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tv   Global 3000  Deutsche Welle  September 16, 2019 5:30am-6:00am CEST

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earth. for saving global engineers tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas to protect the climate and boost green energy solutions a global oil gets the series of global $3000.00 on t.w. and online. welcome to global 3000. people in the caribbean have dubbed it the monster hurricane dorian its size can best be seen from space with wind speeds of more than 300 kilometers an hour the terrifying storm destroyed everything in its wake in recent years water temperatures in the atlantic between west africa and the
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caribbean have risen making hurricanes stronger as a forerunner of what may be to come the result of manmade global warming. our hunger for energy is pushing our planet off balance we burn huge amounts of oil gas and coal releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere according to the intergovernmental panel on climate change the average temperature on earth has risen by around one degree celsius since industrialization began and it's still doing so our oceans are warming up causing seen levels to rise since $880.00 they've risen by around $24.00 centimeters the polar ice caps are melting and if the antarctic were to saw sea levels could rise by 60 meters flooding vast areas of land it's a disaster and it's already begun. to pass or a poverty stricken district. and manila's port area that's packed with houses on
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stilts at the edge of the sea. the people here live on the water and from it and sometimes they fear it especially the monster waves spawned by thai phones lovely suarez came here looking for work 15 years ago and ended up staying she sells food to freighter crews 3 times now storm flooding has destroyed the shut she lived on the 1st time it happened she nearly waited too long before fleeing. not only to get real and when i saw that the water had come up this high and was starting to form eddies on the floor i just grabbed my kids and my bag and rushed out i left everything including our clothes i just took my kids my 2nd child was just a baby back then after we got out our house was totally swept away by the current.
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21 families have moved into this apartment block 3 years ago like lovely suarez they all lived in improvised shacks subsidized by the state the new housing has been built to help protect people from the sometimes deadly flooding. filomena singh carol nicknamed kamina lives here in a 21 square meter flood proof flat her old home was just 4 square meters and signs the move has changed her life now that we're living here i feel that i am now home owners. so that's that the free and. the human dignity us back because we live in that these. now right next door people still live the way kamina used to there's a sewage canal close by when it grows clogged with garbage it overflows something
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that happened several times a year the residents in communist building are working off part of the cost of their new apartments every week they make sure the waste canal is free of to try to us that could block it she remembers well how frightening the floods could be $1.00 of our worries then is. what if the floor of our houses because of the flood will so see there is no peace of mind that or during those days. around a 3rd of manila's 12000000 inhabitants live in informal settlements they're the ones most at risk when the water rises due to tropical storms and heavy rain can also cause flooding with help from the world bank the city is modernizing pumping stations to help reduce the threat posed by storms. you can see here a big flood control pond so basically all of the flood waters coming from the upstream
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catchments you know from all of the communities they all converge here in the spot where they are stored and then we have here screening facilities that screen the garbage so that it will not block the pumps and then inside there so big pumps that will actually draw in the water from the part towards the river which is behind this building. drainage areas like these are part of a flood management plan being worked out by the filipino government and the world bank. is a consultant their limits has basically worsened the flooding situation in metro manila as early as the 1800s you know metro manila has been very flat broke but the population then was you know very small with this huge opulence in the metro manila and then climate change increasing incidence of you know very intense rainfall it's just it just puts you know more people into danger of far from flood risks the residents who live close to the water unintentionally make the problem worse there
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improvised housing and the way you stay produce can keep floodwater from draining properly that's why the government now wants lovely suarez and others like her to resettle to other areas but she's afraid of what the move might bring. we're willing to leave if they want to remove us because we know that this place is a danger zone. but what we really want if there's a budget if they'll provide a budget is to move somewhere close to here. we want to stay in this place and not be thrown out somewhere that might leave us jobless and starving. lovely suarez and her neighbors continue to live in fear not just because of the destructive power of the water they live on now but also because they could end up in a place where they'd find it even more difficult to survive. climate
