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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 18, 2019 12:30pm-12:46pm CEST

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omnicom. the milk and i'm getting a little brand new w. from the bottom of the explosive device it's about topics that affect those who want to commission climate change to turn. to. the only reason to check out. the u.s. and china are back at the negotiating table a chinese delegation is headed for washington to discuss the way forward our correspondent in taipei. also coming up chinese demand hopes and last but to german talk of farmers don't feel like celebrating we tell you why. and 80 years of civil
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war have crushed the syrian pound and with it the economy. welcome to do that your business i want to get johnson berlin to have you with us a chinese delegation is on its way to washington for preliminary talks aimed at paving the way for next month's trade negotiations deputy finance minister the albanian will be leading the chinese team the stakes are higher for both sides after previous attempts to come to an agreement to end a trade war failed the 2 countries half imposed hundreds of billions of dollars in tariffs on each other's goods hurting manufacturers and farmers in particular. for more let's bring in our asia correspondent in taipei to $102.00 the latest economic data shows the trade route is hurting china a little bit more than the united states for now at least what's that mean for china is beijing the negotiating position is it a one off weakness. well not
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necessarily because there's a different understanding on the chinese side even though there are now more people in china feel the material effect of tariff on chinese economy are real and the situation is getting worse but still many believe that the nomic figures were not look good anyway even without the trade war because the chinese economy has come to a stage of transformation at the same time they watch really closely and us economies which has shown signs of recession so if we look at this way china will want to do something benefit the both sides but there's no way they will give ground on their economic advantage or national policy just for the reason that up of course are those talks this week aim to prepare the next high level meeting in october what are the chances we'll have a breakthrough there. what after 14 months of a trade war i think both sides realize it's almost impossible to reach
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a final deal so that's why this time that both sides are considering an interim deal and in this temporary deal both sides might agree on controversial items for example. to buy more us from products opening its markets trending ip protection or legal protection of u.s. companies and both sides can move forward from these uncontroversial items. they're reporting for us from taipei thank you so much. china is to hold off $10000.00 tons of imported frozen poor kelton government says the move comes as the country grapples to deal with an outbreak of african swine flu that's seen promise news $100000000.00 page companies will be able to buy a maximum of $300.00 tons of wheat. now this comes as german a pork exports to china are booming prices are going through the roof pick farmers
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love it for the 1st time in years they're turning a profit but they won't get rich authorities demand farmers to invest in what animal friendly environment and for many small business this kind of investment is simply too much. they're busy in the cold storage unit at the simón slaughterhouse in reiman polack net these poor carcasses are being exported to china since april deliveries have sharply increased african swine fever is rampant in china at the moment it's estimated that around 200000000 pigs had to be called. in all of europe there are currently around 136000000 pigs just compare the numbers if all of europe were to sell every last pick to the chinese we still wouldn't be able to close the demand gap the. farmer directionals a pentagon has profited from the increasing exports he sells his piglets for the
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highest price in hears but he's still not happy about it as new laws on animal welfare and environmental protection are pending for example sounds are to be given twice as much space for the farmer it means cutting the pig population in half or increasing the science of the stables that could cost up to $5000.00 euros per stone. because with higher costs and fewer benefits we're supposed to invest it's in comprehensible especially since it's not known if the african swine fever problem in china will be solved if it is then it's not certain what will happen next prices will go down and we'd have to compete massively and prices with other countries that are causing other big problems that we've all been given for. many farmers like hendrik i sure don't want to invest in new stables compliant with new animal welfare and environmental protection regulations why should chose to give up his farm all his pigs have been sold and the arable land
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lease to remain competitive he would have to take out a loan to build a new stable the 40 year old hesitates to make new investments. you know well and it does all that's a lot it's not that easy to. a 1000000 euros there are so many regulations you have to comply with a big card. around 2200 pig farmers have given up in the past 2 years to meet the demand ban one seimone is buying pigs from france and belgium and spain the number of pigs has even increased by 4 percent. in spain pick farming has a social value it's an important economic sector as a rule the requirements are not as strict as they are here so of course more pigs will be kept there than here. a paradox in a period of extremely high prices for pork farmers are insecure about the planned animal welfare and environmental legislation it's making them reluctant to invest
