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this is the w. news live from berlin demonstrations and strikes planned around the globe today calling for climate action the rallies are taking place in cities and towns in some 150 countries demonstrators want world leaders to do more to protect the climate we'll be taking you inside the protests also coming up. imprisoned in ice the biggest polar expedition in history will get frozen in the ice and just go with the flow while scientists monitor the impact of climate change on the arctic plus
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darkening your face. regardless of the context of the circumstances is all was unacceptable because of the racist history of black face made him prime minister there just for those saying he should never have done it will a deepening scandal over a black face photo drams this bid for reelection. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us millions of people around the globe are gathering today for a day of climate strikes they want their governments to take more action on climate protection ahead of a key u.n. summit next week now israeli hosted some of today's 1st mass rallies with similar protests expected to be unfolding across about 100. 50 countries in the hours ahead
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the demonstrations are being held in solidarity with environmental activist brother tune burbs friday for future movement which invites young people to stage school strikes for climate action. well throughout the day we'll be checking in with our correspondents reporting from climate protests all around the world let's go 1st to the philippines capital manila or ws on a santos is standing by for us good morning to you and i can you tell us what's happening where you are. i guess you have it but you. have got it so. i guess i'm. there to. get somewhere. and there are some damn. groups these are. from the community. and.
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that are concrete action. because there is no mad. at that colorful guy who does the pokey. and i'm going to have to break it off and we have a very bad connection sorry to say so we're going to break off and we're going to go to manila now from manila to rather the taiwanese capital taipei and let's try to bring in our correspondent there. phoebe we have a better connection looks like where you are what's happening in hong kong today where you are. well i'm now in downtown taipei where they were in taipei rather students from universities high schools and even primary schools they are now holding a press conference right here right behind me and also some the students they are 10 and participate in this press conference to a school time today and they read out to you why may change that gratian which is
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to address the climate change problems. and they want to ask the politicians specially the presidential election candidates to express this hope and that is to put this issue and put it to them let's watch and phones that is to curb the greenhouse gases and also to control it has to rise. to 15 paris crime is committed so that if they go and this is the 1st activities to take off to one week long movement in taiwan so there will be a serious protest and also street talks to address the climate change problems all in the coming few days ok taiwan is of course at particular risk from climate change are people there the people you've been talking to especially concern phoebe about that. well to be honest climate change is not the most popular mental issues here in taiwan people here. i
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am more concerned about the issues especially of the nuclear power 2 and the generator and that the potential pollution generates. the nuclear power and the safety issues so that is the main concern but on climate change issues is very like . a close to the because no one is either in nation this you have mentioned so. they activists and students and now they want to raise the public awareness to was the problems and to i asked him to say what he should just stop and speak because this is like very much about will affect the taiwan. kong for us in thai pay in taiwan thank you very much for that phoebe. well the initiator of the fridays for future strikes for the term bird is to spearhead a rally later today in new york now last month she traveled to the u.s.
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to be on hand for next week's un climate summit it was her appeal that has mobilized so many young people why do we live john why do we want. scientists and veyron mental organizations and politicians have been trying for years to make the climate a matter of urgency in vain a 16 year old to 2 morgue has done it to him bird braved the open sea on a 2 week voyage of puerto yacht from europe to the u.s. to bring her message to the american president a self-proclaimed climate skeptic in person the media follow the trip closely. the climate and ecological crisis is a global crisis and the biggest crisis humanity is the face and if we don't manage to work together to cooperate and to to work together despite our differences then we will fail so we need to. to stand together and support each other.
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and to take action it all started about a year ago every friday connected to him back protested in front of the swedish parliament and in so doing spark the fridays for future movement just a few months later the schoolgirl mobilized millions of people for the climate suddenly young people all over the world took to the streets like here in india. and mexico. or in australia. or in europe. after her arrival in new york at the end of august back made it clear at a meeting with un general assembly president mary espinosa the she hoped the upcoming climate gathering would lead to concrete action you want the summit. to be some kind of break. in. where people start to realize what is actually going on and. so we have high expectations.
