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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 15, 2019 12:00pm-12:15pm CEST

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this is d.w. news live from berlin violence returns to the streets of hong kong after pro-democracy demonstrators define a police band to march through the city to police fired water cannon and tear gas as some radical protesters threw rocks and petrol bombs thank you china for neg an on a deal led to safeguard the island's freedoms. also coming up drone attacks for saudi arabia to cut in half its crude oil production the world's largest oil processing facility it was set ablaze by having assault with the rebels from yemen have
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claimed responsibility but the u.s. blames iran. and a nation remembers the life and legacy of one of its most controversial african leaders zimbabwe holds a state funeral for robert mugabe. omarion evanston it's good to have you with us. we begin hong kong where pro-democracy protesters have defied a police ban and taken to the streets once again police reportedly had to break up some protesters with water cannon and tear gas thousands are still marching through a downtown hong kong shopping district some demonstrators carried american flags calling for international support in their pro democracy campaign earlier hundreds of people gathered outside the british consulate to appeal for help from hong
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kong's former colonial ruler they're calling on the u.k. to put pressure on beijing to offer hold hong kong's otani under the one country 2 systems agreement. correspondent he is building a is in hong kong and he joins us now for the latest so materials we have been seeing some very dramatic scenes of violence water cannon tear gas what is happening now in the city. yet the protesters have occupied the roads around the government buildings and that's just the church to have done this many times these some are police cars with the starting dispersing them their feet high and the police cars or towns they have used water accountants talking to protesters and many many can promise to schools she got on the protesters household petrol bombs stones at the government headquarters and at the
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police it's been quite dramatic scenes and it's only been taken apart 10 minutes to completely clear the area in front of the legislature just want to come and stare you truly powerful police would do don't you that's what you might see these pictures blue dye in the water so they can identify protesters later under arrest well we saw all of these people come out today despite a police ban on dead. inspirations just what are the protesters hoping to achieve. the demands are still the same i think teargas is being fired now again the demands are still the same it's bore ways about investigating police brutality war protesters perceived as excessive violence by the police and it's about universal suffrage that 1st demand the withdrawal of this law this extradition bill that
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would have allowed extraditions to mainland china among others has been withdrawn but that is far from enough and with 3 months of protests and all these things that happen now that the city's population is really defined it and many hong kong was really at odds with the police the police used to be popular it used to be called asia's finest but that anger has turned against the police because of what protesters feel has been unjustified and excessive violence and these scenes they also keep the protests going well yesterday we saw not only clashes between police and protesters there were clashes between the pro-democracy protesters and beijing supporters i'm so not everybody is happy about these demonstrations just how polarized is hong kong. well i think there's little middle ground at the moment you either pro of control of the protesters it seems
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that the demands of the protesters still have broad topic support that's what polls show but of course not everybody is happy with what the protesters are doing the use of petrol bombs the vandalizing of public property that is something some many people are against and then there is the camp that thinks that it's better to. find common ground with beijing than to oppose it. who are standing on the side of the police it's hard to say how big each portion is but. very very there are definitely very contrary ideas of where we should go right now ts beringer reporting from hong kong we appreciate it. now drone attacks on saudi arabia's largest oil plants have slashed the world's
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daily supply of oil by 5 percent that while who the rebels from yemen have claimed responsibility the united states is blaming iran for the attack raising tensions yet further between washington and tehran one of the globe's most crucial commodities going up in smoke the result of twin drone strikes at the heart of saudi arabia's oil industry state media say the fires that erupted after saturday's attacks were quickly brought under control but officials say that production at the apple cake oil processing facility the largest in the world and the courageous oil field the country's 2nd biggest has been temporarily suspended there are fears of how this might affect world markets with saudi arabia responsible for about a 10th of the world's oil output the strikes of effectively cut 5 percent of global supply overnight for over 4 years now riyadh has been involved in
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a proxy war with iran in yemen the countries who the rebels who are backed by tehran have claimed responsibility for these attacks and filed more. corner shop will promise the saudi regime that are coming operations will only grow wider and will be more painful than before so long as their aggression and blockade continues. but washington is pointing the finger at iran u.s. secretary of state mike pompei o said on twitter that there was no evidence the attacks had come from yemen tehran has dismissed u.s. claims and denied any involvement in the strikes and for more we're joined now by adnan by he's an iran analyst based in doesn't off germany thanks for joining us now as we've been hearing there is this claim of responsibility from who is the rebels in yemen but the united states accuses iran of being behind the drone attacks on saudi oil facilities does washington have any evidence to back up its
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allegations. the issue here is really that we have that we have a situation in the region where all sides are trying to distort the events to their political benefit and the u.s. is obviously not exempt from that so even if. the dynamics are such that iran could be behind this we note far too well about the zeal that is us instruction has to blame iran for it at the same time the with the rebels have the zeal to show how capable they are of striking a sensitive or important saudi infrastructure so it's difficult to really make sense of what's going on has there been a response from tehran to these allegations from the united states. so far iran has been rejecting that and i expect tehran to continue to do so even if tehran was behind it so what is really important is for us to think through
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which side would benefit from events like that from happening and with these quickly again what they wanted to earlier should show how capable they are to urge saudi infrastructure if iran was behind it iran can show how vulnerable saudi arabia is how moralists used this the umbrella security umbrella by the u.s. is so there are different scenarios that we have to put on the table and try to make sense of well you mentioned the vulnerability of saudi oil facilities now this is not the 1st time that they have been at tact are the saudis doing a good enough job protecting their oil installations when in fact the issue here is that the saudis have trusted us patriot missile systems they have trust of the us of the table to protect saudi infrastructure enough there have been reports just early august us think tanks about the increased vulnerability of u.s.