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change will affect the lives of the younger generation most of all in future life on earth is going to be very different to how it is today and so for many months now hundreds of thousands of young people have been campaigning for governments to finally get a handle on global. warming it's true the fridays for future amazement school kids have been taking to the streets every week so fall peace spending his time paul says the coals for more to be done of a coming ever lounge a for many young people it's their 1st encounter with the force of the law will butts protesting is a skill that can be no and keeping your cool when his situation escalates can be a challenge but if you're going to take part in a public demonstration it's all so crucial over
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a 1000 young environmental activists i learning how to protest peacefully as a campaign king of himes in northeast in from us oh no i was oh i would nod to spend my days in my guard and just 3 like seeing not worrying about climate crisis and the social environmental impacts every day but we all live be in the system there's and much my more it's all as authentic as possible the day begins with the protest does exchanging the phone numbers of loyals and case they get arrested for it's just was the 27 year old tough they had enough time is here for the 1st time coke group is planning to disrupt a meeting of international politicians everyone has
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a specific parts of play some of the protest as are sighing the rolled of negotiators while others mayn't chill things don't get out of control and now the group i medics helping anyone who's come into contact with tear gas that the future demonstrate as also film everything that happens that way if the situation turns violent they have evidence. is very important to me and i think they are near realized here what it's meant it is not timely we are good people so we are nonviolent because we want to be nice it's also a strategy because what we want to do is really to create a mass movement and we want it's not everybody but we want a large front of people to agree with a realize how serious the situation is and they think that nuns airlines is a very effective tool to change the mentality. and not the skill practiced in the
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camp is making posters the activists get to learn about the power of images and how to use the media in the internet to get their message across. and persuade politicians and society to take action to protect the environment. the system creates value and the destruction of the earth it's not sustainable and by definition a system that is not sustainable will collapse one day or the over and are to this day is pretty close now sometimes it's hard 1st to stay hopeful the more we know about the future the less easy it is to stay hopeful that's i hope 2 things the 1st thing that they hope is that if we cannot stop climate chance we can limit it as much as possible another thing that they hope is that i hope for more solidarity around the world. one of the main goals of the climate camp in
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france is to raise from our own among young activists to give them the sense that together they're strong and they have the power to make a difference. that. making a difference is a key focus of enclave. the idea is series 2 this week we look at renewable energy so in future many manufacturing processes will no longer rely on fossil fuels but instead on wind and solar power our reporter was going bad not traveled to add on deaths in mexico and discovered more about a startup that's helping other companies. and edgy. selective smoky kaci stary is a family business every week it produces 40 tons of cheese for the mexican market and every week the company uses 40000 liters of hot water there has to be
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a temperature of at least 70 degree celsius to kill of germs and to heat it the cheesemaker uses nearly 100000 liters of liquid gas the tanks are kept up on the roof along with the new solar technology which is already saving him money. and liberals and liberals up to now we were paying $80000.00 mexican pesos a month for gas that's around $3700.00 euros. now it's 30 percent less. but the technology itself didn't come cheap the solar heating facility on the roof measures 120 square meters and cost the equivalent of $75000.00 euros now the water is warm directly by the sun but there's still room for improvement which is why the head of technology at inventive powers they manufacture the solar collector. the biggest challenge is to integrate the heat from the solar collectors into the
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conventional processes of the factory. normally companies work with steam that's generated using fossil fuels. it's hard to get customers to realize that they can get the same effect on the solar system as with a conventional boiler. the company's 2 founders and not just interested in sales they're both ambitious and jim is whose aim is to improve the dairies energy efficiency. with. every project is unique. to me it takes time to optimize the businesses and to make a real difference to the energy consumption costs. of course for the night here. 550 kilometers to the east is mexico city home to a population of 20000000 despite the abundant sunshine in this part of the world
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solar power isn't big business. i'm comin here is on his way to a trade for all 3 to be precise all in one place one of them is into asylum mexico here is here to look around and check out the competition and also to rustle up new business his company inventive power has its own stand. one of the main targets to be here in the school of course is. that visitors know about or technology that this type of they're not technology is working on more than 100 companies in mexico so we have to convince visitors that these are real technology that you can use style right away. but industrial applications for solar thermal technology remain a nice market model so it's planning to change that with support from the german government she's raising the profile of technology across the country.
