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lives around the world. needed urgent assistance. family starts october on. this is g.w. news live from berlin tonight who will lead israel to the election delivered another still made and now political leaders are battling for the top job digimon netanyahu is calling for a coalition government with himself as prime minister centrist video guns also once that coalition but with himself at the helm we'll bring you the latest on this our competition from jerusalem are coming on your face. regardless of the context of
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the circumstances is all was unacceptable because of the racist history of black face canadian prime minister justin trudeau who says he never should have done it will the scandal over blackface pictures from his past wrecking his reelection chances and after 20 years of negotiations a trade deal between europe and 4 south american countries is now in danger of collapsing as lawmakers in austria rejected the landmark agreement with the workers who work bloc and drifting on polar ice with the deep sea and international missions said still to monitor the impact of global warming on the arctic.
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i'm going off to our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcomed in israel the people the voters have spoken and that is now part of the problem tuesday's election produced no clear winner israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his main political rival benny gantz are now both vying to be the country's next leader conses centrist blue and white alliance says it will never sit in a government led by netanyahu and his right wing likud party. a handshake and a smile to seal benyamin netanyahu surprise off a power shot with benny gantz man in the middle israeli president freezing rivlin threw his support behind the idea but it was rebuffed just hours later the party leaders who were attending a state memorial for nate's left wing statesman shimon peres during a speech in s. and yahoo gave a nod to the coalition for which to buy paras with conservatives in the eighty's.
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when there was no clear victory in the knesset parliamentary elections shimon opted for national unity and agreed to cooperate in order to navigate to a safe shore. in this election there was no clear winner and i call on you as a president that has worked together again to bring the state of israel to say for sure. it's a later press conference said he does want a unity government but we let by him. do you can't approach forming a unity government with all these different parties and political spin do you have to come at it with honesty dignity and sincerity of israel centrists are in total opposition to the government led by netanyahu and have accused him of trying to
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track the country into a 3rd election in the move to create a broad coalition. or for the latest now we want to go to our correspondent on your kramer she's on the story corps in jerusalem tonight good evening to you. we're at this point that follows every general election in israel where the president plays a crucial role talk to us about what has to happen now. yeah that's right in texas now too it's now shifting to president richland who today has appealed again to all the parties but mainly to benjamin netanyahu and the guns to do that best to get out of the state now what is happening on sunday the president will start consultations with all the party leaders that will come one after the next and they will make their commendations as to who they want to see to form the next coalition government now this process might usually take $2.00 to $3.00 days but
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because it's such a. complicated situation it might take a bit longer than next wednesday the official election results are expected to be published and then president clinton could then announce who he will toss with forming this coalition does not have pressure. on him with this because everybody also wants to avoid of course to going for another election sometime soon yeah and understandably so we know that netanyahu has suggested that he and guns could do a so-called premiership swap after 2 years is that now out of the question. mr netanyahu was referring to a unity government and the $98.00. where there was a rotation of premiership but many guns in his short answer today in his statement
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he didn't really address netanyahu directly but what he say it is that if there is such a unity government then he would be under his leadership so that would put basically an end to the idea to have a rotation. and that goes along with what blue and white have said all along during the election campaign that they would not sit with the prime minister who might be indicted for several corruption charges and the cream dykeman hearings form this netanyahu are in about 2 weeks and i'm telling you is it the 2 leaders who are standing in the way i mean for likud and blue and white to form a coalition government together what has to happen. well you know peter number 2 of the blue and white has said it very bluntly actually you spoke off the pentagon's today and he said there's only one problem we
