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the promise. tobar 11th w. enough. to get the. news live from berlin. police businesses go cross live to hong kong for the latest . in a row and puts on a show of force morning foreign forces to stay away tensions are mounting in the gulf region as saudi arabia threatens to retaliate if it finds around responsible for bombing an oil facility also coming out. young climate activists say it's their
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turn to lead the u.n. youth climate summit wraps up with the demand from young people to have a say over how to cut carbon emissions are accusing older generations of threatening their future. i'm michael okwu thanks so much for joining us protesters in hong kong or back out in force today as the territory braces for more possible violence crowds took over a hunk kong mall where they trampled on the chinese flag and a clear provocation aimed at beijing the protesters are calling for greater democracy and criticizing what they say is police heavy handedness they're also sought to disrupt travel to hong kong's busy international airport the 2 sides have been facing off every weekend for. almost 4 months down. let's cross over
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to correspondent mathias he's at the mall outside it where protests have been taking place mathias as i ask you the 1st question i want viewers to know that there's a little bit of the delay between the 2 locations give us a sense of what's going on where you are. while protesters have protested inside the mall for some time they have at the beginning been very peaceful and have had several actions against again some businesses taking away tickets or is of asian tickets from restaurants and hanging them as ribbons then police was a riving and gathering in a nearby station that has led protesters to escalate their actions they have been damaging some of the interior of the mall and setting up a very kid or making the floor slippery with water from fire hoses so the police
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could not enter then they left and now they are facing off with the police outside they have set bereket on fire over there and they have and the police has advanced they have been warning off tear gas so the playbook we're seeing is pretty much the same as always for it goes for some time it goes peacefully and then it escalates and in the end there are these street battles that we've been seeing for now many many weekends in a row there's been criticism of course on the side of the pro-democracy protesters about heavy handedness friend police are you seeing any signs of that today. while they the criticism of the police force was in the very beginning when police decided one of the 1st demonstrations when it is when they decided to disperse them with the law. of chagas and rubber bullets since then people have been quite angry
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at the police the protesters have been angry at the police but also a majority of the population things the police is using excessive force the police is what i can see easily provoked this adds of course to the problems violence is of course now going from both sides there are radical protestors who throw petrol bombs in the direction of the police hurling bricks and the police who doesn't has a tape for a long time before they used tear gas before they dispell protesters before they charge at them they have been videos where police have been very heavy handed against and against protesters ugly scenes and these have infuriated and turn public opinion against the police force now of course it's been 15 straight weeks of these protests just the greater hong kong public support the. well. what we've seen for now is that the public attributes
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the response ability for what's happening more to the police and the government than to the protesters a recent survey has shown that 70 percent said that. police has been using excessive force and only 40 percent said that the protesters have been using excessive force but we're also seeing is that the number of people attending these demonstrations is going lower it's mostly young people know attend these demonstrations these marches where hundreds of thousands and millions of people who are on the street are over it's pretty much this face off between dangar youth and the police that is dominating the news now. but is bowling on the ground level for these ongoing protests in hong kong thanks so much. iran's president hassan rouhani has warned that the presence of foreign forces in
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the gulf will heighten security this comes after the u.s. said it would deploy reinforcements to the region in response to recent attacks on saudi oil sites speaking at a military parade commemorating the anniversary of the iraq war rouhani told foreign powers to stay away warning iran will not allow anyone to violate its borders beduin ya allow me to point out we announced to the wound was that the presence of foreign forces can be problematic and dangerous for the region and. dangerous for international waterways for maritime security and for oil and energy security having all because shot. rouhani also said iran would present a plan for peace at the u.n. general assembly in the coming week tensions in the gulf have escalated since the september 14th attacks on saudi oil fields the united states and saudi arabia blame
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iran for the attacks which were claimed by hutu rebels in yemen iran denies involvement and is warning that any strikes in retaliation will result in all out war the saudi foreign minister says his country will take action if an investigation shows iran was behind the bombings when the new team and we are certain that the attacks did not come from yemen but north of saudi arabia because investigations will prove the. truth that we will release the results to the world and take necessary measures in. protect our planet that's the clear message from young climate change activists who gathered at the united nations a day after the biggest mass demonstrations ever seen the youth leaders criticized older generations for doing too little to prevent global warming and they want a greater role in decision making now. yesterday millions of people
