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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 17, 2019 4:00pm-4:28pm CEST

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this g w news life from her last taliban suicide bombers targeted an election rally by the afghan president at least 24 people are killed and dozens more injured the president is reported to be unharmed also coming up the stakes are high in israel as the country holds its 2nd election this year benjamin netanyahu is hoping to stay in tower despite the threat of corruption charges but he sees a strong challenge from former military chief ben you've got stuff and just one last thing you see on the street. and to see international honor's
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environmental activist rectitude who is calling for more protests in the struggle to keep the climate crisis. plus scientists here in europe are calling it a serious threat a deadly virus has already killed more than a 1000000 all the trees in italy and has now spread to neighboring france as more trees are spelled to try and stop the brought we look at the fallout from all of growing countries. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program more suicide bombings by the taliban in afghanistan just a week after president trump called off peace talks with the jihadist group there were 2 attacks today and in the 1st 124 people were killed in parvati province when a bomb exploded. near an election rally where president ghani was speaking he was
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unhurt a later blast in the capital kabul killed at least 22 people and wounded many more . let's bring in journalist t.v. who is in kabul and joins us now we've seen an uptick in attacks like this why now . the fact that you know we have the elections coming up the presidential elections coming up on september 28th so the election campaigns are really key here and then you also have the fact that leaving was september 8th at the end donald trump went on air basically you know when it was a treat market around where he called 9 rounds of talks between all on an officials in washington fishel from washington into hot that were allegedly supposed to be some kind of a peace in atlanta so this really angered the total of all of them felt like you know they had spent nearly a year discussing with and sitting with u.s.
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representatives in couple intell trying to work out some kind of an agreement and essentially trump you know destroyed all of this in a series of tweets this is a good solid line and 12 months of that they were purposely attack u.s. soldiers and u.s. interests which are out u.s. service members killed last night and that they would purposely attack and target these elections and this is exactly living up to that this is probably about the 3rd time now the president of the election campaigns out come under attack by one group or another and putting them all up so what are we looking at now a would you say in the in the weeks the months the years ahead because i mean this is curious situation as you're illustrating there has clearly deteriorated. so this is exactly the fear you know that if anything you know that the deal that all of our own in washington were making it definitely didn't seem like a good deal for the up on people because our own people and their government were
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completely left out of 9 rounds of talks the entire talks between the u.s. and their representatives and that's a lot there was not on official present but at the same time that one government you know that there were certain people within the government who were happy for the end of these peace talks because it meant that the presidential elections scheduled for september 28th would go on without without question because i've been told those peace talks were halted there were a lot of questions among the people whether or not the presidential election will want and this is why you're seeing all of these campaign tickets or quickly speeding up all of their electioneering because they only have 11 days left actually only 9 days of campaigning left so so they're really speeding everything up and the taliban is also taking advantage of that what we have to remember is that for instance this gathering and won you know hundreds if not thousands of people would have been waiting to get it or didn't make it into the venue and they were the ones that were attacked these were people coming out to hear all of that
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and they were the ones that were targeted ok well we thank you so much for your reporting on this ali joining us from kabul a journalist there thank you for. britain and germany have agreed on the need for an international response to saturday's attacks on saudi oil facilities tension between the west in tehran is escalating after president donald trump blamed iran for those attacks now the german chancellor angela merkel said that negotiations with tehran are still europe's preferred option have a listen. i explained that we on the european signed believe that the agreement for iran without nuclear weapons is a foundation stone to which we should return. to the invent so we can there is of course a number of other issues involving iran. the ballistic missile program involvement in syria. and so there is
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a great deal to discuss. now tehran denies any part in the saudi attacks and iran's leaders appear defiant saying any talks with washington are contingent on its returning to the nuclear deal trump abandoned last year he was a tehran is facing down the pressure from washington speculation of a possible summit with the us president on the sidelines of the upcoming u.n. general assembly iran's supreme leader ruled out diplomatic talks at any level. there will be neither biological nor trilateral talks if the u.s. takes back its words if they repent and return to the nuclear deal that they have violated then they can take part in the meeting of signatories to the agreement with iran but washington doesn't look set to repent its blaming iran for the weekend attacks on saudi oil facilities the u.s. military released these satellite images as evidence of the precision of the
