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this is deja vu news live from berlin young activists gather at the united nations in new york for a used dialogue on climate change the meetings comes a day after some 4000000 people took to the streets around the world to rally against global warming we'll talk to our correspondent in new york also coming up. protesters are back on the streets of hong kong firebombs in tear gas flying as clashes resumed between authorities and activists and supporters stepped up their actions by tearing down pro-democracy messages.
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spicer welcome to the program. use leaders are gathering at the united nations in new york for an unprecedented crisis meeting on climate change that's a day after they led an estimated 4000000 people in the world's largest ever rally calling for radical climate action sweden's grace had to know who has become the voice of the movement is amongst 100 young people invited to the summit it's a chance for them to meet decision makers like u.n. leader and antonio good tennis ahead of a major u.n. meeting at this monday let's go straight to w correspondent alexandra naaman who is standing by in new york tell us alexander what can we hope from these young people. well the young people here wants to make clear that they want to world to the jurors to
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act as if the world is on fire they have very concrete demands they want to see actions not only words they want the world leaders to curb carbon emissions than the ones they want them to and fossil fuel extraction and consumption they want them to prioritise front line communities in their transition to 100 percent we knew it will and and they also want them to promise to hold companies and institutions accountable for del pollution so this is a quite concrete plan and it's very interesting that this summit is going to be opened by the young activists and that you and secretary general is the key note listener so he wants to listen and to to learn what they have to say and what they have already been doing on the grounds to tackle this issue ok we're now showing our viewers some live pictures of that meeting as it opens. alexander's all on fire
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for the young people to want things is there any indication that the leaders will listen. well that is of course difficult to say they may listen but the question here is are they going to follow through with actions concrete actions they are going to meet here for the on climate action summit on monday and you and secretary general said that he would like to really see some concrete results we have to add that to the nations worldwide have committed to certain goals 2015 summits in paris they promised to keep global warming much below 2 percent decrease comforts to pre-industrial levels but according to scientists not much has been done so far and then you have when we are hearing the yanks. we have to talk about the position of the u.s. government president trump pulled out of this paris climate's agreement and he now
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says that ok they might be some extreme weather but he is not convinced that climate change change change is man made and permanent. i just want to fill you in alexander of the viewers have been seeing a great attorney who was the swedish woman who about 15 months ago started this friday for the future movement just took a seat she's not yet speaking. give us an idea if you would if the turnout at these friday for the future marches which hit $4000000.00 yesterday is that going to push the leaders into action any indication that. well certainly what we have to say is stead what greg talking back has been doing over the course of the last year has helped raise awareness that this is one of the issues if not the issues that have to be dealt with immediately but still as i have to say we need to age and see if there will be any concrete commitments any
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concrete actions when the leaders the world leaders will meet here today on monday to take part in the climate action summit ok wonderful naaman reporting live from new york thanks for that. clashes have broken out in hong kong again in another weekend of pro-democracy protests police have been trying to disperse a gathering of several 1000 people in the new territories earlier they used tear gas and brandished firearms while protesters threw molotov cocktails and started fires demonstrators retreated and then regrouped at a shopping mall. earlier i talked to mathias billing who was at the shopping mall in hong kong and i asked him about the situation there. yeah protesters have moved to this place union long this is where 2 months ago. exactly today 2 months ago and more of white clad people seemingly belonging to one off the try it saw several try
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it's here in hong kong attacked commuters and protesters and people are gathering here to commemorate this they are earlier today there was a march as you said and as we have seen and in clashes a very short but intense battle between the police and the protesters with fire bombs being thrown at the police and them answering with these non-lethal bullets rubber bullets and tear gas of course some arrests were being made now everybody is here it is not not quiet as you can maybe hear that but not violent either so. this is where things are happening now we've heard about these lenin walls being defaced by produce china probe aging people can you tell us about their significance. yeah after the protests
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spread out to the whole city off to spreading out from the administrative center to the districts people have set up these lenin was whether to post it and posters with their messages and probe aging groups target these lenin was cleaning them up that often leads to clashes although i haven't heard of. people clashing in these locations today maybe the most. difficult situation is that the man who called for cleaning up these walls today is actually a probe aging lawmaker who seems to have close ties to these people who attacked 2 months ago the protesters here he's a bit of a controversial figure people accusing him of collaborating with a try it's against the protesters so today is kind of a day where all this comes together. we had like to just take a step away from the politics for a moment ask you about the economics of this ongoing demonstration has there been
