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out of the country. don't use fear no how you knows. start september 18th on d w. this it is deja vu news live from berlin tunisia prepares for a presidential election with more than 20 candidates to choose from staff elections were called after the 1st democratically elected president since the arab spring in office. a nation remembers the life and legacy of one of the most controversial african leaders of our time zimbabwe holds
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a state funeral for robert mugabe. and flash floods hit large parts of spain including popular vacation spots in the southeast thousands were evacuated from their homes some lost their livelihoods and survives. thanks for joining us in tunisia people are getting ready for snap presidential elections taking place on sunday ballot boxes and security personnel are being transported across the country ahead of the vote which was brought forward from november after the death of the last president. 2 dozen candidates are taking part in tomorrow's poll including representatives from the moderate islamist party the big field of candidates is leaving some voters uninspired but the election itself
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is seen as a victory. these people may not look excited. but they were witnessing something that had never before happened in tunisia. off for that matter in most parts of the arab world. where the candidates in the country's presidential election were taking part in a televised debate. and events seen as a milestone on the road to democracy. well a hazard at how well it's something that makes you happy and we can feel we've done something for democracy there's freedom of expression we have the right to choose. to musea is often called the arabs brings only success story but despite the progress made since the overthrow of the dictators in our abbot in ben ali 2011 the country is facing a raft of challenges chief among them the economy. and those are upset on many
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occasions over unemployment and poverty riots in the central city of kasserine fled after a journalist committed suicide to protest against the lack of opportunity. his case recalled the death of the street vendor mohammed a boy is easy now mortar lies in a mirror and his hometown who is easiest decision to set himself on fire to protest against economic conditions and repression was the spark that set off revolutions across the region in 2011. cheney's ia was the only country to undergo a lasting transformation but many here are frustrated with the slow pace of change and the weather being in a moment that we have to vote to get our country back on its feet we need things to get better at the beginning it was a disappointment and now the expectations of the population and the promises are important. but there are also reasons for optimism campaigning was peaceful the
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election will also be the 1st time since the end of the dictate. that power will have passed from one free and fairly elected leader to the next a sign that democracy has staying power. so how far has tunisia really come in terms of democracy we put that question to journalists arab mercian has been living in the country since 2010. sort of response some considerable progress since 20 allowance as i mentioned in your report desk and your stream actions have been fair and transparent which is already had big achievement and it sounds. there's also been a new constitution that was adopted in 2014 those. sets the country are. already transferred to democratic transition however as you mentioned corruption in the long run ring because he knew something was also topic in the election campaign of
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many candidates was at that their priority is to fight against us also even though the constitution has been held up. not all the institutions today are put in place in the constitution is actually already existing present there is no constitutional order which should have been created in 4 years ago and also the economic situation is still very bad which means that. this is a big problem for the country and for stability. the state funeral of zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe was held today several african heads of state travelled to to the capital of zimbabwe harare to honor the controversial strongmen in a sports stadium which was 2 thirds empty not all zimbabweans are mourning his passing our correspondent reports. give us time to grieve our heroes sing the supporters of robert mugabe in the national stage you
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know how our they're celebrating the life of zimbabwe's former president as nearby a helicopter lands carrying his casket. is a hero he's an icon of zimbabwe and he's the only president in africa who bunny's to stand against tony blair is the true president is what the qualities of leadership is that he will present with influence in the whole of the world gaba fought for the independence of his country and against western imperialism but during mugabe's 37 years in office zimbabwe was flanked into an economic crisis that has yet to recover from. probably any of the a.t.m. since zimbabwe i walk in there is no stable currency hardly any jobs constant power cuts and every force has left the country also this is part of the legacy off robert mugabe and his party zanu p.f.
