice to show. the artwork was financed privately including by collectors and the swiss fund. clowns littman had discovered the stadium in 2013 and persuaded the city of captain foote to agree to his idea. the project has both supporters and critics say. it's exactly what we need in order to think about the climate change problem that we have right now. trucks i think it's nonsense to be honest this doesn't belong in a football stadium it's soldiers and it's a warning monument it's huge parts of the amazon forest have birth down recently because of deforestation and this project shows how important a forest and its function is a village there are 2 different jumpers artisans. for forest is a sustainable project visitors can enjoy it until the end of october the stadium
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opens till late at night afterwards the trees will be transplanted again and will set down their roots not far away for the long term. it's that time of year again when cars take center stage at the international auto show in frankfurt now much of the focus is on promoting electric cars but what do you do if you have a vintage vehicle but still runs on an old catalytic converter well even these old cars are being brought into the era of electric mobility. not all vintage cars have to be noisy and smelly i don't leave mine is enjoying a new experience his steam powered car from 1938 now has an electric motor. so if this car is 80 years old and now it's experiencing
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a revival we can enjoy the landscape very quietly my intention is not to change the climate with my car i couldn't do that but i'm sending out a signal. showing people that it is possible to make changes if you really want to . understand. could this become a trend. and has developed a business model inventors and not far from hamburg in northern germany old cars are equipped with modern technology each model is individually fitted with the right components such a conversion can cost up 210-0000 euros. there are enthusiastic who really want to drive all the electric cars but there was nothing on offer except a boring tesla's which is like a moving i pad that's how we began in 2015 for people who wanted a car that they really liked. all of these models are unique. but not everyone is convinced about retrofitting vintage cars. drives
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a benz victoria from 894 that makes it one of the oldest cars in the world he can't imagine fitting it with an electric motor. it would be more than a sin it would be irresponsible ignorance. and fin it would be showing disrespect for the past simply replacing it with something new and you would be castrating the vehicle so to speak. for many collectors these cars are an investment and their value is measured by how close they are to the original. cut sustained youngcare from berlin has created and in. decks to determine how the price of a car should be evaluated. in principle the value of a vintage car would sink because it would no longer be historical if you can a value is only particularly high if a car still boasts the original engine and original gear unit. but doesn't an old car with
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a new motor remain an old car for collectors such as philip but johnny absolutely not he would never swap the gasoline engine from his 970 s. b.m.w. . but redefining it out of that would be like taking out the car's heart. engine is the heart of the b.m.w. it would be like hauling it out and it would be removing the cars heart and probably it sold to. us how it's. in there. and he's not worried about the fact that gasoline engines might eventually be banned. thank god it's making its if your car is with gasoline engines are banned and i'll just let it stand somewhere. and it'll be of cultural value and just stay in one place. would. be hard so i'm not molecules that's what i like about old cars is that they represent a certain period in time and i can experience the history firsthand i'm not in
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a museum i can really feel how it was at the time just would not support you don't need to rattle the engine you can still feel how it was to drive with the springs the imprecise steering and the way it looks to. the engine no longer has to rattle it can simply curve. thanks to the motors even vintage cars can be state of the art. time now to take a trip and europe is great for weekend. getaways but how do you decide what to do when you only have a couple days to sightsee well leave it up to me to give you some tips on my latest perfect weekend away i visited iceland's capital reykjavik and its surrounding snow aside from discovering amazing landscapes and even going horseback riding i discovered some pop up surprises as well. hum of yo go in the middle
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of reykjavik it's very cold but that doesn't stop icelanders or me from heading outside after we won him welcome to buy perfect weekend and reykjavik now i'm feeling energized to see what reykjavik has on offer iceland's capital is located on the north atlantic ocean in the summer time they days are long but the temperature is rarely exceed 14 degree celsius no wonder icelanders a love their wool i absolutely need a warm hat and for that i go to the hand needing association of i slept all the items here of course a arden it by hand i'm curious as to how long this takes i think i can make a pair of sucks like this in $5.00 and a sweaters 15 i think i also try my luck with the knitting needles but at this
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rate i would probably need a whole year for a sweater i did to my shopping tip for a souvenir is something needed from icelandic wall now a mormon nuff for my city strolled passing by colorful houses i reach a landmark of reykjavik the hound brooms kick yeah it was billed over a 40 year period finished in 1986 the norse a explore a lay for ethics and stands tall out front this modern sprawl churn known as the sun burridge are also stance for the discovery of new worlds another modern structure on the water is the harp but concert hall designed in part by danish artist all up for elliot's than fresh fish arrives every day at the harbor this is also home to the oldest restaurant of the city the coffee wagner an or the coffee wag and because that's how it began in 1935 this is where i'm meet up with head
