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tv   Kick off  Deutsche Welle  September 22, 2019 9:30am-10:00am CEST

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as long as. you know who to day. you know the banks. and so watch the language of the bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for minds. with. ball is a matter of the head because if a player doesn't have a clear head. his feet won't do what he wants just look at dortmund young star
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jaden smith and show it's a crazy feeling every time what's the problem is creature get a nice buzz and don't just do that what i'm hearing get multitudes of play. has a clear head and he's on fire. also have something to smile about thanks to the experienced heads on yahshua gilla bogey and maximillian arnold without them none of this would be possible. but you didn't give us you. know. the most you can say defeat yeah there are also lots of new heads in the league shelters jonjo county is one of them . of play football for them titans of the system. you really need to use your head in the aerial game according to cuba for 40 aldrich if you want to score a header you have to be able to do now. dealing. with intro to
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math genius. they have a brain of their guts. but we begin with story these days it's hard to tell if they've got clear heads or not. just sometimes they have clear heads sometimes not but. they're firing on all cylinders again serving up an attacking feast in their game against laver who's in. a solid performance against barcelona in the champions league to. sit. next. to last a union religion i almost forgot it was the last game we lost so we knew just game was going to be a big game today we just went out there and gave one half an even one for no jameson show up beat up to their win against laver couzin a real show of strength headed up by mark over oist captain creator goalscorer who
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also had a personal milestone his 100 for the win with dortmund. the captain. asked the class to. coach lucien sabra is clearly getting the best out of his one time protege boys had a 57 percent win rate before father to challenge that since risen to $71.00. dortmund delight your biggest standing terrace came regular homage to a remarkable striker how thought pass or even if it didn't go to plan against barcelona is always a threat. to. the 23 force in his 1st 30 when he got outings at dortmund club record. all of the 67 minutes on average a buddhist league our record. is
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a great player you can told the rest of the team you know we work through his abilities and you know which i find the macos renos going to score every time you see the tree tops and coach or who also helps keep them out like here and was his 1st goal against laver couzin. temptations 1st for his decisive. streak go to the top post. another reason for jordan to smile is jaden sam show the young england international wrapped up 15 goals and 22 assists in 50 top flight outings for dortmund and he's hardly slowing down with an assist per game on average so far this season. surprise you find in every thomas the poem is richer demands positive don't just do that food i'm here i'm good it's a play 3 days later the next time i like at home to barcelona in the champions league it ended neil neil but dortmund had the catalan superstar collective on the
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brink of defeat. back in a previously got to frankfurt down this weekend another tough assignment it's been 6 years since dortmund last won their. activities games a hard graft but sometimes you suffer a bit of a lot of running on and off the board when we do a one term absolute top and saying that it's a measure of the interest of personnel stadium and the sphere dortmund aren't absolute top and team already now it's mainly a matter of mental fortitude and clear heads. one sort of man with a clear head is jaden satchel his moves bamboozle opponents and lift up his teammates go on jaden. shows it to the. last. one of the experts
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at the. time of the problems which i just am i supposed. i went to school with. the story. that's. sticking. with us that's. a skill for a job. i don't know what they think and i put a few strokes. first i think. there's a shortage of. going to the street. i'm old school stuff now that. it's just. been out of the polls i'll.
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just work to put a team and that's what i want. such a young english teacher. from talking about a bowl i just want to compare it to testament as opposed. to a good system and show amazing how these young players already have an intuitive understanding of football we need more of that. there's another youngster on form john joe kenny is the newest kid on the block a child just 4 games in and he's already back to goal in the mrs who is this young englishman. jonjo can't eat on jonjo can eat. less and less likely to hold sally. also looks very fearful for them times will persist on the local
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news for months to. keep the season's 1st legal brookie of the month so far so good for the 22 year old from liverpool. team brilliant 1st or so it will be difficult you know she's been in 3 different way of life. because being a great decision to commute. from liverpool to sink your ship and language aside kenny's new surroundings have a lot in common with his home city. very similar with all you said it was away from city and always on home away from them you know it so most of us old home from home from the premier league shouldn't be in this league on a move also facilitated by shop his new coach david beckham. a massive impact and no the coach of 3 from england one is tama who this will rival spoke to him
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before they call him. the way he spoke his energy his belief all of it made my mind the phrase away was the place for me to call. after last season struggles the vector effect is already taking hold. and think the ways both teams together all need to be very close with a team full. of topical. jonjo candy fresh dynamic with a down to earth attitude shock of love he's also one of a growing band of young british players seeking and finding their luck in the boonies league. i think if we see the film in these plays or criminally i do many well known locations on to a loser. in on stuff behind you know i hear the other smells news here you can all go back to law school so you don't know all the rules hold them literally a so you know spoke with here the loud beast when i was away that was mostly when
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you know we give the bums legal locally. as well as laying on the glorious counties already up to spring mark himself but he's taking nothing for granted. we need to realize you know the coaches knew his stuff was move on move we have a new style of play. 1000 july a few players come back from it's a national poll in the week we cannot forget that we are out with only in september it's a long long season and so we will take time. for that with a more close and closer every game so we'll see will in the. end that's the magic of football you never quite know what will happen next one thing's for certain kickoff will be following you all over the world and you will be able to watch on you tube. did you know kickoff is now on you tube with the welder football.
