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tv   The Bundesliga  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2019 9:15am-9:31am CEST

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for action young activists are demanding a bigger say in cutting carbon emissions world leaders will begin there's a summit on global warming on monday. that's all for now at next and just we get your team your league your show all the latest from the world of german football thanks for watching more news in 45. i'm scared that if i move or not hard and in the end it's i mean you're not allowed to stay here anymore we will send you back. are you familiar with this. when the smugglers were lions and. what's your story ready. i'm working on is women especially in victims of violence. take part and send us
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your story you are trying in all ways to understand this new culture. not a visitor not and yet you want to become a citizen. info migrants your platform for reliable information. about the rebirth of the royal blues song go under new coach david bach go open the match day with the victory over might sort of friday night the deciding goal came in the 89th minute and it was a mean one i mean i read dances with the mind if it's still good to what victory that's the moroccans 3rd goal this season put more importantly so has now hit a streak 3 waves in a row. that when 1st all good elevated them. this 2nd on the table put
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riddle me this wouldn't last the match day probably not if teams on saturday took care of business. like byron munich who were back at home posting cologne with the billy goat skin in the way of the defending champions as they get their season back on track and. table top in leipsic head out to better braman stadium will be a novel's minds upstart looking to show the home side why they're so special this season. welcome to the but if they get a hero and e.w. i'm chris harrington byron munich brothers in arms have been a bit shaky 50 percent of their matches have ended in draws despite the prolific scoring of robert levin dusky now facing cologne at home with philippe could ciccio increasingly part of the buying family might be the remedy they need besides pre-match buyer we're already toasting as if they've taken care of the billy goat
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as you can see it's october fest time in munich the world's biggest beer fest is underway so which one of these guys would start the party on the pitch. october fest is the happiest time of the year in munich but last season by and took just 4 points from 4 games during the festivities there visitors cologne turned up in carnival attire but there was one buy and player ready to spoil their fun robert leaven dusty had 7 goals from 4 much is going into the game and it didn't take him long to get his 8 and the bundesliga season. 5 in just the 3rd minutes yes you're kimmage but the polish striker through and he made it one nil with the help of a deflection. philippe continue had been desperate to open his accounts and by and he went close to doubling that lead the free kick the can and back off the post. a half time late may the home fans beers taste even better and just
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a few minutes into the 2nd half they were celebrating again. who else but that an 11th of skate. to nil and by and were cruising. then just before the hour mark coccinea was brought down in the books. kingsley a zebra got his marching orders 11 times he passed up the chance of a hat trick to let the cio score his 1st goal for by an. relief for the brazilian and the champions have the points in the bag. there was still time for even parachutes to slam home the 4th a bye and to sing the line for goods and get the up to the fest party off to the perfect start. going today october 1st tonight i think so you have little hope it's not ready you know we have to you like it here i'm starting to like it's not fun to buy and plays in particular will enjoy their well and nights out robert
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leventhal ski now has 9 goals in this campaign while one is enough a new boy coccinea. you can feel i'm happy they get on so well it wasn't just the goals that showed that but also the way philippe put livy through several times their understanding is getting better and we're going to have a lot of fun with those too along with the other players. to cologne it was and often names if it gets but at least they can drown their sorrows at the best be a festival on the planet no less. 5 norbi life sick have been ball in this season a perfect record with the exception of last week's draw it means you must take the bull seriously but they are still young in a few ways but as they get experience a handful of boy wonders and even the coaches young looking to keep their top table spot the nearly new kids on the block travel to v. had a brain it far from young the green whites are the most seasoned side in the league
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since it all started in 1963 this season they've been hit or miss their last 2 have been hits 2 wins on the bounce will we see 3. frame and we're missing many of their key players making it harder for coach florian call felt to field a competitive side. his opposite number union novice man had no such worries though. and albie leipsic were ruthless captain villi all but heading in the go ahead gold in the 13th minute with like 6 1st chance for gun beat out the whole braman defense to get on the end of christopher and concludes corner. in the 35th minute more leipsic efficiency this time it was muscle sabots with an unstoppable free kick to nil to leipsic. the embattled host soldiered on but was lacking in the final 3rd by this rare braman attempt from
