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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2019 1:00am-1:16am CEST

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disease detail being used live from berlin saudi arabia joins the united states in accusing iran of sponsoring attacks on saudi oil fields this attack. was left against the kingdom of soda so if you are of course also did a go it wasn't all sold to the international community saudi arabia is calling for
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an international response bob a key question remains unanswered where did the drones and me sounds come from also coming out. liberia is in mourning auster a deadly school find out more than 2 dozen people including many school children were killed in the black using the country's capital. and political deadlock in israel after a not so inconclusive election but prime minister benjamin netanyahu is determined to stay in power. in the coming days we will convene negotiations to assemble a strong sign this government. will assume will he seeks a needle will he be forced to give way to this matter any john sulston blue and watch alliance. i'm jarred great welcome to the sharia saudi or. has displayed evidence it says
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proves iran sponsored last weekend's attacks on saudi oil facilities iran is continuing to deny blame saudi officials argue that weapons debris and satellite images support their claims and they're warning of growing a rein in aggression in the region meantime u.s. secretary of state my home pyotr has arrived in riyadh after washington announced it would impose new and substantial sanctions on tehran. and remnants of drones and a cruise missile the saudi defense ministry claims they were among the weapons used in last weekend's strikes on 2 of its oil facilities maps drawn up to show that the attack most likely came from a northerly direction saudi military spokesman colonel turki al maliki said the a so was sponsored by iran and did not originate in yemen in the south the home of hooty rebels who earlier claimed responsibility. but the curnow didn't explicitly
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accuse tehran of launching the attack and admitted they didn't know where the weapons were fired from. but we are working to know exactly the launch point. 30 over who over lunch do you eat or the cruise missile will take that talent or ability you for attacking the saudi infrastructure and the so it's really an iran has renewed its denial of involvement in the attack. well it's he was completely clear of these claims and accusations 1st he completely seriously and decisively rejects it. saudi arabia's ally washington is saying off the record it's convinced of iran's involvement but president trump is avoiding direct accusations and being cautious when it comes to questions of u.s. military involvement we haven't heard much that we didn't know but there is there
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is a certain. guarantee factor we're really at a board now where we know very much what happened you know there's plenty of time to do some dastardly things it's very easy to start. and we'll see what happens. u.s. secretary of state might pump a 0 has arrived in saudi arabia he's called the strikes on saudi arabia's oil infrastructure an act of war making with the crown prince he said washington wants to build a coalition of european and arab partners to deter and confront threats. or d.w. correspondent public foley l.e.o.'s is in washington good to see you publish these claims from saudi arabia peter backup the white house's suspicions that iran was involved in these attacks and now donald trump has announced new sanctions what else happens now from washington's point of view. hi jared well as you mentioned there and as we've heard in the report as well i mean sanctions appears
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to be the path the president donald trump wants to go down let's not forget that the united states already has significant sanctions against iran so this is just ramping up already what we already have in place against tehran but of course president trump earlier when he was speaking was a little bit vague over what was going to happen next it appeared that he wanted to wait and see what came out of the meeting between the secretary of state. in saudi arabia and he said that there would be further news in the coming days and he also basically said that war wasn't an option but at the same time said that the united states. would act if if it needed to sort of showing that american power sort of making and sending a clear message to iran that that was
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a possibility but he did stress once again that he didn't want to go down that path of entering into a war with iran let's not forget the president trump is not as a fan of entering into another war like that happened in iraq or afghanistan it was one of his election promises to bring back the troops in afghanistan and he really wants to avoid that at all costs but like i said it'll take this meeting between like pompei o and saudi arabia for him to make a decision now as you mentioned the u.s. . has been meeting with saudi leaders what's expected to come out of these talks. well mike pompei 0 of course is meeting there it's he made a very clear message before he actually landed in jeddah he said that it was an act of war he called a strike on saudi arabian oil facilities on a rainy an attack and he said it was an attack of a scale we've just not seen before now at the same time you know he also will stick
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by president trump in the sense the president from does not want to want to enter into a war but we will be seeing further sanctions and we will be hearing more from the administration here in the coming hours and days that's what president trumps that . public president trump has also named the security advisor today's new security adviser tell us more about robot o'brien how will he face these conflict with iran . while here was being said. you know essentially his role will be 2nd below mike pompei oh that is what is understood is going to take place now let's not forget that this is the 4th national security adviser to serve in the trump administration and he did serve under the last national security advisor john bolton but it seemed to me and earlier when he was