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don't have come with it he could but we do have a problem with netanyahu if there wouldn't be netanyahu would pick could be a unity government and that's what they have basically said all along and there's another problem as well since yesterday prime minister netanyahu at formed a bloc you had consultations with his traditional coalition partners the smaller right wing national religious and ultra orthodox parties and they have pledged that they will be staying loyal to him and that they're from the block and would only enter negotiations in such condition talks to get this is a bit of a problem for people in white who have said today again that they would look for a broad and liberal government so they're all kind of problems and all kind of complications still and you know it's still a bit unclear how this will move for but definitely not a simple solution that is for sure tanya great reporting tonight from jerusalem
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tanya thank you were dozens of civilians have been killed in 2 separate incidents in afghanistan a u.s. drone strike targeted a hideout used by islamic state in the eastern province of no longer are but hit workers in the field instead and the taliban have claimed responsibility for a truck bombing next to a hospital in the southern city of. even by afghanistan's standards these bloody times this hospital in the south of the country pulled the brunt of a taliban truck bomb on the 3rd consecutive day of violence and bloodshed in the country at least 20 were killed almost 100 wounded many of them patients. we had peace the surge in violence comes after u.s. president donald trump called off peace talks with the taliban which could have seen a withdrawal of u.s. troops that combined with the taliban's desire to dissuade people from voting in the presidential poll on september the 28th has led to the rise in the attacks but
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it is mostly civilians who are taking the force of the blasts and bullets in what have become near daily eruptions of violence. most you can count there are many civilians who were martyred and wounded you know when you and you cannot even see one military officer among them. this is the plot of the pakistanis and enemies of freedom of our country that is what happened on tuesday to separate taliban attacks at a campaign rally for president ashraf ghani in the central province of part and and another in kabul left almost 50 people dead that was followed by a gunman and suicide bomber storming a government building in jalalabad on wednesday and killing 4 people then hours after today's taliban attack news of merged of an overnight drone strike in the province which killed at least 30 civilians apparently collecting pine nuts in the
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forest all collateral damage it seems the taliban said today's target was not the hospital but a nearby government intelligence department building although that makes little difference to the bereaved and wounded. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world to these alstad president is in awe of a demon ali has died in exile in saudi arabia that's according to his lawyer he ruled the country for more than 20 years from 1907 until he was forced out of power during the arab spring in 2011 he was 83 years old liberia is in mourning after a fire at a school killed at least $26.00 children and 2 teachers it happened in the capital monrovia the boys were asleep in the school dormitory when the blaze broke out firefighters believe a faulty electric cable may have been to blame north america is facing several severe storms hurricane humberto has lashed bermuda with winds of up to 200
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kilometers per hour tropical depression imelda has delusions southwestern texas with 30 centimeters of rain flooding roads and causing schools to be closed and tropical storm jerry is expected to turn into a hurricane and reach puerto rico by saturday. the racism scandal surrounding the canadian prime minister justin trudeau appears to be getting worse video has now emerged of trudeau wearing black face now he had already apologized after time magazine published a picture of him wearing brown make up at a party back in 2001 it was taken when trudeau was a 29 year old teacher the affair is a bombshell in the middle of an already tense canadian election campaign trudeau was out on the campaign trail in winnipeg where he spoke about what has happened
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let's take a listen to what he had to say just a short while i want to begin by saying a few words directly to racialize canadians who face discrimination every single day in their lives even in a country like canada. what i did. hurt down hurt people who shouldn't have to face intolerance and discrimination because of their identity this is something that i deeply deeply regret darkening your face. regardless of the context of the circumstances is always an acceptable because of the racist history of black face and should have understood that then. and i never should have done. that was the canadian prime minister there just introduced because you're a leader today here in europe austria's parliament has voted to reject a trade deal agreed to by the european union with 4 south american countries vienna
