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tv   The Day  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2019 6:02am-6:30am CEST

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the students sitting in the classroom they will be outside in your face the global climate strike is set to be the biggest and most important event yet in the fridays for future of movement to stop global warming a movement aimed at waking up the world and the leader of it all is a girl named gretta tonight the children on the front lines against climate change trying to save us all from ourselves i'm for golf in berlin this is the day. i want you to listen to the scientists. the reality is my generation has been committed to a planet that is collapsing. and i wanted to pick tonight's find signs. to president truck climate science is real it's not a hopes and then i want you to take action can you really look them in the eye and
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say no sorry i couldn't do anything because that country over there didn't do anything so if they're not going to do it and i'm not i'm from sweden it's a small country and that is the same argument why should we do anything just look at the us. also coming up with the u.s. iranian yoyo of war and peace one day the u.s. is threatening a military response today tehran is threatening war with washington suddenly playing the diplomat we are still striving to build out a coalition i was here at active diplomacy while the foreign minister of iran is threatening all out war as the fight to the last american. puts you our viewers on p.b.s. in the united states and all around the world welcome we begin the day with the children and the grown ups this week on capitol hill in washington d.c. in a series of. heated ugly serious and inspiring congressional hearings we were shown
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2 very different worlds both competing for attention and resources there were the angry adults sheltering accusations at each other but having badly and then there were the fall teenagers on their best behavior reminding the grownups to keep their voices down and their minds open of this is what it was like when you as president trump former campaign manager spoke at an impeachment hearing as for actual collusion a conspiracy there was none what there has been however is harassment of this president from the day he won the election the president trump wanted you to intimidate attorney general sessions correct you'd have to ask president trump that may ask the question another way are you the hit man the bag man the lookout or all of the above i think i'm the good looking man actually i'm just not be happening answer your question or you could have a conversation by yourself but if you like to ask me questions i'll be happy to
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answer and continue the reason is we don't ask me a question i want to make and i time this is a house judiciary not a house party. you know those were the adults the young people that we heard from this week they spoke about responsibilities that are far beyond their years there was joshua won the issued a plea to lawmakers to help him and his fellow hong konger as in their struggle to preserve democracy and free and fair elections despite being genes rule that appears to be getting heavier all the time and joshua had plenty of company yesterday the 16 year old gratitude there appeared before a congressional committee and showed what considered reasoned and selfless commitment to a kohl's can look like a 16 year old told a committee of lawmakers most of whom are old enough to be her grandparents that they should focus all their powers on the climate crisis and not on her or any
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other public figure no cult of personality instead a reminder to respect themselves and the plan i have not come to offer any prepared remarks at this hearing i mean stead attaching my testimony. it is the i.p.c.c. special report on global warming i am submitting this report as my testimony because i don't want you to listen to me i want you to listen to the scientists and i want to tip it unite behind the science and then i want you to take real action everyone who will walk up to me after this testimony saying that i have such a bright future ahead of me will be lying to my face it doesn't matter how talented we are it doesn't matter how much work we put in how many dreams we have the reality is my generation has been committed to a planet that is collapsing the fact that you are staring at
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a panel of young people testifying before you today pleading for a livable earth should not fill you with pride should fill you with shame to president trump. climate science is real it's not a hoax it's accepted that humans are having a negative impact on our climate as a proud american as a lifelong conservative and as a young person i urge you to accept climate change for the reality it is and respond accordingly when your children ask you did you do absolutely everything in your power to stop the climate crisis when the storms are getting worse and we're seeing all the effects of the climate crisis and they ask you did you do everything can you really look them in the eye and say no sorry i couldn't do anything because that country over there didn't do anything so if they're not going to do it then i'm not that is shameful and that is cowardly and there is no excuse to not take action to not improve how as much as we can in the united states i think i don't need to add in this ng but just another perspective i am from sweden it's