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speaking on to other commentators and analysts watching that he was going to be taking a more cautious role he would we didn't really want to come out and say anything yet and it's perhaps a little bit too early to comment on exactly what type of national security adviser he will be what we do know is that he was very successful according to president trump in his previous role the chief hostage and negotiator and and it appears that he really did impress president but early days for the moment. in washington thank you. now to some of the other stories making news around the world today and at least 9 people have been wounded in an attack on a government building in eastern afghanistan militants detonated explosives before gunman entered the building in the provincial capital. afghanistan is on high alert
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as the presidential election approaches there has been no claim of responsibility. at least 11 people have died in severe flooding in cambodia's coastal regions flood waters submerged entire villages and forced the evacuation of nearly 10000 families if you expect water levels to rise further. and india has banned the sale of east cigarettes saying they pose a health risk authorities hope the ban will curb what they just drive as an epidemic of among young people the ban covers the production import and advertising of cigarettes but not they use. the western african nation of liberia is in mourning after a fire in a school near the capital monrovia left at least 26 people dead including many school children fire officials said faulty a litte tricks may have been to blame but they promised
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a full investigation would be carried out. and mourning in liberia. i am dozens of children and their teacher a killed by fire. fire service officials suspect the accident was caused by a faulty electric cable the children were sleeping inside their quranic boarding school. eyewitnesses tried to help. i. when we went to the back door we heard the children crying hanging on the bars the windows saying we are dying here we're dying here rescue us. we got the call around 1 am we tried to go there but the fire taken everything we tried pulling them out but we couldn't the children had already died. within hours liberia's president george where arrived to pay his respects. we want to just let the families know
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that we are with them and our government sympathizes with them so that. the liberian or thirty's are all too familiar with deadly fire as they're often caused by malfunctioning generators but rarely are they this tragic. benjamin netanyahu his future as israel's longest serving prime minister is hanging in the balance with almost all the votes counted after tuesday's election he is right wing likud party is neck and neck with the blue white alliance of centrist benny gantz netanyahu has been unable to form a coalition since the country's last inconclusive election in i troll. if he was disappointed on election night binyamin netanyahu certainly wasn't showing it's far from conceding defeat he failed to remain at the helm. in the coming days we will convene negotiations to assemble a strong zionist government and to prevent
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a dangerous anti zionist government. his plans may well be footed by opposition leader benny gantz he stopped short of declaring victory but his tone was one of victory for his blue and white party. if he had got so tell mr cording to the initial results netanyahu did not succeed in his mission. was enough and we on the other hand proved that our idea called blue and white a project we established just over 6 months ago is a huge success and here to stay. and this man cos himself as kingmaker i think joe lieberman has secured right wing party to new we fight so in any governing coalition. we have just one option. a broad liberal unity government. formed of years and i obey to noone.
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could. blue and white. thank you but netanyahu isn't king. took steps to you there are only 2 options either a government that iran or a dangerous government that's based on arab parties. roberta's suit and during these times more than ever especially in front of the major political and security challenges that we face there must not be a government based on arab. parties. to new voters to fight predictions of fatigue and turned out in larger numbers than the last poll in april many say it's time for netanyahu to go down you know you can assure us netanyahu has probably run his course. this time has passed about as well go. so off netanyahu is like
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a phoenix when we think he's finished he rises up again but i really hope the government will change. i think he was a good leader but i think is about time to end the trip through a period. netanyahu is political survival is on a knife edge a political wisit this election may turn out to be the one that broke the spell. well in football 2 of germany's champions league sides got their european campaigns underway on wednesday night with mixed results by and started the group stage with a win as they bait serbian side red star bill grade 3 nil robert leaven dusky scored by an 2nd goal taking his tally for the season to 9 elsewhere it was a tough night to leave the crews and they fell to a 21 defeat at home to lokomotiv moscow that leaves the german side with a mountain to climb already let's take a look at some of the other results now in a thrilling night of european football french champions p.s.g.
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secured a huge 3 nil win over ryall madrid great side a limp came down from came back from to kneel down to draw with last season's runners up top manchester city produced a clinical display to bait shocked donetsk 3 nil and athletico madrid fought back to draw 2 true with you ventus. you're watching d.w. news from berlin up next d.w. news africa i'm sorry. we speak different languages we fight for different things that's fine but we also make up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters w made for minds. of
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