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rich the nature of the border has given grows. almost nudging the roots of hard to learn to grow as much in regard to freedom against nature dragons dog. rabbit. this is to eat up the news that the good coming out of an expense the minutes no pizza no word dump says in zimbabwe saying they won't return to duty and told me union leader they believe was abducted by the state is released. and extremely why didn't someone think of this years ago and invention that relates to rural kenyans or old they can be contained as what they want them voicing them on to be hateful to wrong oh.
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hello i'm christine want to welcome to news africa it's good to have you along dot says in zimbabwe's capital harare have been demonstrating to demand the release off a union leader who is believed to have been kidnapped. a is president often association which represents newly qualified doctors cheering or on the doing they residences he is one of the organizers off an ongoing strikes of demand higher wages full states doc says no he was last seen on saturday it's. the doc says and nurses gathered outside the national hospital in how they way they sang and chanted slogans denouncing abduction and demanding his release. just go over to hide out in the way standing by he is the vice president off some bob a hospital ducks association welcome to africa mr engel why do you believe that your
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colleague has been abducted. well thank you very microsoft. has been informing us user is colleagues. have been surveying provocative messages in some point actually seem to. count all of. this is. from the quantities of seaton which with a provocative message and prior to the event to deviance or fast knowing that she was abducted managed to see in text message you use an orphanage or what's a group of medical doctors we see being abducted have been followed by d.n.a. didn't mean india managed to associate the conduct of used was a little tubes shaw with. this particular events we have. rational odds in that direction i mean the guy who lives in. isolate on the floor
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they. making to it's shore years to us this seems like an abduction let's talk about the reality here that he this is somebody who's been advocating for better pay for doctors like yourself and so people assume that this is perhaps why he is he finds himself in trouble if that is the case but just give us a sense of you know your personal situation as a dark sense and bar where as we're told you guys are not earning are a lot of money for what you're doing just give us a sense of how you're making ends meet it's quite difficult for us to like living to be living in zimbabwe as a doctor i mean we we have over a new basic salary of approximately 40 years dollars in with all allowances included it's a hoax mclean. and now i'm going to choose to live so with a breakdown for you to actually be paying your entire house buying food
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transport and given support. it's quite difficult we've done what amount of money people on the show to really really long. term on the was just advocating for us to the capacity to do called for duty to be capacity to do for us throughout. to drop patients in the meal to stators no peace and no work that is the slogan and is that really the case that you will not return to work until pizza. is found. stateroom is the same no peter no we're in no need to hear sions we really do want our leader who knew one peter year this moment in continue all. what the in the then we negotiate ins and continual what we are advocating for with regards to us even if the bitter bitter we saw is easy it's quite fortunate now our senior colleagues is if trained us in this in this moment we were not been big. peter nor weak
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the other leads us to the decision to the president to actually look into the mentor just in the government to actually look into the mail and try to come up with move about cheese real tree is no peter the. messenger and or him have at it thank you. staying in zimbabwe have the remains of the former president robert mugabe have arrived in his home village to allow locals to pay tribute and. died a week ago at the age of 95 needed 2 years after he was ousted in a coup his burial will take place at a national monument in harare in about a month now t w correspondent adam krishna visited mugabe's village and spoke with some of his neighbors. no is preparing extra classes for local children in this neighborhood he's a mass teacher and lives in the village of tabla it's
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a prestigious address robert mugabe's estate is right next door to our bills little hats he's a fan of the late president. as we lived in harmony with the late former president mugabe he would encourage us to get educated as a teacher he himself was a legend in education he used to employ a lot of young people it is homestead all the roads that you see around he would employ young people to repair them. is far better connected to the country's infrastructure than most villages in zimbabwe for most of the villages he associated with positive memories. we would run to his each friday when we'd hear the sirens from his motorcade he gave us candies and visits we'd see those who were happy moments for us as children. and
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many residents are still angry about the coup that removed mugabe from office 2 years ago. was when we were embarrassed by the ouster of mugabe he was a good leader. even now we are very disappointed with that. so things are not going well in the countries he says i just feel it could be the manner in which we removed an elder like mugabe from power after 37 years it could be a curse because we are now facing many problems. oversaw the complete collapse of the economy in zimbabwe and the country is still reeling from that 3rd of the population is dependent on food aid to survive and the unemployment rate stands at 80 percent the electricity and water supplies reliable at best many who placed their hopes it will got the successor emerson now see their hopes