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that has been running the country since independence under the new president emerson in one benefited from the coup against the opposition remains on the pressure even so some of mugabe's one time opponents among the mourners have suffered quite a number of. pain. 64 times by him to pistol out a member my mother and my father there's an i was image room in a good big. astroid shooting that period of your staff. ha you did member of my house then said medicine should bend down but you must be able to corner those people why not do you mean to see that does nothing kid mundra this one this with mugabe's support it's many african states in their battles for independence that's why meters from across africa have taken part in the state funeral in iraq
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it's a painful moment for many but also a chance was involved with to focus on the future. and not of some of the other stories making news around the world. yemen's hooty rebels have carried out drone attacks on a major oil processing facility and in the oil field in the east of saudi arabia the interior ministry says huge fires at the 2 sites have been brought under control islam as militants have targeted the processing plants in the past. the white house says hamza bin laden the son of the late al qaida leader osama has been killed in a u.s. counterterrorism operation carried out near the border between afghanistan and pakistan 2 years ago the u.s. state department designated him a global terrorist after he called for attacks in western capitals. the afghan government says it will not consider making
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a peace deal with the taliban until after this month's elections a presidential spokesman said nothing would impede the vote on the 28th of september the insurgent group has warned afghans not to vote and threaten to target polling stations. protesters have again taken to the streets in france to demonstrate against president a man who had not for hundreds faced off with police in the city of knowns and black clad anarchists vandalized local businesses is facing renewed opposition over plans to standardise france's pension systems. at least 6 people have died in heavy storms in southeastern spending since wednesday evening the storms hit the mainland after passing over the badly are islands in the mediterranean sea on wednesday dumping record rainfall and causing widespread destruction across the southeast of the country. a family cut off point floodwaters the
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file for lowering an infant to the waiting hands of emergency services workers. these children had to be carried to safety as the waters slowly begin to recede by saturday. a some 3 and a half 1000 people have been evacuated from towns across southern spain some of the heaviest rainfall ever recorded has pounded the region since wednesday rivers have burst their banks leaving cities like the country under water flash floods swept away cars and swamped homes and fields in the regions of syria and eastern and syria. it started raining at 4 in the morning and caused a flood here cars were floating it was incredible the hail fell with this size it was incredible i've never seen so much water. some people have lost everything.
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here the marks on the inside of an apartment showed just how high the floodwaters came and now the cleanup begins. acting spanish prime minister pedro sanchez inspected the devastation from the air and met with residents affected by flash floods he said he would do everything to ensure the region could return to normal as soon as possible. you know the people going to the government of spain will help we'll try to help people rebuild and recover emotionally as well as materially from the damages that have been caused by this storm which of course especially as it will do some of that. but the low pressure system which brought these storms is still active and several areas in the center and south of spain are still on high alert for dangerous weather. a pro-democracy protests in hong kong has been disrupted by
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counter-demonstrators waving chinese flags the sit in at a shopping mall turned violent when probe aging activists confronted the demonstrators it's the 4th month of pro-democracy demonstrations in hong kong they started an opposition to an extradition bill that since been dropped but have now widened to demand free elections in the semi autonomous chinese territory. the umbrellas used as symbols of passive resistance in the democracy protests of 2014 a turning into weapons here i have 55. hours before these scenes occurred some 200 pro beijing protesters gathered at a mall in the cow loon district to show their support for the chinese government. but the situation escalated when pro-democracy protesters showed up.
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this woman is shouting hong kong belongs to china. police tried to end the fight but soon a larger presence was needed. to mark received protesters i q's in the police of taking sides clamping down hard on them and arresting more of their people. the day was also marked by a peaceful sit down protest by several 100 high school students. all see though you know i have known students who have been kicked out from home by the parents more than twice due to different political views in their family so. case up all about all they are you i think we shouldn't cheer and celebrate now. we should continue to fight for 5 to months. we need to fight for all of them not one less. pro-democracy protesters who are planning to stage larger protests on sunday.
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but incidents like this show how quickly even small gatherings can turn into something bigger. our correspondent sherry journey in hong kong was at the shopping mall where the clashes took place today in the shopping mall there was sitting protests by pro-democracy protesters and caught this truck by. supporters and this group of. protesters they came with chinese national flag and they start to show taking slogans that supporting hong kong police and the . broke into quarrels and fights and so for people caught. in the end for pro-democracy protests it's also arrested and actually this is not the only instance that happened in hong kong today and so for different districts there were also confrontations between the 2 groups and menu pro-democracy protests say
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we're actually accusing the police of siding with this program. protesters and they think that it's not fair how the police is treating the 2 sides. it watching the news live from berlin on next by sir thanks for joining us up next get caught up with the bundesliga is forced. to itself. with its own gravitational pull. of the finest musical compositions. with some mysteries teresa.
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