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could now veto the agreement between the e.u. and the murkiest or bloc it took 20 years to negotiate this deal and it could now all fall apart. austria is the latest country to cost out on a deal that's been 20 years in the making for the past several months the planned agreement between the european union and for south american nations has shown signs of on ruffling a trading relationship worth $88000000000.00 euros a year is at stake the e.u. exports $45000000000.00 euros of goods to brazil argentina parekh y. and euro quite each year the markets are a block sense almost as much back the deal would remove to she's on over 90 percent of good c.e.u. exports to marcus or that includes cars textiles and chemicals markets are countries for their parts would benefit from reduced tariffs on opera
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cultural products including poultry and beef. images like these of the amazon burning have prompted countries including france luxembourg and arlen to threaten not to approve the agreement brazil in response accusing the bloc of using environmental concerns as a mosque for discontent among edu farmers but with austria now adding its voice to the dissent the way forward for this long fought for deal is paved with obstacles. court in japan has acquitted 3 men who were in charge of the fukushima nuclear plant which went into meltdown after the tsunami of 2011 now the former executives of the tokyo electric power company known as tepco are facing prison sentences of up to 5 years if they were found guilty of professional negligence it was the only criminal trial that came out of that
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disaster. for the victims of the fukushima disaster thursday's verdict was the bitter disappointment a japanese court exonerated 3 former executives in the only criminal trial over the nuclear meltdown those who had hoped to see them convicted vented their frustration . we cannot understand it we are not satisfied. in these 8 and a half years so many people were forced to leave their houses. 6 forced to leave their homeland. 7 and still remain displaced and unable to decide where to live. how would you feel if your house today were taken away from you 4. this is extremely frustrating. the 3 men have been senior officials at tepco the company that run the fukushima daiichi plant the court cleared them of
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professional like the germans finding them not guilty of causing the deaths of 44 patients whose health deteriorated after being a vacuum waited from a local hospital. the tragedy was triggered 1st by an earthquake then came a tsunami finally a nuclear disaster after 3 of the plant's reaction cause melted down hundreds of thousands fled from their homes to escape the radiation the ground and water around fukushima remain contaminated even today many homeowners aren't allowed to return the clean up work by tepco is expected to last decades. those whose lives have been affected continue to take to the streets an independent commission concluded the disaster was manmade and foreseeable and that it could have been avoided with better safety planning previous court rulings have ordered millions of
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dollars in compensation to be paid out. the plaintiffs in the criminal trial are now considering an appeal a final date in the long cents for accountability michael penn is a journalist with the she get sue news agency in tokyo and he explained the court's verdict today this was kind of the verdict that everybody was expecting the prosecutors not just once but twice refused to indict anybody over the nuclear crisis and they were only forced to do so because citizen panels on 2 different occasions according to a local system overrode the prosecutor's decisions and essential early forced the prosecutors to prosecute the case but the japanese system itself the political system the elite system didn't want to hold anybody accountable and that in the end that's exactly the results
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a giant nuclear accident and nobody's responsible. it was michael penn there reporting from tokyo relations between britain and russia have been frosty ever since the attempted murder of a former russian spy and his daughter last year in england the scrip all case web london to accuse moscow of exporting state sponsored terrorism on to british soil but some say the kremlin's criminal reach does not stop in the u.k. the recent fatal shooting here in berlin of a former chechen military leader allegedly by a russian citizen as thrown at new questions was he murdered in germany on orders from the russian state for something that he did 20 years ago 20 years ago when russia was the enemy. by was it in 100 that it's a question his ex-wife manana tivo can stop thinking about she says and wish readers sought asylum in germany in 2016 because he was being pursued by the russian secret
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service. who is mechanical system where he played a priest and we will warn that something could happen at some point but i never thought such a brutal attack could take place so easily here in germany where the security services the police and the law are among the strongest in the won't say to me seeing. this 20 search has really was causing the spark unveiling to be easy to mosque a man in the bicycle approaching from behind and fired several shots at the edge of gunman flat but was soon caught the dangerous of the 2 men quickly raise suspicion . the victims in hunger sheer will spirit in his home country georgia he belonged to the minority chechen community there until 2005 he had been a commander in the 2nd chechen war against russia that put human moskos least of want to terrorists. an attempt had been made to his life 4 years ago.