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a small country and there it is the same argument why should we do anything just look at the u.s. they say so just so you know that's that is being used against us well. well it has been a week of accusations and threats of military retaliation between the united states and saudi arabia of one side and iran on the other following saturday's airstrikes on saudi oil fields u.s. president trump blamed iran and said that the u.s. is quote walked and loaded implying ready to strike back but yesterday drop called for new things sions against tehran and nothing more since then the word from washington has been diplomacy where today iran took over the role of issuing threats when he was asked what the consequences would be in case of a u.s. or sold the strike on iran iran's foreign minister of odds are if answered. and
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all well war we don't want war we don't want to be gauged in a military confrontation a military confrontation will have a lot of casualties but we won't blink to defend our territory given serious comments today about all an act of all out the work does that change the calculation and you can do is an opportunity for some sort of peaceful resolution to this certainly that's what the president trumpets what america always wants we'd like a peaceful resolution did i think we've demonstrated that we are still striving to build out a coalition i was here at an active diplomacy while the foreign minister of iran is threatening all out war as the fight to the last american. well the simmering conflict between saudi arabia and iran is increasingly affecting iraq which like iran is a majority shiite muslim country iraqi shiites are concentrated mainly in the southern part of the country including the major cities of karbala and najaf so
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having suffered repression for a long time during sought saddam hussein's sunni dominated regime they now have over the girl power but tensions between them and their sunni fellow citizens well that tension remains shiite militias formed after the u.s. invasion of iraq continue to operate in the country they are loyal to iraq's shiite prime minister but also to neighboring iran perhaps more so than to their own country. a show of how intense times hundreds of shiites some to some celebration finishing them going to training at a base now cadillac. they want to let the world know they're ready for battle. anyone who prefers them must count on retaliate. you know especially with the popular mobilization forces are a decisive force in iraq the u.s.
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and israel want to weaken it even though it is supported by the iraqi government. just because no other group in iraq is more powerful than. almost. in 2014 iraq's grand ayatollah cool to fight is to take up arms against the so-called islamic state tens of thousands of shiites he did to school and phone to the popular mobilization forces or hush hush on the militia the pm a 4th alongside the iraqi army they were armed and trained by neighboring iran which calls itself a defender of shiites today there are roughly $140000.00 feiss possibly more loyal to tehran than baghdad and united in the hatred of the us and israel. but. back then everyone answered our religious leaders called. at 1st we didn't have weapons today the p.m.a. is a recognized military force on the side of the prime minister. the weapons we've been
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supplied with are very good. but for a few weeks now the troops weapons decker's have been hit by explosions at least 5 since mid june the militia claims they were attacks carried out by israeli drones israel's military has neither claimed responsibility for the explosions nor deny this. now the popular mobilisation forces have to take revenge from an escalation of violence is becoming more likely. all chivvied may not have the chairman and they're very afraid of us that's why they've attacked these bases. we have strong fighters and we've learned a lot in our training and will not break our will me me me of a form that i that. they want to destroy us and our youth the heroes of the hostile shoppy show but for every one they killed 10 new fighters will arise if they hunted
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and if they are out what. can i say i was. engines are increasing in the region especially in iraq and a confrontation between the us and iran the crisis ridden country could once again become a battleground even if each side is playing the opposite. over more on this growing volatility i'm joined now by becca waters an analyst at the rand corporation specializing in u.s. policy in the middle east she joins us tonight from washington ms walters good to have you on the show i want to pick up on that story we just saw there in iraq for having me it's good to have you iraq is getting more attention since last weekend's attacks in saudi arabia because of the strong influence of iran in the country are we looking at a future with iraq torn in 2 between tehran and washington. well there are the some of these tensions that preexists and have existed for some time
