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tv   Arts and Culture  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2019 12:45pm-1:00pm CEST

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we've been reporting on the international literature festival in berlin writers from around the world ahead to give readings whole discussion panels workshops and generally meet and greet their fellow walthers and of course their fans the writer under ask them and will be with me in a minute but 1st more about the festival. celebration literature the international literature festival is happening now in the german capital p.d. you can not only listen to those reading from the works but discuss all manner of topics with literature fans from all over the world. is there are 200 authors from 59 countries and someone from our team counted them there are very many languages being spoken. there are also cross disciplinary events inspired by young adult literature. french author clementine birthday's coming of age story a little it's for example gets a magical transformation courtesy of pupils from the berlin ballet school.
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and to film i've never seen all the different chapters of the novel dance before brilliant. much travelled berlin author mark martin is here with a very important work his book dissident thought the tryst 20 leading dissidents who offered resistance against dictatorships of the right hand of the left they told me about what happened without any sense of self-righteousness and they were also with these stories are not only stories but rather ones that continue on today in conflicts in which democracy is again entre tag before strong messages and a lively stimulating atmosphere this is the international literature festival. and one of the stars of the festival joins me now. thank you for coming in and most famous of course for the heartwarming story of love that is called me by your name
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i haven't seen the movie but i believe you recommend people see the movie before they see the book strange coming from an author well actually authors usually complain about the film that's made from their novels i think that people should see the film 1st so that they have a good idea what the plot is and then to go from there and read the book and delve deeper into the soul of a leo. tell me about the book why was it why did why was it important for it to be a gay relationship and not a boy meets girl relationship i thought about that initially i was going to make it a boy girl relationship but then i said what's going to be so different about a boy and a girl who meet in the summer in italy and fall in love with each other i mean the only other outcome would be that some disaster might happen and so i decided to go for the not of us and make it a boy boy and once i decided that automatically i had within
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a week 30 pages written and as it was i was consumed by it. and the movie which came out 2 years ago. it got it all scuffed the best adapted screenplay which you didn't adapt yourself now writers are very protective of their writing so why didn't you because through the screenplay i wasn't sure i wasn't asked to 1st of all and 2nd of all i wasn't sure that i was competent enough to write a screenplay so and since james ivory was available for it i wasn't going to sort of quibble with that i mean i was going to ask how did i mean we're talking about much in diver yet you know james ivory was at one point i believe going to direct it yes yes and then they decided to have look at what then you know direct it and i think that's how it turned out which is wonderful because one did the screenplay and the other did the directing i cannot imagine 2 directing directing
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simultaneously the same film both with big egos and you seem to be obviously quite happy with the very very i think i'm the only one the only author was never happy with the film rendition of his novel because it was wonderful it moved me i was surprised by so many things that i had written in fact they took many words from the book and adapted it to the film and it still worked and i was still surprised and moved so very happy well if we may we'll just now see just a short clip from the movie. so. what do you do run or read books transcribe music from the river go out at night sounds fun write later muscles of a straight body in the star choose their own careers sometimes impossible. for ageless ambiguity and super daring you to design.
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things that matter. you know a thing. or a future. there is revealed actually that the title of the book call me by your name and they called each other by that name each other's name but i told you before we came i read the book a long time ago it came but it see if i remember right it seems sort of ambiguous in the book the 2 lovers never she say they love each other now because i never use the word love i avoid the word love it it's a important word let's not forget but it closes many doors from the point of view of an author you have a cactus tells another character i love you ok now it's obvious what's happening we
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know and that's the end of that if they don't say and this think it was due to each other at least at 1st then you have an open field then there are so many interpretations it becomes richer and of course when they say call me by your name and i'll call you by my what they're really saying is we are transferring identities back and forth and if you are capable of doing that you have a state of intimacy that's far superior to just oh i love you. you mention intimacy that you said in another interview that writing call me by your name has taught you about intimacy and love and this intrigues me because you you are the reisa so it's your experience so how is it teaching you how is your right teaching you about intimacy and now because as you're writing you not just putting words on the computer you're actually discovering things in the world in yourself
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in the characters you're learning and that is something that all writers do they learn from what they write they don't know exactly where they're going with things but they're learning and i learnt about intimacy in the state of the. because of the descriptions of things that they do together it is they're so intimate that i said oh my god i have invented this but obviously i'm learning it at the same time and i just got time to ask you there is a sequel yes called find me yes coming out in october can you tell me anymore no. but it is presumably the same characters the same characters with their father as well and things happen in their lives and they are sort of missing each other. as they run thank you so much for covering it always even the sequel it not over it's called find me thank you thank you for his today
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the british sculptor anthony goldman is one of the most important working today his works are recognized all over the world perhaps his most famous is the angel of the north a $200.00 ton monumental work named gates said in northern england that cannot be transported to the exhibition of course that starts this weekend in london's royal academy but so much more is that as the london financial times has said it is quote a symphonic store of a shop. in the beginning we have a very small tiny bodies in a huge wold you could almost stumble as the sculpture of connie 16 year old daughter. the opening act of antony gormley show at the royal academy this massive show should not be seen as a retrospective 69 year old artist insists it's a kind of look partridge for experimentation and. it's about engaging with the total physical experience of moving through 12 rooms each of
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which is inviting you to be in that room. with those works in a very particular way the exhibition spans 40 years of artistic creation gormley found his subject early on the body in space the artist who was a fan of buddhist meditation has remained faithful to it ever since they take different form of those basic ideas about scale space the darkness of the inside of. growth natural processes they're all there in the work that he was making at school. antony gormley became famous with his sculptures they pop up in quite unexpected places and he picks both the artist himself and everyone else they encourage people to think about what it would be like if things were different on the head for example.
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the rooms at the royal academy are reinforced with steel plates to support gaullist legal works matrix for example weighs 6 tons it symbolizes the rapid urbanization of the world. i think sculpture in a digital age is critically important it's still it's silent it doesn't need a roof it can exist on the street in the mountains on top of buildings and simply be there and be a kind of acupuncture of our daily experience. saying what is or asking that question what is a human life where are we going how do we engage with our time. maybe those questions are all over the map. goalie's words are timeless yet relevant to an age in which our lives are becoming increasingly disempowered more
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digital. the final installation post a room submerged under sea water. a reminder that we are. whole bodies in a space that was there long before us and that will also monstrous. wow for downton abbey fans the wait is not another series but a movie so many of the cast made their name in the famous series it was difficult to get them all back together but finally it's happened i leave you with a taste of the film and the crawley family are awaiting a very special visitor to. when . the king and queen coming to town to watch the. receptionist again bob. the parade i'm getting back to work up to
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sit down. there is go to the under control hardly a. tiny jail help cussing be there in the morning my lady come to her. mum. d.w. some talk show strong opinions clear as issues from international perspective some young people worldwide are gathered it was expected to be the largest of the garment protest in history will there strike joints politicians into action to address the climate crisis you've been removed from the changes that are tightly comes. close to the point to cut to 30 plus upon the good. old.
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don't believe that she wasn't you. don't tell me that that's enough. for you and the joint should come off in the morning. since alice pumps. out to the magic master. w far enough.
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this is the. demonstrations in stride around the globe for climate action the rallies are taking place in cities and towns in some $150.00 countries demonstrators wanted to do more to protect the climate taking you inside the protest.


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