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and then the focus is to deliver. now turn bet is counting on the support of her fellow campaigners all over the world and we'll continue to find that. and one of those follow campaigners is now with us here in the studio clara meyer of fridays for future support here in berlin good morning carol good morning what do you want to see come out of today's protests around the world i hope that the politicians recognize us and that they actually start acting that the u.n. climate summit will come up with a real solution against this crisis because this crisis will affect every single one of us ok you know a lot of schools here in germany are giving students the day off without penalty to take part in these strikes why do you think this movement has become so very strong here in germany well. we've seen a lot of stag. in the politics in germany we've had the same chancellor for
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a long time and she hasn't done much we are a country with a lot of resources we are very wealthy country we have the opportunities to become a leader against the fight in the fight against climate change but we are not and that is a scandal and i think that's why people are so frustrated especially in germany of the government isn't doing anything although they have the capacity used to say oh ok you saw stalking to taipei taiwan there and you saw the young people there they're they're not as engaged as we can see there is as we heard of young people here in germany especially if you look at the numbers out on the streets every friday here in germany what would you say to young people in taipei to taiwan. i would say to them this is an issue that will affect everyone on this planet and i hope that even though they might not be striking today i hope that they will in the future because this issue will really affect every single citizen on this planet ok as part of that more and more students are taking part in the strike you know there
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have been families fined for allowing their children to go to to the strikes and their sanctions threatened their families in the future should their children do they do so the argument there is that children should be learning and not protesting. out on a school day what's your response to that i know people who have been fined and i think it's actually like a scandal because we learned so much from the strikes this is not about algebra this is about learning about a real paul like world politics every single one of us has learned so much while striking this is about our future our planet our lives and to restrict people fighting for this cause is a scandal in my opinion ok talking about politics the german government is looking to introduce a number of measures to to reduce carbon emissions here in germany let's take a look at that and talk some more of that. germans love to cycle they diligently recycle when it comes to the environment
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germans like to consider themselves model citizens even angle america was once hailed as the climate chancellor for pushing other countries to acknowledge the scale of climate change merkel's government also decided to phase out nuclear energy by 2022 but still germany is no climate change role model in fact it is one of the countries with the highest c o 2 emissions worldwide germany wants to help these emissions by 2030 experts warn it won't meet this target why it's early exit from nuclear energy made germany heavily reliant on fossil fuels manufacturing transport and other industries also contribute to germany's high emissions. how can germany reduce its greenhouse gases a minimum price for budget airlines is under consideration other ideas include improving public transport to encourage people to use their cars less. the biggest
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thing germany can do is reduce its fossil fuel consumption germany only wants to phase out coal energy by 2038. in the meantime it wants to tax carbon dioxide a carbon tax would make coal and other fossil fuels more expensive. but the proposals targeting fossil fuels have been met with resistance coal miners and other industrial workers fear for their jobs. climate activists have taken to the streets hoping to persuade the german government to take action now. ok kora the actions of the german government is looking at could mean higher taxes a loss of jobs is it worth a climate action trip when you look at that well i think that's always a false way to look at it. last year we lost 30000 jobs in renewable energies. that is not even equal to the slight amount of jobs we would lose in coal and also
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there are studies that the coal miners can actually work in other parts of another businesses but this is about a real issue that will affect every single person on this planet we had time to solve this issue and make it a win win issue for everyone but the government has been sleeping for years and now we just have to realize that this is an issue where we have to do every single measure we can and of course climate justice is a really important factor for us so we want no one left behind we want to tax the rich the people that are flying the most the people that have the biggest cars have the biggest houses that emit the most and those are not the working people ok you call it you're calling it climate justice briefly if you could do you think the politicians are listening and if they're not would be listening after today i definitely think they will after today i mean will have millions of people all across the world on the streets if they will not be listening they're fools for thanks very much for coming in today from the fridays for future here in berlin thanks very much kyra. or staying with the story in
