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it's called explosive devices and it's about topics that affect us all pollution climate change and the turn. the only reason for. this is the news coming up election preparations in the midst of. afghanistan has seen sustained attacks from britons over the last 3 days but where does that leave presidential elections at the end of the month. also coming up the death of a diplomat and a company one of that china demands on saul's top of a giant panda on a good window into thailand dies suddenly plus. the pensioners with a farm group on their health being told is no excuse for these senior citizens in
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china. daily exercise routines. i'm very welcome. it's good to have you with us. 1st the u.s. taliban talks ended and then there was the explosion of violence over the past 3 days of violence on has seen numerous attacks mainly orchestrated by the taliban all in the middle of an election campaign on tuesday taliban suicide bombers killed at least 48 and wounded dozens in twin blasts one was at an election rally in central afghanistan and another in central kabul near the u.s. embassy on wednesday gunmen tried to storm a building in jalalabad killing 4 and injuring 12 and on thursday at least 20 people were killed in a taliban truck bomb attack in southern afghanistan more than 90 people were
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wounded. for more i'm joined from kabul by journalist i lead at the feet the presidential elections are should do for the 28th of september and with all of this violence that we are seeing in the past few days what chances are that this election is going to be a success. that's the major question as we've seen there have been several election rallies that have been targeted earlier this week there was one northern province one our 1st elections where the 1st day of campaigning were targeted we see another election campaigns in the east also come under attack so there are rumors that it meets in late but nothing is confirmed and this is really the question of will people be willing to come out at a time when the taleban have said adamantly that they refuse to allow the elections to go on they've warned people not to attend election rallies saying that you know you will be targeted and so far fortunately it seem to have kept up with that
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promise what effect is that having on the people of afghanistan looking forward to these elections. i think for i think from the start these elections have been under question because earlier you know there was the matter of the taliban talks in washington in doha between washington and the taliban and people were wondering if elections would even go on and then when donald trump sent out that series of tweets on september 8th that sort of answered the question that moved slightly the elections will go on but now with all of these security incidents you know today we had an attack that the taliban claimed responsibility for in the southern province of zabul we had a u.s. airstrike that killed civilians so there are a lot of questions and there will be a lot of people wondering you know is it worth going out to vote for these politicians who can't seem to secure their own election rallies where does that leave the. talks between the u.s. and the of these talks now these talks are not is the new prior to getting the
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election. that's exactly right and that has sort of been at least for the current administration that's always been the priority and a lot of people who support this current administration were very happy that the call talks were called off essentially for the reason of the election and the current government president and his government has said that once the elections are sorted out and if they are successful the 1st thing they will move on to is this idea of negotiations because the one thing the last 18 years of this war have taught is that there is no silent solution to this war and the only solution will be some sort of a negotiated settlement. i mean if you joining us from kabul thank you very much for that thank you. these guys behind me they're cute and cuddly so very non-threatening what better ambassador could you have to show the soft side of a wall superpower china has for decades loaned out giant pandas to win hearts and
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minds around the world but that diplomacy has done to tragedy in thailand after spending the last 16 years at the chiang mai zoo trying trying died there suddenly on monday he collapsed shortly after doing what he liked best stacking on bamboo leaves trying trying to a passing has sparked public outrage in china with many demanding answers on how the rule on boy met his end. and minute silence for chung chung. the giant panda died suddenly in his enclosure at thailand's chiang mai zoo on monday leaving staff reeling. thought we left it and nurtured him so much i hope everyone will miss him like we do. you know in. chiang arrived in thailand on long term loan from china in 2003 along with a female panda lynn who way the pair were an instant his among the type public.
