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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  September 21, 2019 5:15am-5:31am CEST

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ceremony but then russia threatened to upset the party by securing an early try the hosts hit back though to record a 3010 victory in the pool at clash saturday sees holders new zealand made fellow heavy whites south africa. all right that's all for now up next it's business news with poppy i guess stay tuned for that one for getting catch all the latest on the website at www dot com. welcome to the book is the game here's one defeat we're going to talk about something. that's a little. cool so you don't want to. lose your. job. i was here when i arrived here i slept with people in a room. it was hard i was free. i even got white hair. in
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the german language no not this keeps me and they go to meet the 2 in truck loads and say you want to know their story. their fighting and reliable information for migrants. while tens of thousands demonstrate for climate action around the world germany announces a 50000000000 euro climate protection plan to tackle the crisis industry reactions are mixed. also on the program we'll take you to the south of spain one of europe's main agricultural regions to see the devastating effect of climate change. and investors in paris announce a 5000000000 euro pot for tech firms hoping to pull them away from other tech
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becket's. it's time for business on the w m how are you going to get us good to have you with us the german government has announced a 50000000000 euro climate protection plan to help the country reaches 2030 climate goals some a condom. say it's a good start others criticize the price tag german companies fear they could become less competitive and are bracing for possibly the greatest change just since the industrial revolution. the world's biggest chemical company b a s f claims it slashed its greenhouse gas emissions by half compared to its 990 levels all while doubling production output that could help the company's bottom line now that the german government plans to put a price on c o 2 fossil fuels are about to become more expensive it's a market based approach to boost investment in clean technologies. one thing is certain new climate friendly technologies are expensive that's
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primarily because they need markedly larger amounts of renewable energy and capital investment. investment has been working on for years the company is spending a total of 44000000 euros on developing new electric cars in times on its own. and want is to vital and it's a fundamental and extensive transformation in. the here and we'll see the 1st signs of how successful we will be in the coming years. what the industry as we know it now will no longer existed in and. the german government's plans also call for larger financial incentives for customers to buy electric cars which is why v.w. is onboard with berlin's climate protection goals it's still unclear how high the subsidies will be but one thing is certain berlin wants 10000000 electric cars on german roads by 2030 time now for
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a quick check on the markets for that we're now joined by d.w. financial correspondent jose ways they are on wall street hi facilities it's good to see you as we get to the end of this week what's been driving trading this friday. only 2 things that help your several members have talked about the red card on wednesday is a federal reserve president james will or wanted a deeper one since he sees a recession in the u.s. a manufacturing well fed president eric rosser green said cutting rates the risk of financial instability are no good thing that kept investors guessing and never as it was a chinese delegation canceling its planned visit to a farm in montana and cutting short negotiations after president trump said he doesn't want an interim trade deal and he is not in need of a deal happening before next year presidential elections now has at least climate has been of course a buzzword this friday and it will be a buzzword next week where you are what can we expect. lots of companies
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announcing their commitments to achieve climate goals several firms from a different variety of industries will deliver their plans to the u.n. over the weekend we already heard from amazon but also on monday the companies will make their own pledge aiming for ned 0 emissions something we will need to keep an eye to but i read that too in new york thank you very much for the analysis and have a good weekend now on to other business stories that we're following for you the new york federal reserve bank says it will inject 75000000000 dollars a day into the u.s. financial system for the next 3 weeks as it tries to prevent a spike in short term interest rates u.s. banks have struggled to recent days to find the cash needed to meet core capital reserve requirements that has pushed up short term borrowing rates sharply. u.s.
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president donald trump has announced new sanctions on iran over its alleged involvement in attacks on saudi arabian oil production facilities the sanctions target iran central bank and sovereign wealth fund. japan and the u.k. have signed an agreement to ensure business continuity after brics it the british international trade secretary has been meeting with jennifer mees foreign minister in tokyo 2 countries say they're closing in on a deal for when the u.k. is outside the e.u. will. come out funk is planning to cut $4300.00 jobs and close around $200.00 of its branches germany's 2nd biggest lender said in a stock exchange statement the losses where quote unavoidable the cuts will be partially offset by the creation of 2000 new roles elsewhere in the company commenced bank also plans to dispose of its polish subsidiary and back as part of the restructuring program it's a part of the bank's latest attempt to turn around its fortunes. and speaking off
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turning around fortunes while climate activists still have a hard time convincing climate change deniers the phenomenon is already very real in many parts of the world the region around morris yet in the southeast of spain is considered europe's vegetable garden but a week ago a year's worth of rain fell in just 24 hours with disastrous consequences. it was the worst flood in 100 years and the destruction can still be seen a week after the storm houses and streets were destroyed. but it affected farmers the most one of them is an tonio partitas. his collie flower was almost ready to harvest and now it's been under water for the past week the floods might be his downfall. we're making so little money.
