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starts oct 11th to top it off. this is d.w. news live from berlin and hong kong pro-democracy protesters appeared to appeal to the island's former colonial rulers for help but up holding the city's autonomy hundreds have gathered outside the british consulate in hong kong stepping up calls for international support in their campaign for democratic reforms. also coming up a nation remembers the life and legacy of one of the most controversial african leaders of our time zimbabwe holds
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a state funeral for robert rudolph. i'm married to evanston it's good to have you with us we begin in hong kong where pro-democracy protesters are appealing to the u.k. to ensure the city's autonomy is upheld hundreds gathered outside the british consulate they waved the british flags and sang god save the queen and chanted u.k. save hong kong there is stepping up calls for international support in their month long campaign the scene of british joint declaration laid out hong kong's future one country 2 systems formula the territory was returned to china in 1997. while correspondent is building a is in hong kong and he joins us now for more hello to you so can you tell us
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exactly what the protesters in front of the british consulate were demanding. when hong kong was returned to china britain and china signed a joint declaration that would guarantee the city's freedoms for 50 years now the protesters are seeing this demonstrate this declaration as being breached by china and they are calling upon britain to do something about it they handed a letter to the british consul here they're also calling as you can see a small group of people also calling on the u.s. to take more action there some of them are calling on donald trump to liberate hong kong whatever that would mean they also some are also demanding congress to to. put in question hong kong's status hong kong's privileges in concerning trade
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saying if the city's freedoms are eroded the city would not deserve this special status so during the past 2 weeks it has happened all the time hong kong as have been calling for international support. for months years and we know that today's demonstrations were not approved by the authorities and yet we can see quite a number of people turning out anyway and what can we expect to happen. well today's turnout is much lower than at the at these big marches that we've seen a month ago 2 months ago when 3 months ago. but still a number of people have turned out people feel they have not achieved what they wanted to achieve they have laid out 5 demands to the government that is an investigation into police brutality that is fair elections and
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universal suffrage and they vow to continue until these 5 months have been met one of them has been met that was the withdrawal off this. extradition bill that would have allowed extraditions to china that was at the beginning off this protest movement and now he's we did see yesterday fights erupting between the pro-democracy supporters and also supporters of beijing just how polarized is hong kong right now. while you can imagine 3 months of escalating protests have of course polarize people. protest movement seems to still have support by a big part of society but i think there is also quite a few people who disapprove of the violence used by the protesters and to have been . protests organized by pro china or pro-government approach these groups
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against against the pro-democracy protests and the rift it goes sometimes through families we have spoken to people who. are one part what parts of the family are is protesting against the government and others are on the side of the government usually the young people are mostly on the side and take government and in the older generation it's not about clear all right men ts but anger in hong kong we appreciate your reporting thank you. i. well now to some of the other stories making news around the world. drone strikes on key saudi arabian oil facilities and an oil field in the east of saudi arabia have disrupted about half of the kingdom's oil capacity which makes up 5 percent of the daily global oil supply yemen's who's the rebels have claimed responsibility
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for the attack but the u.s. says iran is to blame. the white house says holmes of bin laden the son of the late al qaeda leader osama has been killed in a u.s. counterterrorism operation carried out near the border between afghanistan and pakistan 2 years ago the u.s. state department designated him a global terrorist after he called for attacks in western capitals. protesters have again taken to the streets of france to demonstrate against president among. hundreds faced off with police in the city of known and black clad anarchists vandalized local businesses across facing renewed opposition over plans to standardize france's pension system. tunisia is holding its 2nd free presidential elections of the 2011 uprising that sparked this so-called jasmine revolution the vote was brought forward from november after the
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death of the last president a 72 dozen candidates are taking part in today's poll including representatives from the moderate islamists and not up party if no outright winner emerges the 2 lead candidates will face off in a 2nd round in october. the polls are widely viewed as a test for the young democracy the 1st that's emerged in the region after the arab spring and this week saw another 1st for the country. these people may not look excited. but they were witnessing something that had never before happened in tunisia. or for that matter in most parts of the arab world. where the candidates in the country's presidential election were taking part in a televised debate. and events seen as a milestone on the road to democracy. well