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a german icebreaker set to begin a year long mission to monitor the impact of climate change in the arctic the polar star will drift freely through the polar ice as it measures the extent of warming there now the arctic region has already experienced some of the earth's most significant temperature increases. at 1st the arctic research ship. will be able to journey north under its own steam navigating through a thin sheet of arctic ice but soon afterwards the vessel will face much tougher conditions. for it here it will drift through the arctic ocean surrounded by pack ice on its way to the north pole and beyond. the ship post an extensive network of measuring stations designed to collect data on interactions between ice sea and the atmosphere. because the arctic is warming
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up faster and faster it is considered the epicenter of global climate change. the expedition aims to gain better understanding of the arctic influence on global climate change the data collected by oceanographers could be valuable for the future. during their journey the crew of the pool large will be accompanied by ice breakers from china russia and sweden. and helicopters will deliver the necessary supplies. the extraordinary experiment will last $350.00 days and travel 2500 kilometers it may be the last of its kind because if global warming continues at the present rate then the arctic could already be ice free by the summer of 2030. let's review now some of the other stories making the news at this hour israel is facing a political impasse after inconclusive elections on tuesday centrist benny gantz
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has rejected calls from israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu to form a unity government netanyahu would opposed leading the coalition but dances blue and white party says it will not form any alliance with the prime minister. 36 migrants have been rescued from an overcrowded wooden boat in the mediterranean that at the request of maltese authorities the migrants were transferred to a rescue ship the no region flag ocean biking where they joined another 182 margarets who were picked up in the waters north of libya earlier this week. tunisia's ousted president ben ali has died in exile in saudi arabia that according to his lawyer he ruled the country for more than 20 years from 1970 until he was forced out of power during the arab spring and 2011 he was 83. it's to canada now where a racism scandal surrounding canadian prime minister justin trudeau is deepening
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video dating back to the 1990 s. has now emerged wearing black face on thursday time magazine published a picture of him wearing brown face at a party at an elite school where he taught in 2001. go has apologized for the images saying they caused deep hurt but he's vowing to continue his reelection bid . after repeated embarrassing and what the prime minister himself called racist revelations from his past candidates justin trudeau trying to set the record straight that i recollect it but i recognize that it is something absolutely unacceptable to do and i appreciate calling it make up but it was blackface and that is just not right it is something that. people who live with the kind of discrimination. that far too many people do because of the color of their
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skin or their history or their origins or their language or their religion. face on a regular basis and i didn't see that from the layers of privilege that i have and for that i am deeply sorry and i apologize. ok such contrition came on the back of an earlier frank explanation and apology in 2001. i was a teacher in vancouver i attended an individual for the theme was already in nights. in a lab in costume and put makeup on. i shouldn't on. should've known better but i didn't. and i'm not the sort of all of which indicated how his past could derail his future trudeau wearing brown face at a party in 2001 and on other occasions have set the election campaign ablaze
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opposition politicians have been scathing this is so hurtful to so many canadians people who have faced injury both in physical violence and in words people who haven't been able to get jobs. because of the whole there's now are waking up to seeing the prime minister of this country there live he's somewhat happy to call trudeau a racist directly wearing brown faces an act of open more free and race was just as racist in 2001 as it is in 2019 and a shooter who has been stated as a young dynamic progressive who's made political play out of his support for diversity and multi-culturalism say for him this charge of racist offense could be more damaging than for his rivals cracking his cafferty curated public image. let's talk about this more now with nature krishnan she's a senior writer at vice canada who just put out
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a piece on this story and how brown facing has affected her personally thanks so much for coming in you know 1st off me as you grew up and canada and you experience as a child i really enjoyed your article thanks for writing it. you you grew up with this and you spirits that yourself and when you saw justin trudeau how did you feel what did that bring up for you. at 1st i was just shocked by that image and as more images came out i realize how upsetting it was i realize that you know it felt like he was making a mockery of you know my culture i'm in d.n.r. he was dressed as a latin quote unquote so it just felt very insulting to me movies surprised when you saw the images with everything we know about justin trudeau being of course a staunch defender of minority rights he has a very diverse cabinet we surprised yeah i was surprised it was
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a very jarring image and it's in a sharp contrast to his public image of being very progressive ok now now in your piece you say that to devotion to come up with some answers so that people of color in canada especially can trust him again can spend on that a little but yes a cave dodged a lot of questions i did not answer the question of why black face and brown face. he didn't explain that all why he chose to do that not one time by several as hiram's minimum of 3 times at this point so i felt like he was just sort of been sitting around the answer and saying that it's offensive and he understands how he didn't know it and at age 29 and. i just feel like we deserve a better explanation for why he thought it was appropriate to do that ok what would be some explanations that would satisfy you that would make you happy if it just