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chef jenny when i was docked here for lunch she recommends caught from the piano and. i'll say this most popular and i said we call it we this is here in the sea coast through and that's the best place that we can get the freshness as this is my calling mary to trying some of the icelandic fish caught in the waters just outside because the rest of the night that means enjoy your meal in icelandic. day to start off rainy i rented a car because today i want to explore the countryside around reykjavik i head to the east has star farm with its icelandic horses riding instructor if a good woman's daughter has picked out and the exemplary horse for me. he says star offers half for full day writing tours to explore the rugged landscape and info
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demonstrates the unique date of icelandic orson's. this is its holes as you can see the rider is sitting very nice and comfortable in the saddle and this is because the horse has always one wolf in the ground so it makes it very nice and smooth to. icelandic horses have up to 5 gaits compared to 3 for other horses. this is my activity to a perfect weekend in reykjavik a ride on an icelandic horse. yeah. i traded my one horse power for something a little stronger in my journey continues on the so-called golden ring this road leads to one of the most famous natural wonders of iceland the gold false waterfall these are glacial waters that flow into the heavy to river.
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park ranger house get yongsan tells me how the waterfall was saved from industrial use. it is an interesting story suited. fault for protecting the waterfall from the old lands and as the production see our city was going to jump into the water for because. so wanted to protect thanks to the courageous sigrid or the waterfalls stands protected today my next stop on the golden ring is the great geyser iceland's oldest known geyser it hasn't been active for years unlike stroke or every 5 to 10 minutes this is my excursion to a trip to go foss and stroke or. iceland's natural energy sources are also put to use at the fun thomas spot bread that is baked directly on the beach with geothermal energy manager sigi hello my son shows me how this works. we put
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a throw in a pot and we leave within the 24 hours and then we usually have a perfect right for it. and this unique bread baked right in the ground is actually quite delicious. and finally i wrap up my trip with some rest and relaxation this is my specialty immersing yourself in the geothermal waters of iceland not everything here is as cold as ice and. want to learn more about european lifestyle and culture. when you come for the 5. euro max trying to. take the plunge to an extra. crying when players are cruising joins the race at a strong 1st. euro max you. subscribe so you don't miss
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a. the works of legendary women their books films and even their clothes are well documented but what about simpler facts like what coco chanel ate for breakfast probably not much since she was a well known smoker but still such routines interested one photographer and a food stylist now they took a look at famous names from around the world of film and fashion for a more realistic approach now the result of their research has been published in a book and we met up with them in france to find out more. tell me what you eat and i'll tell you who you are a french court may once said it provided the inspiration for a book by the norwegian food stylist mom young not fair for young adult and the polish photographer claudia paris. it features 14 significant women such as queen
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marie antoinette or mexican artist frida kahlo and their favorite foods. the english writer jane austen had a liking for roast pork. and italian actress sophia wren is a fan of traditional italian cuisine such as parma ham pasta and pizza. we came up with working with famous women and then working with porches to combine it with food and it's more complex. concept of a book because people like is that about the women is it about the food it what is the what's kind of combination is this but then it's a perfect way of time troubling to you imagine someone's life and you get to know them through the food that they ate and it says a lot of who we are and what time we live and. the 2 even slipped into the roles of some of their preparedness to try to really get to know them not just their food preferences. cloudier eager parents dressed up like the swedish children's book
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author astrid lindgren. lindgren like going to the countryside with her family on the weekend to eat for meatballs. and mariana did their research and read all the books of us really and then and highlighted. where the food was appearing and so we picked a big to those recipes of course and their recipes that are traditional swedish so meatballs our traditional. swedish national dish that everyone loves. astrid lindgren spent almost all of her life in stockholm but tried to have as much contact with nature as possible. the french fashion designer coco chanel preferred urban life and wasn't a great fan of cooking. she only had a small kitchen in her paris apartment. getting
