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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  September 18, 2019 7:45pm-8:00pm CEST

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but we begin here in berlin at the annual literature festival which is a platform for presenting contemporary developments in all full names of the written word writers and academics from around the world come to the festival as well as of course the literature loving public the nigerian author chimamanda ngozi adichie is one of the top african writers around today and we met up with her at the festival. i mean. their presence is enough to feel the holes like here at the literature festival in the early chimamanda ngozi adichie is greeted like a pop star as one of the great voices of world literature is also a feminist icon. and really just a writer you know i want to stay home and write poetry and dream but there are things about the wall that make me so angry that i don't want to try and make a difference in her books a deal she deals with racism and sexism at 19 she left nigeria to study in the us
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and it was there that she learned for the 1st time what it means to be black she talks about this in her novel americanah in a teaching analyzes the pin issues and pervasive problems of racism that continue to this day the breakthrough novel became a huge international success. i grew up thinking that there are certain things that happened in nigeria that would never happen in america i grew up something if the government did something i would think to myself but of course never in america and now it's happening in america and there's a sense in which america has become ordinary. and a morning i mean grief over age drives her on in her online ted talk we should all be feminists deed she talks about the patriarchy as an outdated form of society the video is a viral kit with millions of clicks the person more likely to lead is not the physically stronger person it is the more creative person the more intelligent person the more innovative person we have evolved but it seems to me that ideas of
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gender have not evolved she's also part of pop culture senior beyond say featured her speech in a song. called the victim instruction in the way that. it was he said this is in many ways a teacher has. captured today's zeitgeist she's currently on the cover of british vogue but she doesn't see herself as an activist it's more important for a teacher to tell stories because it's stories that bind society together especially in difficult times. i think now more than ever it's important for storytellers to continue this is what has kept human beings growing throughout our time on earth it's you know we've gone from sort of sitting round the campfire and now we're writing books but it's fundamentally the same thing i
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think it's that idea of remembering that you're not alone the human emotions are universal the kind of the. she's also passing on this storytelling tradition to the next generation in nigeria through workshops like here in lagos she listens to the young authors and encourages them to raise their voices. young men writing about how the kind of shift in gender is confusing to them because you have young men who don't know who they want to do the right thing but they're not sure what it is anymore because things that shifted and i find young people grappling with these things and i i really find that i learn from them in his workshops. chimamanda ngozi adichie using words to find the women's rights and equality whether that be in the us in africa or anywhere in the world. germans
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love bread and for good reason it is fantastic believe me there's even a myth that when there are more than $100.00 germans living in a community anywhere in the world the chances are you'll find a german star bakery nearby but why am i telling you all this because our series breaking bread is back where our baker extraordinary and europe correspondent gail . matters is baking bread from every e.u. country he'll be with me after this 1st new episode. this recipe starts with something we germans love to do recycling. if you want to bake the german cowboy meaning literally grey bread take 60 grams of old stale bread grind it in a meat mincer and soak it in 150 millimeters of water overnight. this article and that is why not take some time that's what i can't predict meanwhile prepare your
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sourdough. mix 20 grams of sourdough starter and 130000000 liters of water with 80 grams of rye flour and leave it to stand covering it with a tea towel. now for something very close to drum in people's hearts thus out. of the car. is what i'm talking about. it's a technique whereby you gently mix 780 grams of brown bread flour with 500 milliliters of water then leave it all to rest. it saves you needing time and let me tell you. to say. the route is the heavyweight amongst europe's no drama any is not only the richest member state in the e.u. it's also the one that has the biggest population and this spread is just as rich.
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it contains 3 separate stoesz. 390 grams of rye flour 60000000 liters of water 15 grams of fresh yeast. 20 grams of honey. and 15 grams of butter. not to forget 25. rahm's of salt and no less mess with strong tradition at your peril the lesson learned by brussels the commission is not prohibiting any bread and has no intention to regulate the salt level in bread neither in germany nor elsewhere in the e.u. but one thing you can really relate to is your blood pressure. not with the less salt but more exercise you have to meet that though now for a good 15 to 20 minutes. pass down what it takes time i did good thing
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is worth waiting for then that would prove and use that time to ponder the quiet rise of my compatriot who was a life on the line to the e.u. stop job all of us in this room live in a europe that has grown up matured and grow strong the shout of all the news right from the start for the line put a stamp on the e.u. institutions and just as well. if you press the strawman brought stamp into the dole too late it will collapse so to stay in control in politics as a baking you need razor sharp instincts. and when it comes to dealing with crises in the e.u. no one has more experience than angle america the german chancellor so let's carve in her signature gesture the triangle of power.