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across the globe. marched and imaan does real climate action especially young people. we show that we we are united and that we young people are unstoppable that's the message from gretta simberg at the un youth summit in new york on the back of the world's largest ever climate protest on friday organized by friday's for future a movement she founded in response the head of the un admitted that runaway climate change poses an existential threat to the human race i have granddaughters i want my granddaughters to live in the life of planet my generation there's a huge responsibility it is your generation that must make us be accountable to make sure that we don't betray the future of human kind of grand words but one of actions on monday world leaders will meet in new york to discuss the climate crisis
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but after decades of negotiations greenhouse gas emissions are still going up on friday $4000000.00 people took to the streets now the world waits to hear whether leaders will extend their climate ambitions. correspondent alexander of the nominee is in new york where that climate summit begins on monday she outlines what the young activists are hoping to hear. more than 700 activists attended this 1st hughes climate summit here at the u.n. headquarters in new york they did manage bold climate change action saying this is defining issue of our time they want the world leaders to and fossil fuel extraction and consumption they want them to hold the companies and countries most responsible for pollution accountable and they want them to provide money for a fund to help poor and nations adept to a warming world are the leaders going to listen eventually they must the activists
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say otherwise we are going to vote them out while politicians and activists in new york discuss possible solutions to climate change volunteers around the world are cleaning up plastic waste as part of global cleanup day volunteers have been removing plastic from parks beaches and rivers the organizers say the campaign not only helps the environment but also creates public awareness. even if you're in some of beijing's greenest places you'll still find garbage within a stone's throw of the mountains there's a large amount of plastic waste it's a huge problem everywhere but it's particularly acute in southeast asia. but. we want more people to understand that environmental protection concerns them directly they can take part through very small actions it doesn't take much. more and the key is how you in vietnam thousands are also taking part in world cleanup
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day let's do it a global foundation organized the world wide event it especially wants to draw attention to the vast amounts of plastic pollution because the numbers are dramatic there are more than $8000000000.00 tons of plastic waste in the world most of which ends up in landfills and much of it in rivers and off towards the sea according to a u.n. report only 9 percent of plastic is recycled. the philippines is one of the worst polluters in terms of plastic waste but people are also cleaning up there today. really. of course it makes me feel awful to be here and see all this garbage but this is the result of filipinos. at least we're here now to correct all the mistakes from the past. this is a global problem waste is often exported from industrial western countries to southeast asia for processing but until a long term global solution is found be it by degradable or usable packaging seems
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like this is set to continue despite the efforts of volunteers. now to some of the other stories making news around the world. british travel company thomas cook is seeking a last minute financial rescue deal to avoid collapse over half a 1000000 holiday makers or travelling with the company and could be stranded if it fails the company says it's operating as normal. a series of earthquakes has rocked albania leaving at least 100 n.p.p. 108 people injured the strongest quake was registered about 60 kilometers northwest of the capital toronto officials say the 5.8 magnitude tremor was the worst earthquake to hit the country in decades. fans of the cape crusader have been celebrating batman day by watching the bat signal beaming into night skies around the world like the one you're about to see here in tokyo. hero in the comic book
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series which is celebrating its enter verse 3 this year batman has since grown into a multi $1000000000.00 global franchise with characters like catwoman and the joker starring in their own spin on it's. one of the world's biggest parties is underway in southern germany more than $6000000.00 revelers are expected at this year's october fest in munich their prices are up 30 percent but the party goers are just as thirsty as ever i did josh for the tense when the doors opened at this year's october fest just minutes later 120000 seats have been filled among those gearing up for the festivities protesters fresh from fridays for future is always a good word generation that's taking to the streets because we're not afraid to make our voices heard and i think we can also sit down and enjoy a beer at some vision thing. for sony after
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a 3 hour waste the 1st keg wasn't tapped until midday as is the tradition every year i want to. to munich america toasting to a peaceful festival climates also on the agenda as october fest which has been powered by green energy since 2012th i'm more and more tense are becoming climate neutral every year. to get so we have a point system to decide which businesses are allowed to take part in october 1st and we work a lot of points to businesses focused on sustainability. when it comes to food both classics are still on the menu roast chicken sausages and duck. but me for you alternatives are increasingly popular. and this is to put the superfood theme is in especially salads with nuts flowers and forage greens that will definitely be the trend this year. until washed down with a v.
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in bear the way it has been brewed for over 500 years under the german beer purity law. you're watching the news more news at the top the hour. the fall of the berlin wall began before november 989. this is the heroes of eastern europe. we talk to those who began the struggle for freedom.


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