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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 15, 2019 8:00am-8:16am CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin tunisians are heading to the polls today in their presidential election the country's call to snap elections after the 1st democratically elected president since the arab spring died in office the poll is widely viewed as a test of one of the world's young democracies also coming up a nation remembers the life and legacy of little one of the most controversial african leaders of our time symbolically holds a state funeral for robert mugabe. and visitors looking forward to having
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a go in the world's most expensive toilets are in for a disappointment the toilets made of solid gold has been stolen from a stately home in england just days after being unveiled at an art exhibition. omarion evanston it's good to have you with us we begin in tunisia where people are voting today in snap presidential elections ballot boxes and security personnel have been transported across the country ahead of the vote which was brought forward from november after the death of the last president to $72.00 dozen candidates are taking part in today's poll including representatives from the moderate islamist and not up party. for more we're joined now by journalists our america she was in the tunisian capital hello to you sara so
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today's election to choose the country's 2nd ever president since the arab spring and 2011 is being called historic why is that. well tunisia has a late considerable progress since 20 locking up pricing dumps it in the constitution and 24 teams. basically the only country in the region of the circle of arab spring countries that have managed to navigate through very difficult situations been political lesson it assassinations and 2030 in the terror attacks on terrorists and frantic that scene and to recent that president and inside of the country relatively stable which is seen. as a cheap month already wealth there we have this closer look at what is that they continued as election in our next report. these people may not look excited. but they were witnessing something that had never before happened in
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tunisia. or for that matter in most parts of the arab world. where the candidates in the country's presidential election were taking part in a televised debate. and events seen as a milestone on the road to democracy. well a hazard at how well it's something that makes you happy and we can feel and we've done something for democracy there's freedom of expression we have the right to choose but it was just a wish that the chinese here is often called the arab spring only success story but despite the progress made since the overthrow of the dictators in our abbot in ben ali 2011 the country is facing a raft of challenges chief among them the economy. and has a ruptured on many occasions of unemployment and poverty riots in the central city of kasserine flared after a journalist committed suicide to protest against the lack of opportunity. his case
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recalled the death of the street vendor mohammed bouyeri is easy now mortar lies in a mirror in his hometown who is easiest decision to set himself on fire to protest against economic conditions and repression was the spark that set off revolutions across the region in 2011. was the only country to undergo a lasting transformation but many here are frustrated with the slow pace of change and the weather being in that moment that we have to vote to get our country back on its feet we need things to get better at the beginning it was a disappointment and now the expectations of the population and the promises are important. but there are also reasons for optimism campaigning was peaceful the election will also be the 1st time since the end of the dictator. power will of passed from one free and fairly elected leader to the next a sign that democracy has staying power.
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all right so as we just heard in that report tunisia has made progress and yet there are still numerous challenges facing the country sarah what have been the main issues on voters' minds in this election well the main issues are actually the economy endowments. she just sent me a parliamentary system so the president himself is mainly in charge of defense and us foreign policy so the main concerns of the voters are due to nomic situation we're just still very difficult not to 8868 of the are growing. so the label of the president in this case will be to reconcile the different political forces to get them back on track to agree on a coherent they cannot. corruption is
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a big issue as well and some candidates have actually managed to center during your campaign that this was really one after main priorities the election. and also there are some problems that some institutions that are foreseen and in the constitution of 2014 still haven't been put in place especially the constitutional court busy which should be a government to point to tunisia. to fall back into not like it was before so the president mainly has a moral force here but a very fortunate one all right sam ash reporting from tunis we thank you very much for that. let's get a check now on some of the other stories making news around the world. drone strikes on saudi arabian oil facilities and an oil field in the east of saudi arabia have disrupted about half of the kingdom's oil capacity which makes up 5 percent of the daily global oil supply and yemen's who the rebels have claimed
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responsibility for the attack but the united states says iran is to blame. protestors and hong kong saying that god save the queen outside the british consulate on sunday they were calling on the former colonial power to ensure that china protects the territories freedoms the see no british joint declaration signed in 1904 laid out hong kong's future one country 2 systems formula after its return to china in 1907. the white house says hundreds of bin laden the son of the late al qaeda leader osama has been killed in a u.s. counterterrorism operation carried out near the border between afghanistan and pakistan 2 years ago the u.s. state department designated him a global terrorist after he called for attacks in western capitals.
