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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  September 17, 2019 6:30am-7:00am CEST

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don't tell me that you never know. and the jointer come off and i'm on your. resume all the sins of the hottest. stars. on. top. of. this is the city of the arabian sea that i was born extremely hot summer and aggressive monsoons and the floods that accompany it bring life to a halt on many occasions. but this school still metropolis now has another massive problem to deal with the rising sea levels climate change is making the already one
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notable city more vulnerable this is equal india and. today we dig deeper into how coastal cities around the world are getting ready to battle the rising sea. 8 of the 10 world's biggest cities are located on the coast but none of them have the natural protective barrier against the rising sea like the city of mumbai it's vast . occupying less than 0 point one percent of the planet's surface mangroves are one of the most a rising sea like the city of mumbai it's vast. occupying less than 0 point one percent of the planet's surface mangroves are one of the most valuable ecosystems but they're threatened. the clock seems to be ticking for india's most populous city mumbai. scientists
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predict the rising levels of the arabian sea will wipe out the city in just a few 100 usd. members 1st inhabitants but the. traditional fisherman who have lived of the bounty of the sea for generations. today they are on the front line facing the threat of the under lending arabian sea which surrounds the city on 3 sides. in just don't use some fishing villages in mumbai have lost a monumental 18 meters of land through coastal erosion. but luckily the region is gifted with a robust protective barrier along many parts of this coastline the mangroves. mangroves are. situated between the ocean and the land mines which reduce the
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intensity of the crushing big by acting as a buffer. they also act like sponges by soaking up excess water to prevent. inland flooding and by releasing tiny droplets into the air to regulate the city's temperature mumbai's mangroves however are in grave danger. absent fisherman come look up over is but it about the future of the place he calls home. said mangroves get cut down indiscriminately you see garbage everywhere even industrial plants release their chemical seer. one sank and polluted the waka so many fish have died and the ones that remain can't breed fast enough i.
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steadily decreasing a clear sign that the mangroves are not doing well so for her. many parts of number is mangroves have succumbed to indiscriminate pollution about 30 percent have been bribed out over the last few decades but that's not all. illegal constructions which happen people with bad. structures reconstruction. thing is that the. biggest threat still mangled because they are set up. in the weeks of inside the mangroves inside dense mangoes and the lead going into the mangoes and degrading this is. used to be
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a place. for fresh now you can barely stand there because the nature which is coming out of these dumping grounds into the creek. then 100 k. . he says of mangrove destruction but reported in mumbai in 2018 both on government and private land the government has now hired additional security personnel some a grip with ballot guns to batter all these coastal forest against encroachers and greet hackers but is no doubt that without its mangroves mumbai steinem's littlejohn's against the rising sea levels. now nobody in my generation had seen anything like the 2005 floods in mumbai people will be needing to neck deep muddy water in many places many were trapped in cars where doors couldn't be opened toilets were spewing soiled water back into homes the next part of our story was showing how a small community of indigenous fisherman is working towards avoiding exactly this
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. none of our walks through the narrow alleyways of fishing village every day even the sense of gratitude after your young. good looking young . in 2005 when floods ravaged the city of mumbai killing over the tauzin people his village was largely spared this was an eye opener to realise it was the mangrove that had protected them he started a grassroots movement with the neighborhood fisherman to save and protect more than a 1000 hectares of lush mangrove sounding his village. on the one in here. working from adelaide to washing and. he wanted to come into help we help. our action on our own he's got any kind of and good men to
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get it if not mangled body so give us one of the world is a simple little journey without leave you go we leave you where you know you're going to be simple the danger is that. now a full time activist through the movement to form the sri. a community organization its aim is to restore the mangroves to their former glory. thank you thank you fisherman seaver out and clean the incessant flow of solid based on a daily basis the organizer of in his fries in the local community to help families understand the importance of mangles to their lives. for generations the coolies the indigenous fisherman have caught fish and the large bones of water filtered by the area's expanse of mangroves that lined the eastern coastline the fisherman who try to eke out a living from the measly amount of fish they bring back after
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a whole day of fishing know that their livelihood isn't g.o.p. many fish species of animal in abundance in the past are never seen in these waters today the mangroves in mumbai's north eastern corner have traditionally acted as no cities providing food and shelter for several marine species including crabs prawns mullet snappers and groupers. leaves bright and fall into the soil the soil is basically. there it starts the composing the crabs they go with the leaves and other questions or the start me being of a good and create good to make it better. for us so that it becomes newton for the soil are the kitchen of the oceans this is where the food is prepared and sort of collated across the continent across the globe across your shins. these waters used to be fertile but
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a process of degeneration is now well underway because of unchecked pollution and illegal land grabbing local fishermen keep constant vigil and allow the organization if they notice illegal and. often members of the village community have been part of the problem so i can move them but they have been being religious they've been the bargain about what i'm thing i do believe in them don't go there don't go there but people are not going to listen to me. who are finally going to the court i will go on the high court and file affidavit again the illegality that have me you need to stop it immediately and all the structures demolished with the help of what a department in 2009 and then. you know. why the mangroves that none come out on his community protect our part of the ecosystem that occupies only 0 point one percent of the earth's surface that's.