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a doll and eager parents were very interested in her style and aesthetics as well as her daily habits. she was working for so many hours every day and she was smoking in shoes drinking coffee and then she had sweets to this on the side so she liked to have. things and we made stuff that could fit her her brand but also that is consequent french dishes next to spencer. both from the advertising industry the 2 spent 6 years on this project working in their free time. in addition to making the dishes themselves they knew just how to create the perfect setting for them. one thing that the 14 women in the book all have in common is that they were ahead of their time. eager parents and better yet here to cook book pays tribute to food and great women those of
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yesteryear today and the future. and you can see more about how to make a straight living grin favorite dish on our facebook page next up when you think of italy has may not be the 1st thing that comes to mind but did you know that a very small region in italy is a major hub for hat production and they're sold worldwide like the. these hats come from market now mark a has been home to dozens of manufacturers for hundreds of years so this one look on the but i think this one's probably more my style anyway we visited a few of these that manufacturers find out more. the countryside is a picture perfect italian landscape with hills topped by many evil villages city wolves talents dipiazza. most
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tourism hasn't discovered the region of marquet yet. the locals don't live only from agriculture cultivated crops and all natives but also from millinery. there are some 60000000 is within a 7 kilometer radius. they export their huts all over the world. these might be made of felt or school. taught you have a case family has been making hats here for quite a while. the compendious one we've been making hats by hand for 3 generations it began with my granddad and then my dad and now me when you so about 150 years dedicated to this marvelous product i mean yours or. many of the villages in the display to adele capello district beautifully restored sentence mustn't
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a man that has a historical gains that dates back to the 14th century. can. it all began with store hands. there was only weighs an abundance of wheat in this region people might call hacks to protect themselves while they were working in the fields. at the heart of the district is more into porn with someone tells than $700.00 inhabitants. the local museum shows visit is how hats making traditions have to develop since the 17th century. originally only straw hats were made but then people started using other materials to. film directed federico fellini his favorite tat also came from want to point to. making a hats by hand is very time consuming delicate work and must ask you when he shows her granddaughters how the work is done when she was growing up she had no choice
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under the now across the us when i was a small child and came back from school i was allowed to play a little after lunch with but then my parents would give me a bundle of straw like this and say that i had to make a straw plat before dinner and wished i had to do it because it was our only source of income at the time didn't a good resource at the. monaco so bad he likes to get around one to pony on his best but. he likes the view of the landscape. its factory on the edge of the town is one of the biggest in the region. some 250000 tents and camps amazed each year. about 60 percent go aboard. this is what it's about the label may need to get done what's next known is that many famous italian fashion houses have to have made in these factories around monte borna which is 250 kilometers northeast of room. of course each
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fashion house tells us how to customize the cabs or if we are cations embroidery or adjustable structures like this one or. border. sometimes it's a special combination of different prints and fabrics. but not a very good one i don't know if this. so let's take that stuff to the italian had industry. champagne or should i say. carlotta and with that it is time to say goodbye but don't forget to check out our website for our weekly drop a honor for more fun reports from our show as always thanks for tuning in one thing against him.
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on the road with our superheroes my mission is clear blue kushti good and nico slowly should explore germany. they dive in and check everything out there's a lot going on in. germany tried and tested. 30 minutes on w.
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it's time. to take one step further. and face the council. over here on this side of love really time to search the unknown. and find for the troops out of. time to overcome boundaries. and connect the world. against time for cutting. the deficit is coming up ahead. for minds. natural riches. precious resources. and a rewarding investment and. farmland has been called ethiopians gringo.
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the country has an abundant supply places it to international or through china the government is after high export revenues the british high profit margins but not everyone benefits from the booming business. with you when i saw the losers here clearing the land i was devastated didn't give me time could they bulldoze the land without my permission removed knew it belonged i mean the woman. expropriation. fundamental destruction of starvation. the price for government to bring. the selling out of the country. dead donkey sphere know how you know it. starts september 18th on d w.
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this is deja vu news live from berlin tunisia prepares for a presidential election with more than 20 candidates to choose from staff elections were called after the 1st democratically elected president since the arab spring to die in office. i nation remembers the life and legacy of one of the most controversial african leaders of our time zimbabwe holds a state funeral for robert mugabe. and flash floods hit large parts of spain including high.


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