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this is the news live from bourbon deadlock it is right a lot of the country prime minister netanyahu called for a coalition government with himself as prime minister after elections on tuesday centrist benny gantz is rejecting the office saying he should be at the helm in state also coming up. giving your face. regardless of the context of the circumstances is always unacceptable because of the racist history of blockheads. the canadian prime minister justin trudeau says he never should have
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done it will it the scandal of a black face pitches the right to speak the reelection. and the arctic in danger and international mission said sile to monitor the impact of global warming on the frozen north and scientists drifting through the puddle. i'm anthony held welcome to the program in israel the voters have spoken and once again to live it and inconclusive results she's days elections did not produce a window with a clear path to forming a government israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu and his main political rival been against and now both vying to be the country's next leader based against a centrist blue and white alliance says it will never sit in the government led by
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netanyahu and his right wing likud party. a handshake and a smile to seal benyamin netanyahu surprise off a power share with benny gantz man in the middle israeli president for even rivlin threw his support behind the idea but it was rebuffed just hours later the party leaders were attending a state memorial for late leftwing statesmanship on paris during a speech in s. and yahoo gave a nod to the coalition forged by paris with conservatives in the eighty's. when there was no clear victory in the knesset parliamentary elections shimon opted for national unity. agreed to cooperate in order to navigate to a safe shore. in this election there was no clear winner and i call on you as a president that has worked together again to bring the state of israel to say feels
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. it's a later press conference dan said he does want a unity government but be led by him. you can't approach forming a unity government with all these different parties and political spin. you have to come at it with honesty dignity and sincerity of israel centrists are in total opposition to the government led by netanyahu and have accused him of trying to track the country into with 3rd election in the move to create a broad coalition. for more on the israeli election let's bring in. director at the school of public and international affairs that. you wrote about the think political divide in israeli politics before the election is that divide even brighter now. absolutely i think israel is
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a divided polity right now we have had 2 major elections there were the last 5 months that testified to destroy it and we see this stalemate and paralysis of israeli politics right now and there is lot of problems as to you know where there is either gentleman will be able to form a coalition government will you be hinting to it yet a 3rd election there is a non-person all love lost between these minister netanyahu and mr ganns there is a dead division between the secular vision of israel's future and the move religious agenda of some of the religious parties and of course then their presence and a good showing of the arab bloc has also cause problems for where people like mr liberman or even mr ganns to for a coalition with them in the alliance so the question that is what do you think will actually happen now can a unity government before. i think the strategy that i expect is that
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mr ganns and his to netanyahu each perhaps in turn we don't really try to form a government into smaller parties and only and only if that the strategy fails that you come to this notion of forming a coalition government but you know that's all going to be dependent on whether you know one and greece to be led by the other is the gans has been making the argument that he does not want to be in the government led by mr netanyahu because of the corruption charges levied against him so what does this instability main in israeli politics what does it mean for the greater range and of the middle east they think . well you know this is happening at a time at the very crucial time in the region as we have seen with the attacks on
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the as saudi oil installations you know the devor in yemen you know the situation in syria etc etc so i think riled the israelis you need to put their how political house you were there mystically in order to be able to deal with some of the challenges in the neighborhood as far as the main concern for the state of israel which seems to be you know iran. i'm sure that they are not necessarily looking at what has happened last week in saudi arabia with any degree of comfort and you know mr netanyahu is hard line approach against iran is something that you know he wants to be able to continue the meeting of the united nations was a runner for an opportunity for him to do that with now because of the paralysis he has to his lead to missed that opportunity as that bears out the director of the
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school of public and international affairs at virginia tech thanks spare time now to some of the other stories making news around the world news he is the president ben ali has died in exile in saudi arabia according to his lawyer he ruled the country for more than 20 years from 9097 until he was forced out of power during the arab spring in 2011 it was 83 years. the european commission says it has received new documents from the british government that outline ideas on brink working the contentious breaks of the 4 still to sadat trying to reach a compromise on the deal after the u.k. parliament already rejected it multiple times. to afghanistan now where dozens of civilians have been killed in 2 separate incidents a u.s. drone strike targeted a hideout used by islamic state in the eastern province of neg but instead it is said to have hit workers in