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the state of maharashtra which mumbai is a part off is the only state in india to have a mongrel cell dedicated to their conservation. the sale relies on participatory models like. to save the city's mongrel cover. the contribution of bondo fishing village missy minuscule today especially to many of us who may have been of bolivia's to the role mongrels have played in protecting our vulnerable city like mumbai but it's time to the initiative of fishing communities like this one at the front line of the ocean swell that the rest of the city men now stand a chance of braving rising sea levels in the years to come. now my is not the only city in the world that has to cope with the impact of rising sea levels sea levels are rising more and more across the planet but why is this happening let's take a look at some facts the primary cause of rising sea levels is climate change as
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our planet heats up glacis of huge masses of ice melt faster this means that even more water flows into our oceans massive i. sheets in greenland and antarctica are weakening breaking off and melting steadily and water expands as it warms about half of the sea level rise over the boss 25 years is actually wanted to warmer oceans simply occupying more space on average the sea level rises 3400000 meters per year but oceans do not function like a keep spinning up research has shown that seas actually dries unevenly putting some communities even more trees than others. and this means we have to act to limit global warming and we must adapt to changing living conditions and develop new ideas for example is it possible to build homes on water the dutch seem to have a solution and architect a farm in amsterdam has built a neighborhood ship
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a clean ship floating entirely on water take a look. living on water in the city center one day more than 100 people live on the. market schmidt and his wife yvonne tunney south among the 1st residents. to the slim it's a different way of life all this light here the water sparkles and reflections everywhere. and now yes you experience it much much more. somehow you're closer to nature when the wind blows and you open the door a gust of wind will come rushing into your face so you feel everything very directly. their house is one of 30 buildings that are part of the project. each building has its own design. but they all have
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one thing in common they float on special concrete wrong it's fastened on 2 pillars the swimming foundation needs to be able to carry several 100 tons a misstep will be balanced precisely here at home is one of the project architects because you have to go collate every thing that you put on the boat how heavy it will be because if you put in too much. weight it will be too low and then the water starts to come in so that's why we make a lot of calculations but front how heavy the boat will be. 20 different architects were involved in the project the houses were built on land and then brought to the dock by boat sustainability is very important to be inhabitants skin skate means clean ship they wanted to achieve is to show that you can live on water
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with very sustainable houses and in a sustainable way in the sense that we as a community so we had 3 high levels of what we wanted to show to the island to the world actually. sustainable and eco friendly materials used for the house this the façade of peda right this time his native cool we had lots of discussions with a whole group and we had help from from different. pfizer's on materials so we ended up with a list a green list orange list and the red list wreckless was a no go orange was ok if you really have to because of cost reasons or technical reasons but prefer try to use only materials from the greenest so corcos on the green list and we liked it very much so that was our choice to do so the project is to stay noble in many other ways to toilet waste is converted into energy in a nearby by
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a refinery the residents produce their own. the city using solar power and very specialist that we got permission from the government to have us own small electricity company we all have a vetri in our house and they're all connected with a small smart grid system so we share electricity if we generate too much for a what we need then our neighbors can use it and so that's that's very we only have one connection to the main system. living on water has a long tradition and. houseboats can be seen on almost every canal one of the 1st floating districts was built a couple of years ago in the district of i.p.o. 50 houses on artificial islands now the trend is spreading to other european cities in london for example where british architects planning floating homes in the royal . copenhagen has responded to the lack of affordable student housing the so-called
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. 12 floating houses designed by stop attacks. he doesn't shy away from even greater visions of floating city for 10000 people in regions threatened by climate change regions like the netherlands we think we in the future we will need more housing on the water. for several reasons because this is the city's very food but also because of sea level rising for instance so we will need this kind of projects and we want to be a showcase in that sense we have some requests for all over the world from new yorkers looking to live on the water well to more in the netherlands there are several areas where they are building houses and communities over 520-2200 houses even. for yvonne fun saka marcus schmidt this vision has become reality. $115.00 square metres 2
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floors and a roof garden it's almost like a house in the countryside but there's one difference their entire home sways going to be going it was a bit weird. this year which i haven't felt secure but i did have a day where i thought i need to set foot on solid ground. but it's a small price to pay for their dream of living on water. not unlike amsterdam in the city of jakarta indonesia which is sinking at the fastest street compared to other cities in the world the problem is much more creative parts of the indonesian capital have already dropped 4 meters but a rise in sea levels is not the only culprit local residents are steadily depleting the ground water supply below the city which basically clear its an air pocket into which the above it seems attempts to curtail this development have proven difficult
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because almost half of the jakarta but rely on groundwater for their day to day needs. it's been a while since anyone prayed in this mosque in north. the sea has long since claimed to it. it makes. it every time he sees the building. thinking of this city is increasing. in last few years but you mean a lot because you can. say their prayers here before they cannot do it. anymore. the indonesian capital of jakarta is home to over 30000000 people it's one of the most densely populated cities in the world and test a problem. the strategy isn't obvious here in the heart of the city but it's. in
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the north's home to many fishing communities there's no ignoring the rising sea water this brick wall was built in to sergeant and 2 in the more borrowed district as protection against flooding the seawall is continuously being reinforced and braced but that doesn't help after a spell of heavy rainfall the water begins pouring over again. sinking. on what is being extra very much and we lost our. sufferance and the soil it's become thinking we have what extract here and then come along in the. doubling. of the c.p.
