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tv   Eco India  Deutsche Welle  September 20, 2019 5:30pm-6:01pm CEST

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you know what it's time all voices. on this 77 percent talk about the up. for all parties to flash from housing boom top this is where. welcome to the 77 percent. this weekend. we've often short little stories of change me because inspiring the people around them to be the change they want to see in the world be made of difference for the better for the every be lives of people and to be and bob meant to do only coin you will dig deeper into how movements come together and why big change occurs when the
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power is in the hands of the people i'm suddenly coming to you from mumbai in india more and more googling gives a movie out the religious and moving into cities sustaining life on agriculture is becoming difficult with every passing day especially if you live in the hashmi just east of maharashtra but remember what mahatma gandhi said the soul of india lies in its religious and in order to transform india it's important to transform the villages and local collectable farmers from 15 villages in the region is trying to bring this top to life by empowering the farmers to solve their problems head on. and. this is the district i'll be in the monarch about engine off. it's known to most as one of the vostro it affected regions in india battling a big email want to. prices as well as struggling with the highest number of pharma
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suicides. or the administratively gin of barley is the most affected but the lowest rates in the country the average in a gated area in india is 40 percent violent early it's a mere 1.72 percent. it's almost impossible to make a living from agriculture many people here are dispirited an indisposition turn to alcohol. but this was partly situation about 3 years ago today the global poly initiative but 15 villages and it's called has managed to read out its story. the lead. but surely.
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the idea was the brainchild of my own gandhi the founder of the initiator was supported by the strength and willpower of all the members of the 15 villages with a collective population of more than 30000. for. the last 3 years have witnessed the revival of 70 kilometers of the river that flows through the region the building of bonn 62 farm ponds 52 czech dams and watershed structures all in a bid to ensure that not one drop of water in the region goes to waste. it was not just my own gandhi but the villagers where very involved. we collected 4 lakhs and we did it without forcing anyone to contribute whatever they could before
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we collected villagers contributed to starting with 10 rupees and some even gave. there was not a single house that did not contribute even if their bread when asked where living in the city and not residing in the village this is how we broadened and deepened. that flows through our lives and i think it is according to the new curriculum. the villagers willingly contributed to become active participants as a last equal in the development of their villages. there are 3 basic reason why we took this 15 villages one is we wanted to create more models we thought that if we were able to take more religious then we can make more models and that can be a model for replication dog and they used to say that religion should be
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self-sufficient so one village cannot be self-sufficient so which is why we took 15 religions and when i went to the villages i realized that villages are like multiple organ failure if you are going to hardly were pulled out of where you work all along pull that over so if you want to really have an impact. then you had to work on all the body parts of the standby. leak you're. keeping in mind the sea lity of the region one of the primary cause of the global bully initiator was to create other opportunities to make a living these alternatives. only on agriculture and farming when also bringing in extra income into their pockets during a good year of harvest. i made the us start when i started to make the check myself my family members were
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concerned and i asked them if i could continue to do this in addition to my daily farm book they said ok so i took time out to do this i now make the check news in the morning or evening that i going to the farm at 10 am and come back at 6 30 pm now i do it as an event i find time to time the sounds of it and goes on a sort of habit so it's. hard work because i'm from mum double lives looks forward to these sessions every day with fellow members of a sales tell through today they are making ground not just me. i feel like. these are then marketed by global curly amongst friends families and corporate
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houses in neighboring cities. due to orders a man can fetch them an additional $3000.00 rupees which is about $38.00 euros. while the men are also struggling the women are struggling back once more to go there to look after the family so if you give them a sort of often called i think it helps that family. and most importantly the woman like some saving to get that for the children for the education for the family so i'm voting woman has got to be the most important thing. is a. development of these villages have played a profound draw in this transformational journey and depression and alcoholism has
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taken over the region in what seemed like an age of hopelessness it was the women who led from the front joining donkeys to lentulus campaign against a scene of a cross bodies religious. class. today not to one of the hundreds of legal shops across these 15 villages off but only remain. from a region making headlines by the largest number of families who sides and a climate of utter doom bali is to be seen as a role model in self-sufficiency and self-reliance.
