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the problem is code. news live from berlin young climate activists say it's their turn to lead. the u.n. youth climate summit wraps up with a demand from young people to have a say over how to cut carbon emissions older generations are threatening their future. hong kong on the city braces for yet another day of
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protest after night of violent clashes for months since the pro-democracy demonstrations began and there's still no way to be addressed. i told. the beer store it's flowing it. affects prices are up 30 percent at this year's event still millions are thirsty revolution will raise a glass or 2 at the world's biggest beer festival. a michael local welcome to the program. protect our planet that's the clear message from young climate change activists who gathered at the united nations a day after the biggest mass demonstrations ever seen the youth leaders criticize
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older generations for doing too little to prevent global warming and now they say they want a greater role in decision making the formal gathering of world leaders gets underway and monday. yesterday millions of people across the globe. marched and demand does real climate action especially young people. we show that we we are united and that we young people are unstoppable that's the message from gretta simberg at the un youth summit in new york on the back of the world's largest ever climate protest on friday organized by friday's for future a movement she founded in response the head of the un admitted that runaway climate change poses an existential threat to the human race i have granddaughters i want my granddaughters to live in the life of planet margin the nation has
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a huge responsibility it is your generation that must make us be accountable to make sure that we don't betray the future of human kind of grand words but one of actions on monday world leaders will meet in new york to discuss the climate crisis but after decades of negotiations greenhouse gas emissions are still going up on friday 4000000 people took to the streets now the world waits to hear whether leaders will extend their climate ambitions. corresponded alexander von non then spoke with one of the youth activists attending that climate summit at the un. general you from jamaica and you have quite a personal experience of climate change tell us more about that so for me i grew up in a rural community and for me i sort of persons depend entirely on the environmentalists maintain their whole soul is meant in their families the changes that we've seen are particularly with drought so we're seeing more intense. means or less crops
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there's less money in the pocket of these farmers where you see more intense rainfall as a result we're seeing landslides again crops and so are being washed away and as a result that that not only has direct impacts but indirect impact on consumers as well so as someone in your host or you know have to spend more money on food because the prices have raised there are no issues where landslides you can't get to work because there were blockages we know how water lacoste doing joe is as well and persons have to be no spending additional money to purchase water and now you're here in new york participating in this climate summit what are you hoping to achieve here from me one of the reasons why i was happy that i was given the opportunities attend is because of the times we know that persons in small island states were represented but oftentimes i think that we're often to a large category of latin america in the caribbean and we do or know that well these groups are vulnerable the caribbean faces a particularly unique experience being surrounded by watts our small economies of scale all these different things are being as i said he said by climate change and one of the things that i was looking forward today was here more concrete solutions
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are inclusive you see how do we get vulnerable populations woman stable to persons involved in some of the concrete solutions that we plan to devise while the things that i also want to hear about more with climate financing particularly because our prime minister recently in partnership with president micron there are no seeking to raise climate funding and to get more funding particularly for small island states so what i was really looking forward to from the summit today was hear more about how we seek to help so strengthen our increase that of the capacities of some of these smaller countries. while politicians and activists in new york discuss possible solutions to. image change volunteers around the world are cleaning up plastic waste as part of global cleanup day volunteers have been removing plastic from parks beaches and rivers the organizers say the campaign not only helps the environment but also creates public awareness. even if you're in some of beijing's greenest places you'll still find garbage within
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a stone's throw of the mountains there's a large amount of plastic waste it's a huge problem everywhere but it's particularly acute in southeast asia. but. we want more people to understand that environmental protection concerns them directly they can take part through very small actions it doesn't take much. time. in vietnam thousands are also taking part in world cleanup day let's do it a global foundation organized the world wide event it especially wants to draw attention to the vast amounts of plastic pollution because the numbers are dramatic there are more than $8000000000.00 tons of plastic waste in the world most of which ends up in landfills and much of it in rivers and off towards the sea according to a u.n. report only 9 percent of plastic is recycled. the philippines is one of the worst polluters in terms of plastic waste but people are also cleaning up there today. really. of course it makes me feel awful to be
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here and see all this garbage but this is the result of filipinos. at least we're here now to correct all the mistakes from the past but. this is a global problem waste is often exported from industrial western countries to southeast asia for processing but until a long term global solution is found be it by degradable or usable packaging seems like this is set to continue despite the efforts of volunteers. now to some of the other stories making news around the world saudi arabia says it will respond to last weekend's attack on 2 of its oil fields the saudi foreign minister. said his country would retaliate if an investigation shows that iran was behind the bombings iran has denied responsibility and says it will defend itself. so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility for a bomb blast on a minibus in iraq that killed 12 people and wounded 5 others the explosion near the