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evaporating analysts say criticism of not god was even in the o.c. within his own party despite efforts to repress it. possibly with a. political side to our. generation 4 door the g 4 to. trying to aspire to cut into government of president and for those of reasons which are political and you also see that even within the ruling party we still have some pockets all for people who for mugabe even though he's not a good. conflict has even spreads to the organisation of mugabe's funeral his family wanted to bury him in this home village but the government plan to have them entered at he was taken the capital harare the family eventually gave in but the conflict meant the burial was delayed for a month. this is the grave of sally mugabe the ex-wife off robert and we're right next to it he was originally supposed to be buried there still space here but at
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the moment in mosul is built somewhere close by where he'll be laid to rest in october. in his village of tama local residents plan to say their own final farewell to the late president garbus family hopes the calm of the ration will not be mocked by mention of the human rights violations murders of dissidents the economic meltdown and the recent dispute with the government over the burial i think in days. what do i see destroyed this being repealed. you know. if you listen to the president of the peace deal if you're right there i think the legacy is really being put to good are good for his form when they were. to god it will always be the hero who let the country to dependence but more important than that is to build a brighter future for zimbabwe. now you may be watching us fall on
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a place with easy access to a dos or a cup of water like this one is a simple container of liquid and it's weight masses little tea but if you've ever had to fetch and carry a water something that when he save you hide me you know how much effort it takes now in kenya a simple gimmick is being used to make the tosk easier. it is a task that takes untold hours every day and untold wear and tear on a woman or on any man no one no thing can go without it without water brought home for drinking cooking bathing and cleaning and this is the way it is so often done in rural kenya or in much of the developing world. but also in more urban spaces one water spigot may serve hundreds or thousands and sure this gadget fill
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a container turn it sideways in the device attach the arms and rather than carry of course you roll it. airing water is a heavy burden especially when i was pregnant. i sometimes need a lot of water about 10 jerry cans. but the source of the water is 2 kilometers away. the rolling springs let me move about 15 jerrycans without any trouble while carrying my child on my back. to the decidedly low tech device is the brainchild of a socially focused enterprise run by u.s. inventor and businessman herman bigombe and his businesswoman wife lucy they settled in kenya 2 years ago with hopes of having an impact on. kenya is in africa so it's vance now in so many ways in the same time we still have
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women and children carrying water boarded back for 1020 kilometers we were inspired you know to find a way to make a difference and we were you know we were able to rolling springs could make a greater difference if manufacturing costs come down and with them the selling price of $60.00 u.s. dollars. well out of reach for many women herman bigombe says the company is working on a much cheaper mass production model. with world health authorities estimating $260000000.00 people spending a half hour per trip fetching water a lower price point could have a marked impact on lives across kenya and the developing world. and that is it for now i'm deid every news africa story is on our website and facebook page today will leave you with pictures of the late south african rugby stock chester williams was a strace at the weekend he was the only black male on the team that won the post on
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tape $995.00 gold cup i have. entered the conflict zone with tim sebastian. has been challenging goes in asking tough questions demanding. as comforts intensify i'll be meeting with keep players on the ground in the sun zones and. gushing through the rhetoric holding the conference to account facts the conflicts. conflict zone with tim sebastian. t.w. . takes it personally you went with
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wonderful people once to make the game so special. for all true fans. become more than foot long line. hello and welcome to arts and culture where his work influenced generations of young designers even if some of his creations were downright crazy for lin born in region has died at age 91 and will pay tribute to him in just a moment and here's what else is lined up. 300 trees in a football stadium and inflation in austria imagines a possible memorial to the environment in a previous future. and in our series 100 german must read
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daniel can run measuring the world imagine the confronting lives of 2 geniuses of the german entitlement. all his life he tried to make an angular world a little more organic to do away with right angles and bend his will only to the rules of nature. was a maverick among designers crazy about cars and famous even though many of his designs never actually saw the light of day. has passed away at age 91 and that was our cue to look back on his legacy. was a visionary and one of germany's most eccentric designers his career spanned over half a century and he created thousands of design and from the very beginning it was clear that everything he touched became around. live on a.


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