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tv   DW News  Deutsche Welle  September 23, 2019 5:00am-5:16am CEST

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ok live around the world. needed urgent assistance to. the family starts october. this is news live from berlin hong kong protests again pro-democracy demonstrators have been back on the streets setting barricades but what started as a peaceful occupations a shopping mall. in mall clashes with police also coming up. iran warns the state out of the gulf region tehran stages
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a show of its military might but attention is turning to the united nations and diplomatic game to end the standoff. and it's the trump muddy shock a new political bromance is formed as the leaders of america and india take center stage together but can it must try tensions and past looking in the back room. i'm anthony howard welcome to the program hong kong has seen another way kinda fiery clashes between pro-democracy protesters and police sometimes protests began peacefully with demonstrators taking over a shopping mall but lyta turned violent with one group vandalizing a nearby subway station and setting barricades applies right place responded with
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tear gas and made multiple of wrists as the protests continued light into the evening. tensions in hong kong boiled over again sunday another weekend of police dispersing protesters after demonstrations descended into chaos. for the 2nd day in a row cameras caught pro-democracy activists beating a man they perceived to be on the other side. i know as so often the protests started out peacefully crowds gathered to sing what has become the anthem of the protest movement gloria to hong kong. the atmosphere was largely festive as protesters gathered in a shopping mall some folded paper origami birds as a symbol of hope and peace. then they produced a chinese flag and began trampling on it in a clear provocation aimed at beijing the sense of anger here is very real easy even
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for a very tired we can't give up our rights a lot of them not we are entitle to them i things escalated when some protesters began vandalizing a subway station linked to the mall riot police then moved in to clear the building and the confrontation moved out onto the street the sides have been facing off for nearly 4 months protesters accuse beijing and the hong kong authorities of undermining democracy while many demonstrators are peaceful others say resorting to violence is the only way to be heard that hope what's it to be some protestors are using force and clashing with the government both methods of protesting are important it's not that one matters more than a couple of the demonstrators were also planning to disrupt travel to hong kong's international airport but a massive police presence meant that that did not materialize. as night fell the weekend then did the way so many have recently in clouds of tear gas and smoke from
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burning barricades. well despite appeals for calm as we just saw there have been incidents of violence the following video which contains graphic images was filmed on saturday. on sunday it allegedly shows pro-democracy protesters facing a crowd beijing demonstrate. maybe said the man was shouting and cursing at the protesters before a scuffle broke out. earlier we spoke to our correspondent in hong kong. and i asked him for more information about these incidents that happened yesterday out a place called unit long no you know long is a place that is very not is notorious because in july white men seemingly belonging to try it's the mafia organisations of hong kong attacked protesters and passengers on trains with sticks beating them up so yesterday was
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a protest remembering this event it was 2 months since it happened the protest hours today started in a mall then people started vandalizing the mall as there were rumors that police were trying to enter then they left police didn't enter while they were in there and then they clashed on the street and after everything ended police made arrests residents came out there was a shouting match between the police and the residents and remaining protesters police fired tear gas and then at the end there was the these incidents now i didn't personally witness them i had been there shortly before but what protesters accuse these 2 men of was that they. assaulted a woman a female reporter that was on the stage and then things pretty quickly can turn
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ugly come to a very violent in this case it was the protesters. beating up these men and in other cases has also been the other way round where residents probe aging residents in certain areas have been beating up protesters again there's a very very thin tissue of patients in the city often at these incidents when the when both sides face each other so we have seen several videos circulating on social media that involve. the beating up off a person by a mob the either way around. mathias building in hong kong now to some of the other stories making news around the world. the british to operate the thomas cook has collapsed after failing to secure a last minute rescue deal more than half a 1000000 holiday makers are travelling with the company u.k.