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the zoo's attempts to get them to mate with the nation but ultimately failed despite the use of videos dubbed panda porn to encourage chung chung to copulate. he finally became a father through artificial insemination this is working with a team of chinese experts to establish the cause of death. according to the memorandum of understanding between thailand and china. the autopsy on the panda needs to be performed jointly with chinese authorities. in way remains that chiang mai zoo the only giant panda now living in thailand. and joining me for more on this story is. who lived and reported in beijing for
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many years in a fed welcome at 1st sight i mean giant pandas like trying trying they are actually part of china's diplomatic outreach into the world isn't it i don't think many people are aware that this is the case and what prompted china to begin this kind of diplomacy in the 1st place well as a national symbol i can't think of any country that has quite as powerful a national symbol as china and the pound it's central to the thinking in china i suppose and in 1971 when richard nixon pres u.s. president richard then u.s. president richard nixon went there as a way of sort of cementing this new friendship as china began to open up the chose the pond and the era of panda diplomacy was born and so i think it just seemed like a perfect symbol at the time so clearly the chinese state take this very seriously but so are people in china especially in relation to the death of trying trying let's just take a quick look at some of the public anger in china that's showing up on social media
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here in some way bo comments we want to show you beginning 1st with this user who saying i always thought that china shouldn't known pandas to strengthen differ mattick ties with other countries foreign countries don't necessarily know how to take care of and does pandas are already a vulnerable species males are posting images like these raising questions about the pandas diet this year's implying the zoo was mistreating the panda by feeding it what sticks instead of bumble. if you seen these comments no doubt why are there these suspicions that the band does death was negligence on the part of the tile thought of dues well i think it shows just the 1st of all the level of affection with which a pound is are held. i think is always the suspicion that even though that these pound is a mean given to various zoos around the world when i say given they've been there basically lend zoos are required to meet these very strict standards about how
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they're fed and they have to pay a huge amount of money often for the privilege of having the pandas on it but i think there's a suspicion somewhere that foreigners don't maybe take it to seriously is that enough. and also that given that at the moment there's a lot of tension surrounding china's role in the region i think there's a certain amount of paranoia possibly creeping in where people are. netizens feel that there's something there's something mysterious afoot when it comes to how that for example was looked after in thailand when you lived in china for a number of years on know that you yourself had the opportunity to encounter. years of breeding and realizing this taken very seriously in china is about it is there's only about $700.00 pounders left by some the numbers differ but they're in very few left in the wild and it's very difficult to keep track of them one expedition we went on was looking for pandas and we searched for 2 days to no success although we
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did find evidence of that there were some pandas in the area but in the breeding center in sichuan for example in chengdu. they've they've developed this incredible program for breeding for looking after young pandas so it's really it's something it's a national obsession in a way and it's also to just exporters and it come any people end up going to the center but i must ask you i mean it is kind of diplomacy as it is called doesn't work. i think i think it does a lot to i mean they are very cute creatures. i think it's done a lot to sort of soften china's image in a way you know particularly as china is opened up over the last say 4 decades and obviously there's been it's been up and down over the period but i think the pound is have been have been sort of all the way through people love them people even ponder skeptics when you see a pound for in the flesh it will warm your heart it's in softening up china's image but maybe not making it cute and cuddly you know exactly maybe that's a bit of
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a stretch clifford couldn't thanks very much for coming in. china's population is growing old at a faster rate than almost all other countries and that poses huge challenges for policymakers making sure senior citizens stay fit is one way to help decrease the number of people with chronic illnesses we meet a group of retirees who can offer some inspiration. stretching and building muscle. these seniors are not letting age slow them down at this public exercise park in beijing. retired farmer use song long as one of the regulars the 68 year old devotes 8 hours a day to keeping fit and staying limber he thinks it's the best way to remain mentally sharp and physically independent as he grows older. your may ferndale. good guy nothing to do since i retired there's no point staying
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at home so i come and do exercises of all you value your area and go to the gym and swim and work on my muscles and play billiards. and do whatever makes me happy every day i don't think about anything else to follow me here who called it. working and also keeps 82 year old one being shann busy program go down bad my children are grown up my grandchild's at school i have nothing to do so i exercise that i get up at 5 have breakfast at 6 and then i exercise. the seniors know they can't stop the years passing but they can keep their bodies strong and athletic as the time takes by. half spending just looking at that that's of an hour we need an all over the route back at the
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pet fair in shanghai if looks as it is be delighted for the next pair of us. the bench are some of the famous naturalist and explorer. too soon to bring to the mix some dough from him bones 250. working on a voyage of discovery. expedition in boyhood on dino. welcome to the book is leaving here for details to fly in to talk about. this
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coverage. for poor. people we have to go back let's have a look at some of the other matches around the league you still shaking in their boots you can breathe a sigh of relief so you don't want to. go. to w. what way launches what could be the world's smartest 5 g. phone in munich today but does it have a fighting chance on the market without access to popular ops like google maps. also on the show is that right between the e.u. and south americas marker so dead in the water lawmakers in austria reject the agreement shooting down one of the world's biggest trade. the gig economy creates thousands of jobs but most of them are temporary and comes without any social
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security benefits the child on both sides of. this is business and on the dog is welcome. unveiled its 1st new smartphone since the us added it to a trade blacklist the chinese company has been showing off the made 30 and made certain cro at a launch event in munich today because of restrictions on u.s. companies working with the new smartphones are not expected to have any google apps and will say that could put many potential customers off new features of the made 30 include a 4 lens camera. and . the studio he's a tech expert based here in berlin mark how do you see the chances for this kind of smartphone on the market without access to popular maps like google and it's not.


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