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we can't go on like this. we're thinking about giving up agriculture. a few kilometers away vegetable farmer francisco sanchez looks at the devastation across his artichoke field pieces of asphalt are mixed in with the vegetables. we don't know yet what the total loss is and we need to look at our irrigation systems as the field itself is lost for the next 3 or 4 months you can't plant anything there for now. if you sent a have the farmers association aside listens to the farmers. even if the extent of the damage is not yet known the affected area speaks for itself we think 300000 hectors in the region were partially or completely lost her mind you the question that many here are asking will climate change cause these storms to happen more often in the future at the university of more c
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o one goma's the baro knows that rising temperatures play a major role only that on an ice with the warmer mediterranean you can expect more violent weather phenomena but it's still unknown whether they'll occur more frequently during this time of the fear that this storm was devastating for farmers the representative of the farmers association is now concerned about the storm's effect at the market but we're not getting i'm assuming that 15 to 20 percent of the entire production has been lost or. that up will feel a lot of lemons for export this company is still in business but the boss knows that many others are suffering from the storm. you know what i think if you can't get to the fields because they're on the water you won't be able to harvest your fruit that's the problem but fortunately we have areas that we can still reach even after a heavy rainfall that's why we've had no problems after the flood of the century
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business continues even if many fields are still under water. now and to the battle for talent and innovation cities and countries around the world are stepping up their game to try and become the ultimate hotspots for startups and france also wants to lead in the sector investors there announced a $5000000000.00 euro fund for tech companies and an ambitious plan hoping that they will someday revolutionize the french industry. 5000000000 euros that's the sum french investors this week pledged to pump into starships as part of a push to foster growth in the country's tech scene french president emmanuel mccall himself a former investment banker was quick to show his appreciation. so. we've reached this milestone because of these institutional investors commitment i really want to thank them for their action and willingness to take risks by committing
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5000000000 euros in the next 3 years to french fund specialized in technology i think we can applaud you. the french government hoping the investment will enable the country to cut up with some of its international competitors. will slowly increase investment in this sector and hope to be on comparable levels with the british in the future today we're at 5000000000 the pressure of age of 9 i think this is the goal we should aim for. the government also wants to reduce red tape making it easier for tech companies to hire foreign workers and creating an environment that fosters onto partnership. and before we go on this friday that was marked by the topic of climate change a little reflection everyone points out industry while the internet gets
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a free pass yet the internet isn't emissions free either for example a search query on google causes about 0.2 grams of c o 2 and email generates about one gram of the gas and an hour a video streaming or downloading pollutes the environment with 200 grams of carbon dioxid that doesn't sound like very much at 1st but it really adds up because billions of people use the internet every day possibly including you and that's all for this edition of d w business thank you very much for watching we'll see you next time or whenever you like on the w. dot com slash his take care of the bite.
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that everyone in nature but they only really material in our brains. how does this process what role does our perception play. down to insurance every day. we talk to the. behavioral scientist to find out. tomorrow today next on d w busy busy. german voices.
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south african growth. in the beethoven 1st 29 teams campus project. 2 worlds are united in trying music. i threw him a splash. the fall of the berlin wall to go before november $989.00. these are the heroes of eastern europe. we talk to those who began the struggle for freedom the most crucial personal courage call them no good but also going to go on no telephone
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call for almost all that you know you've been in the field we have heard all been surprised me i saw it coming 10 years before but sure enough the whole month. what does it take to change the course of history. raising the iron curtain starts september 30th on d w. welcome to tomorrow today the science show on d w coming up. our research a not so but who's found the world is not as awful as many think. how do colors affect us experiments to shed some light. and we head to peru to meet some amazon man attains. the world is in a sorry state and.


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