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sort of came out with a i mean i think honestly personally i think the truth is he just thought it was in using and funny and he hasn't outraised that so to me on the scene would be better than him sort of dancing around the question ok to be straightforward and stand up and say this is this is what happened i thought it was funny it's not ok. in regards to that you call him a privileged white dude who grew up in a bubble and wonder if you some laughing behind your back it's quite a strong in the say about the prime minister just think other people of color encounter feeling that way today i mean i know definitely within my friend group there are people who are feeling that way he is a privileged white dude he is the son of a prime minister he's part of a political dynasty at the school he was teaching at a very posh hall you know 20 grand a year to go to kindergarten there so like let's not care selves he is a part of that. and yeah i do feel like part of this is he has this public
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image behind our backs he's dressing up in brown face in a best case scenario what should this incident do for cata especially for privileged white people i mean for me at what bothers me is that people see canada as this like b. and you know progressive politics they always compare it to the u.s. i would love for people to realize that we have our own races we have our own issues trudeau is not the be all end all and i would love for people and to actually take that and realize that ok after all this or are you going to vote for him next month we have a journal i'm a journalist i wouldn't talk about back ok well do you think it's going to to affect is. chances of being reelected but realistically i don't
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think this will be like an issue and in the polls but maybe more people will say oh misha christiane thanks very much for your ergo and thanks so much for coming in and speaking so forthrightly and honestly thanks ali about this issue thank you very much. well we're in china now that country's population is growing older at a faster rate than almost all other countries and that poses massive challenges for policymakers making sure senior citizen stay fed is one way to help decrease the number of people with chronic illnesses we meet a group of retirees now who can offer some inspiration. bending stretching and building muscle these seniors are not letting age slow them down at this public exercise park in beijing. retired farmer use song long is one of the regulars the 68 year old devotes a use hours a day to keeping fish and staying limber he thinks it's the best way to remain
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mentally sharp and physically independent as he grows older. you have nothing to do a since i retired and there's no point staying at home so i come and do exercises for you your you go to the gym and swim and work on my muscles play billiards. and do whatever makes me happy every day i don't think about anything else to follow me here for part of it. working and also keeps 82 year old one being shut down busy program goes and that my children are grown up my grandchild's at school i have nothing to do so i exercise that i get up at 5 have breakfast at 6 and then i exercise at. the seniors know they can't stop the years passing but they can keep their bodies strong and athletic as
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the time takes by. this is news these are our top stories tens of thousands of protesters are gathering for a day of climate strikes around the globe participants demanding governments take more action on climate protection ahead of a key u.n. summit next week australia hosted some of today's 1st rallies with similar protests expected in some 150 countries. the racism scandal surrounding canadian prime minister justin trudeau is intensified multiple images of him wearing a black and brown face that events dating back to 1990 have been publicized crow has apologized for the images saying they caused deep hurt but he's vowing to reach into news election that. israel's facing a political impasse after inconclusive elections centers benny gantz has rejected calls from prime minister benjamin netanyahu to form a unity government and yahoo proposed leading that coalition but dances blue and white party says it will not form an alliance with him. the state of new news live
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from berlin don't always forget you can always get more at our website w dot com for now though for me brian thomas an entire team thanks for being with us.
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w.c. talk show strong opinions clear as issues from international perspective some young people worldwide are gathering evidence expected to be the ultimate harm and protest in history will their strike job politicians into action to address the climate crisis you can read the change that's or tommy. pushed the point to. 60 minutes to. look into the what is the game here
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for india. so. we're going to talk about something. that's a little. more. what's the connection between bread but home and the european union dinos guild mountain job you correspondent at the baker john stripes loose in line with the rules set by the teachers. who know. nothing recipe for success strategy that make a difference. baking bread on d.w. . or cream that. little milk and i'm just i'm going to drunk new delusion born in this book it's personal it's
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divisive it's about topics that affect us all a lot of pollution climate change and the return. the real sense shut out. the whole world is talking about climate change including the german government needs to find a way to cut greenhouse gas emissions inhofe by 2030 business is alarmed to it might cost them an arm and a leg. also coming up germans drink less and less beer butts and their homegrown wold still built up the glasses around the well.


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