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global putting up a local where the. global marley has are going to come out and change in the mindset of the people you have there really is what. you needed to build other than for instance a site about only legal store somebody and what they were doing at the party and i thought once this was not about you know you now do what i want to work yes i'm quite a. lot of republican job. as a community with. little bit about who i was. in. one of like. a little girl's house i think you are you have never met a lot of me and that is based on politics based on caste based on religion and now
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we see each other as human beings we don't care if he has land on what religion he belongs to none of these are just going in essence exist. we live in that in harmony and because of that we can now see social and cultural progress you know. when you're talking of a 1000000 i'm what i'm about in a moment to prove i'm living. my. often you only need one person to take the initiative and help more and more people understand the big have to come forward and stand up together to bring about lasting change this is how movements and mindsets of changed. just over a year ago demonstrated alone in front of the swedish parliament she wasn't alone
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for long today her protest movement to stop climate change is called friday's for a future and has gone global it's an impassioned call to politicians to strive for a carbon free future. and that's something that's only possible with renewable energy the swiss adventurer and visionary showed the enormous potential energy by making the impossible possible. currently only powered by kerosene which destroys the environment wanted to change that. powered soley by the sun by 2016 his 2nd navigated the world in it. to the people that's what indian scientists an activist. stands for. corporations that want to genetically modify and monopolize scenes she works to protect the seeds of over 1000 crops by saving them in banks and making them available to follow it's an initiative that protects biodiversity as well as
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people's health and livelihoods. afford to walk just in germany has sparked off an inspiring movement to fight rampant plastic pollution around the world $322000000.00 tons of plastic is produced and consumed every year of this $12000000.00 is in germany and steven whorf is trying to bring people together to reverse this. he's getting closer to his goal. has been passed. for 4 weeks now from the western german city of kabul and from the rhine to the capital berlin and the northeast of the country. the. greatest thing and this was a trip of 750 kilometers it was to come up against your limits when you think you'll never make it then you get a 2nd wind and then you do it this is not my. geminis
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rivers look so clean but 7 years ago stefan started collecting garbage on his kayaking tildes. going over to mist as that's precisely the problem. in rivers in asia you see it immediately because there's so much of it. before here it's not so visible because you've got some over here and some over there so we have to hunted down. but after 6 kilometers we've typically collected 500 kilograms. he started out doing the collecting on his own he'd make an arrangement of the garbage from the rivers photograph it and put it on display it's the photo designers way of making the invisible waste plain for all to see. that's on for 2 of them are i took a photograph that shows a kayaker from above public on garbage this is the average amount of garbage from
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one kilometer of river in germany not in asia and we have to work to reduce that because germany has a lot of kilometers of rivers. in total around 7300 kilometers and staff and horses only traveled a fraction of them so far. alongside exhibitions he also organizes regular cleanup events 7 cities are taking part in this one like oberhausen on a tributary of the rhine. and what you have to look closely i pull out pieces of plastic all over the place to look just like the stones my boats already full up. he's joined by new volunteers at every new stretch. here around 60 cleena opposite on the water and the river bank.
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because i think it makes total sense to not just collect waste from the rivers but also from the landscape around them. and i stop i think it's important to realize that this is not just happening in the caribbean or wherever be aware that it starts here with us i'm saying that. after just 2 hours they've gathered around 2000 liters of garbage last year steffen horse and other kayak has lifted around 30000 liters of garbage from the water you met up with congo. 4 years ago he didn't or on the rhine from southwestern germany all the way to the north sea. it's interesting so i told him that we've been a nonprofit organization since 2016 after our tour back then it was like an avalanche so many people got in touch send emails asking where they could help out . your pattern i couldn't handle it all on my own. but now thank
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goodness i'm no longer a lone warrior more and more people are joining i'm really happy but not quite honestly. stephanie halasz needs as many fellow campaigners as he can get because that's plenty of work to do but he's happy to have come this much closer to his goal of clean water waves. a german nonprofit building group is doing something unique for business professionals to travel to eastern european countries like more to build homes for the socially disadvantaged let's take a look at how this is bringing people together from different realities to work for the common good. it's 9 am at a building site on the edge of the mall to open capitol kishi now 20 young people
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have come from all over the world to build a house together. gordon voice to from the german nonprofit organization build and grow explains that the builders are actually business professionals who are working to help poor families here it's the off to leo and i often see the emptiness and inner dissatisfaction of my colleagues who devise strategies but never get to see the end result this project is completely different here the team works towards a common goal and changes lives and. voiced is 26 years old and works as a business consultant for an international company over the past year he's already built one house together with his colleagues and a moldovan construction company. the company is called unicode walls and it specializes in the particularly energy efficient prefab building system the young firm as a so-called social business 10 percent of their building projects and houses are