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shiite shrine of karbala was one of the biggest since the iraqi government declared i has defeated in the country 2 years ago. more than a 1000 parachutists have reenacted one of the biggest ally defenses of the 2nd world war the landings in occupied holland in september 1904 were supposed to clear a path into nazi germany but the allies lost a valid warrant him with heavy death toll on both sides and. protesters in hong kong are gearing up for a nother day of pro-democracy rally 4 months after the demonstrations began violence flared again on saturday police tried to disperse several 1000 people using tear gas and brandishing firearms the march started peacefully but skirmishes soon broke out i seen such as these are becoming all too familiar tear gas fills the air as police and protesters clashed in hong kong
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streets ruined satellite the 2 sites have been facing off every weekend for 4 months what started as anger over the proposed extradition law has grown into a wider me calling for greater democracy protesters were arrested outside a release station. insite people were marking 2 months since activists were violently beaten in a more botak they are. on the way. after a largely peaceful march airlie or in the day clashes then broke a between police and a group of hardcore activists the dame instigators 3 petrol bombs from behind their barricades in a separate incident walls of antigovernment messages were torn die these so-called lenin walls have become something of an emblem for the demonstrations which have been held every weekend for the last 16 weeks. protests leaders have dubbed this
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hong kong summer of discontent and although the numbers at the protests are dwindling those attending are just as passionate as ever. because you. don't. have to have 5 point. 3000 a national power and north pole in charge we hong kong did not run this is what you're going to have to buy the rights and. the pro-democracy activists are looking for a show of solidarity from the west's and they're calling for the international community to support them and stand with hong kong. is in hong kong and sent us this update on the latest round of clashes. both sides are really on the brink of the nerves we're seeing the police getting provoked easily and the protesters expecting something to happen so some of them come
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prepared with petrol bombs and other gear to the demonstrations and anything that happens then a warning by the police an announcement to disperse the crowd inevitably leads to violence. that was the ws mathias bolinger reporting from hong kong. one of the world's biggest parties is underway in southern germany more than $6000000.00 revelers are expected at this year's october fast in munich beer prices are up 30 percent but the party goers are just as thirsty is ever. to dash for the tents when the doors opened at this year's october fest just minutes later 120000 seats have been filled among those gearing up for the festivities protesters fresh from friday's for future is always a good word generation that's taking to the streets because we're not afraid to
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make our voices heard and i think we can also sit down and enjoy a beer and vision thing. but only after a 3 hour waste the 1st keg wasn't tapped until midday as is the tradition every year. or so to see new nick mair toasting to a peaceful festival climates also on the agenda as october fast which has been powered by green energy since 2012th and more and more tents are becoming climate neutral every year. so it's good so we have a point system to decide which businesses are allowed to take part in october 1st i will work a lot of points to businesses focused on sustainability. when it comes to food old classics are still on the menu roast chicken sausages joke. but meat for you alternatives are increasingly popular. in business with the super
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food theme is in especially salads with nuts flowers and forage greens that will definitely be the trend this year. until washed down with a vegan bear the way it has been brewed for over 500 years under the chairman bair purity law. in formula one ferrari's charlotte clare sprang a surprise in singapore by taking pole position ferrari are not renowned for their success in singapore but the clear produced a fine display of driving to edge the runaway reader lewis hamilton of machetes to 1st place on the grid with players ferrari team mate sebastian vettel start 3rd in sunday's grand prix. to japan now and the rugby world cup were a clash between heavyweights new zealand and south africa held top billing in today's group matches the kiwis looked tome and dry as they went into the break 14 points clear south africa storm back in the 2nd half but new zealand held on to
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claim a hard fought win australia survived a scare against fiji to post a win in their opening group match a bright start from the pacific islanders saw australia behind at half time but to 2nd half tries from a total of 2 swung the game in favor of the wallabies meanwhile france came from behind to win a thrilling match with argentina kmita perez was the hero after he scored a drop goal to clinch a narrow 2 point victory in tokyo. again a reminder of the top story we're following for you the u.n. youth climate summit has wrapped up in new york with a call for action young activists are demanding a bigger say in cutting carbon emissions and blamed older generations for failing the world leaders will begin their summit on global warming on monday. clashes have broken out again in hong kong with demonstrators throwing molotov cocktails and authorities firing tear gas and pro trying to groups have been
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pulling down public messages left by an anti government activist to voice their demand. that's all for now up next d.w. reporter redefining gender we meet one of the 160000 intersex people living in germany don't forget you can get all our stories on the website it's dot com thanks for watching more news in 45 minutes. it's coming to the attention of the famous naturalist and explorer. to celebrate clicks on the phone books 250. 4 each of discovery. expedition one boy.
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and i'm going to ground news to tell you from the bottom the full.


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