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which i think he was killed because of his role in the chechen war most of. all these problems started when he came back from the war which is getting. the name of the alleged gunman is. according to his passport hereafter in germany shortly before the attack possibly using a fake identity the investigative group belin could believes says the nation may have been ordered by the russian secret service. all standing pass the cruiser in the passport used by the subject and in his visa application. possible but. the name given on the passport doesn't exist in any russian database
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and it was a dark one too for eunice. did moscow order the killing. since the end of august to the suspected assassin has been held in this building prison and is mounting to silence his russian passport was issued under the name but in circles a false identity according to media reports so the suspicion to confound russian secret services would become to focus on. a few of the in state prosecutors who want to comment on speaker lation about russian involvement. with the into going with it and the motive behind the attack is difficult to pinpoint we haven't found any evidence of a classic motive from the world of organized crime we haven't found any personal motive between the parties i would presume it is more to move. the case is being followed across europe so deal is a german member of the european parliament he says spell in slow call authorities
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are overwhelmed and once federal prosecutors to take over the investigation. i think it would be a wrong here to hesitate because it is about our resilience as a country and it is about our security situation and threat it's better to act fast and the situation like this. the official reaction so far has been to slow film and not. even though she knows the situation sensitive. case has the potential to shake up german russian relations. well into a climate research mission that will see scientists from all around the world voluntarily trapped in ice for a year they're going to be in the german icebreaker known as the polish stand now it will set sail from the norwegian city of rome so tomorrow and it will be bound for the arctic now the scientists plan to do something never seen before to anchor
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the ship to a chunk of pack ice and about with the aero ends there and then allow the water to freeze around them effectively trapping themselves in ice the drifting ice should then carry the ship further north if you see right there with the dotted arrows and that will allow the crew to conduct experiments throughout the arctic winter here's more on the stands unprecedented journey. at 1st the arctic research ship. will be able to journey north under its own steam navigating through it. but soon afterwards the much tougher conditions. for it will drift through the arctic ocean surrounded by pack ice on its way to the north pole and beyond. the ship boasts an extensive network of measuring stations designed to collect data
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on interactions between ice and the atmosphere. because the arctic is warming up faster and faster it is considered the epicenter of global climate change. the expedition aims to gain better understanding of the arctic influence on global climate change the data collected by oceanographers could be valuable for the future. during their journey the crew of the. will be accompanied by ice breakers from china russia and sweden. and helicopters will deliver the necessary supplies. this expedition is international 600 people from over 60 institutes from 17 countries are on board the extraordinary experiment will last 350 days and travel 2500 kilometers it may be the last of its kind because of global warming
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continues at the present rate in the arctic could already be ice free by the summer of 2030. foot ball frankford kicked off. the. lead in to have time after a red card for core arsenal scored 2 more goals in the last 5 minutes. the rugby world cup begins on friday and for the 1st time the tournament is being hosted in asia japan is the venue less than a year before tokyo holds the olympics the host nation kick off the action against russia but the favorites new zealand are already stealing some of the limelight the all blacks are aiming to win their 4th world cup. rugby fever is gripping japan and even tell you here is most famous statue that she carried the dog is getting in on the act organizers say the tournament is nearly
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a sellout hoffa 1000000 fans from all over the world are expected to its hands. tied to a job well if you want to do it with we want it to look either surprise to me like i like advertising there is a lot said jerseys everywhere yeah i know that it's really cool that. this tournament and everything that comes with it will be seen as a test for japan ahead of next year's tokyo olympics the country isn't one of rugby's powerhouses but nonetheless it has a long and proud tradition with the sport during the cup it was to this i want japan to win but i also like new zealand hakka so i want easy to do that best. japanese schoolchildren performs the haka traditional merry dance to the new zealand team it's supposed to strike fear into opponents of the defending champions
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are more than capable of doing that on the road they start against another contender south africa on saturday and it's only play accel their return it's a pretty smidge. more pressure there is the world cup and. it stands with the standings and then certainly it's too. strong performances in the group stage will be key in the u.c.l. and win against south africa should set up an easy apos to the final. thought you need of you news live from berlin after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around for that.
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what i call the 77 percent talk about the. front part 2 flashes from housing boom boom time this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this week t.w. . tomorrow in $150.00 countries there will be few if any students sitting in the classroom they will be outside in your face the global climate strike is set to be the biggest and most important event yet in the fridays for future movement to stop global warming a movement aimed at waking up the world and the leader of it all is a girl named gretta tonight the children on the front lines against climate change
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trying to save us all from ourselves i'm burnt off in berlin this is the day.


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