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nigeria and quad core of mexico. to read we travel the world can really feel how high the prince of sound running i'm going to say no to starts to make sense and there were people on the court so i just got football i am crazy. looking forward to this thing is going to go. as a football kick off on you tube. i don't see you. but i'm joe of 11 i know from london i have both the state. job right continues on his mission to go to every 2 days to go stadium in lego on match day for he went to mine with his lego opal arena which will now be permanently housed there. why did you build the mine stadium. was ready to save you the stadium is difference like that but. how many pieces did you use. to go free photos and pull 100
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bricks. how long did it take. 2 weeks. why good is the good stadiums. good a good though that should light the motion to save the industry who say he was so different on the focus of the west so. what will be your next stadium. it's back to work for joe by the way there's a beautiful stadium and moved. great stadium you'll find something every successful team in the world. leader heading out on to the pitch yahshua kill a bogey and maximillian arnold are 2 of them. spirit 8 points from 4 games in the table and in the company of lights if you're buying as the league's only unbeaten teams families on and off the pitch thanks to the
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captain's way of interpreting players of all backgrounds. i'm not the most talented player or a star of the team. just the one whose task it is to make as you know to bring together the whole melting pot we have here. french speakers south americans and so on but it's my job to get these people working towards the same goal. and a new coach class there. is now deployed at the height of a 3 man back this season has started much better for the french international the last season which was a real roller coaster ride both on and off the pitch. fortunately i go to injured on the 24th again my 1st game of the season. was a crucial ligament and i was lucky that i didn't have to undergo surgery. my grandfather
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knocked over the 2nd african coach of the grandfather is the pillar of the family. but give both he tried to make something positive out of the bad times. because maybe i was lucky to be injured at that point because i was able to return to too long to say goodbye to him then i came back and played my 1st game which went very well. and then my son was born on april the 5th thank you. in our culture we always say that when someone leaves or someone else arrives. arnold also has a new arrival of spirit's midfield star white welcomed his son leo to the world only a few weeks ago a world now turned on its head for the 1st time father. has been the most momentous event of my life so far football friendships and marriage nothing even remotely compares to the significance of the birth of my son it changes your life
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fundamentally at the moment almost everything just revolves around the baby. and there have been good times in the bundesliga for wolves too and they want to carry that over into the rope will be one of their opponents will be sent to the club where it all began begin the bogey it promises to be an emotional reunion. i went there at 14 and stayed till i was 22 this is where i became a professional where i am one my 1st title and my 1st call up for france. i'm going back there as captain of and the german bundesliga. my left as a boy i know i'm returning as the father. back in europe and on the road to success in the business the next duck hockenheim at home may be killable he will score a goal maybe
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a header that's what our next report is about. how to. kill their children after the head that are also geniuses at least that's the kick up reporter aldridge claims let's find out why. headed goals are probably the most i'm no rated school in the world why because at . goals are a feat of mathematics there is too good in the air a math genius. so we could argue that saudi money isaac newton and christian overnight are legends and calculated. would you guys agree yes or no. i will try to convince you why having is true mass. it may look so easy when the stars go with their heads but what happens in their
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brain before i had a header is a very complex operation. how many times can you juggle the ball with your head 3 times 5 times that. it's so much easier to just go with your feet 1st you have 2 of them and then the foot has a much larger range of movement. the head however sits quite rigidly on the short neck this makes juggling really hard and that's why i had a goals require special skills and these are mainly mathematical skills. a perfect example is this beauty i don't mans ashraful kimi. kimi has done his math when the cross comes a well timed jump brings his head in position to get the ball in new directions very well culturally which you guys agree.
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should the feet are the most important weapons in any good footballers and. we marvel at players who can pull of amazing tricks with the ball at their feet. but what about those players who can decide games with their area of power every team needs a player like this every 5th or 6th goal in the european leagues is ahead at the world cup the numbers even have. the balls and the pressure. it takes mathematical intelligence coordination and athleticism to turn a cross into gold. takes out your money at liverpool sergio ramos at the damage that for instance if these $2.00 heading masters could translate their instinctive knowledge of physics into theory they would not only be champions league winners but noble prize laureates to. study all
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money from senegal is just one pint 75 metres tall but he's got 6 headed goals in last season's premier league that's more than any other player. sajida. 10 centimeters tall of the money he has the most half of all his they are not the goals but his head unbelievable. there are 3 stages to every great work of god 1st there's the cross the flying by then the run up and the jump and the impact that is how we start with the flying back. in the milliseconds before a player goes for the head he must calculate the balls trajectory and at the same time work out the markers effect. named after finally. a german physicist he found the formula for a curving ball you may call it spin or magnus effect it's all the say.