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of sorry sorry of saudi oil infrastructure and the need to further protected so it's difficult to say who has failed to make its homework but the obvious issue here really is there the stakes in the region are really high in that all actors involved are trying to say this to show the picture and wrote the other and that keeps the situation very very explosive all right have by we appreciate your analysis a pleasure. let's get a check now of some of the other stories making news around the world tunisia is holding its 2nd free presidential election the vote was brought forward from november after the death of the last president beige a sept sayed the polls are a widely viewed as a task for the young democracy the 1st that's emerge in the region after a the arab spring go protesters have again taken to the streets of france and demonstrate against president in munnell micron hundreds faced off of police of the
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city of non tie and black clad an arc his vandalize local businesses micron this facing renewed opposition over plans to standardize france's pension systems thousands of people have been demonstrating near the german city a frankfurt calling for more climate a friendly mobility they cycle to long highways into the city as it held its annual motor show the i ate they're calling for and end to combustion engines now the stage a funeral for a zimbabwe's former president robert mugabe it took place on saturday him several african heads of states travel to the capital harare 8 to honor the controversial strong man in a sports stadium which however was 2 thirds empty so and not all zimbabwe ends are mourning his passing our correspondent on to the increase has more give us time to grief our like you rove sing the supporters of robots mugabe and the national state
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you most our our way there's celebrating the life of zimbabwe's form up residents as nearby helicopter lens carrying is caskets i had him in by a human is it humble dis in use the hero reason i could of zimbabwe buz the only boys didn't it you know our free go move on these to stand against out 20 bless will use the group or is in is good the qualities of leadership used that are you presume to with if leans in haldol all of at the wode and gob of fort for the independence off his country at against whiston imperialism but during mugabe's 37 years in office zimbabwe was blanked into an economic crisis that has yet to recover from. hardly any of the a.t.m. since zimbabwe i walk in there is no stable currency hardly any jobs constant power cuts and every force has left the country also this is part of the legacy of robert mugabe and his party zanu p.f. that has been running the country since independence under the new president
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emerson in one god benefited from the coup against mugabe the opposition remains under pressure even so some of mugabe's one time opponents among the mourners have suffered a number of. pain. what to a budget that he did to me. 4 times by him they did this now live without a member my mother and my father. hazing i was really drawn in a good being just really treating that period of the staff. member my house then said maybe civet i should bend down but you must be able to corner those people why you not be mean to see that does nothing and under this with this with mugabe's support it's many african states in their battles for independence that's why meters from across africa have taken part in the state funeral in iraq it's
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a painful moment for many but also a chance for them about with to focus on the future. move. now here's a novel way you could beat the traffic jams when hailing a taxi and then if your cat could take to the skies that's the plan for what's being touted as the flying taxi of the future is ultralight vul of copter flew above the german city of stood guard for around 4 minutes on saturday it was its. 1st flights above a european city center though without any passengers on board a pilot steered the aircraft on the ground but researchers behind the project hope it will soon be able to fly without a human at the controls. you're watching news the bundesliga show follows after a short break with 2 big clashes from match day 4 find out how dortmund did against
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laver cruisin and see how champions byron munich fared when they travelled to leaders are by life they will have all that and a lot more in just a few moments. american evan stand from me and the entire news team thanks for watching. africa. with your family scattered across the globe. with you.


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