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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 19, 2019 1:30am-1:46am CEST

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take it personally. with all the wonderful people and stories making the game so special. for all true fans was. more than. online. the us federal reserve had no surprises for investors it cut interest rates as expected but left them guessing its further steps later this year the lack of clear signs also upset president donald trump will have the details. pulse on the shoulder federation of german industry speaks up against the heartbreaks it and urges london to stop what it calls disturbing politics. for business on the w i am here yet i guess it's good to have you with us the u.s.
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federal reserve has lowered its benchmark interest rate for a 2nd time this year the central bank hopes the quarter percentage point cut will help cushion the u.s. economy against a global slowdown worsened by the u.s. china trade war the move could help strengthen business fixed investment and exports which the fed says have weakened the u.s. central bank has also faced intense pressure from president donald trump to cut rates and with washington's ongoing trade war with beijing. and for more on the subject we are now joined by the w.'s financial correspondent on wall street who said we stay out officer resets good to see you and the markets briefly went down on this announcement why when a rate cut was so highly anticipated by investors. i would say happier because of the division inside of the federal reserve own wanted to do next it is important to highlight that to both the members of the boeing c. did not support the rate cut as the top into in july well and although wanted an
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even deeper caddo 50 basis points this situation leaves investors they get seen wild will happen in the near future if we take a look at the dot blog where they fed it gives its a forward guidance it seems that we are just cutting rates and not only for days to year but also in 2020 but if we take our father looking to what this 17 print members that contribute into dozer projections at least 7 expect another cut these year chairman paul said the economy is doing well so far but also agreed that the fed it's prepared to be aggressive if necessary. no has a risk from what we've seen dollar trump wasn't pleased by the announcement either so what does this mean for the tense relationship between the fed and the president . was definitely not happy and we'll keep pressuring the fed in the coming days weeks and probably to lower rates to 0 there is no doubt about as much as he can tweet the u.s. central bank is independent as we mentioned before part of the division of opinion
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so when it comes to monetary policy it's a real proof of that independence just one person doesn't make these morning policy monetary policy decisions to follow and see how stamboul the members a total of 17 members contribute to projections and forward guidance so it's safe to say that monetary decisions will be based on incoming data and not president to it but it's different believe safe to say we will see more of those tweets thank you very much as a result all on wall street for us. meanwhile europe has problems of its own as the brics that deadline of october 31st comes closer voices urging westminster to find a solution are getting louder the federation of german industries has now spoken up it says that the u.k. is playing with fire while describing british politics as disturbing the federation warns against the consequences. increased unemployment slowing trade
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businesses going bust supply bottlenecks and a weaker economy german business lobby the b.t.i. paints a gloomy picture of what a disorderly breck's it could look like investments in the u.k. has already waned and companies are spending billions preparing for britain to crash out of the u. despite that provision the b.t.i. is still anticipating the worst the no deal scenario is the worst case scenario that we have been preparing for for more than 3 years now and we never hope that this is coming true but at the moment it looks like this worst case scenario is the one only scenario that will happen even so you'd have p.d.i. isn't keen on the idea of extending the brics it deadline beyond the end of october has some politicians in london want to prolong it this far has already brought enough cost and uncertainty in our opinion can only be an extension when it is connected with the target why do we need an extension what for perhaps for
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a general election or even a new referendum there are parties in westminster arguing for both. we strongly urge the politicians in london to come up with new suggest how to solve the backstop issue or how to accept their withdrawal agreement which would be good for businesses on both sides of the channel wherever the brics it soccer goes next to p.d.i. feels the damage is already considerable and can only get worse for germany and europe the most of all for the u.k. itself. time now to put you up to date with some other business stories that we are following for you we begin here in germany and the country has extended its bad on arms exports to saudi arabia a government spokesperson says it will now last until march next year earlier this week chances are i'm going to america said she saw no reason to lift the ban it was introduced last year following the murder of saudi journalist jim out of the shoki
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for which riyadh was blamed. u.s. president donald trump has announced plans to introduce substantial new sanctions against iran the white house has blamed tehran for an attack on saudi arabian oil facilities that cut off 5 percent of the world's supply of food oil existing u.s. sanctions have already crippled the iranian economy. and india has banned the sale of electronic cigarettes in another blow to the industry it comes a day after new york became the 1st u.s. state to outlaw flavored east cigarettes following a series of deaths linked to vapor the indian ban also includes the production import and distribution of isa's. african swine fever and growing consumption in countries like china have significantly increased european pork exports but the boom may be short lived stricter regulations in