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any kind of financial consequence to the demonstration or is any of foreseeable. oh yes and you can see here at this mall is closed today this might be a minor issue but. tourists from mainland china are avoiding hong kong this used to be a big business. people come here to shop because the value of the quality of products in hong kong so retail sales are down tourism is down by quite a big percentage. percent on last month and last month was already weak and. also rumors that kept doing all it off although i have not seen a confirmation that this right now and the number 2 which degree this is happening but investments are being postponed by western companies ok and it is thanks but i
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an unusual sight in egypt on friday night and government protesters taking to the streets of cairo alexandria and other cities such demonstrations have become very rare in egypt following a crackdown on dissent under president abdel fattah el-sisi who took power in 2013 the latest protests were prompted by allegations of corruption against el-sisi and the military which the president has denied last night crowds gather in cairo's tahrir square chanting neve sisi police broke up the event with tear gas and made several arrests. ruth michaelson is a journalist covering the middle east from cairo and she joins me on the line what have you seen and heard about these protests. well we've seen video evidence of protests in downtown cairo in tahrir square particularly in the cities of alexandria and suez and also rural areas like that and yet there are some more and more how were these protests took the form of
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a small groups of people. chanting to the fall of the regime against president afterthought to l.t.e. which as you mentioned is extremely rare and in some cases even tearing down posters of sisi and defacing them and what are they angry about specifically. well these chants were against sisi personally they were demanding that he leave they will also chanting against his military led government but ensure these protests allegations of corruption that come from an exiled military contractor. based in spain so there's a thread running through these protests of average egyptian saying that they are poorer than they were several years ago but they see that the government is getting richer and feeling that it's to do with these allegations of corruption can you tell us a little more about mohammed ali who he is what he's been doing to give us his message or his version of events out. so many is
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a former military contractor and will soon egyptian is based in spain and he's been releasing daily for the past couple of weeks sharing what he says is previously confidential information showing that the military and other fantasies in particular have been misusing military funds and public funds in order to build grand palace which sisi in the truth of both denied. and so he called on egyptians yesterday after the end of a football match to go out into the streets and to make their discontentment so what we saw was an extremely rare example and yes it is rare because it is risky is that it. is extremely risky that this is a country where an estimated 60000 political prisoners are high and fast people who protest openly in st brigid's arrest or
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a form of state sponsored violence people who are arrested are expected to be tortured and held incommunicado for long periods which has been a trend with political prisoners in egypt since 2030. protesting is essentially all that illegal the ministry of interior here queues at least if i can pull of protesting without prior permission and arrested them yesterday there are expected to be more arrests and they're also expected to be more protests in the coming days . journalist ruth michaelson in cairo thanks for that. to the u.s. state of nevada now and a disappointment for people hoping to get a glimpse of extraterrestrial life a student had posted an event on facebook inviting people to storm the state's secretive area 51 military base which is long rumored to house government secrets about u.f.o.'s and aliens well despite millions on facebook indicating they would join the raid the turn out didn't quite live up to the hype. there was
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some revelers a few outlandish costumes but just not many earthlings and definitely no flying sources at the perimeter fence of this remote military base after an overwhelming response on social media only a 100 people showed up there were true alien file off after that incredible you wouldn't believe it and if you. believe are there are aliens there are. but far from catching a glimpse of each seat the much hyped raid was some party go is wanted to see the most we came out to see people make a run for it. why would you ever miss this a bunch of random people in weird costumes standing outside of a government base. why would you want to miss that that's a one more lifetime experience. the u.s.
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forces around the security around area $51.00 ahead of the event it's the nevada test in training range where it tests spy planes and trains start the site was so secret that the u.s. government to come till 2013 to admit it even existed. just a few people were detained and at the end of the night aliens were freed the secrets that area $51.00 holds are still under wraps seems like the truth is still out there. the world's biggest party is now underway in munich and as always the mayor of the german city tops the 1st of many kegs of beer served there. i more than 6000000 people are expected to attend the 2 week event which began more than 200 years ago but some have been complaining about the prices this year a leader of beer costs nearly 12 year olds. that's
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all for now up next is a reporter with a look at intersex redefining here costs nearly 12 year olds. that's all for now up next is a reporter with a look at intersex redefining gender over get you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our web site it's teamed up to use dot com thanks for watching. is going to. do today. you know the banks. and to watch the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines.


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