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because it's already below our what are. rising sea levels and sinking soil the city needs more long term solutions. put on gun used to be an environmental activist to campaign for the rights of fishermen nowadays see advises the governor of jakarta and this part of a team working to stop the city from disappearing into the ground he's well aware that any singing plans would have an impact on fishing. there are some 22000 fisherman in jakarta. but these people harvest green mussels from the bait a local speciality they're cooked right on the beach.
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4 years ago the city or sorry to use began building a chain of artificial islands off the north and coast to slow down lin subsequence . it's had a serious impact on deck h.s. . how many kilos do you catch a day about 50 kilos. and what about before the islands were built. back then we've got about 200 kilos. now in newport and supplant along with the break wall that's actually in the sea 50 metres off shore the fishermen are worried they soon won't be able to catch anything at all. they've learnt to live with regular flooding but the new coastal wall would mean the end of their livelihoods. as they want to know whether the coastal wall will disturb our access to the sea i say that even if it has benefits for the
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community the development plan has to be discussed with the affected community as a. pool of gun once the fisherman to be part of the decision making. the covered market where they sell their catch is nearby. here too it's impossible to overlook the city's plight the market was only built 5 years ago but huge cracks are already showing. you the buildings in some parts of jakarta are sinking into the ground at the rate of up to $25.00 centimeters a year. this major fountain in the heart of jakarta belies the fact that clean water isn't desperately short supply half the capital's population draws its
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water from illegal wells and vast amounts of groundwater are used by the new high rises springing up across the. that needs more regulation cesspool on gun. licensing. the city is searching for ways to conserve the precious resource. preventing groundwater levels from further declining is essential otherwise jakarta will sink even faster and flooding will pose an even bigger threat. waste as another problem in the monsoon season especially trash clocks up rivers and canals so waterways can't drain into the sea these days an army of about 12000 trash
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collectors work around the clock betting the garbage emergency. a number of components or settlements have already been evacuated and torn down in the name or flood protection the company of tom cole was slated for demolition in 2015 the hearts were directly on the river and the inhabitants were supposed to be evicted and then they took matters into their own hands they've torn down parts of their homes themselves removing sections on the water satch the result is striving peaceful community and to residents who take pride in keeping the neighborhood trash really. and there's now a riverside walkway that's a comfortable distance from the water. the community also has the support of a team of architects who developed a sustainable model home for. it's made of stone and ward rather than plastic and
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sheet metal 7 families live here. this is a small house like the generals among them are going more have met his wife and their 2 children. then before and i have window this is important because in the past i don't have. social responsibility sustainable water management the people often call have shown what's possible the community has become a model of clean and green living now the neighborhood enjoys state support. and pull on gun hopes the or sororities are starting to understand that when it comes to ensuring the city survival the urban poor in north jakarta are part of the solution not the problem. a precarious future does not mean a town down towards doomsday it means an opportunity for course correction i hope
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to be as episode has helped july's the issue of climate change and its impact on the many vulnerable communities who will be at the front line when sea levels continue to rise more and more we see next week with yet another thought provoking episode until then good bye. the. length of. the thumb to. my thumb to.
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the engine going. to. the thumb which. was. one of my parents passed down to me. the makings of cancer or alzheimer's ready. science can tell us when dangers are lurking and i mean. but how much do we want to know about ourselves sometimes. it's in our
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genes in 15 minutes long t.w. . with different languages we fight for different things that's fine let me also think up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters g.w. made for minds. whatever we begin to do the day will effect get out of syria to annapolis fear of the increase of the temperature. 2050 we have to start that i started to decrease the amount of c o 2 for exams for now this is actually not
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a hard problem it just takes will however there are very important economic interests to all of the lot of coal who own a lot of oil that are doing everything possible to make sure this doesn't happen we have to fight them by 2050 it will be well on the way to reliable renewable solar wind i'm optimistic that. we're not totally safe as a species. very soon. with your family scattered across the globe. some of the kids if you could do is to. turn back to the roots issue get a minimum monthly. charge family from somalia live around the world and one of them
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needed urgent assistance mission. family starts october on d w. this is deja vu news live from berlin u.s. president donald trump says he's almost certain the weekend drone attacks on oil installations in saudi arabia were carried out by iran one day after sounding poised to strike trump now says the u.s. won't rush to react also coming up to. just one last thing he says.


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