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now place the bread in the oven at $210.00 degrees celsius for about an hour. yeah it does was male in a nutshell that's what took us along all these hours. if you have any leftovers don't morry all you need is a meat mincer and fresh from hell boat is on its. way. and old mathis is here himself with me in the studio we've missed you go and you remember that i said you wouldn't be allowed back in the studio and unless you came bearing gifts you have come bearing gifts what's this i did indeed so last night i spent in the kitchen and i brought you the hunk garion potatoes sourdough bread with caraway seeds ok i'm going to try a bit of
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a may while you are so my next question we just see the episode job of bread bread is important to everybody around the world but right really very much very especially to here in germany why there's a number of reasons really and i'll make it a longish answer so you can enjoy the bread no. so there's climate there's culture and there's history history because germany was split into many small kingdoms 100 years ago and so every small political entity had their own brett. climate because in the north of germany we have roy in the south we have spelt and in the center of germany there's a lot of wheat so there's a huge variety where some countries in the north of europe only have rice and then there is culture and that is something close to our drums is is i haven't bought so every evening we have a cold dinner that tradition that's something to dish and that's something i've grown up with you just have a slice of bread cheese a slice of sausage butter that's it. literally evening bread and i've never thought
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of that that's very true actually this is by the way very delicious it really good yeah. it's so nice now you mix it has to be said what should the series you mix baking bread series with amusing anecdotes from your job as you know your serious job as your correspondent. and i believe word is getting around in brussels that you're a bit of a baker i why does indeed for instance i got from the european competition commission are my kids investigate she gave me her recipe for her ripe bread she's actually quite a baker baking regularly it's a fantastic recipe then i made bread for cyprus the clue re doc to la which is of wheat bread covered in sesame seeds a lovely bread and of course i went for a tasting to meet the cypriot commissioner for he's the commissioner for
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humanitarian aid currently and he loved it so much that he offered that we could start a business together baking bread professionally ok now you've been so successful there's a book tell us about the book exactly in the book basically combining all the puns and bongs all the fun and all the great recipes so it really the book has the whole variety 28 excellent loaves and 28 insights and ideas about what europe is all about wonderful now that you made it all world grade bread as you describe it but put you on the spot here what show favorite german bread and why well my favorite german bread is the bread i've learned to bake 1st and that's the it's called i'm going it's this which in german means it's covered with water and when you put it in the often it's really practically what that's the bread my grandma made and that recipe is not in the book and it remains
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a secret. as always great to see your girl keep baking off of bread pres thanks very much for being with us a lot smaller of course on the website data dot com slash culture also lots on the literature festival as well but that's all for this edition of arts and culture are going to try a bit more of this delicious bread let's watch a bubble. the food.
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enters the conflict zone confronting the powerful late last year don't assume for the withdrawal of u.s. forces from syria my guest this week is the state department's it is impossible james just for a special representative of the u.s. for syria to gage lutes any of the measures policies of the coach who flew into a successful outcome of conflict so few comments on the diet books. what's the connection between bread flour and the european union the nose gear all contests d.w. correspondent and alan baker john stretch this 2nd line with the rules set by the team and cuts me nor. the snapping recipes for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w.
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. own world unto itself. with its own gravitational pulls out. the finest musical compositions around with some mysteries terrific. don't tell me that there's. the cincinnati. how did the romantic master. pass. the bronx code. you.
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this is. in the fashion creases a saudi arabia claims the weekend attacks on its oil facilities were undeniably. saudi defense ministry shows what it says. of the hamas of its oil industry meanwhile in the united states president has substantial new sanctions against iraq also.


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