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strikes. a precision it says could only be carried out by a state. president trump has already hinted at the possibility of military action against tehran. the united states is more prepared than any country in the history . of in any history where what would a war were going to be somebody that would like got to war white house officials are now said to be debating the best course of action communication or confrontation. let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world in venezuela some opposition parties have split from the main opposition to sign an agreement to join government lawmakers in trying to resolve the nation's political and economic crisis opposition leader one why go who has been trying to keep his side united at previously said that talks with the government of president nicolas maduro were dead. hong kong's leader kerry lamb says that she will engage in direct talks with
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community leaders in an effort to and 3 months of protest she added that further discussions with them be opened up with the broader public being able to join and. lawyers for the jailed carlon george pell have filed an appeal to australia's high court in a final bid to overturn his conviction for sexually abusing 2 choir boys defenses were committed at st patrick's cathedral in melbourne in the late 1990 s. . and in britain the battle over brands that has moved to the supreme court which is here ie a case claiming the prime minister boris johnson acted illegally when he suspended parliament johnson said the shutdown was to prepare for a new legislative agenda opponents say the real reason was to prevent parliamentary scrutiny. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is fighting for his
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political survival as the country goes to the polls in the 2nd national election in 5 mobs netanyahu tried to form a government in april but failed amid disagreement with the ultra-orthodox parties now this time around he is facing a stiff challenge from former army chief any guns and a race that many say is too close to call. another election campaign is over for the 2nd time in the year israelis are going to the polls. here at a polling station in jerusalem notice have different hopes as to who should form the next could wish in government. but frustrated that we have you know within 6 months we have to go again and vote i think our biggest problem is our lack of unity and this election actually is the 1st time that i debated basically until i stood there and i generally no woman to vote for and today i had no idea until i walked in there and decided i don't know if i made the right decision the most important thing for me is the social issues i think that we have
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a lot of work to do and i think that the current government exactly do what it should or could so i think after 11 years with you know we can try and change it and focus on some improvements we have to make with our society prime minister binyamin netanyahu failed to form a coalition following elections in april instead of handing back his mandate he pushed for new elections. in this rerun israelis are again faced with the choice of many parties and alliances but the focus of the elections is clear i think this election there on 3 main issues 1st is that the now. kalak and little ship 2nd threats on democratic values and institutions and the 3rd one is a competition between values religious versus secular liberal versus traditional netanyahu who faces a possible indictment over corruption allegations fought
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a fierce complain for his likud party he didn't shy away from making controversial election promises like his pledge to annex parts of the occupied west bank. once again his main rival spend weekends candidate for the center right blue and white party and a former army chief under natanya who the 2 men were neck and neck in the last elections. but netanyahu might still have more possibilities of forming a coalition for example with the ultra orthodox and smaller more extreme right wing parties let's get more now we are joined by merriam dagen who is live for us in jerusalem so marry him talk with us a little bit about how the turnout has been so far. well the last numbers i heard from a few hours ago were at around 28 percent which is actually higher than they were last time and that's quite interesting because observers have said that you know
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there's voter apathy people are sick of having another election in such a short period of time which is unprecedented in even in turbulent israeli politics and just so far it looks like actually people are turning out to vote and they do care about who becomes their next leader so we'll see how it pans out until the. boots clothes this this evening. miriam we have to say that you know the incumbent prime minister benjamin netanyahu he's not just fighting for his political survival many expected to see community over a potential corruption indictment if reelected how much of a role is that playing in this election. i would say it's played kind of a secondary role because his opponents obviously or him anyway they're accusing him he's been inciting against the media against left wing politicians also against the government the tourney general who's charging him with these corruption cases and so i think it's been just a part of the general accusations or criticism of him that he cares more about his