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there has been longstanding iranian influence in iraq at the same time that there's been strong u.s. influence based on you know the 1st gulf war as well as continue to us force presence in iraq compounding that there's also influenced by other actors such as russia and china both of which are noted i was strategic competitors for the united states so there are all of these different actors that are existing in the iraqi political and diplomatic space and you know the jockeying for competition and for greater influence is likely to continue for some time there was real showing good saudi arabia that the oil facilities there could be so easily targeted and destroyed so you know after the shock then comes the realization and that being the saudi arabia cannot defend itself as well as was assumed is there an added
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responsibility for the united states. well it is if the united states chooses to make it an added responsibility that saudi arabia has for a long time fallen under the u.s. security guarantee that said saudi arabia is not a treaty ally of the united states and not to signal matters so the u.s. is not obligated to come to the defense of saudi arabia that said given the longstanding security relationship between the 2 you know it is likely that the u.s. would try to help saudi arabia and defend saudi arabia from conventional attacks in particular but makes this quite difficult is that this is hack is actually quite asymmetric in nature and it's been very difficult to. show exactly how it is tied to iran which has led to a little bit of reticence on all sides to respond because it's unclear what take of
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response would be proportional and what should be done but it's likely that the u.s. is going to try and shore up saudi security as best as best it can last week we were talking about something very different a possible fall in the really in u.s. relations the national security adviser john bolton he had been saw your trunk was reportedly considering easing sanctions on tehran he was reportedly open to a meeting with iranian president rouhani at the u.n. with no preconditions today rouhani was granted a travel visa to come to new york next week has all of that hope that we were we had last week has that been lost after the saudi oil attacks. no i don't think it's been lost i think there has been demonstrated restraint in terms of her sponsors from saudi arabia as well as the united states have not been
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to friends i would definitely be telling you that perhaps things looked a little bit bleaker but it seems as though there's been a bit of a push towards diplomacy the u.s. has responded only by saying sions thus far and even though secretary of state compare has called the attack an act of war there has not been a military response and it seems as though a lot of what's being discussed is perhaps maybe just merely an increase in u.s. force presence and that leaves the door open for diplomacy and for conversations to be had about the best ways to move forward. with iran but also in terms of regional stability i want to ask before we run a. belt israel. benjamin netanyahu may not be prime minister much longer the u.s. president has reportedly not spoken with mr netanyahu since the election and when he was asked about the election results president said our relationship is with
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israel is the trouble ministration in your opinion losing one of its fiercest foreign leader. well in this case president trump is not wrong the relationship is not merely just the relationship between the personal relationship between him and bibi netanyahu but also the relationship is really about the united states as a country as well as israel as a country so by not trying to shore up power or some type of support for netanyahu personally he is actually staying within the lines of and bounds of his office and ensuring that that strong relationship remains should netanyahu not remain in power. all right was here with rand corporation ms was we appreciate your time and your valuable insights tonight thank you thank you.
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relations between britain and russia have been frosty since the attempted murder of a former russian spy and his daughter last year in england the script for caves led london to accuse moscow of exporting state sponsored terrorism on to british soil but some say the kremlin's criminal reach does not stop in the u.k. the recent fatal shooting here in berlin of a former chechen military leader of legibly by a russian citizen has thrown up new questions was he murdered in germany on orders from the russian state. but i was in 100 really murdered it's a question his ex-wife monitored tivo can stop thinking about she says and was really sought asylum in germany in 2016 because she was being pursued by the russian secret service. a smattering of those the more brilliant it appears to me we were warned that something could happen at some point but i never thought such
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a brutal attack could take place so easily here in germany where the security services the police and the law are among the strongest in the world if you will soon. august 23rd hunger really was causing the spark in 1000000000 to be easy to mask a man in the bicycle approaching from behind and fired several shots but the alleged gunman fled but was soon caught the identities of the 2 men quick your a suspicion. the victims in hunger sheila was buried in his home country georgia he belonged to the minority church and community there until 2005 he had been a commander in the 2nd chechen war against russia that put him in moscow sluice of want to terrorists an attempt had been made on his life 4 years ago.