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a field and the taliban have claimed responsibility for a truck bombing next to a hospital in the southern city of kalat. even by afghanistan standards the bloody times this hospital in the south of the country bore the brunt of a taliban truck bombing the 3rd consecutive day of violence and bloodshed. and least 20 were killed almost 100 wounded many of them patients we had peace talks scheduled the surge in violence comes after u.s. president on a trump accord of peace talks with the taliban which could have seen a withdrawal of u.s. troops that combined with the taliban's desire to dissuade people from voting in the presidential polls on september the 28th has led to the rise in attacks but it is mostly civilians who are taking the force of the blasts and bullets and what have become near daily eruptions of violence most you can't touch but there are many civilians who are martyred and wounded you know this idea and you cannot even
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see one military officer among them that this is the plot of the pakistanis and enemies of freedom of our country and it just went. on tuesday 2 separate taliban attacks at a campaign rally for president ashraf ghani in the central province of pov on and another in kabul left almost 50 people dead. that is followed by a gunman in suicide bombers storming a government building in jalalabad on wednesday and killing 4 people. but civilians haven't just borne the brunt of the taliban's attacks overnight a u.s. drone strike targeting an i.a.s. hideout in a province reportedly killed 30 workers who were resting in a field the taliban has said 2 days target was not the hospital but a nearby government intelligence department building although that will make little
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difference to the bereaved and the wounded. racism scandal surrounding canadian prime minister justin trudeau is deepening video dating back to the 19 ninety's has now emerged of mr gove wearing blackface and on thursday time magazine published a picture of him wearing brown face at a party in 2001 trudeau has apologized for the images saying they cause deep hurt but he is vowing to continue his re-election campaign. after repeated embarrassing and what the prime minister himself called a racist revelations from his past candidates justin trudeau try to set the record straight that i recollect it but i recognize that it is something absolutely unacceptable to do and i appreciate calling it make up but it was blackface and that is just not right it is something that. people who live with the kind of discrimination. that far too many people do because of the color of their
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skin or their history or their origins or their language or their religion. face on a regular basis and i didn't see that from the layers of privilege that i have and for that i am deeply sorry and i apologize. again such contrition came on the back of an earlier frank explanation and apology in 2001. i was a teacher in vancouver i attended an individual for the theme was arabian nights. dressed up in a loving costume and put makeup on. i should have done. should've known better but i didn't. and i'm going to sort all of which indicated how his past could derail his future trudeau wearing brown face at
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a party in 2001 and on other occasions have set the elect. in campaign a blaze opposition politicians have been scathing this is so hurtful to so many canadians people who have faced injury both in physical violence and in people who haven't been able to get jobs because of the call there's now are waking up to seeing the prime minister of this country there are the realities some were happy to call trudeau a racist directly wearing brown faces in our open market and racism is just as racist in 2001 as it is in 2009 he. has been stated as a young dynamic progressive who has made political play out of his support for diversity and multi-culturalism say for him this charge of racist offense could be more damaging than for his rivals cracking his catholic curated public image. a german icebreaker ship is set to begin again
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a long mission to monitor the impact of climate change on the arctic will drift freely through the polar ice as it measures the extent of warming. and 1st the arctic research ship will be able to journey north under its own steam navigating through a thin sheet of arctic ice but soon afterwards the vessel will face much tougher conditions. for it here it will drift through the arctic ocean surrounded by pack ice on its way to the north pole and beyond. the ship boasts an extensive network of measuring stations designed to collect data on interactions between ice sea and the atmosphere. because the arctic is warming up faster and faster it is considered the epicenter of global climate change. the expedition aims to gain better understanding of the arctic influence on global
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climate change the data collected by oceanographers could be valuable for the future. during their journey the crew of the poor l'arche will be accompanied by ice breakers from china russia and sweden. and helicopters will deliver the necessary supplies. this expedition is international 600 people from over 60 institutes from 17 countries are on board the extraordinary experiment will last 350 days and travel 2500 kilometers it may be the last of its kind because if global warming continues at the present rate then the arctic could already be ice free by the summer of 2030. and quickly before we go we ask you what kind of animal is this. it's a zebra but not as you know it this one i'm spotted one way called was discovered
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by 2 a god 4 in kenya is massive i'm our national this is it is extremely rare pattern is likely the result of a genetic mutation kira as he's been christened has called caused quite a stir at the national with toy drive isn't photographers opening for a look that's it for now i don't film is up next they believe. it is time to take one step further and face to him it's. time to snatch the. fight for the truth. to overcome down dreams and connect the world it's time for t.w. . coming up ahead please.


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