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the ball rotates the greater the markets effect. the next stage of this scientific operation is the run up and the job now you have to calculate your own movement in relation to the wall. what. the player has to say and not the problems he must calculate his own jump in relation to the flying ball. the margin for error is very very small because the head is not very flexible. having experts must calculate extremely precisely and in only a fraction of time. the secret. intuition. the greatest of all time a sprog of lee also the greatest mathematician on earth. got
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got got got got got. got in march 2900 not another had a show by overnight on the champions league the english legend gary lineker said on twitter i think christiane 0 is the best head of a football i've ever seen. was. when he jumps it looks like he floats in the air for a moment before connecting with the moment known as hang time. essentially your hang time is an he spent half of the jump in the top half and half of the bottom half when taking off and landing. that german mathematician meeting tolan has found the secret behind the impression of floating in the air the impression of standing still in the air happens because when the maximum flight
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altitude is reached the vertical speed goes towards 0. so the impression of floating in there is a scientific fact guys like or not all can really fly. you need to know power then looks like you're standing still in me. when i look can jump 2.65 meters into the air basically no one can do this. just have to be. so size doesn't matter once again sorry your money he's rather small but last season he became the premier league's king of headed goals. the size helps for sure bigger you are the easier it is to reach crosses in this giant peter crouch scored high. half of his calls with his head crouch measures over 2 metres to go i'm on the madonnas only 1.65 meters tall and he scored the
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most famous header in football history a goal known as the hand of god and that's a piece of mathematics but on the initiate is the move himself and then the little genius from argentina takes off in this divine moment but when he realizes he's missing a few centimeters the math genius madona as another variable to his calculation his left hand. in the statistics this call is listed as a header there are no goals by hand now we come to the final stage to impact the header itself. a perfect example of the well balanced impact by a bio munich's even paris which did look so easy how there's a world class player hits the ball perfectly but again this is a masterpiece of mathematics and preparation is very important to the player calculate the cross correctly the run up and the jump at the moment of the impact it all comes together in this magic moment when the earth seems to stand still the
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head gets the ball the new direction. what you need is the courage of a superhero because the impact can possibly be dangerous. you might have heard of the studies that had a quite dangerous. they crossed but the speed up around 80 kilometers per hour hits the head with a force of $4000.00 newtons that's 400 kilograms the weight of a grand piano. 400 kilograms and you had. an example of an almost completely harmless head is this flying header from ronaldo . back to punch a go versus morocco at the world cup 2018 ronaldo throws himself into the head of a diving ball it had the world of science celebrates this goal as a feat of physics. from the physics perspective this had i was
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picture perfect for both effectiveness and safety. that was a quote from charles babs where studies the biomechanics ok to suck up all he says the secret to doing a perfect is to put as much body weight behind the ball as possible. mimic post head acceleration on the neck so diving head us are probably harmless hopefully legends like ronaldo ramos sonny and many others are very special match geniuses who calculate without thinking. we are dealing with intuitive math genius they have a brain in their guts. players who score headed goals create epic images that may have the same energy as a sculpture at least that's what the german art historian holds the data card says
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he compares images of headers with icons of art history such as michelangelo's last judgment. so heading is pure math and ott would you agree so at the end of the day if the cross is bad all calculations don't matter. food.
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farmland has been called easy opiates ringgold the country has an abundant supply and leases it to international never for giants the government is after high export revenues so the corporations high profit margin. but not everyone benefits from the business or the sewing out of a country that donkey no one knows 15 minutes on d w. all of
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a sudden the 7 percent talk about big issues that. knife waste away behind bars. luka is a nothing but a. pretrial detention. last human rights group just. minutes double. take personally i went with all the wonderful people that make the game so special. for all true fans. pick up more than football online. the world to itself.
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with its own gravitational pull. the finest musical compositions. with some histories trivia. the few listen to them don't tell me that that scene never showed. and the jointer come up in the morning blame. me feel the symphonies of the hotness pumps. how do the romantic master come up with such a piece of. the brahms code. tobar 11th on d w 5 enough. this
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is live from berlin and hong kong protesters move from the streets to the mall pro-democracy demonstrators are occupying a shopping mall voicing their anger over the police response to their movement both cross live to our reporter to hear how the actions are impacting. young climate activists say it's their turn to leave.


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