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davi close and she had off the line by life 6 diot to comic-con 0 in the 2nd half leipsic found themselves a man down conrad lima got his marching orders off to a 2nd yellow for a needless handball coach novice money not impressed but his team didn't blink marcellus or rocky sealed the 3 no victory with his 1st win this the goal of a solid away win for the leipsic to confirm they have been to sneak leading credentials. was we've got 3 games left for you in our match day wrap but let's start with the team that also found itself at the top of the table after the 1st few games surprising everyone talking about freiburg freeways in their 1st for what a start for the small club this time at home against burke. christian strikes men started strongly kneels pay to send testing the outgo keep off to just 3
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minutes. try to book we're playing with confidence and lucas tell us much time in the 24th minutes was but they lost their lead just before half time or you need a left for passes all clumped he's good goal of the season with. sureness if you go far left and it was a nice feeling to come back after playing here for almost 4 years. as long and it was an important result for us today because it's so it was a very nice goal just one was sure mr. robert had chances to win the post person knowing nicholas hustla above and then pages and of the hosts having to make do with just the single point. that he was disappointing because the victory was possible hitting the post twice in the final minutes and playing at home of course we wanted all 3 points but we have to remain humble and fight for every point we
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saw once again today that this is a tough league. tough start to the season continued they face their 3rd champions league club in by later coups and and the favorites asserted their dominance early on was deflected struck from kevin foley and left right felt he could get stranded on 20 minutes and a 2nd soon followed lucas allow rio's long range bell time at the end it was come of the he could hit just helpless once again. on yawns day god he didn't was just the alamar substitute sebastian poulticing bred for this horrid challenge on julian baumgartner and he could have been straight male harvard's on lucky not to convert he 2 goals were nothing how ever as laver couzin fired themselves back into form and handed on your own their 2nd consecutive defeats. like the old us muslims everything we did well in our 1st few games wasn't there from the 1st minute. and
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we'll have to address that as kids on suspicion. that's a belly coach and take charge which is already under pressure after winless start to the season by hosting an equally with credible and just hire until recently waved his whites a goal up to 10 minutes. was it was a fine individual effort from the dutchman. oh until recently was at it again in the 2nd hot heat up marius both support hats soumillon oh the new qantas 1st go into the lot. but a half a match wouldn't be complete without a defensive lapse and selenski took full advantage nicklaus stocks mocking left much to be desired to pull and push for an equaliser but kylie couldn't find a way through. and it was a hoot a mile also let
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a good chance go begging the. pats held out sealing to 1st win of the season 210 it will be nice if you make a bad start to the season then it's always difficult until that 1st victory we worked hard for it and now we'll be able to breathe a little easier in 6 overfly those 2. so here are the results from match day 5 so far by are new to cologne the media sun media treatment and life that dealt with brave men in their own backyard freiburg out bird share of the spoils leverkusen didn't give you know the chance has finally found a team they can beat without a board on friday got a crucial win against mike's coming up with sunday holes dusseldorf wild bookman travel to frankfurt last but not least one monday the wolves most often ha let's see how those results of affect the table live 6 dalan stop but buyers are breathing down their necks shoka end up stuck in
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a 10 point sandwich with freiburg and labor coups in but there's actual left don't mean could move to 2nd with the win on sunday in the bottom half handsomer lanes when lifted thin out of danger for now still to play dusseldorf and hoffenheim could give themselves a lift and clearly although at the bottom pot a boy still looking for win number one that brings us to our play of the day as voted by. you on twitter and the winner is buyers' newest goal score philippe could see the frizzy only it coolly smashed his penalty home for by a 3rd goal case just a staggering run up helps in cologne keep her team on the wrong way there it is. well with fancy footwork like this in a few more goals could she could well become a fan favorite at all yachts arena. well that's full time for us here on international bethany day be sure to join us
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on sunday for more highlights and click expert analysis until then we'll leave you with some of the best seeds from the match day so far. will be the same.
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would change you know the banks pay you your life and so watch the language of the bank money. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for minds. of . football is a matter of the head because if a player doesn't have a clear head. his feet won't do what he wants.


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