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the state funeral for zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe took place on saturday several african heads of state traveled to the capital harare to honor the controversial strongman in the sports stadium which was 2 thirds empty not all zimbabweans are mourning his passing our correspondent on to increase reports. give us time to brief our euro seeing the supporters of robots mugabe in the national stage you are already there celebrating the life of zimbabwe's former president is near by helicopter lands carrying his caskets i remember you. use the reason i could use the only praise didn't you know. bunny's to stand against tony blair is the true president has got the qualities of leadership is that he will present with influence in the whole of the world a god who fought for the independence of his country and against western
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imperialism but during mugabe's 37 years in office zimbabwe was blanked into an economic crisis that has yet to recover from. hardly any of the a.t.m. since zimbabwe i walk in there is no stable currency hardly any jobs constant power cuts and every 4th zimbabwean has left the country also this is part of the legacy of robert mugabe and his party zanu p.f. that has been running the country since independence under the new president emerson in one god benefited from the coup against the gaba the opposition remains under pressure even so some of mugabe's onetime opponents among the mourners have suffered a number of pain. to a budget that they did to me. 4 times by him there to piss the liberal out of member my mother and my father. hazing i was diligent in good being destroyed
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during that period of the scout. law you did member of my house then said many civil time should bend down but you must be able to corner those people why not do you mean to see that despite nothing mundra this one this with mugabe is supported many african states in their battles for independence that's why leaders from across africa have taken part in the state funeral in iraq it's a painful moment for many but also a chance for them about with to focus on the future. to fund us league soccer now where a 11 draw between leaders are a life sick and champions by munich opened the door for purpose in dortmund. they made ground after a 4 nil hammering of leverage. the pick of the goals was dortmund 2nd jayden sanchez storming down the right flank caster with a dummy to lead marco roy's with an easy task for
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a chemistry and his play between dortmund front 3. also in the bundesliga rb leipzig welcomed byron munich for a top of the table clash it turned out to be a hard fought tussle which ended in a draw. bar you leonardo's man's light signal really ready to challenge by and that was the question on everybody's lips as his team looked holmes with the serial champions in an early season tester but with just 2 and a half minutes gone thomas mullo won the full height of the pitch and sent roman 11 dusky thronged go. behind the pole made no mistake his 7th goal already this campaign and wonder since a clear message we aren't going anywhere just yet but i'm like he came close just one minute later lucas tossed the man couldn't find the targets by kills edge johnstone breaking. woodbine punish like 6 wastefulness robert levin dusky
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passed up a golden opportunity just moments later before a collision between lucas and is an marcel's of it so it was reviewed by the referee. no penalty for brian this time. but a penalty was waiting just around the corner only not for bion hand as chips use of housen and m.l. forsberg did the onus driving the ball be on neuer with the final kick of the 1st tough one over the break a confidence boost for like 6 north ema killie came close with this effort just after the break before a ferocious long range effort from sub it so hard men will neuer scrambling but were on the ropes it wasn't until the hour mark that they found their feet again kingsley commands attempts just millimeters away from a storing bines lead suddenly and ends to end a fair broke out as both sides went for a winner. neuer to the rescue once more for by
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a. piece of the last she wasn't to be outdone down the other end pulling off a sublime save in the dying moments to keep his side level so close yet so far $11.00 the final score the for all right. they want to sit down for this next piece of news a fully functioning toilet made of solid gold has been stolen from a stately home in england it was part of an arctic the vision that had just opened at blenheim palace the birthplace of britain's wartime leader winston churchill police say a man in his sixty's has been arrested in connection with the burglary. visitors hoping to spend a penny on the world's most expensive toilet will have to hold it for night the 18 carat party of google to it's gone missing just days after being on the field at a palace in england. i'm really shocked economy to the 1000000 pound toilet that's
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been stolen all gold i want to go and that is quite shocking i have to admit i go back over the head while we were there in the crime scene so much told me and it was this amazing story i think. the toilets had been part of an exhibition of the work of italian artist move it seal castle he called this piece america intending it as a comment on extravagant wales cattle and described it as one percent art for the 99 percent when it was on display in new york hundreds of thousands of people queued up for some light relief or i'm sure police are still trying to locate the toilet 103 kilograms of solid gould thieves if he gets away with it will surely be feeling flush. and before we go a quick reminder of our top story. polls open later today in the 1st round of
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tunisia's snap presidential election sunday's vote is unlikely to produce an outright winner the top 2 candidates will face each other in a runoff next month. you're up to date now and d.w.t. news to stay tuned for reporter tracking the dog. omarion at his stand thanks for watching. jim and. at any time he plays using news video bellows yeah i don't know but it was quite a song to sing along to you to stick on but. let's. look at interactive exercises. like everything is online modano an interactive benjamin fulford with d w.


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