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europe require more animal friendly conditions that can only be met by making bold investments for many small businesses it's simply too much. they're busy in the cold storage unit at the simón slaughterhouse in reiman polack net these poor carcasses are being exported to china since april deliveries have sharply increased african swine fever is rampant in china at the moment it's estimated that around 200000000 pigs had to be called. in all of europe there are currently around 136000000 pigs just compare the numbers if all of europe were to sell every last pick to the chinese we still wouldn't be able to close the demand gap. farmer d.-o. shorts a pentagon has profited from the increasing exports he sells his piglets for the highest price in years but he's still not happy about it as new laws on animal welfare and environmental protection are pending for example south are to be given
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twice as much space for the farmer it means cutting the pig population in half or increasing the science of the stables that could cost up to $5000.00 euros per stone. because with higher costs and fewer benefits we're supposed to invest it's in comprehensible especially since it's not known if the african swine fever problem in china will be solved if it is then it's not certain what will happen next prices will go down and we'd have to compete massively on prices with other countries but across other big problems that we've all been given for. many farmers like hendrik i sure don't want to invest in new stables compliant with new animal welfare and environmental protection regulations by should chose to give up his farm all his pigs have been sold and the arable land leased to remain competitive he would have to take out a loan to build a new stable the 40 year old hesitates to make new investments. you
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know run and it does all that's a lot it's not that easy to invest a 1000000 euros there are so many regulations you have to comply with big time. around 2200 pig farmers have given up in the past 2 years to meet the demand ban on is buying pigs from france and belgium and spain the number of pigs has even increased by 4 percent. in spain pick farming has a social value it's an important economic sector as a rule the requirements are not as strict as they are here so of course more pigs will be kept there than here this year. a paradox in a period of extremely high prices for pork farmers are insecure about the planned animal welfare and environmental legislation it's making them reluctant to invest at all. and before we go controversial and international dispute about waste
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management indonesia is saying enough to plastic waste coming from industrialized countries the decision to send containers back to where they came from was unprecedented and made headlines all over the world in june for example here in germany of the country had to take back containers full of old plastic no one wants to deal with. the business model itself is actually in scandal. indonesian companies by containers of waste from industrialised countries to recycle and resell as raw material. this garbage is often full of toxic materials and the indonesian government has had enough of it. customs officials are taking a look at imports of 3 suspicious companies this container comes from australia. 547 containers must be sent back but we have decided to let these containers go.
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since china close its borders for plastic ways last year more and more of it has landed in southeast asia in the philippines. indonesia customs authorities and all those countries are now tightening their controls governments there don't want the region to become the dumping ground for the world. and that's all for this edition of business thank you very much for watching i'll see you next time or whenever you want on e.w. dot com slash business where you can also watch this and all of our other shows so you next time take care.
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discover. subscribe to documentaries to. come to. us about topics that affect. climate change. with each passing day of the continuing conflict in syria more and more children their future may be fading away. with every classroom damaged or destroyed. every
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child we can see the horror of. every family fleeing the violence we can't risk losing an entire generation of children to death and despair. because they are the future of syria. in the throes of the literature festival here in berlin and we'll find out more about african author chimamanda ngozi adichie also coming up it's back. and europe correspondent. returns with his baking bread series and he'll be here in the studio.
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but we begin here in berlin a piano literature festival which is a platform for presenting contemporary developments in all forms of the written word writers and academics from around the world come to the festival as well as of course the literature loving public the nigerian author chimamanda ngozi adichie is one of the top african writers around today and we met up with her at the festival . in the. present is enough to feel the holes like here is the literature festival entirely chimamanda ngozi adichie is greeted like a pop star that's one of the great voices of world is richer is also a feminist icon. and really just a writer you know i want to stay home and write poetry and dream but there are things about the world that make me so angry that i didn't want to try and make a difference in have books deal she deals with racism and sexism at 19.


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