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own political destiny than about you know the welfare of the state there are the parties that are traditionally his coalition partners have pledged support some of them the ultra orthodox parties have touched support of this immunity bill so has one other party and if he does get elected and this bill does pass then obviously that might mean that even if he's charged he might not have to step down miriam dogs in jerusalem thank you. the united nations says that hundreds of thousands of rohinton muslims who remain inside myanmar face systematic persecution they also repeated calls for top generals to face trial yanmar security forces are accused of killings gang rape arson during a crackdown that drove more than 730000 people to flee iraq and stay for neighboring bangladesh after attacks on police post by rohinton insurgents in august of 2017. more than 700000 rohingya fled wreckin state
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myanmar in 2017 but despite global outcry the u.n. found persecution continues to this day. yeah my has done nothing to dismantle the system of violence and persecution and the rohinton remain retire and live in the same dire circumstances that they did prior to the events of august 2017 the idea night citizenship and recognition face regular violence including in the context of the ongoing conflict between the economy and that about all the mission says it has a confidential list of over a 100 names including myanmar officials suspected of being involved in genocide crimes against humanity and war crimes in addition to 6 generals big names publicly a year ago. chillingly i have also received reports of villages being burnt as many as 6 since the end of june which was also when the government imposed the
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suspension of mobile internet services the fact finding mission was not allowed by the myanmar government to travel to the country so how did it collect information commission travel to neighboring countries such as bangladesh conducted more than 400 interviews with rohingya victims and eye witnesses. large scale forest fires have burned more than 1000 square kilometers of indonesian land since the beginning of august the islands of borneo and so much trouble hit especially $185.00 people over forest fires so far but the blaze is hard to get under control. the smog has now spread to neighboring malaysia and the capital kuala lumpur the air quality has been officially declared unhealthy and local residents are angry. that i am under the impression we are facing the same his problems year after year there is no difference it's as if there is no action taken by anybody to handle this so far every year. the forest fires have sparked the blame game between
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indonesia and malaysia the smog from indonesia has close hundreds of malaysian schools with the fires out of control there is no sign of tension. easing and intensive well political results in tunisia's presidential election are due to be released today and an upset looks likely with 2 anti establishment candidates ahead law professor and political outsider. was leaving on monday with 2 thirds of the vote counted while imprisoned media magnate. naive carroll we knew was in 2nd place now the 2 men are likely to head off against each other in a runoff next month. this in the parliamentary elections slated for october the 6th a widely seen as a test for one of the world's youngest democracies so let's get more on that we are joined now here in the studio by my colleague who knows the region very well he has
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actually just returned from tunisia just far of dual career welcome to the set so tell us i mean the arab spring we all know the revolution started in tunisia and that was 8 years ago. how is the situation now regarding you know human rights civil liberties in the country you mentioned it's a young democracy when you talk in the arab congress about tunisia they always say it's the contrie within the arab countries that is in the best way to a democracy when you talk about freedom of expression freedom of speech it's also as an example compared to the other arab countries according to reports without borders when you talk about women rights it's also very progressive compared to other countries they are discussing today that inheritance flow men and women in heard the same and that's according what's written in court on the way it is explain the also have like when you talk very concrete example about polygamy which is almost in every arab country allowed in into new internees women and men are
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only allowed to marry 11 partner and that's you know all these give tunisia a very different status compared to. civil rights compared to rights and when you talk to didn't even last week when i talked to them you could feel they are aware that we're having elections they are aware that we having according to what they say free elections because you really had a good competition and the results show that's not the typical are coming from the typical parties are going my to win according no and this gives the diversity and different opinions and all this is creating a very different atmosphere now in tunisia compared to the other of countries so what is on the voters' minds than just because i mean you were out there you spoke with and they have concerns they have they have concerns when you talk to the younger generation they want jobs. they say liberty freedom
