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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 18, 2019 6:30pm-6:45pm CEST

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the sins of. the romantic master couple such as. the secrets of symphonic magic. starts oct 11th. this is the news coming up there wielding batons on the streets but the injuries are piling up at home police actions on the streets of hong kong dividing their families. but a deep insight into the violence of the protests that's causing increase homes also coming up traffic jams that are costing lives medics in manila dying before they
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reach hospital because drivers can't. get out of the way plus. a game like tag. team. sport in india that's going professional. welcome to news asia it's good to have you with us for more than 3 months parts of hong kong have looked like battle zones battles between police and protesters but each picture from these clashes has 2 sides to it protesters for the most part driven by their conviction for democracy but walked off the police what drives their actions and more importantly what impact does that have on their families.
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bring us some answers. images of clashes between police and protesters are deeply troubling to marry when still early the conflict line runs through their family they support the protests but mary is the daughter of a policeman and stella's fiance serves in the riot police i have been depressed since it all began in june i feel my position is truly embarrassing. since the beginning police have been accused of using excessive violence on protesters the longer the protests last the more aggressive both sides become videos of policemen abusing protesters regularly go viral and anger many people stella's says that she and her fiance have agreed to discuss things as calmly as possible. for but sometimes they become angry and confront him more aggressively then he just answers that he was not on the spot and did not see
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what was happening so he cannot judge for they have agreed to meet us under condition of anonymity still unmarried are not their real names they fear repercussions for their relatives in the police force but they could also become a target of radical protestors in hong kong on the internet people say the families of policeman should burn in hell come on i didn't do anything wrong why should i suffer. the pro-government and the pro-democracy comes show less and less tolerance for each other several times both sides clashed on the street or in shopping centers government supporters call protesters cockroaches protesters accuse them of being paid agents and mary's family the constant arguments led to her move out of her parents' home. since the protests started i've only had dinner with them once
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we don't see each other. and i left all the family groups on what's up. an end to the conflict that is tearing the families apart is nowhere in sight protests are happening every weekend and all those stellar lead disapproves of the violence that marks many protests she continues to attend some of the marchers she carefully avoids revealing her background to fellow protesters. i have never thought that people would see me as guilty for being the fiance of a policeman some friends have asked me if i still wanted to have children knowing they would grow up with such a burden and you're helpless. but there are also days she says when she believes that the rift between police and society can be healed after this crisis and.
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and they're going to want to a website bit of a book. for more coverage of the protests in hong kong. 3 hours to travel just 25 kilometers that's the calling the other tour of traffic in the philippines capital manila with nearly one vehicle register. the mess behind me is a nightmare especially 5 of us are. the clock is ticking but there is no way through. many paramedics can tell how many times they have already been in situations like this one swift medical treatment this key to patient recovery from the congestion in manila is hampering it. you'll get it we had the trip there should only have taken 5 minutes but took 20 minutes because of traffic. as
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a result our patient was in cardiac arrest by the time he got to the hospital. before he should have gotten more advanced treatment during that time but he. was shocked. as she saw how cost wouldn't couldn't give way to the ambulance the mother had had a stroke. the mother survived a long journey that died a week later. with millions of news clips outrage on social media a cooling for change. many lives population has frankly doubled since the 1980 s. now home to $13000000.00 people there is nearly one vuko richest per person but the infrastructure has liked. the way me that even if some drivers want to make way for us they can't do it because the roads are narrow and our ambulance is wide. politicians have pledged to uncloak to city by modernizing drones and frailties
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health workers say this is a priority. it should no longer be too late. and the democrats won and no santo's drunk enough for more than a good to see you how much of a priority is this for the government. you know brash it's really unfortunate that money into traffic has become a matter of life and the government is struggling to deal with this problem and has come up with all sorts of solutions or proposals to address it 1st on the national level the detector administration has a massive infrastructure program that hopes to build over $75.00 roll its bridges and fly rivers to ease congestion on the roads but they're also proposed to us that range on the ridiculous it's kind of hair pulling and kind of way to find a solution like for example one proposal put forward was to limit the number of