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i think he was killed because of his role in the chechen war. and you know it shouldn't all these problems started when he came back from the war. in. the name of the alleged gunman is a lot of according to his passport hereafter in germany shortly before the attack possibly using a fake identity the investigative group betting cared believes says the nation may have been ordered by the russian secret service. it's in our giving. us the clues are in the passport used by the subject and in his visa application. to pass. out. the name given on the passport doesn't exist in any russian database and also into fitness. did moscow order the killing. since the end of august of the suspected assessment has been held in this building
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prison and is montagne his silence his russian passport was issued under the name but in circles a false identity according to media reports so the suspicion the confounds russian secret services would become the focus of the british. people though in state prosecutors who want to comment on speak relation about russian involvement. with the into the motive behind the attack is difficult to pinpoint we haven't found any evidence of a classic motive from the world of organized crime we haven't found any personal motive between the parties and presume it is more to. the cases being followed across europe so gilligan's q. is a german member of the european parliament he says spell in slocum authorities are overwhelmed and wants federal prosecutors to take over the investigation. i think it would be wrong here to hesitate because it is about our resilience as
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a country and it is about our security situation and threat it's better to act fast and a situation like this. but the official reaction so far has been to slow showmen not to teach. even though she knows the situation sensitive. case has the potential to shake up german russian relations. is that going to happen to talk about that i'm joined here at the table now by our security analyst christiane good to see you christiane so we don't know that much really about what investigators have found so far and i guess we are going to look to our crystal ball here i mean how likely do you think it is that a foreign secret service was behind this murder and i mean do you think it was the russians right now john investigators are trying to find out who this guy really is the alleged killer is in custody and he's shows absolutely no will to cooperate
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there were some newspaper reports saying that the u.s. secret service gave some material to the drum some evidence that shows that the alleged killer is in some form connected to was some certain russian state agencies true or false we don't know jump investigate just staying absolutely quiet and do we know what you know what interest would the kremlin have in seeing this chechen leader or former chechen leader dead well congresswomen was a farm a wall lot he was the leader of a brigade in the brutal guerrilla warfare against russian troops after the wall if left to georgia than they did to ukraine eventually he ended up here in berlin where he asked for asylum. off the record investigators say this guy had many enemies not just in russia and not just in the russian army and if you analyze
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that whole case politically there are some doubts that russia really could be behind the killings because russian president vladimir putin is pursuing the sort of reach and crease strategy right now he wants to break up the deadlock the diplomatic deadlock his country is in he wants to get rid of the sanctions understate all that killing and that in that face could derail the whole strategy that's a good point but we know that putin is a man if you carries a grudge and he doesn't forget do you see any similarities with this case and with the sergei screwball case in the united kingdom last year well in the past russian hit teams have killed some formal wallets would take more if you were abroad and these cases are now being really analyzed the scriptural case to me looks a bit different because mr script was officially labels to be
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a traitor by the russians and in this criminal case we know that the 2 agents would try to poison this description that were members of the russian secret military service this is not the case perhaps not yet the case here in berlin now if evidence does come to light pointing to russian involvement in this murder. what is that going to mean for german russian relations it would be years serious blow was serious damage to german russian relations and that's why in my view why russian government officials extremely cautiously reacting on that whole affair if there's any proof that russia has that the russian state has all of that killing germany had to react perhaps by even imposing new sanctions against moscow but if you do that you have to be 100 percent right sure otherwise if you. falsely accuse the state of committing crimes or feel soil it would end up in a diplomatic disaster and we know i mean you've covered politics here
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a long time you know that the german government is very careful anytime it is talking about actions that may or may not have been taken by the brush in state or security expert christiane triple as always christiane thank you. and the date is almost done but the conversation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at d w news or you can follow me at brighton t.v. don't forget to use our hash tag the day and remember whatever happens between now and then tomorrow is another day we'll see you then everybody. the from.
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the from. the w.c. talk show strong opinions clear as issues from international perspective young people worldwide are gathered expected to be the utmost in harmony protest in history will their strike joints politicians into action to address the climate crisis in greece the changes that are taught me. closer to the point next time he took us. to take in
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a man is never satisfied i always have to know something can only achieve artistic quality if you question. the recipe for his international success and. 'd john knowing my eye has been hinted at. since 1973. devoted his life to. 45 minutes long until you. know that 77 percent blockage are younger than 6 o'clock. that's me and me and you. think you know what it's time all voices i want our own good 77 percent to talk about the issue i got my. front
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porch to flash from housing boom top this is where they are. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend on d w. young people around the world are leading a mass strike protesting in action on a climate crisis that is making itself felt worldwide in heat waves droughts forest fires and storms will the tangible effects of global warming and the protests of younger generations who will bear the future price crunch truly decisive moves by.


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