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for socially disadvantaged people anatole mallon see it is one of the founders. of the way we built. approximately we make the homes at least 75 percent more efficient a traditional home building. and yeah i think we can contribute to this climate. change initiatives and also protect our environment our words and even the of the event there were less imports from other countries. most housing blocks in moldova were built during soviet times the insulation is poor or in some cases nonexistent in the winter time the heating costs eat up about a 3rd of a normal income those who manage to put a little money aside retrofit insulation to their apartments. but the mustapha family can't afford it they have 2 children their son adriaan is severely disabled
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and requires around the clock parental care. now the most of us will be moving into the new house that's currently being assembled by the business professionals their tiny apartment isn't really suited to a disabled person's needs. but the most of us won't only have a new home alexandru who is an artist and designer will have a new job too he'll be working as a consultant for unical walls the most important building material for unica walls houses is timber each panel consists of a wooden frame which is then filled with polystyrene sheets it's a plastic but it's unbeatable in terms of weight and density the panels are sealed with the fireproof and waterproof sheeting. they unica walls team passes on its expertise by holding regular lectures at moldova's technical university. that the university is training up the
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engineers of tomorrow. and it's made energy supply and efficiency one of its core themes. of day 3 on the construction site and the house is standing now it's time to fit the windows. the basic construction cost $50000.00 euros a part of that was financed by donations from the volunteer workers in 2 hours the kids will be handed over insulation waterproofing still have to be added to the roof everyone is going hammer and tongs to get it finished. when evening comes it's time for the big moment. the most of our family are given the keys to their new home. and it's time to celebrate. meanwhile the family can now inspect their new rooms.
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so it's in such a wonderful day i feel great really great some of the team want to take part in the next house building project to make another family happy the. now in lubbock india's law the most region and engineer is bringing the local community together as part of a fascinating project to store water from the melting d.c.s. in a man needs to ice most villages here face an acute shortage of for the for the summer months of april and may the ice to power project is not only ensuring that the community has enough potable water but is also making sure that big geared up to back to climate change. this is not a remnant of a melted glacier it's an artificial water reservoir the shape of which is
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reminiscent of a buddhist sanctuary a stupa made of ice the idea was conceived by sun among chilcot an engineer from the dock in northwestern india is our ships which have minimal surface area for the you so the sun cannot melt it as quickly as it does what is under the flat ice and therefore it melts slowly as the summer approaches and as it melts it gives its water to the farmers ledecky is famous for the world's highest altitude cold desert in a region which gets only between $50.00 to $100.00 millimeters of rainfall annually the glaciers have been a life source for ages. they provide water for the cities. and for the farmers as well. but due to
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climate change almost 20 percent of the glaciers in the area have been lost in the last 50 years. although the glaciers melt during summer time there is still water scarcity during certain months. what many people don't understand for farmers the challenge of water is only in the springtime if played in me which is when they need to alter and which is when the glaciers are still not warm enough there so they don't melt. a wooden scuffled serves as a skeleton for the ice stupa in winter scarce melt water from the mountains is transported in underground pipes to lower regions. due to the difference in pressure it shoots up all by itself. and the minus 3 in the air will extract the heat in the water and then it falls down and freezes in the shape of a clone and the beauty is that you don't need machines are pumps or electricity or
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fuels or pollution none of that it's all gravity simple pipes. it's summer now this stupa is 5 months old built by the inhabitants of a nearby village originally it held over 15000000 liters of water. about 50000 liters of milk daily. with the water flowing from the i stoop on the village in the valley has enough water available for the timely irrigation of the fields. son i'm one choke is co-founder of the students educational and cultural movement 2nd. because the young people will one day have a say in the fate of the region they need to know how the stupas help the farmers. however in the long run artificial glaciers are only a makeshift solution. i stupors are not just.
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method of making water but it is also a message from the mountain people to the people in big cities of the world it is equally important that you in the big cities do everything to mitigate climate change and change your lifestyle so my message is that please live simply in the big cities of the world so that we in the mountains can simply live. there are now about 25 i stupors in the region to create them it needed just a leap of the imagination what's needed now is change on a global scale. a global vision to tackle climate change is truly abunda for last 30 should and it wouldn't be impossible if people came together in whatever capacity began to make this happen i hope to be as episode has inspired you to join the cause that moves you will be back next week
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with yet another apocryphal king show until then good but it's. a.
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los. los. lobos. this is p.w. news live from berlin the largest climate protest the world has ever seen so say organizers as millions mobilize to protect the environment marchers and more than 150 countries to call on world leaders to do more also coming out to. us doesn't moscow. doesn't isolate.
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and after a marathon talks trauma.


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