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cars on the road by car type so if you drive a certain car type like a toyota you will have one day on the road but if you drive a certain car type like an audi which has more car ownership you'll have to share the road with other cars it's come to that point where we're just trying to find solutions to this problem but these solutions missed the mark you're not going to be able to address man in a traffic and less we have better mass transportation solutions that will lessen the cars on the road but on to those solutions governor force and i want a bought people playing in trying to find solutions do they have some responsibility to be able to solve this problem in the interim onto them. that's a really difficult i mean that's a really different question brash because there are so limited public transportation options as one person told you know they wish they could sometimes
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levitate or just crawl for a magic carpet to get through the traffic but you know some citizens have taken the option of trying to work at home we also try to leverage more on delivery options so that we lessen the number of times that we actually have to go on the road and also car sharing options are becoming popular although this is more of like you know when you call an hour and you call for the carpool option rather than getting a singular car on your own again these are very individual stopgap measures for traffic problem of this scale we need a solution that is also upscale and that is really mass transport that is accessible and affordable to the citizenry and i know it was a president going to thank you very much for joining us and with all the. thank you . but it's a sport played as
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a kid even in school uniform though we didn't have to get quite as dirty as the boys behind me it's a game like tag and wrong but has now found a place in the professional arena in india and the country crazy about cricket body has defied the odds and proved. this guy is in trouble he's what's called a raider trying to touch as many of his opponents as he can before retreating to that 2nd white line and he doesn't get back to. this time that's the essence of this homegrown sport india that's gone pro it's top leagues rake in tens of millions in t.v. revenues and its top players make hundreds of thousands of dollars not bad for a kid's game that the saudis adik bus todd bridges that. none of the players ever look to cover ideas a career but ever since pro covered you started every player has been taking it seriously and that the new way. of id requires serious footwork and agility it also
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requires the reader even in these practice sessions to chant the word of a deep cut by d. all the while he or she is in the midst of a raid you have to be a super fan to hear it though. and you can get along with that we used to watch interviews of cricketers with so much off and now even week id players feel the same special way because of broke up id it makes me happy we're going to go it is. compared to. the professional league has mascots for selfies. they have chanting fans for chanting. and most importantly they have market 7 team owners for marketing this towards us getting up in 10 years from now who knows they would be less than
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cricketers i'm pretty sure because the beauty of this sport has is viewed beyond cricket going way beyond cricket in india may be a stretch but if professional cover id continues along its present trajectory in the world's 2nd most populous country the road ahead could be paved with rupees for those with the skill to play the ancient game. that was i thought and i got better of that very day saying something along the lines of going to go to go to cordy as he is in the other thing i used to see it anywhere when i was a good that's a fun out of the stories from the region and this troll are available on our website. as well. we leave it all with a few pictures of him from the mat to the feeling all of the measure.
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of can i. vote for the over that's in home the force i'm clear. that mr boehner. has called. on. the
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meal and the breaking news to tell you finally called. to vote and it's about topics that are such a. climate change and trying to. the reason. swine fever rice is through china millions of pigs have to be called and chinese demand for saws pushing prices through the roof but german pope farmers don't feel like celebrating as some are even forced into bankruptcy by new regulation. and bad news for emerging economies like india china slowing growth gets them much
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farther than developed economies. this is business. as welcome china is to auction off 10000 tonnes of imported frozen pork held in government reserves the sale comes as the country struggles to deal with an outbreak of african swine flu that has seen farmers lose one $100000000.00 pigs companies will be able to buy a maximum of $300.00 tonnes of meat each the country pays a dominant role in the international pork market more than half of the world's roughly 770000000 pigs are being raised in china almost all of the country's own needs are normally met by its domestic stock but due to the outbreak china has to import enormous amounts of fork to meet demand that has been that has driven prices through the roof and distorted the markets somehow let's talk about this with alice to driver from the ox oxygen.


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