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here there is a lack of awareness they have many people who still don't know that you can use solar energy to heat up water for instance many people thing you can do solar energy just to get power get electricity so we need to educate people about this all their type of application. the company inventive power was founded in 2010. it's built 60 solar thermal plants which reduce carbon emissions by $4000.00 tonnes a year. the principle is simple. this is the solar collector which has a parabolic shape all the energy that catches on the surface is reflected into these receiver and it. generates so when the water passes inside the too far the heat from the sun the burnie high temperature the collector has to be
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precisely positioned yeah collector in order to catch most of the energy has to track the sun during the day to do that we have the power tracker pro this is an electronic bird that has sensors peripherals and different components to make the intelligence of solid trucking of the products. terry is one of the company's flagship. jets i don't know rick about what he is hoping to see a return on his investment within the next 5 years the environmental red waltz will be immediate. chocolate spread ice cream cosmetics fast food and biodiesel all share one common ingredient palm oil is harvest produced 17000000 tons of its wild wind but the growing demand for palm oil is devastating the rain forests major produces like indonesia and malaysia have already cleared vaal stereo's of forest to the fringe at huge
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cost to biodiversity and the climates. the e.u. is a key importer of palm oil much of it is added to biofuel but the e.u. plans to face this use out from 2030 much to the annoyance of projections. for every single palm oil fruit is precious such collects the fruits that have fallen to the ground as they are especially ripe he can get more money for them he owns 5 hectares of palm oil plantation. i know people in europe a low opinion of palm oil. there are so many good aspects that no one there knows about. oil is healthy the trees are strong and our work here is a lot more environmentally friendly than many people realize furley of this year he
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was shocked by news that the european union had decided to phase out palm oil for use in transport fuel by 2030 he says the time frame is far too short to grow new replacement plantations. and he argues that the use preferred choice of soy or rapeseed or even worse for the environment. europe is now can grow soybeans here but you need 5 times as much land for the same you so it will mean chopping down more forests around the world to make space and that's exactly what the e.u. doesn't want. the local villages getting ready for a wedding feast malaysia has many communities like this one that are heavily dependent on palm oil like saudi money how easy the father of the bride is a small scale farmer other villagers make their living transporting the fruit or repairing the harvesters. this bubbling pot of stew simmers with chili and garlic
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and palm oil. the chicken has been marinated in palm oil and the cake that mrs hariri is serving is baked with you guessed it palm oil. no i don't it's bad for us if the e.u. stops buying oil from the school fees for our children to the bill fraud daily groceries selling palm oil helps us to pay for everything. in malaysia palm oil is like gold the country's economy has flourished as the palm oil plantations have grown in kuala lumpur the major players in the industry have gathered for a market forum the subject on everyone's minds here is the e.u. ruling they blame lobbyists for the decision. but is strong and very focused one of the problems we face with the n.t. pommel lobbyist are these small beast make an attempt to differentiate baumol
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coming from different from you said nations and we have already always stated that malaysia to for me. the message about palm oil here is very different to that in europe my bike that means i love my car. i feel more. like. this ad was created with government backing the debate in europe has turned palm oil into a matter of national pride in malaysia it's a country fighting to save its palm oil more than half is produced by large corporations for years these have been subject to strict regulations covering minimum wage labor protection and environmental standards all long recognized by the e.u. . malaysia is the world's 2nd largest palm oil producer after indonesia fruit is constantly being delivered to this mill the kernel is released from the pulp and then squeezed out then the oil goes to the refinery to become food or fuel
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. on the outskirts of poor little take when says new houses are going up where there was tropical rain forest just a few years ago. the conservationist says a unique ecosystem is being destroyed he and his organization are staging a radical flight for malaysians rain forests but even he finds the attitude questionable so unfortunately of palm oil it is fact of life and forests are continuing to be developed now the question is whether or not the e.u. countries in the e.u. where work with the groups in malaysia who are like myself were trying fighting to save the forests or where the e.u. would just say sorry and disengage and say no the government has pledged to keep half of malaysia as rain forest but limb ted wind suspects deforestation is proceeding faster than he appears he says the ban on palm oil won't change that if
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you are by and say will hurt is but it weren't change the fact that we are still going be clearing the far as and because there are of the markets much bigger market such as china and india who are hot less discerning and less able to help was a in fact meanwhile farmer subhuman honeybee is now making his own compost he used to use artificial fertilizer but he's the 1st farmer in the village who's officially committed to more sustainable production methods. we have a lot of problems with mice they damage the trees. but i don't use any chemicals to get rid of them but i leave that to the snakes it's a lot better than poison. that's very much in line with the malaysian government which once it's $500000.00 small scale farmers to adopt a new approach saudi money honeybees friends will also have to commit to at least
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a minimum standard of environmental protection for every single head tear of land it's the government's new campaign launched in a desperate attempt to persuade the e.u. to change its mind. ok to cheat. this week on global scene comes from. my name is gone zollo palomino cruz. new york only and i live in oil i have 4 brothers were a big family and we all live here. for. me
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my mother works in the shop here my father works in the ministry of culture. original. to play football most of all. i also like to visit my mother here in the shop or go to our field. that's where we farm the food we eat and keep our animals. near the fire. i magine life elsewhere is hard work is. not everywhere in the world has there as clean as we do here. and i learned about is when was it we were not many places in the world of such a rich variety of plants and animals as we do. then wonder why nobody and
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i floated. so don't worry but it was and i hope i have a good job is or was it out of mind and i'd like to become a professional footballer or a mechanic or someone for that in worried about climate change in some places water is already. a more and more natural disasters are happening around the world. as if the news from the makes me happy when my family gets together. i also like to be in a place where there's lots of different kinds of people will respect each other and where they like to live most people would never leave here it's really beautiful we mustn't do stuff.
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that's all from us this week thanks for watching what did you like about the program last night global 3000 d w dot com and don't forget you can find us on facebook d w women see you soon take care. do.
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the brahms coda starts october 11th w. other jobs pop enough. this is the deed of you news these are our top stories u.s. president donald trump has hinted at a potential military response to attacks on saudi arabia's oil infrastructure strikes that washington blames on iran trump tweeted the u.s. is locked and loaded and is waiting to hear from the kingdom.


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