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a hazard how little it's something that makes you happy and we can feel we've done something for democracy there's freedom of expression we have the right to choose but it was just a step that tunisia is often called the arab spring only success story but despite the progress made since the overthrow of the dictators in aberdeen ben ali 2011 the country is facing a raft of challenges chief among them the economy. and those are upset on many occasions over unemployment and poverty riots in the central city of kasserine flared after a journalist committed suicide to protest against the lack of opportunity. his case recalled the death of the street vendor mohamed easy now more to life in a mirror in his home town who is easiest decision to set himself on fire to protest against economic conditions and repression was the spark that set off revolutions across the region in 2011. was the only country to undergo
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a lasting transformation but many here are frustrated with the slow pace of change going to be whether it be in an amendment which we have to vote to get our country back on its feet we need things to get better at the beginning it was a disappointment and now the expectations of the population. and the promises are important. but there are also reasons to optimism campaigning was peaceful the election will also be the 1st time since the end of the dictatorship that powell will have asked from one free and fairly elected leader to the next a sign that democracy has staying power in. the state funeral for zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe took place on saturday and several african heads of state traveled to the capital harare to honor the controversial strongman in a sports stadium which was 2 thirds empty not all zimbabweans are mourning his
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passing our correspondent on to encourage reports. give us time to grieve our hero sing the supporters of robert mugabe and the national stage you must power our way they're celebrating the life of zimbabwe's former president as nearby helicopter lands carrying his casket i remember him is this is using a hero he's an icon of zimbabwe and he's the only praised in you know for go on is to stand against tony blair who is the true president is what the qualities of leadership is that he will present with influence in the whole of the word of god who fought for the independence of his country against western imperialism but during mugabe's 37 years in office zimbabwe was blanked into an economic crisis that has yet to recover from. hardly any of the a.t.m. since zimbabwe are walking there is no stable currency hardly any jobs constant
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power cuts and every force has left the country also this is part of the legacy of robert mugabe and his party zanu p.f. that has been running the country since independence under the new president emerson non-god work benefited from the coup against the gaba the opposition remains a. the pressure even so some of mugabe's one time opponents among the mourners i have suffered quite a number of fair pay in. what to a budget that he did to me. was that it said 64 times by him they took this little out of member my mother and my father they think i was illegitimate in a good being just really cheating that people go through stuff. are you did member of my house instead made a civil tongue should bend down but you must be able to corner those people why not do you mean to cede that does not sit here and under this with this with
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mugabe's support it's many african states in their battles for independence that's why meters from across africa have taken part in the state funeral in iraq it's a painful moment for many but also a chance for them bout with to focus on the future. alexander fun humbled was an intrepid explorer a natural scientist and an ecological visionary through scientific research the german polymath made a lasting mark in latin america well now the 250th anniversary of his birth is being celebrated by international artists at the homebuilt forum here in berlin. alexander von humboldt is celebrated in a projection on the facade of palin's humble tone the universal genius traveled around the globe most famously to latin america his discoveries more than 200 years ago are a still important and science politics an art today and teaching for this calamity
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and performance group. oleksandr for gold. is there no more alexander from home made a great contribution to human knowledge and to the geography of the americas. because the scientific vision that he defended has become universal knowledge. was. too. humble too was a supreme that worker who felt at home in many branches of the arts and sciences from biology to physics and from botany to politics and he was always interested in exploring new cultures and fresh ways of looking at the world. we all learned that we as humans are more connected to each other then we are separated and if that message can be communicated up the home board forum it's because home what was the pioneer who taught people that even centuries ago. a group of artists and computer
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programmers from peru use virtual reality to experience home both obsession with measuring everything and then attempt to find out everything without missing a thing. it all doesn't look a start up but i think that approach impacts us nowadays with phenomena like globalization and the internet which connect us saw. something that is related to the holistic nature of humboldt's philosophy. on the phone. live discussion between novice or best and belin allows participants to exchange their different points of view across borders and international exchange which to of loved their conversation centers on how to continue legacy today everything is interaction was humble central statement about nature and the world a crater that can be more topical today and which was still a hot topic for the many people who attended tumble to 250th birthday in belin.
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you're watching d.w. news the bundesliga show follows after the break with 2 big clashes from match day for find out how dortmund against live a couzin and to see how champions by a munich fared when they travel to leaders are belied say all that and a lot more in just a few moments. omarion adelstein from me and the entire news team here in berlin thanks for watching. the natural richardson of the precious resources it's. time to read more ning investment. in foreign land this thing called the ethiopian screen the call to the country has an abundance we are currently serving it to international coverage for joining us sir.


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