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aviation authority has launched a program of flights to get thomas put customers on. israel's president has held consultations to form the next government after there was no clear winner in she's days elections an alliance of israeli arab political parties are backing former military chief benny gantz as the next prime minister saying it's priority is to oust benjamin netanyahu from power. the funeral has been held for an 8 year old girl killed in a shanty town in brazil she was hit by stray bullet at legibly 5 by police in rio de janeiro the burial followed a weekend of protests and the police car. iran has warned the u.s. to stay out of the gulf region the u.s. is sending in more troops following last week's attacks on saudi oil installations around president has harney says the presence of foreign forces will heighten
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insecurity but he also intends to present a peace plan for the region to the united nations later this week. the iranian leadership spry didn't join this and here craft missile battery was developed from a russian design and it's proved it's worth shooting down a u.s. spy drone a few weeks ago. the wreckage on show in to run a warning to washington and its allies. to anyone who wants to turn back country into a battlefield should go ahead we will never allow anyone to attack iran we will defend our land until the end if. this display of military might commemorates the start of hostilities between iran and neighboring iraq nearly 40 years ago. a reminder of iran's capabilities and a response to the u.s.
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sending more troops to the region. that had omitted out if the west wants to guarantee stability in the region they should stay away their presence is only brought disaster for further away they are safer it will be hard all about. the war with iraq remembered also it see no need to iran denies launching the rocket attacks on saudi arabian oil fields last week that's not believed and tensions are running high but iran believes trump's threats are just bluff. a lot of troops they use who do this or that but after we shot down his drone all he did was attackers with tweets. it's a lot of policy. now to iran has a peace plan intended to put diplomatic pressure on its islamic neighbors. convinced of trump's weakness rouhani is heading for the u.n.
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in new york he wants to present his peace initiative on wednesday. president donald trump has used a mass rally of indian americans to declare india one of america's most loyal friends the president appeared on stage in houston texas with india's prime minister narendra modi organizers called it one of the largest receptions at the held for foreign leader. total trump his east and mass rallies of supporters. but this is probably the 1st one to include banker dancing. and count girls. sharing the stage with the prime minister and india it was just one more thing that made this gathering unusual. here in. interaction with. his. family are going to.
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leave the florida sun on the brand made. the. gun served. in almost a matter seriously. in the blood of the only bullet theory. i lower use than i am so thrilled to be here in the great state of texas with one of america's greatest most of voted and most loyal friends prime minister modi of india thank you the it's true to. the friendship there are areas of tension between men we'll meet again on tuesday for trade talks following around about tariffs over the summer. and trump is also meeting with the prime minister of pakistan who has asked for his
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help in the dispute with india over kashmir taken place at this event however the political pros man's was front and center so i want to spry minister modi admire about president trump. ice term you do serve my. time. teaching. in seemed to feeling was mutual i've been through did america and india why we honor respect trust of power and fight for the citizens we proudly serve. under prime minister modi's leadership the world is witnessing a strong so offering and thriving republic of india the next few days will test whether their personal friendship is enough to overcome the political obstacles. to sport now and ferrari's sebastian fettle has taken the checkered flag at the singapore grand prix his victory marks a personal comeback as it ends
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a long phase in his career without a win and further fuels for are his recent were nice aunts in the formula one category which has been dominated by lewis hamilton and the saudis. the start of the singapore grand prix charlotte clare began in pole position aiming for a 3rd straight win. and starting from 4th on the grid ferrari team mates about him fattal burst in for a pit stop in the clare followed and then hit the track again behind fassel. was it an error in ferrari's famous strategy ferrari held the top 2 spots for the rest of the race fettle even defended himself from the claire's efforts to pass him despite 3 stay 50 cars. jesus fireworks marked fatals 1st victory of the season as he took the checkered flag for the 1st time in over a year with a clear placed 2nd and red bulls max 1st stop in rounded out the podium. world
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champion lewis hamilton finished 4th of 3rd time since the summer break that he's failed to win but he's still far ahead of mercedes teammate terry barton in the overall rankings. at the rugby world cup one of the favorites island got off to a flying start in their 1st group game in japan the boys in green cruz to a win against scotland in yokohama running in 3 tries to claim a bonus point with their 273 victory england got their hands on a bun this point to that comfortably down tongue out with manu to laggy scoring 2 tries and there was a bonus point too for italy as they crushed underdog namibia the africans caused a bit of a scare early on with an early try the 3 scores in 10 minutes handed the game to the italians. coming up after the break chris harrington incredibly top in the top of the table one thing battling to stay in the mix is gladbach after a debacle in iraq could i get
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a win against. that and much more coming up in the bundesliga. all right that's all for now don't forget as always you can find more information online that. chris. coming up next but for now. thanks for watching. welcome to the good is here. to talk about to.
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