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having civil rights that's the 1st step and now it's about having jumps you have a gap between being studying in the university and the requirements you need to work you have a gap between what you learn and then what you don't have to use so they say unemployment is almost 34 percent percent. within the younger generation so they say give us jobs because you have a big challenge when you talk to the young generation they all want to leave and the biggest thrasher that tunisia has today is a generation that's motivated that wants to work the wants to change and so they have to invest in them and debts what you feel and see and hear like i was in different cond and in different cities i was in tunisia it wasn't fox i wasn't djerba you know i talk and they say unemployment is they should it should change you have a start up scene it's also changing and the 2nd thing is corruption they want very clear statement from the government from the elected president to fight corruption
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and seriously because after 8 years today according to transparency international corruption in at tunisia is still there so people say fight corruption give us jobs . we are in a good way to democracy and let's go for it together and they weighed in on all of those issues that exults expected to be released today in this presidential election just far abdul karim who has just returned from the country thank you so much for your pointer. 16 year old environmental activist gratitude has received an award from amnesty international for her work urging action to deal with the climate crisis at a ceremony in washington amnesty said that she has shown unique leadership. it was the moment the crime had been waiting for. and hearing grettir to merge didn't for her message. was activism
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works. thank. you. so what i'm telling you to do now is to act because no one is too small to make a difference this award. it's for all those millions of people young people around the world who together make up a movement called fridays for a future to be a movement to find it after missing school on fridays to protest against political action on climate change to support the attention of people both young and old including the secretary general of amnesty international community do he spoke to d.w. the award ceremony. i think there's something powerful about young people speaking
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out in this way because the c.e.o.'s of the fossil fuel companies place and trump and all the other people that are holding us back from progress our parents and grandparents and so on and hopefully the penny will drop. the fridays for future activists have urged everybody to take part in global climate strikes on september 20th and 27th to coincide with the un climate summit in new york record said he hopes to see you on the streets. france has issued a state of high alert for farming regions after officials detected signs of a disease that destroys all of trees the bacteria have devastated groves in neighboring italy news the disease has crossed the border has growers in southern france rushing to take precautions. to tool trees infected with the feared plant as ease in southern france were
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discovered in private gardens not far from the mediterranean coast they had to be called but wouldn't have survived much longer anyway i see no back to. the bacteria that enters the sap that is carried by the stuff of the plans and it causes the plant to dry out like it's running out of water to zillo a festive affects many different plants it's native to costa rica but has spread to other places through trade and agricultural products in california in the late 1990 s. it almost wiped out an entire wine producing region it's found equally attractive conditions in italy where it 1st appeared in 2013 transmitted by insects like this one particular strain of the bacteria has ravaged olive groves across the country killing many trees that were centuries old especially in the southern region of up . experts say the disease can spread by up to 2 kilometers a month if an infected plant is detected the only response authorities currently
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have is to kill every other potential carrier plant within 100 meter radius in france the authorities still hope they can keep celera at bay. you don't cut down century old trees lie. faced with pleasure it hurts but you have to do it is to preserve all the rest of our heritage but. all of farmers and southern friends can only hope the authorities were quick enough to stop the further transmission of 1st video this time and they know it probably won't be the last. the winners of one of the world's lucrative art prizes the premium imperio have been announced the awards honor 5 exceptional talents for their lifetime achievements in the fields of painting sculpture architecture film and music. you know in violin virtuoso and a few more to is among the winners along with the multitalented south african
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artists william kent trades he's known for work that combines the poetic and the political the prizes backed by japan's while family. coming up next d.w. news refugees sheltered edward snowden in hong kong 6 years ago today they're still looking for a country to call home. your strategy has those stories a whole lot more in just a few minutes time i'm sorry kelly in berlin thank you so much for joining us here and don't forget you can always follow us on social media thanks for watching.
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discovered. subscribe. documentary to. this is the dove the news asia coming up the refugees who gave refuge but got not. one among those. in hong kong 6 years back but they haven't felt unwelcome in that city will stored in the guardian angels ever have a home coming up. turning plastics to food on.


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