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at all. and not just on news that could leave you feeling a little deflated the world is facing a shortage also helium most of us know it as the gas that fills up policy balloons but it's also got a whole host of other more important uses it is needed for deep sea diving it's also used to conduct m.r.i. scans and to make semiconductor chips so why are we running out to find how do we need to look at the world's 2 biggest helium produces that is the united states and the tiny nation off cata somewhere down here together they're responsible for producing 75 percent of the world's helium but separate issues are threatening supply one is a law dating a back to 2013 that requires a real in texas where the so-called federal helium reserve is located to exit the
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helium business 2021 in order to pay off debt the other big reason is due to the economic embargo on qatar 8 states back to 2017 and it's led to the closure off the helium plan. and an interruption to global supply now these factors have led to a surge in prices for helium and warnings from scientists that supplies could run out to talk more about this i'm joined now by ashutosh sunday who is joining me in a frank foote how could this shortage of helium impact the german economy well monica unfortunately there's not enough information available as to how the how it is impacting the german economy or the german industry i spoke to linda group which is the world's largest a group supplier of 4 industrial gases and they also refuse to comment on the
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shortage i know for sure that a unit of linda group has awarded that shortage could lead to delays in fulfilling orders and you can just go by the usage of helium gas and it's widespread widespread use in the health care industry and by going by just that we could safely assume that it could be the likes of siemens and philips which would actually be hurt and how can companies like philips or siemens prepare for this shortage. will many companies have been stockpiling already in fact during the helium auction in the us in august last year of healing prices shot up by more than 100 percent and that's that was mainly to do with companies actually stockpiling and building their reserves having said that it's not the 1st time that the world is witnessing helium shortage it's in fact the 3rd in the past 14 years and things are likely to improve by next year when supplies from
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a junior qatar and eventually 2021 from russia hits the market provided the midst mini's remain stable because a 3rd of helium supplies comes. the halmos strait in the hyundai there reporting from frankfurt thank you so much. now 8 years of civil war have crushed the syrian currency back in 2011 you pay $50.00 syrian pounds for one u.s. dollar today the official rate is about $200.00 syrian pounds to a dollar but money is scarce pushing up prices on the black market the crash against major currencies has made to doing business in the war torn country a huge challenge surrounded by the scent of his vices mohammad's are koa is growing more desperate by the day he knows when he lies down to sleep in the evening the prices will have changed by the time he wakes up. to belittle all in the variation of the exchange rate means that when i want to buy 50 kilograms of this
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or that product i lose 10 kilograms and i'm only able to buy 40 kilograms for the same price there's no stability so it's smart to wait a bit to buy but if you wait your store slowly empties out. the syrian pound has also been hammered by the relentless years of war the sanctions in place against the assad regime and civilians transferring money out of the country on mass throughout the conflict on the black market a dollar now costs around $650.00 syrian pounds 13 times its price 8 years ago. the value of the dollar is increasing all the time prices change every hour so the customer who came yesterday and bought something at such and such a price can come back today and have to pay more for the same thing so everything is growing more expensive including necessities like food many syrians no more dollars hoping to shield themselves if their pound falls even further. and s.s.
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in the us are waiting to find out of the federal reserve will cut interest rates for a 2nd time this year factors affecting the decision include the outlook for global trade to the potential disruption to the oil market caused by the attacks on refineries in saudi arabia and the latest manufacturing figures although an independent a government agency u.s. president on the trunk has recently put pressure on the fed to know what interest rates. and we'll have more on the fed's decision later in the day for now facts from his business desk from me and the team here in berlin thanks for watching.
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he's quite as good as it seems. to understand the world better we need to take a closer look at. experience
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knowledge. w. . the media attention of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate clicks on the from the books to 250. marking on a story and your discovery. expedition the boys. and. i there and welcome to news from the world of arts and culture winners of this year's claim impending alan known as the nobel prize for the arts were announced on tuesday and there's a german in the mix so we'll hear more about bats and also featured these stories. good night stories for rebel girls 100 tales of extraordinary women is
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a bestseller in over 40 countries and one of its authors fun czeska will join me in the studio. and connecting afro futures an exhibition of berlin's museum for decorative arts is dedicated to the complex and versa tile world of african hair and fashion design. well since $989.00 the premium in petit ally has on an exceptional talents and lifetime achievement in the categories of painting sculpture architecture music and theater and film and initiative all of the japanese royal family the prize comes with a cash purse of 126000 euros and this year german violinist and there's a few motor is among the 5 winners. not the highlight of a stunning korea and so
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a few more to is announced winner of the prestigious premium imperio award in recognition of her life's work as one of the world's most celebrated file.


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